tagBDSMPitiful Paul of Buttermilk Falls!

Pitiful Paul of Buttermilk Falls!



Paul bit his lip and prepared for the argument. He loved Mephista, and was amazed that he'd found an attractive if slightly older woman to live with who supported his peculiar desires. But he really wanted to socialize with the girls from work.

Mephista sat in the ornate living room, blonde hair spilling over on her tight blue sweater, reading, or re-reading "The Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton. Paul feared that Mephista wanted them to spend the evening together reading it to each other.

"J-Mephista?" Paul smiled at her, watching idly as the red, sharp nails flicked through the pages.

Mephista looked up and smiled. She kept her lipstick behind a pillow and checked it every few minutes. Paul really appreciated it that Mephista kept herself up for him.

"What's going on, Paulie?" Mephista smiled. "Did you clear the dishes and clean the kitchen? I really enjoyed the arugula a great deal, and the eggplant."

"Yes. I wanted to tell you that I am planning to go out tonight with some friends from work." Paul felt a lump in his throat. He really worried that this might end up like his abortive attempt to negotiate a later bedtime.

Certainly, since Mephista had taken over Paul's life, things had gotten so much better. He wasn't sport-fucking super models anymore, and didn't bounce in and out of treatment centers anymore in his chase for the nose candy.

"Planning something? You want to go out, Paulie?" Mephista looked sweetly mystified.

Eliciting a slight cough, she dipped her head. One blonde curl fell on the sweater. "But Paulie, darling, you did want to sit up a little later on Friday nights, and I am allowing for nine-thirty, unlike your weeknight bedtime of 8 pm."

Paul flushed.

"I thought we'd read together, and then I might give you a nice bath, and get you in your jam-jams."

Paul's dick bulged in his trousers as he thought of Mephista's baths...she would, while still fully dressed, put him in the tub and scrub and soap his "wee-wee" until it was quite hard.

Mephista's icy white fingers with the ruby nails going up and down and all around Paul's shaved penis and testes, it was really something else, and of course she would "thoroughly scour his butt-hole, his anus reeling from the shock, as the masturbation continued with the other hand.

During the day at work, Paul wore a butt-plug most of the time, except when he had to go Number Two..so his rear felt especially exposed.

Now and then if he'd been "churlish" Mephista would give him a hot enema before returning to the bathtub hand job...it was so glorious and it would go on for so long!

Yes, and sometimes Mephista would finish Paul off while wearing one of her stubbly gardening gloves. This as he stood in the tub naked with his hands behind his back.

But Leah, Kara and Kristin and their friends had been asking Paul to go out with them to a daiquiris bar, and it had been such a long time. When was the last time he'd been in a bar?

They'd finished a major case at work, the Tunstall patent matter, and he'd led the group, and the girls saw him as a major player. Paul loved Mephista, but really needed his space.

"I-I just want to go out for a few hours. It's Friday night, and I'll be in before eleven."

Mephista shook her head. "I think I know where this is going. You don't have a driver's license anymore, Paulie, are the ladies coming to get you? Do they know your former drunken antics removed your license, so I have to put you on the bus with your lunch every day?"

Paul flushed again and stared at his wing tips. But again, he gathered courage, though he felt as if he had just swallowed a ball of hot lead.

"I'll be back before eleven. I'm going to wait for the girls on the front porch."

Mephista smiled again, and shut her book. "Paul, my Paul. You really want to act up tonight, don't you? I haven't given you an enema in nearly two weeks.

And obviously you've not had any correction since I strapped you Tuesday night."

Paul blanched. That had been horrible, she'd done it with him leaning over the tub, naked, the razor strop opening his capillaries. Then she'd given him his bath, in ice-cold water, and she'd not touched his penis.

This because he'd been short with her at dinner!

And after his bath, he'd been forced to bend over for the big rubber Monster, which had replaced his little butt plug...and he'd slept with it all night long, not in his comfortable Nursery bed, but on the floor.

"I'm going to go now, Mephista. I'll wait on the front porch."

