tagMaturePixie by the Fireside

Pixie by the Fireside


The invitation read,

It's Pixie Tyler's Thanksgiving Open House!

1:00-6:00 Thanksgiving Day

Get out of the kitchen and come over for

food, fun, and football!"

It wasn't a big crowd, but it was a good crowd. Pixie straightened her Santa hat and counted two couples talking in the hot tub and two more watching the game. She joined the women by the hors d'oeuvre trays and pretended that she wasn't watching Lee Sykes, who sat with his girlfriend in front of the fireplace.

She heard a loud "Caroline!" It was her real name, but she didn't react at first. It came from a bull of a man who had just left his coat in the foyer. "Caroline!" he said again, and crossed the room with a big grin on his face. "You look wonderful today," He said.

But of course she did.

"Bill," Pixie said, and extended a hand. "You and my mother are the only people who call me Caroline. Call me Pixie."

"That's such a good nickname," he said. "I don't know why I can't get it straight."

It was a good nickname. Even with her heels on Pixie couldn't see over Bill's broad shoulder. She was blond and petite, and she'd been Pixie as long as she could remember.

"There are drinks on the counter and food everywhere," Pixie said. "Dig in." Bill Evans was an important man in her life. She hired him to deal with the investments that fell to her when her husband died.

She glanced at the big patio doors as Bill passed and realized that she could see Lee reflected in the dark window. His eyes were fixed firmly on her butt, and she stepped her feet ever so slightly apart to enhance his view. He was a college freshman caught staring at a woman twenty years his senior. She loved it.

Pixie turned around and smiled at Tamara Wagner—Lee's girlfriend—and asked, "Tamara, when are your folks coming over?"

"Pretty soon, I think" Tamara said. She was the pretty high school senior from across the street. "Mom said we were in her way, so she sent us here. They're supposed to come over for a little while before dinner."

"Well, you aren't in the way here," Pixie said. She crouched in front of them and said, "This hostess gig is tiring me out. Could I get a little help?" She touched Tamara's arm, but talked to Lee. "She knows this house really well," she said and turned back to Tamara, "Could you go to the hallway bathroom upstairs and bring down more towels for the hot tub? I think five or six will do for now."

Tamara was happy to help, so Pixie turned to Lee. "People are going through my soda like crazy. Would you come with me? I need you to carry a case." Pixie pointed Lee to the garage and took in the view from behind while she followed. His unruly black hair and the 'V' from his shoulders to his muscular butt pleased her. Lee was just what she needed.

Pixie enjoyed young men like Lee. She wanted them eager, energetic, and sometimes even a little out of control. She liked the sex even if she didn't get an orgasm from it because she still felt good. It made her feel young.

"Here it is," Pixie said, and pointed out a shrink-wrapped case of colas in the backup refrigerator. Lee hoisted it on his shoulder and turned to the door, but Pixie stopped him. "Thanks so much," she said. She slipped her hand into his back pocket, and gave him an affectionate squeeze. Lee blushed, and Pixie was thrilled.


It was starting to snow when Pixie pulled her car around the corner. It wasn't a heavy snow—not yet anyway. Big flakes drifted down and melted quickly on the street. Lee's car was parked in front of the Wagner's house when she pulled into her driveway then into the garage.

It wasn't odd to see Lee's car there. Since the weather turned cold she usually found it with the windows fogged and knew that Tamara was with him in the car. Tonight was different.

Pixie put her Christmas packages down and shielded her eyes from the indoor light so she could see out through the front window. Two figures bundled in coats and scarves stood by Lee's car. They seemed to argue. Pixie guessed it was Lee and Tamara, so she put her coat back on and went to see what was wrong.

Tamara gestured to her darkened house. "I didn't know my folks were going out tonight, and I left without my key. I'm locked out." She glared at Lee and added, "And he's 'too busy'."

"I can fix one of those problems," Pixie said. "I have a house key." She ducked her head to keep the snow out of her face and hurried to get the key. Tamara was waiting by the front door when she got back, and Lee was climbing into his car.

Pixie stopped long enough to tell Lee, "Don't go anywhere. I want to talk to you." She unlocked the door for Tamara and typed in the security code for the alarms. She collected a quick kiss on the cheek and then found Lee waiting for her.

Lee was curious when Pixie tucked her hand around his elbow and asked, "What do you want, Mrs. Tyler?"

