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Pixels of Desire


Licking his lips and trailing his tongue down the shadowy cleavage of her breasts in his imagination, left him wishing that with a swipe of his mouse, like a paint brush, he could take off her clothes and have her pink nipples exposed. She was smiling at him from her pic, the resolution poor, the details shadowed, yet, in spite of it, Dan saw the depth of her brown eyes. He looked closer and made out the smudge of lashes beneath her brow, the round fullness of her bottom lip and the tiny mole on her neck.

Leaning back and feeling the tingle of desire nagging at his cock, while deep in his groin the knots of need churned, Dan wandered through a fantasy of their fucking. He'd take her hard with no consideration for the delicacy of her flesh. His sweet ghost woman was everything he'd dreamed and he was "her artist", her painter or sculptor, like she'd told him in their private script chats on-line. Dan liked that since it sure beat the reality of going to the office every day.

He stretched and glanced at the screen again, set the pic as his wallpaper and chuckled when he noticed the Winzip icon ironically situated over her lips. A click on that tab opened the file he saved her voice in. Dan loved her deep and silky voice, its quirky little lisp slipped off her tongue as if the wetness of her words would never be contained by her language.

As he waited for the file to load Dan noticed the rain on his roof and shook his head. How long had that been going on? With a restlessness he didn't quite understand, Dan got up. He turned off the a/c and opened a window, letting in the rain-washed smell of the yard. He smiled as the drops kissed his face and stayed a moment, leaning against the sash.

In his mind's eye he could picture her on the wet walk through his back garden, with her hair dripping water onto the light fabric of her shirt. Where her brunette tresses rested against her body, the water soaked through and first darkened, then turned the white cotton invisible. A bolt of lightening lit the yard and in that instant he blinked. In disbelief Dan gasped, her image was there like it was burned into his retinas. He heard her singing, "Rain, rain. Go away..."

Sighing because he knew he was dreaming, he turned to go back to the screen. He shook his head, amazed at how vivid his imagination could be and was startled to still hear her voice chanting, "Rain, rain. Go away..."

Looking over his shoulder into the darkness of the storm, Dan saw someone moving out there. It was too much to hope and he silently chided himself for having such juvenile fantasies; fantasies of her being there and wanting him. He ducked below the sash and squinted through the rain. She was out in his garden, on the walk, with the concrete reflecting the streetlights at her back, a sweet specter of the storm. His gaze seemed to give her life and she began to walk toward the side porch.

Dan hastened around to the door and went outside onto the covered deck. Everything was dimly lit in the filtered blue light of his screen saver shining through the window. A ghostly image approached him up the path, her fingers deftly unbuttoning her cotton blouse. His pupils dilated in the dark and more details came clear as if she were solidifying in his presence. Dan held his breath. Soon the wet garment was open and she was peeling it off her shoulders.

She was exquisite, his imaginings personified and the rain seemed to encompass her in an aura of misty brightness. Dan basked in her glow, her health and sexuality streaming forth into his soul. At the lower step of the porch, she let her blouse fall to the ground. Her hands drew up along her ribs and cupped the round fullness of her breasts, lifting them to Dan's gaze.

His suddenly dry throat constricted and Dan focused on her perfectly round nipples. With the touch of his gaze, her fingers glided up and caught the pink jewels. She pinched and rolled them and they stiffened in response. He heard her moan. Releasing her nipples, she brought her fingertips to her lips. Dan was entranced by the seductive capture of her bottom lip in her teeth as her touch moved over her jaw and neck.

Her fingers fell onto the edge of her low slung pants. He moved his eyes up and down and watched as she trailed them up and down her tummy between the band and her belly button, finally hooking her thumbs into the elastic and wiggling the stretchy fabric off her hips. She pushed her bottoms down her thighs then, stepping on the hem with a bare toe, slipped one leg out. He willed that her opposite foot lift and scrape them off the other shin. Dan smiled when her dainty foot lifted to his bidding and trembled as his dream girl stepped naked towards him.