Mephista smiled. "I think you need to go upstairs and take off your clothes and put on your pajamas. It's obvious you are tired and cranky. You need a little talking-to, there's no doubt."

Paul stomped his foot. He felt ridiculous. Damn it, I'm twenty-eight years old!

Mephista smiled. "Oh, dear. You're starting to have a tantrum. This reminds me of Saturday, when I had to drag you into the Macy's women's changing room by the ear. Thankfully I had my hairbrush in my purse..."

Paul bit his lip. The hairbrush landing on his savaged buttocks again and again in the narrow changing room, his pants clogging his knees...

And then walking out behind Mephista shamefacedly. God, all those giggling female customers, they watched as he rubbed his bottom, his pants had just been pulled up.

Some of the men in the Sporting Goods department snickered, but truly, this helped Paul follow Mephista slowly, and not nag her about how long the damn shopping trip took.

And of course she'd made him get in the trunk with the packages, as whiny boys don't get to sit in the car like adults, do they?

Mephista shook her head now. "You have really annoyed 'Phee a bit now, Paulie. Upstairs and in your jammies. I'm counting to ten."

"Mephista, I'm an adult-"


"I have plans!"


He clenched his fists.

But Paul knew she had him in what they used to call a cleft stick. Once he'd had a big rage after Mephista whipped him with a spruce switch in the back yard, in front of that adorable law student in the group house next door...

And Mephista had told him to live any way he liked, and ignored him for nearly a week until he begged her to re-take the reins.

He might not get a second chance this time.


In blind tears, Paul ran up the stairs. He went into his bedroom and pulled out his pink striped pajamas-most men just sleep in their undershorts, but that wasn't the rule here, was it?

When Paul was in his pajamas, he left the bedroom and went to the head of the stairs.

His blood chilled as he heard Kara's laugh.

"Thanks for letting us in early. Is Paul ready?"

"I'm afraid he won't be able to come out tonight" Mephista's composed tone floated up the stairs. "But you can say hello. Paulie!"

"I'll just stay up here" Paul called down shakily. "Kara, Leah, Kristy, I have a cold."

"No come down immediately." Mephista's voice turned cold. "Chop, chop, dear. I'm giving your little friends some cocoa."

Paul bit his lip and came down the stairs.

There the girls were, in the living room. Leah and Kristy were on the couch, looking great in slutty crop-tops, and Jeez, check out Kristy's fishnets! That is one short skirt.

And Kara, in the LaZ-Boy, delicately accepting some cocoa, leaned a bit and of course the top she was wearing exposed tumbling cleavage.

Kara mostly wore button up shirts at work, so she wouldn't be, you know, objectified, and she didn't want to distract the boys.

But tonight it would have been nice to bump'n grind with her, having her rub those huge tits against his chest on the dance floor at Bathsheba of Buttermilk, the hottest club in Buttermilk Falls.

Kara looked up and giggled at the striped pajamas.

"Damn, Paul. Did you get those from your Nana or something?"

And the girls on the couch tittered as well, and Paul blushed, although the shame of the thing was making his dick rise in his PJ bottoms. Mephista wouldn't allow Paul to wear undershorts, so it was kind of obvious.

"Dude, it's seven-thirty." chortled Leah. "Turning in kind of early, aren't you?"

Paul looked over at Mephista, who was smiling composedly.

What now? Would Mephista take Paul's pajama bottoms down, and pull out the whippy cane and slash his naked rear in front of the girls, for being so rebellious earlier?

Once Mephista had made Paul take his penis out in front of the pizza delivery girl, as a punishment for staring at her gorgeous legs...

The pizza girl, leaning against the long skateboard she'd used for transportation, had had her glossed lips in an O of horror, watching

Paul stand there...his dick sticking out of those pink PJ's...

Now, Paul's dick was expanding even more, the humiliation, the self-hatred was bringing him down.