Pixie tugged Lee toward her house and answered, "I want you to stop calling me Mrs. Tyler. It's Pixie. Now let's get out of the snow." She hung her coat in the foyer, dusted melting snow off Lee's shoulders, and took his coat.

Lee took in the view while she hung his coat with hers. His eyes traced Pixie's body from her smile, to the round form of her breasts beneath her sweater, around the curve of her hips, and to her ever-present high heels. Pixie was pleased.

"I'm going to make hot cocoa while you tell me what keeps you too busy to make Tamara happy," Pixie said "Come with me."

Lee didn't like being told what he was going to do. Pixie stopped to light the gas fireplace, and he asked, "Is this all necessary just to pry into my schedule?"

"No," Pixie said. "It's necessary to make it more cozy while I pry into your schedule. Besides, that's not the only thing going on here."

Lee didn't know what Pixie meant, but that didn't seem important. He followed her to the kitchen with a growing interest in the way her round bottom swayed with each step she took.

"Have you had Mexican cocoa before?" she asked. "It tastes spicy and it's almost instant." She leaned back against the counter while milk heated. "What keeps you busy?" she asked.

"School," Lee said. "I have finals next week." He looked away, and Pixie knew that wasn't everything.

She pointed to a cabinet across the room and asked. "Would you get my blender down for me? It's in the top cupboard there. I'd have to bring a step stool over to get it." She watched Lee and asked, "It's more than just finals, isn't it?"

Lee set the blender on the counter beside her. "Yeah, there's more. I mean, there's a lot to do at the University, and a lot of other people to do it with," he said. "So I'm not spending as much time with Tammy as I used to. I guess I'm just not into her like I was."

Pixie dropped some wedges of cocoa into the blender and pulsed it to pulverize them. Lee stood close beside her. First he inhaled the scent of the cocoa then he inhaled the scent from Pixie's hair.

"Why haven't you broken up with her?" Pixie asked. She turned and looked up at him. "It's the sex isn't it?" Lee blushed and turned away.

Pixie poured hot milk into the blender, turned it on, and left it running. She found a bag of marshmallows in the cabinet and two mugs hanging on a rack. "Do you get along with Karen—Tamara's Mom?" she asked, and Lee shook his head.

"Karen told me a couple months ago that she hoped you would find someone else and move on." She led Lee to the breakfast table and handed him a warm mug covered in melting marshmallows. "I might do Karen a favor," she said.

Pixie didn't explain herself. She stirred a shot of brandy into her cocoa and sat down with Lee. He seemed to fumble for words for a moment then gathered his thoughts. He looked down at his mug and when he looked up at Pixie he said. "Maybe I wouldn't mind moving on if I found a girlfriend who looked as good as you do."

"That's very sweet of you," Pixie said. Lee seemed to be right where she wanted him. She stood from the table, took her mug to the window, and looked out onto the patio.

"It's a great night for two in the hot tub," Pixie said. It's not too cold, there's no wind, and the snow is pretty. "You'll like it."

That was the second time Pixie told Lee what he would do, and he didn't like it. "I don't have anything to wear," he said and shrugged. "The cocoa is good, but I should go before I embarrass myself anymore."

"It's Saturday night, and it's not even late," Pixie said. "Why don't you stay?" Pixie smiled over her mug. She didn't need to wear anything in the hot tub, but she could indulge Lee's modesty. "I know someone must have left swim shorts here that will fit you."

Lee stayed for a chance to see Pixie in the hot tub. She left him to sip his cocoa by the fire. When she came back she wore a thick robe, and she carried a second robe over her arm.

Lee took the robe that Pixie offered and asked, "What are you wearing?"

Pixie held her hands out and said, "Open the package and find out." Lee pulled on the tie around Pixie's waist and the robe fell open. She pulled it aside to show him the little black bikini underneath.

He stared, then looked up and asked, "Did you really drag me here to talk?"

Pixie laughed and said, "We talked, and I expect we'll talk some more." She stepped close to Lee and said, "But by and by you're going to lay me." She laughed and said again, "You'll like it."

It was the third time that Pixie told Lee what he was going to do, but this time she could tell from his open-mouthed expression that he didn't mind. She pulled two pairs of swimming shorts from her pocket and held them up to him. "Pick one," she said. One was small and stretchy and the other was loose. "You can pick one that will show me exactly how eager you are, or one that will let me guess. Take them and the robe and change in my room."

Pixie's cocoa was gone before Lee got back. He wore the robe closed, so Pixie said, "What did you decide?" and opened it.

