tagFirst TimePity Sex from my Lesbian Roommate

Pity Sex from my Lesbian Roommate


After moving out of my parents' home, I moved to a loft with a lesbian couple, Jeanette and Eliza and worked as ticket booth agent for the city subway system. It was a boring and aggravating job as I just sat in a booth giving fare cards and maps to customers, dealing with the complaints if something occurred with their cards that prevented them from entering the system and I can do nothing about it, and have also witnessed crimes like assaults, robberies and rapes and could only sit there watching as I was not allowed to leave my post or intervene.

The one good thing about the job was that it was just a few blocks from my home, so I did not have to deal with long, delay prone commutes, but overtime, I got lonely and depressed from lack of sex, which I frequently had with my ex until she one day suddenly got uncomfortable with it. It made me mad as sex made me happy. She dumped me after I kept begging her nonstop to have sex with me again.

Eliza noticed me looking sadder and sadder as time passed and one night we were both off from work while Jeanette was not. Eliza came to my room and went up to me while I sat on my bed groaning in misery. She asked what was wrong as I said lack of sex made me unable to handle stress and unhappiness from work. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her. I was shocked at that, as not only was she gay and in a relationship, but was drugged and raped at a hotel 10 years earlier by a male assailant who was never caught, which I never asked if it may have influenced her sexual orientation. She said she just wanted me to be happy and was willing to have sex with me under several conditions.

Being gay, she would not give me oral sex or get intercourse and I had to stay clothed. I was okay with that, being a giver a lot more than a receiver. While she was 34 and I was 28 (and Jeanette was 42) I could not pass up my chance with a hot blond like her. When I said I was ready, she held my head up by the chin and bent forward to kiss me. We kissed harder, as she held my face and I unbuttoned and took off her shirt to reveal her black bra. We kept kissing as I unzipped and took off her jeans to reveal matching black panties and ran my hands on her hot body.

She held her hands on my face and I kissed her neck, chin, and down her torso. She moved my head across her abdomen while moaning and saying she really loved what I was doing. I took off her panties to give her oral and ran my fingers between her buttock cheeks. This was my first time licking pussy in over a year and hers tasted great. She held my head panting as I held her butt. When she orgasmed, I told her to turn about. She did, bent forward and held the table in front of her as I kissed up her legs and thighs while holding her hips.

I then sniffed her butt (it smelled terrific) before kissing and licking all over both cheeks as she panted. This was awesome as the ass was my favorite part of a lady's body. I kissed and licked hers for who knows how long and ran my fingers down her ass crack. I licked down her crack, giving her a rim job. She fingered her vagina, held her breasts, and giggled while telling me to not stop as it felt great. She too said she and Jeanette liked each other's butts and anuses and often kissed and licked them. I kissed her butt cheeks more until she dripped fluid to the floor.

She sat on my lap facing the same direction. I kissed her entire back and both arms while taking off her bra then she about faced and knelt atop me. I kissed her breasts nipples and fingered her vagina. She held me in and begged for me to suck them, which I did. She laid me on the bed, got atop me, held my head and kissed my whole face while I spanked and grabbed her buttock cheeks and fingered her anus.

After she cummed, we lay sideways face-to-face under the cover as she held my face to her breasts caressing me with her left leg on my waist. I held and rubbed her buttocks and softly kissed her nipples. She asked if our sex made me feel better and I said it did. It felt great to kiss and lick all over a woman's body as she said I did it well.

She kissed my forehead, saying she would have sex with me whenever I wanted under the same conditions if Jeanette was not home. I agreed to it and we kissed, then realized Jeanette would be home soon and got off the bed, got dressed, and cleaned the room.

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