Pixie by the Fireside


"Just one thing?" Lee asked. "There must be a hundred things I thought about doing with you."

Pixie grinned at Lee and started to unbuckle his belt. "Maybe you'll get to do them," she said. She unsnapped his jeans and looked up. "But after I suck your cock."

Lee groaned at the thought, and Pixie slipped off his lap. He sniffed the scent of her pussy on his hand, and she knelt in front of him to unzip his jeans. He pushed his jeans and boxers down around his thighs, and his cock popped up in front of her.

Pixie shoved Lee's jeans down around his ankles then leaned over his lap. She rolled his balls between her fingers and watched his cock. Her fingertips stroked along the veins and the sensitive, flared edge of its head.

She looked up past the little drop of pre-cum that appeared at the tip of his cock and asked, "This isn't going to take very long, is it?" Lee shook his head to answer. He was already fighting to keep himself under control. He laid his head on the back of the chair and watched the firelight flickering on the ceiling while Pixie took him in her mouth.

His cock was soft on the outside and hard on the inside, and it filled Pixie's mouth when she let it ride back over her tongue. She held the shaft in her hand and slipped her tongue around Lee's most sensitive places.

Lee caught his breath and touched Pixie's hair while her head bobbed over his lap. She pressed her tongue against his cock while she worked, and she took him to the back of her mouth. She worked fast now, and she could feel Lee's excitement build.

He writhed in Pixie's grasp and bellowed when he came. She felt spasms pump his essence up the length of his shaft. She stopped it with her tongue and held it in her mouth. Pixie pumped Lee until she felt him relax then she sat back and waited until she knew he was watching. Then she swallowed him.

"Oh God, Pixie," was all Lee could say. She sat up and untied his shoes then pulled his shoes and socks, jeans and boxers all off and tossed them away.

Lee surprised her. He pushed her back on the soft rug and shoved her red gown up around her waist. He kissed her belly and she laughed. He kissed the inside of her thighs and she breathed his name. He pushed her knees back and slipped his tongue into her slit. Lee savored Pixie's animal scents and flavors until she slipped from under his tongue.

"I'll make this easier for you," Pixie said. She stepped over him and reclined in the chair with her legs sprawled wide over the arms, The firelight lit her glistening pussy in golden light, and Lee's mouth watered for another taste of her.

Lee ate Pixie the way Tamara coached him. He pushed his tongue into her slit to taste her, then he traced her pussy lips up. He sucked all the soft flesh around her already-hardened bud into his mouth and then searched her with his tongue.

Pixie caught her breath as much from surprise as from excitement. Lee flicked his tongue over her trigger and sucked it between his lips. Pixie knotted her fingers in his hair and closed her thighs around his ears. The hem of the red gown worked down over Lee's head, and then he was immersed in Pixie.

When Pixie was about to peak, Lee pushed his thumb into her dripping slit and pressed his finger against her asshole. Pixie screamed at the ceiling and gripped Lee against her so he couldn't breathe. Her spasm's pulsed under his tongue and around his thumb until she relaxed and pushed him away.

Pixie slipped into euphoria and Lee slipped to the floor. He caught his breath, then climbed back over her with his hardened cock aching to fuck her. She tipped her mouth up to him, and Lee bent down to kiss her lips, then her ear and her throat.

"That hurts!" Pixie complained and pushed Lee away. She stroked the stubble on his jaw and asked him, "Would you do something for me? Would you shave before we do anything else?"

It was hard for Lee to gather his thoughts, but he nodded his answer. "Come with me," Pixie said and pulled him to her bathroom. "This is my shaver and my shave cream. Come find me after you fix your face."

Lee found Pixie in the kitchen. She turned off the water that ran in the sink and looked up to find him behind her, reflected in the dark window. He pulled his tee shirt over his head, dropped it, and then laid his hands on Pixie's hips. He pulled her back against him, kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear, "Better now?"

Pixie reached up to touch his cheek and smiled at his reflection. "You can kiss me now," she said.

Lee turned Pixie to face him and bent to inhale the scent that rose from her shoulders. He kissed her throat, and he kissed her lips. Lee pushed his tongue into Pixie's mouth and she met his tongue with hers.

