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Pissy Face


Instantly you know what I want to do to you as I lead you by the hand to the family bathroom. I will soil you & make you dirty, before I make love to you. We've done this before. But what you don't know is that this is the time I've been waiting for, the time where I will make you completely mine, my piss slut. I will make you dirty, and humiliate you unlike you ever thought I would. This time is for real, and all the way honey.

Did you know when I kissed you, my tongue filling your sexy little mouth, my hands in your hair? When I touched you all over, my hands having you first, touching all the places I wanted you? When I pinched your nipple, and felt it firm & stiff, I knew this was the time. And you knew, when I lead you fully clothed down the hallway, this was what I would do. But you didn't know I had no intention of respecting your limits this time, did you?

I love you, love you forever, and always have. I don't know why it thrills me to make you dirty, to do to you what no man, what no loving husband, would do to his wife. But it does. The thought of bathing you in piss, making you dirty like my used toilet, your clothes and skin smelling of my urine, wet with the pee from the tip of my penis. I can feel the blood rushing there now, making me hard for you, big for you, for what I am about to do to you, what you'll endure for me.

Lay down in the tub honey, with your jeans on. Let me stroke your cheek with my hand. Feel your so soft skin. Although you shouldn't need instructions, you lay there, nervous, ashamed, trembling for what I will have you do next. You know this beginning part of the game, what I want you to do for me. But I'll tell you, command you, so you won't be responsible for what we do. You let me direct you, just allow me to have my dirty way with you.

Pee for me honey. Laying in the tub, let me see the dark stain run down the legs of your jeans. Wet your pants, pee your pants for me. My hand between your legs, I feel the warm wetness running down, I see you feel ashamed, I'm excited. I want you to make pee in your pants for me while my hand feels the warm wet flow. I smell my hand, I can smell it, your urine, now running all the way down to past your thighs, the stain on your jeans a sign of what you did for me. I bring my hand from between your legs, where you let your pee flow out for me, to my mouth. I taste my wife's salty bitter pee on my fingers. I know you don't like it when I taste, but I'm excited, I do it anyway.

Now it's my turn to make you mine. You know this part too. But this time will be a little different, this time the rules are changed, this time there are no rules, but you don't know this, not yet. You'll see.

You look so beautiful to me, so vulnerable, I'm excited, you laying before me, in your clothes, wet with your pee, like a dirty little pee slut. Your eyes wide open, so aware of what comes next. I take it out, it's very hard. I squeeze a drop of my clear pre-cum, it's thick, I'm hard. I help you to lean up out of the tub, to taste my offering, kiss me honey. I can taste my own cum on my wife's lips, your tongue slippery with my cum.

You squeeze another big thick clear drop. Rub it on your cheek, let me mark you. And lay you back down gently. Are you shivering because you're cold? Is it your wet pants and panties that make you cold? Or is it the anticipation? Are you shivering from the humiliation of your husband about to piss on your body? To piss on you and make you dirty with my urine? I hope it's that.

It's difficult for me to do what I want to in this condition. I'm so hard already, hard to squeeze out my first drops. With concentration I'm able to draw forth my first splatter, it marks your red blouse with dark wet stains, just a few drops, at first on your tummy, with aim & determination I soil each of your breasts with my piss, your dark nipples now clearly visible through the wet fabric.

I kneel to bend over and kiss each pee soaked nipple through your shirt. I know you feel my tongue on you, through the wet fabric, I feel how hard your nipples are, feel you arch your back up, offering your piss soaked nipples.

We remove your dirty clothes, you sit back down, naked in the tub, the tiles still wet with your own piss from your having peed your pants. You look so pretty, with your eyes half closed now against what I will do to you. Your face, your pretty eyes drawn tight, bracing for what's coming, your mouth clamped shut, your neck raised high, to keep your face and hair out of the spray.

Ask me to piss on you honey, I love to hear you, so quiet, so unsure. Say it, "piss on me", your mouth forms the words, but no breath escapes your lips, no sound is made. It's silent in our house, I can faintly make out the words you say for me, not even a whisper, just wisps of sound in the air. "piss on me" I can barely hear you. Gently I ask you, what am I going to do? You say the magic words, my magic phrase. You answer me, in your sweet and quivering voice "you're going to piss on me, you're going to piss all over me".