As she'd promised in all her descriptions, she was petite and trim. Every curve and expanse of her youthful body hinted at her ripeness. At last, he stopped fighting his desire and stared at her pussy. She stood, with graceful legs slightly apart, showing her shaved pussy to him, a testament to her truthfulness when she'd described her orchid.

Dan's cock twitched thinking about the first time she'd had cyber sex with him. "Tell me what you see," he'd begged.

She'd responded, "My outer lips are pale pink, like the flesh of a maturing peach. My wetness beads on the frilly, scalloped edges of my inner ones. They fold like petals covering the well of nectar in an orchid. My clit waits over my slit, like the pistil structure of the blossom. It hovers, eager to slide a grain of pollen onto the creature's back who's wily enough to drink , yet, not fall in and drown."

With the memory of her poetry still dancing in his head, Dan watched, mesmerized, as her touch fluttered across her mons. "Come out of the rain," he whispered.

"Come to me," was her quiet reply.

"Why are you here?"

"Shhh," her finger raised to her lips, a gentle admonishment that reminded him that he may not want the answer. She looked into his eyes and held her hand out to him.

As he approached her, Dan heard a quiet hum and all of the micro hairs on his body seemed to lift in response to her closeness. "You are electric," he murmured as his hands rested on her shoulders. He gasped at the current of feeling that first contact made. He marveled at the perfection of her skin, she seemed to flow beneath his hands, like water colors she gained substance each time he touched her.

Dan felt a draining of power up through his spine and out his palms as he stroked her. "Your touch is like a painters brush on my skin." she told him. "With every stroke you create my being and each shadow you cast defines my boundaries."

He smiled, it seemed every one of her statements was couched in an image. She sighed and he leaned closer, tilting his head so his lips could cover hers and take her breath to himself. He needed her so badly. Dan wanted to devour her essence and mesh her soul so completely with his they would be inseparable. As he kissed her he could smell the ozone of the lightning and with each rumble of thunder he could feel her throb in answer.

The rain seemed to fall harder as he unleashed the passion he'd been storing all these long months. She molded her slight frame to his and he stopped wondering what had brought her here. Dan brought his lips down her chest and with a tortured groan sucked in one of her nipples, at the same time, he slid a finger inside her dewy passage. He sensed a current flowing within this beauty, an energy almost frightening in it's potential to hurt him. He wanted to love her, hopefully, harnessing the power she had over him.

Her hands tangled in his hair and she pushed him lower. His mouth sucked at her skin. His tongue memorized a map across her abdomen. He smelt the musk of her arousal. As he mashed his nose against the cushion of her pussy Dan snaked his tongue out to flick over the nub of her clit. She shuddered and he tasted her wetness, sweet and hot on his lips.

He sucked and pulled at her sex, stretching her pussy lips and clit, then releasing them to spring back in place. She rolled her hips under his hands and fucked his tongue. Dan was captured and every part of her was holding him there. He knew he could drown in her and never feel the terror of his dying.

She seemed to increase in energy as the fury of the storm lashed at them. He sensed her passion cresting, the wave a great tsunami as together, they seemed to shake the earth they stood on. He welcomed the great wash of her release. It gushed over him but instead of dousing their heat, drove the bellows that fanned their flames.

"Fuck me!" She begged. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she pulled him up.

Dan kissed her with lips coated in her juices. His prick unerringly pierced her sex and he sank into her, wet satin surrounding him. Her vulva sucked at his cock, a vacuum of lust. He pounded her cunt and moaned as his balls contracted. Just as it seemed his skin could draw no tighter, Dan's passion cinched it all close up against him and he felt the fiery agony of his ejaculate scald his passage.

While his cum spilled into her, drenching her womb, the storm weakened in intensity. She seemed to become ethereal in its passing. He cried out in anguish as he watched her dissolve into millions of tiny bits of information. His reality became a dark humidity that she filled no more.

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