Pixie rose in Lee's arms and fed his excitement. He held her close and his breath came fast and shallow. It burned on Pixie's cheek until Lee pulled away. He watched Pixie's smile and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

When Lee stepped to Pixie again he stroked his hands up from her hips, and cupped her tits in his hands. She caught her breath to push herself into his touch then tipped her mouth up and told him, "Unzip me."

Lee pulled the zipper down from Pixie's collar and held his breath while he peeled the gown down her arms. She squawked in surprise when he bent down and picked her up with his hands between her legs, but she crossed her ankles behind his back and held his head while he sucked her tits.

Pixie's temperature was as high as Lee's. Her voice rasped in his ear. "Fuck me," she said. "Take me back to the fire and fuck me."

Lee laid Pixie down on the soft rug in front of the fireplace and pulled her gown away. She turned on her knees, pushed her butt up, and her wet pussy lips parted around her slit.

He watched by the flickering light and shadows and opened Pixie with his fingers. He held his cock in hand and pushed its head into her. His ears buzzed, his heart pounded with excitement, and he thrust in. He thrust again and leaned over her. He thrust again and his cock found home deep inside Pixie's warm cunt.

Pixie gripped the rug in her fists and pushed back against Lee's penetration. Her young lover's excitement thrilled her, and she was flooded with pleasure when his shaft pulsed inside her body. He filled her with his hard flesh, and he filled her with his energy.

Lee gasped for breath and wished for self-control that he didn't have. His cock moved inside Pixie and a thrill shot through his body. He put his hand on her shoulder and slammed his cock into her. The noises that Pixie made meant nothing, but they told him what he wanted. He fucked her, and her wet warmth seeped around his shaft until he couldn't hold back.

Pixie's body was slick with sweat and Lee's hands slipped over her skin. Her trigger first tingled with excitement, and then it burned. Lee pounded hard against her and forced her flat on the rug. She lifted her head against his chest and repeated, "Don't stop!" while he groaned through his orgasm.

He didn't stop. Pixie's climax erupted from her pelvis and broke over her like a wave. Her body tightened and pulsed around Lee's plunging cock. He collapsed on her back when she relaxed, and they melted together.

When he could move again, Lee rolled off from Pixie and held her to him. He inhaled the scent of sweat and sex that rose between their bodies. He kissed her face and her shoulders until she opened her eyes to watch him.

"How long can we do this?" Lee asked.

"Tonight?" Pixie asked and laughed with her lips warm and soft by his ear. "All night, I hope."

"No, I mean how long can you fit me into the gaps in your life—dodging dinner parties and coming through the back door. How long will we last?"

Pixie rested in Lee's arms then answered, "It never lasts long. You'll learn to control yourself, and the energy I want won't be there anymore. Then I'll find someone else."

She kissed Lee's face and stroked his side. "But will you stay with me tonight? At least for tonight?"


Pixie looked over her glass, sipped her eggnog and asked, "Who's the young man with Bill?" She watched him laugh at something a server said, and his blue eyes flashed.

Bill's wife followed the direction of Pixie's gaze and said, "That's our nephew, Adam." Clara turned to Pixie as if she were speaking in confidence. "He has a scholarship a State that lets him skip a semester, so he decided to take a break in the middle of his freshman year." Clara rolled her eyes to demonstrate what she thought of that. "He's going to spend a few months living on and off in our guest house."

"Just on and off?" Pixie asked. Adam interested her.

"He's here mostly to get away from his Mom—my sister." Clara said. "He's had a sheltered life. Now he thinks that he can earn enough working as a janitor or something to cover his costs and still pay for adventures."

Pixie smiled behind her eggnog. She might be willing to supply Adam with a low-cost adventure or two.

It was New Year's Eve and Bill Evans—Pixie's financial advisor—was throwing an early party for those who didn't want to stay up for midnight. People talked in couples and small groups over barely audible background music.

Pixie considered a trip to the hors d'oeuvre table, but stopped when she recognized the young server working there. It was Lee Sykes. He looked good in the caterer's uniform, but his black hair was unruly as ever.

Lee spent three nights with Pixie after his finals were over then left before she was done with him—no other boy had ever done that. He once said there were a hundred things that he wanted to do with Pixie, and in those three nights he might have done them all. The memory made her smile.

At the end he told her, "I'm transferring to State next semester. Their engineering programs are better than the university's. I took a holiday job with a caterer to help pay for moving." Pixie was surprised, but not really hurt until he said, "I don't want to wait until I bore you, and I don't want to be your back door man."