Lee wore the loose shorts and an embarrassed expression. "I wanted to wear the other one," he said. He motioned to the front of the shorts and explained, "But I stuck out of the top." That made Pixie laugh.

Pixie settled into the hot tub and watched snowflakes swirl over the now-covered swimming pool and gather in the garden. She turned away from the snow scene to watch Lee hang his robe with hers and climb into the warm water beside her. He hesitated for a moment, and then put one arm around her shoulders. Pixie leaned against him and relaxed.

"After your open house I asked Tammy how old you are," Lee said. "She didn't know. She even asked her mom and her mom didn't know."

"Really?" Pixie said. "That's not a state secret or anything, it just changes every year. I'm thirty eight."

Lee looked like he didn't believe her. "No!" he said. "Why do you look, like twenty?"

Pixie laid her head back on Lee's arm and groaned. "You know you're just flattering me," she said, "I don't look 'like, twenty.' People ask me all the time how I stay so young-looking and I get tired of answering. Let's pretend I'm a vampire." She squeezed herself against Lee and asked, "Are you still interested?"

"Oh God yes," Lee said. He pulled Pixie into a rough embrace, and Pixie tangled herself around him. He tasted her mouth, and he tasted her throat. He squeezed Pixie's tits through her bikini top. She lifted her breast against his big hand and her nipples hardened under his touch.

Pixie did nothing to slow Lee down. She ran her fingers over the bulge in the front of his shorts, and he had to break off their kiss to catch his breath. "You're eager," Pixie said. "I've always liked that." She pushed her hand down into the shorts and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

"Maybe it's good that you picked the baggy shorts," Pixie said. "I'd have a hard time getting my hand into the other ones."

Pixie pumped Lee's cock faster as he got more excited, then Lee caught his breath. "You're going to make me come," he said and started to pull away.

"That's what I want," Pixie said. She followed him as he tried to scoot away and climbed up to straddle his lap. She knelt over Lee with both hands down his shorts. He twitched and groaned in her ear, and his essence pulsed through his shaft.

Pixie stroked Lee's cock and traced its head with her finger tips until he was empty. His breath came deep and even on her shoulder, and she sank into the water beside him. When Lee moved again, it was to slip his hand down into Pixie's bikini. She lifted her leg over his lap to give his hand more room, and kissed his throat while his finger tips slipped into her, then up to her hood. "You're completely shaved?" Lee asked.

"I am," Pixie said. "Do you like it?" But she didn't wait for an answer. She looked around at the falling snow and told Lee, "It's getting colder out here. Let's go inside. I'll make some more of that cocoa and we can play by the fireplace."

Pixie carried two mugs of cocoa and found Lee sitting on the thick rug in front of the fire. He looked troubled. She handed one mug to Lee and sipped her own before he asked, "Are you doing me just so I'll break up with Tammy?"

"Oh God no," Pixie said, and laughed. "Tamara has almost nothing to do with it. I'm not doing a Mrs. Robinson thing for a friend."

Pixie knelt in front of Lee and set her mug aside. She opened his robe and said, "I saw you at Tamara's birthday party in September, and I thought you were interesting. I decided I wanted to lay you when I met you at my open house. Tonight is my first opportunity." She tugged at Lee's shorts and told him. "Get these off. I want to see all of you."

Lee set his mug by the fire and started to push his shorts down, then he looked up at Pixie, "You too?" he asked. Lee watched her untie the bikini top behind her back and behind her neck and drop it by the cocoa mugs. She watched him toss his shorts, and she wiggled out of her panties.

Pixie sat down facing Lee. She lifted her feet around his waist and scooted close to kiss his chin and take his cock in hand. "I should have gotten you out of the shorts earlier," she said, "Now I have to warm you up."

Lee reached under Pixie's robe, touched her breasts, and let his hands settle on her hips. Pixie's warm touch on his balls and cock made him hold his breath for a moment before he said. "I like your tits. They're like, just the right size."

"I thank my surgeon every time somebody tells me that." Pixie said. Lee's cock was getting big and hard in her hands and even though his eyes were fixed on her body his expression was far away. He cupped his hand behind Pixie's head and kissed her. His tongue explored her mouth; his growing excitement aroused her.

Pixie giggled like a girl when Lee pushed her down on her back and climbed over her. She wrapped his body in her arms and legs, and Lee's hand pressed on her pussy. His fingers found her slit and opened her. Pixie grew suddenly wet. Her breath was ragged when she pulled Lee's ear to her lips and told him, "Fuck me now."