I love to hear you say it honey, love to make you acknowledge what's happening to you. It's exciting and filthy and dirty and degrading to hear the shame in your voice. The humiliation of my wife telling me her husband is going to piss all over her, and defile her and make her his own toilet. Tell me again, let me hear it again. You will be made your husband's pee soaked little slut. "you're going to piss on me"

yes honey, I am going to piss on you, & soak your body in my pee- and then honey, I'm going to fuck you like a dirty whore, I'm going to fuck my wife's pussy, covered in piss, soaked in urine, stinking and soaking in my urine, smelling like a toilet, my own toilet, my pee slut wife, my honey. I will fuck my dirty little pee slut wife's pussy, while you're covered in my piss.

As I achieve my concentration, as I begin to allow my piss to flow out onto your body, spraying your shoulders, your breasts, rolling down the folds of your skin toward your navel, and down your thighs, you begin your familiar plea "not on my face, not on my face"... I know you can feel the stream moving upwards, as I paint you in my urine, as I piss all over you, I direct the stream higher and higher, up towards your neck. You raise up on your heels, attempting to keep your humiliation, your piss bath, below your neck. "not on my face, not on my face" you, almost silently, plead.

Yes honey, on your face this time, on your face, in your hair, on your eyelids, clamped shut against this departure from how we've always done this. On your cheeks, my piss cascading down your pretty face, piss dripping down from your face onto your body. You are now my filthy piss soaked slut. You try to lift yourself up, but my hand on your head holds you down, holds you in place. You try to speak, to say no, just as my stream of piss reaches its maximum velocity, pee runs off of your nose and into your mouth, you fall back silent. Before my stream ends, before the last few spurts of piss escape, I focus my pissing onto your hair. I soak your pretty black hair in piss. You kneel there, my hand on your head, holding you down, wet in my piss that has now soaked your hair.

Look at you, so vulnerable, used, shamed and humiliated. My pee drips down from your hair, off of your delicate eye lashes, the tip of your nose- your chin. Each of your nipples has a big droplet of piss hanging, I kiss each nipple, greedily slurping the pee on you. Licking your stained, soiled titties. Yes honey, I hear you gently crying, can hear your sniffles. A tear rolls down your pretty, piss abused face. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I had to. I needed to go all the way. Needed to force you to go all the way with me. All the way down, as low as I could make you.

I know you are crying, you feel violated, used. But I feel your breathing deepen, your body responding to my kissing your piss soaked nipples. Holding you tightly I kiss and lick your breasts. I can smell you honey. My wife smells like a used toilet. And I taste my salty piss on you. But I can sense your soft crying, your sniffling giving way to a different rhythm. I hear your sharp breaths being drawn more deeply, more evenly. I feel you arching your back, your nipples responding to me.

I kiss you honey, kiss you and let my tongue fuck your mouth. My fingers inside you. 2 fingers in your pussy, fucking you there. As I finger fuck your pussy I lick your cheek, your chin, lapping up my piss from my pissy face wife and kiss you again. Taste me. Taste my piss on my tongue as my fingers slide in and out of your pussy, you are wet honey. Your legs spread accepting my fingers deeply. I add my third finger in your pussy, I am opening you up for me, finger fucking you hard, and making love to your mouth with my tongue. I think you like it honey. I feel you moving with me, your crotch pushing back as I fill your little pussy with my fingers, your sexy mouth kissing me back.

I want to fuck you now honey. I want to fill my piss slut wife's pussy with my dick, my hard penis in you, opening you up, filling your pussy full with hard dick. Do you like it honey? Your breathing, your body tell me you do. I fuck you harder, more forcefully, the way a man who loves his wife fucks. Firmly, confidently, with my passion, with my love and my lust for you, sliding in and out. Ecstasy, fucking your pussy with my dick, fucking my wife, covered in piss like a toilet. Your hair still wet, your face still smeared with the shame of being just abused, just pissed on.

I cum, in you, as deeply as I can force myself. Fill your pussy with my cum. With each thrust of my ejaculation, deeper in your little pussy. My satisfaction in defiling you complete. I am filled by my love for you honey.

Warm water from the shower. Scented soaps and bath and body oils. Gently I cleanse you. I want you to know how much I love you. I want you to know how excited I was to force myself on you. The force, the humiliation complete, only my love for you remains. You are bathed, cleaned, No trace of what I've done to you remains, I believe you are ok. It has been done, it's over, I love you.

I wrap you in a new, white, soft fluffy oversized bath towel. You look so beautiful, so fresh. You are happy, smiling. I lift you in my arms and carry you to our marital bed. I make love to you like a newlywed bride on her wedding night. I love you. My pissy face.

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