Pixie watched Lee and realized that she needed to talk to him. He was adsorbed in his work when she stopped at the table, so she said, "Could I have a smile?"

He looked up and grinned. "And a canapé, if you'd like" he said.

They talked while Lee worked then Pixie touched his arm and asked, "Do you have plans for tonight? I don't really like the way we left things. I need a chance to say goodbye." 'Goodbye' wasn't really what Pixie needed. There were two things she needed to hear Lee say.

"I have plans," Lee said, but he had new plans and a bulge in his tight uniform pants by the time Pixie left.

It was eight o'clock and snow was starting to drift at Pixie's front door when she took Lee's coat. Under the coat he wore the same black pants and white tuxedo shirt he wore at the party. She slipped her fingers between the buttons to touch his chest and asked, "Did you come straight from Bill's?"

Lee answered with a shake of his head. Pixie wore just high heels and a terry-cloth robe that didn't reach her knees. His eyes traced down the lines of Pixie's throat to the open neck of the robe, and he said, "I stopped at home and shaved. I thought you'd like that."

"I'll love that when the time comes," Pixie said and opened her robe so Lee could look. She left its ties dangling and led him by the hand. The television flashed videos of New Year's eve crowds, and Pixie's Christmas tree glittered in red and gold as they passed. She led him to the chair in front of the fireplace, and when Lee sat down she curled in his lap.

Lee inhaled the scent that rose from inside Pixie's robe. He held her with an arm around her shoulders and kissed the tender spot below her ear. "What did you do for Christmas?" he asked, and while she answered he slipped a hand under the robe to touch her soft skin.

"I spent the day visiting friends and trading little gifts. It was fun." Pixie said. She unbuttoned Lee's shirt and slid her hands into the warmth against his skin.

Lee's fingers found Pixie's round breasts. He lifted her lips to his and pushed his tongue into her mouth, squeezed her tits, and tugged on her nipples.

Lee tried to calm himself after Pixie broke their kiss, and then leaned back over her to inhale her scent. "God Pixie," he said. "When you're excited, just your smell gets me hot. I don't know how I left, or why I left."

That was one of the things that Pixie wanted to hear Lee say.

Pixie smiled to herself, unhooked the front of Lee's pants, and unzipped him. She tugged the pants down far enough to reach in and free his cock, and she stroked her fingers around its head and wrapped it in her hand. She kissed his chest, bit his throat and pumped him. The more excited Lee got, the faster Pixie's hand moved.

Lee was overwhelmed. He bucked under Pixie, squeezed her with his arm around her shoulders, and groaned in her ear. The whole length of his cock ached.

Pixie squealed and laughed when Lee's cream shot into her hand and across his belly. She kissed his face and throat until he was empty then slipped out of his relaxed grip. She climbed to her knees astride Lee's lap, licked him off her hands, and used her robe to wipe his belly. "That was a big load," she said.

Lee watched Pixie then pulled her robe off her shoulders with one hand and lifted her with his other arm under her butt. Lee heard Pixie ask, "What are you doing?" but he didn't say a word. He closed his mouth around Pixie's nipple and sent a thrill through her body.

Pixie braced herself on Lee's shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his head and held on while he sucked one tit and then the other. He kissed her soft flesh and dragged it through his teeth then turned his head away. He tried to catch his breath, and Pixie reached down between them to find his cock hard again.

"Hold onto me," Lee said. He slipped off the chair and knelt on the rug before the fireplace with Pixie wrapped around him. He watched her in the light from the fireplace while he pulled her robe off. She wore only her high heels when he laid her on her back. Lee rose on his knees and peeled his shirt off while Pixie watched and touched herself. He sat down to get out of his shoes and pants, and by the time he leaned over Pixie her slit was already wet, open, and waiting for him.

Lee let Pixie guide his cock between her pussy lips, but he couldn't wait longer. His penetration was sudden; he took her in one hard thrust. Pixie gasped, then excitement rushed through her body. The second time Lee held his breath and let his cock slip into her more slowly. Her wet warmth enclosed him all the way to the base of his hard shaft and he squeezed his balls against her.

Pixie clutched at Lee's arms and wrapped her legs around him. She clenched her pussy around his cock and laughed at the look of panic on Lee's face.