Suddenly the door to the basement opened, and Caleb, the other tenant came up. Big, strong and confident, Caleb smiled and greeted the girls, and gave Leah a hug, as it turned out they were on the same Frisbee team on Saturdays at Colonel Harris J. Buttermilk State Park.

Paul hated Caleb. Caleb often satisfied Mephista's "feminine" urges, and Paul was left to clean her out.

But, Paul still had old debts to credit companies and drug dealers, and thus he had to rent out his cellar!

And of course, the girls had now invited Caleb to join them on their Friday pub crawl. And Paul couldn't go because Mephista wouldn't let him.

And Paul knew he shouldn't act up any more. Once, when Mephista had been under the weather for a few months, she'd asked Caleb to take over Paul's discipline.

Oh, it had been horrible, having Caleb checking Paul's housekeeping, and seeing that Paul had signed in when he got home on time.

As Mephista had Paul on a time clock!

Mephista could give a mean whipping, but Caleb was a bodybuilder, and ten with the cane could result in a broken cane and poor Paul weeping hysterically.

It was so humiliating having this young ignoramus in charge of discipline. Caleb also often would make Paul stand in the corner, with his pants and shorts down, after a correction.

This was quite awkward, especially when Caleb and Mephista were having dinner...Paul, having been corrected, would go to bed without his supper.

This, even though Paul had made dinner pre-spanking, and cleaned the kitchen.

Now Kara was running her long pink nail up and down Caleb's bicep rather flirtatiously as he sat casually on the arm of the La-Z Boy.

"You're a big boy, aren't you?" Kara said, good-naturedly. "I have been telling pot-belly Paul that he should go to the gym more. You should help him.

"Yeah, I could whip his ass as he runs on the treadmill, and make him do jumping jacks naked on the lawn, right?" Caleb laughed, and Mephista and the girls laughed with him, as Paul gritted his teeth.

"I-I should go up to bed, my cold and all." Paul said, wincing.

"You don't have a cold, darling." Mephista smiled. "You threw a fit tonight because you wanted to go out to a bar, and I made you put on your pajamas. It was quite annoying. I almost took my hairbrush out and paddled you!"

The girls began laughing harder, and Paul blushed again. Still, his cock was really stiffening.

He knew, even as he tried to resist it, that he would probably be jerking off upstairs as he cringed at his humiliation in front of his pretty workmates.

Kara had flirted with Paul more than once at work, but if this experience hadn't friend-zoned him, nothing would. Paul could see that Kara was fascinated by Caleb.

How could this get any worse?

But Caleb got up off the chair, his brown darkening. "What's that, Mephista? Is Paul throwing fits again?"

Caleb turned to Paul, and Paul noticed in abject discomfort that the younger man was unbuckling his belt. "What'd I tell you about acting up, boy?"

"Let's talk about this tomorrow, or after you get home tonight" Paul begged.

Kara exchanged a look with the girls on the couch.

Mephista smiled. "It's best to deal with these sorts of matters immediately, Paulie darling."

"Goddamn right. Take those jammie bottoms down, and bend over the piano bench!"

Paul trembled. "Can't we wait till the girls leave?"

"That's it. Take everything off." Caleb turned and grinned at the girls. "This will only take about ten minutes, and then I'm going to lock him in the closet, and we can go. A good ass-whipping cures a lot of crappy attitude."

Leah snorted. "Can I hit him too?"

"Sure, why not...we can all take turns. Paul, you naked yet, boy?"

Yes, poor, weeping Paul was indeed very naked.

Half an hour later, the welted Paul was choking his chicken in the hot, dusty closet. So humiliated, so traumatized...but he'd jerked off five times in 20 minutes, and even though his dick was quite empty of spooge and hurting at this point, Paul was jerking it again!

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by Anonymous

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by justincbenedict12/07/18

It's all here, I think...

I think I got everything here. I may have overlooked some. It's exhausting.

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by Anonymous12/07/18

On another note...

I noticed that there are some of your Tali/Fenton stories that are on another website but not on Literotica. Ever think about copying everything over here just so it's all easily accessible?

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