Lee looked down to work his cock between Pixie's pussy lips. He was so excited he couldn't breathe until he penetrated her, then he emptied his lungs with a loud gasp and thrust in.

Pixie arched her back and writhed from Lee's rough entry. He thrust deeper into her and she clutched at his back, deeper and she bit his shoulder. His whole aching shaft throbbed inside Pixie's cunt before he collapsed on her to catch his breath.

When Lee could breathe again, he lifted himself and started slowly. Pixie didn't want 'slow,' but she didn't have to wait long. Lee managed only a couple long strokes before his excitement took over. He rammed his hard-on into her, and his body slapped against hers.

Lee knew he wouldn't last long, but it was still a surprise to him when he came. He groaned through clenched teeth, but nothing was going to stop it. He forced himself deep into Pixie and stayed there while spasms wracked his body.

Lee rolled away from Pixie and she followed along to keep his softening cock inside her. She kissed his face and cooed in his ears. "I liked that," she said, "I really liked that."

When Lee's cock finally slipped out of Pixie she toyed with a wild lock of his black hair and said, "Your car is still out front, and that might make people wonder. We should pull things back together so you can go."

"I don't want to go," Lee said. "I want to do you again. I don't want to stop." But the look on Pixie's face convinced him. "We are going to do it again, aren't we?" he asked.

Pixie laughed in Lee's ear and dragged his earlobe through her teeth. "Oh yeah," she said. "You're not nearly used up." She pushed herself back just far enough to focus on Lee's face and said, "I'll give you my number. There's two things you need to do before you call me. You need to finish your finals, and you need to let Tamara go."

"My last final is Friday," Lee said. He bit his lip and then said, "I've never broken up with a girl before. Do I tell Tammy about us? Or what?"

"Don't tell her about us!" Pixie said. "I don't want Tamara to know that I'm doing her boyfriend. Aside from that there really isn't an 'us.' I'm not your new girlfriend. Tell her that she's sweet and wonderful then be honest. Tell her what you told me in the kitchen."

Pixie kissed Lee's lips and said, "I have a dinner party here Friday, but those people will all be gone by nine. Is that good for you? For me it's going to be a long week of anticipation."

And it was a long week. The news that Lee broke up with Tamara came from Karen on Wednesday. On Friday Pixie had barely gotten the last guest out of her house when her phone rang. She knew it would be Lee.

"You're going to be my back door man," she said with a laugh. "Leave your car at the park at the end of the block and come up the alley to my back gate. It's lit and there's a door bell. Buzz me and I'll let you in, but give me five minutes."

The red knit cocktail gown she wore for the dinner party hugged her body like a second skin. It looked good, but she wanted to make some changes before Lee got there. She peeled her pantyhose off and dropped her thong. She took her bra off and slipped back into the dress with nothing under it.

The buzzer sounded and Pixie unlocked the back gate without even checking the security camera. As a last touch she pinched her nipples up so they poked out under the knit. Then she opened the door for Lee.

Lee was looking down to stuff his gloves into his coat pockets when Pixie opened the door. A grin spread across his face as soon as he looked up. "Wow! I bet you were real popular at dinner," he said.

Pixie pulled Lee inside and a rush of cold air came with him. "I'm almost always popular," she said and closed the door. She took Lee's coat, tossed it on the kitchen island, and stepped back so he could see. "I wore undies for the dinner guests. I didn't want undies in your way."

Lee pulled Pixie against him and bent down to kiss her, but she pushed him away as soon as his cheek touched hers. "What's this?" she asked and stroked his stubbly jaw.

"I've been distracted," Lee said. He stroked his face. "I forgot to shave. I didn't think it was that bad."

"It is," Pixie said. She took Lee's hand and pulled him to an overstuffed chair that faced the fireplace. She guided him to sit down then hesitated only a moment before she hiked up the tight gown and climbed on to straddle his lap.

Lee reached with one hand to stroke Pixie's nipple through the soft knit, pushed his other hand between her legs, and cupped it around her pussy. She leaned over him and kissed his ears and his jaw. Her weight settled onto his hand between her legs, and she held his other hand tight to her breast.

Pixie's lips where close by Lee's ear when she told him, "There's something I thought about all week that I want to do now." She reached to Lee's lap and ran her fingers down to find his cock.

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