There was nothing Lee could do. He spun out of control. The light and shadows from the fireplace shined on his sweat-slick skin and highlighted his straining muscles. He drove himself into Pixie and their bodies slapped together.

It was what Pixie wanted. It was what she needed. She drank Lee's youthful energy like a vampire sucking at his throat.

Lee watched Pixie until he was about to come, and then he was blinded. He forced himself into her, roared at the darkness, and his essence flooded Pixie's hot little cunt. His last spasm left him drained and barely moving inside her. He rolled onto the rug and they both struggled to catch their breath.

Pixie got Lee's attention when she sighed and brushed her hand slowly over her breasts and her belly. Lee propped himself on one elbow and watched her sensual movement. "That went fast," Lee said. "Was it okay? I mean, I couldn't stop."

"It was what I wanted you to do," Pixie answered. She kissed Lee's face and searched for his hand. "Now I'm still so hot that I'm tingling." She pulled his hand to her pussy and said, "I need you to finish it, or I will."

Lee bent over Pixie, kissed her lips, and pushed his hand deep between her legs. He wet his fingers with the thick mix off her nectar and his cream, and he swirled them over her trigger.

Pixie caught her breath. She knotted her fingers in Lee's hair and dragged his lips first to her throat, and then to her tits. She pushed herself against Lee's fingers and against his mouth. Pixie burned with excitement. Tension built in her body, and she writhed in Lee's arms. She groaned through clenched teeth when she came, then pushed his hand away and laughed at the ceiling.

Lee sniffed his fingers then touched his cock. It was hard again. It ached, and his balls ached. He didn't think he was ready to come again, but he found Pixie's hand and pulled it to his cock. Maybe she'd be impressed. Maybe she'd get him ready.

"Is that for me?" Pixie asked, as if it could be for anyone else. She rolled to face Lee and snuggled close. She held his stiff shaft in one hand and caressed his balls with the other. She tasted the sweat on his throat; even the warm brush of her breath on his skin seemed to excite him.

"It's for you if you want it," he said. "Whenever you want it—I promise. You could visit me at State. We could be together again—at least now and then."

Pixie lifted her lips and kissed the line of Lee's jaw. That was it. That was the other thing she needed Lee to say.

She pushed Lee onto his back, climbed over him, and touched his cheek. "You're a silly young man," she said. "You figured out that leaving me was a mistake, and you want to get together again? That isn't going to happen. We can fuck all night if you want, but we're done when you leave in the morning."

Lee watched as Pixie began a slow grind against his cock. Her sleek body worked over him in the firelight, but her expression was hidden in shadow. He pressed back against Pixie's grind, and reached up to hold her breasts.

Pixie leaned into Lee's hands. She lifted his hard-on and settled down again. She caught her breath when the fat head of his cock entered her, and she breathed an excited sigh. Pixie settled on Lee and his shaft filled her.

Lee groaned aloud. Pixie was wet and warm around him. He pushed back against her as he slipped in, then her weight settled on his hips. She had all of him.

"Let me do the work," Pixie said and pushed Lee's hands off her tits. She leaned forward with her forearms on his chest. She rocked over him and ground against him. Her skin grew slick under Lee's touch and her breath burned on his shoulder. Her movements grew fast and excited. She ducked her head down against his chest and her hands gripped his sides.

Pixie stopped breathing, her body stiffened, and her pussy pulsed around Lee's cock when she came. She collapsed on Lee's chest when her climax passed. She was hot and slick with sweat; she was like a doll in his arms.

Lee rolled onto his side with Pixie in his grasp. She was soft and confused at first. Lee drove himself hard into her, and Pixie threw her head back. She opened her mouth like she might scream, but not a sound came out. He slammed himself into Pixie's hot cunt and his cock burned inside her.

Pixie's body tightened and her fingernails dug into Lee's back. It was the pain that triggered Lee. He pulled Pixie against him with his hand on her butt and he emptied himself into her.

They relaxed together in front of the fire, and they both inhaled the animal scents that rose between them. When Lee did move again it was to watch the television as the ball dropped on Times Square. He kissed Pixie's face and said, "It's going to be a long night."

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Lovely tale, adroitly crafted w/ just enough suspense to wonder just what exactly is coming next.
And a young eager penis w/ lots of potential always extends the pleasure possibilities...

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