tagErotic CouplingsPixie in the Rain

Pixie in the Rain


"Congratulations!" Pixie said, and gave Karen Wagner a hug. The rain was coming down outside in a steady, cool drip, but the spirits inside were high.

Karen laughed and said, "You should save that for Tamara. She's the one who graduated." Karen looked through the crowd as she spoke. Her daughter stood with Adam—that boy who suddenly interested Tamara so much.

"Oh, I have a hug for her," Pixie said. "But your work started earlier and went on longer. You deserve one, too. Tamara told me that you and Steve are taking her to Europe as a graduation present."

"We leave Monday," Karen said, "And I'm glad you reminded me. We're going to be gone for about three weeks. Can you take care of the house while we're gone? I kept meaning to ask, but there's been so much going on! I can email you the exact itinerary."

"Of course!" Pixie said. Their conversation was cut off by three boisterous young men who laughed and called for Tammy. Pixie watched with interest. Joey Welch was in that group.

Pixie waited until Joey was talking to Tamara then left Karen and broke into the graduates' conversation. Tamara told Joey, "This is our neighbor, Mrs. Tyler. You met her after the Prom, but you might not remember."

Maybe he didn't remember. Pixie clutched a thick sweater around her shoulders the first time they met. Now with her ever-present high heels she wore slacks and a satin blouse that draped on her boobs and opened enough to show cleavage.

Joey barely looked up to answer. He took the hand that Pixie offered and said, "Mrs. Tyler, I'm pleased to meet you again." She straightened her five-foot frame and lifted her boobs, and Joey didn't go on. She might be thirty nine, but to boys like Joey that didn't make much difference.

"Call me Pixie," she said. "Are you guys party-hopping already?" The boys that Joey came with were looking for a keg and not finding one.

"They are," Joey said and watched his friends. "They got themselves kicked out of one party before they picked me up, and I don't think they'll be here very long."

"I've made my rounds," Pixie said. "I won't be here long either." She turned back to Tamara and took a small box from her pocket. "You left a broken charm bracelet at my house when you were like ten," she said. "I took it to a jeweler and we mounted two of the charms on earrings. This is my graduation present."

Tamara opened the box to find two sterling, glass-eyed teddy bears dangling from studs. "Oh Pixie!" she said. "You're so sweet." It was the thought that counted. Tamara would probably never wear them.

"Now I'm going into the rain," Pixie said. She caught Joey's arm before she left and tugged him into a corner. She whispered as quietly as she could and still be heard, "I got the idea that you weren't happy with your buddies." Joey watched Pixie's still-perfect symmetry. Despite the years, she still looked like the cheerleader she once was. Pixie went on, "It looks like they're already drunk. Leave them if you want and come see me. I'm right across the street, and I can give you a safe ride home."

Pixie didn't know if Joey would accept her offer, so she watched people coming and going from the Wagners' house until the three boys left together.


Pixie spent most of her Monday on business then went for a run late in the afternoon when the rain finally broke. She lapped the course at the park with her blond hair pulled back in a high pony tail. Her sports bra and running shorts showed a lot of tan skin, and people turned their heads as she passed. She liked that.

Joey was one of those who watched. Pixie noticed him sitting alone. His arms were spread across the back of a park bench and his head turned slowly as she pass through the patches of sunlight and shade along the track.

Pixie hit her two-mile mark across the park from where Joey watched. She checked her time and heart rate and walked around the track to cool down. Only a narrow stretch of wet grass separated the track from the bench where Joey sat, so she crossed it.

"Do you mind company?" Pixie asked. She stood on one foot in front of Joey to stretch her quads, then leaned against the back of the bench to stretch her calves.

"Not yours," Joey said. He watched every curve and line in Pixie's body while she stretched. "I've been stuck at home all day. My step-mom's kids were fun for a while but I had to get away. They're still little."

Pixie sat down beside Joey then bent forward to pull back on her toes. "How did things work out after you left Tamara's party?"

"We went to one more place," Joey said, "And I walked home from there. I don't need to see those guys again for a while."

The sunlight that once warmed the track was blotted out by a wall of gray clouds. Pixie sat back on the bench close by Joey's side. She squeezed his thigh and said, "See? Not to rub it in or anything, but you should have come to me."

"So now I know," Joey said and looked up at the approaching rain. "I've got a pretty long walk to get inside. It looks like I should go."

"My place is only about a half block," Pixie said. "You can come with me and have grown-up company."

Joey narrowed his eyes and studied Pixie's face. "Why do you care, Mrs. Tyler?"

Pixie stood up from the bench, but then bent to Joey's ear. "It's Pixie," she said, "And I think we have some common interests. If you come with me then maybe we can find out for sure."

Joey found something very appealing in Pixie's sweaty scent. "Like what?" he asked. He didn't know Pixie well enough to imagine common interests.

"Like dinner," Pixie said. "And sex. Play your cards right, and you might get laid. The worst that can happen is that you get a free meal and a dry ride home."

"Wha?" Joey started, then had nothing to say. Pixie checked the clouds again then she started a quick walk home with her pony tail bobbing behind her. Joey hurried to catch up. They were almost to Pixie's front door before he gathered himself enough to say, "Maybe we do have common interests. I mean, I think you're really hot, but you scare me."

Pixie plucked a key from her waistband and dangled it while she said, "I'm not scary, and I think you're cute." She closed the door behind Joey and added "I need a quick shower."

Joey followed Pixie like a puppy. She flicked on lights as she walked, stopped in front of her bathroom mirror, and asked, "You haven't had dinner yet, have you?" She backed Joey against the counter with her hand on his chest.

"No. Just snacks," Joey said. "I won't be hungry for a while." Pixie slipped her hands under his tee shirt and stepped closer. For that moment Joey didn't want Pixie to shower. He wanted to inhale her scent just as it was.

"You don't mind this, do you?" Pixie said, and trailed her fingers over the bare skin under his shirt. Joey shook his head to answer. His cock was stiffening in his jeans. "Then how about broiled salmon in about an hour?" she asked.

"Good," Joey said. He caught his breath and repeated, "Good," as if he'd already forgotten he said that.

"We have some time before I really need to do anything but you." Pixie said. Her hands explored down to the front of Joey's jeans, and she opened his belt. She tipped her mouth up under his chin and brushed her lips along his jaw.

Joey looked down at Pixie's upturned mouth and pulled her to him with one hand under her ponytail. He hesitated at first, but then kissed her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth. It was a rough kiss, and it wasn't until Pixie pushed herself away that Joey could catch his breath.

He leaned back against the counter and wiped his mouth. "What are you doing?" he asked when Pixie crouched in front of him.

"Getting to know you," Pixie said, "You'll like it." She tugged his jeans down and laughed when his cock popped up. She stroked her fingers along its length and learned the shapes of its soft, curved tip and the veins that bulged below his thin skin. Then she wrapped it in her hand. She kissed the head of his cock then brushed Joey's hand away when he touched her hair.

"I'll get you off in my mouth, if you don't touch my head," Pixie said. "If you touch my head then I won't because you'll probably choke me."

Joey braced himself on the edge of the counter and watched his cock slide between Pixie's lips. Her tongue slipped around the head and it slid over her tongue to the back of her mouth. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes. His balls tumbled on her fingertips. Her mouth was warm and wet around him.

Pixie worked faster as Joey got more excited. She knew he wouldn't last long, but she was still surprised when he came. She felt his body tense and that was her only warning. She watched his reactions and pumped his shaft with her hand until his cream gushed into her mouth. He groaned after each spasm until he was empty and his body relaxed.

Joey was nearly limp against the side of the counter when Pixie climbed to her feet. She spit him into the sink then turned on the stream and rinsed her mouth with water straight from the tap. "Not good?" he asked.

Pixie squeezed herself against Joey and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "You taste fine," she said, "But I didn't want to spoil dinner." She stepped back and added, "You can turn on the TV or something while I shower. It won't be long."

Thunder was shaking the house when Pixie got out of the shower. She found Joey at the front window. He watched lightening arc across the sky and sheets of rain sweep the street. Pixie slipped her hand around his waist and watched with him for a moment. "It's a good time to be cozy inside," Pixie said and picked a remote out of a basket by the sofa.

Joey watched Pixie while the curtains closed. Her hair was still tied up in her pony tail, but now she wore panties and an over-sized sweater. Joey could see Pixie's nipples through the open knit and the view made his mouth water. "Come to the kitchen," Pixie said. "We can talk while you gawk."

Joey slipped into a chair at the kitchen table and said, "You have a really nice house."

Pixie laughed and said, "The house is a perk from being Charlie's trophy wife." She worked as she talked. She put salmon fillets on a broiler grill and cut raw veggies for a salad, and Joey's eyes followed her everywhere.

Joey couldn't sit anymore after Pixie slid the salmon into the broiler and set the timer. He stood behind her, bent to inhale her now-clean scent, and pushed his hands down from her waist to her hips.

"God, Pixie," Joey groaned. "Why me. I mean, you're so hot, you could have anyone."

Pixie pulled Joey's hands away and turned on him. "I can answer that question and a few other questions that I'm tired of answering with one big lie," she said. She pushed Joey back to the table and when he sat down hard in his chair she straddled his lap and said. "I'm a vampire. I feed on young men. Your energy keeps me young. When I'm done with you—and that won't take long—I'll move on and so will you."

She sat back and focused on Joey's face. "Any more questions?" she asked. "Do you still like me?"

"That's just a story, right?" Joey asked, and his doubtful expression made Pixie laugh.

"I said it was a lie," Pixie answered, but Joey still flinched when she bit his throat and dragged his skin through her teeth. She laughed and said, "But—except for the vampire part—it's true." The timer went off and Pixie climbed off from Joey's lap without explaining.

The wind outside calmed while they ate dinner, but the rain fell steadily. It splashed from the downspouts onto the patio outside the kitchen, and thunder interrupted their conversation. The more Joey ate the hungrier he looked. Pixie smiled because she knew he was hungry for her.

Pixie cleared the table when they were done and then started the dishwasher. She used her foot to drag a step stool to the cabinet and climbed it to put a bowl away. Joey took the bowl from her and put it up himself. "You should have asked me," he said.

"I'm used to doing that myself," Pixie said. "I didn't think to ask. You're sweet to offer." She for once was looking down on Joey. She bent to kiss his lips and felt his excitement suddenly grow when her tongue found his.

Joey pushed his hand up under Pixie's sweater and lifted her off the stool. He pressed her against the dishwasher with his body against hers and pushed his hands farther up to squeeze her breasts. "Your boobs look so nice," he said, "And they feel even better."

Pixie squirmed away from Joey and backed up with a grin on her face. Joey reached for her again and she stepped out of reach. "I wondered how long it would take before you came and got what you wanted," she said.

Joey stopped for a moment before he recognized Pixie's game. He grabbed for her, put Pixie ran—not to lose him, but to make him chase. She got to the foot of the stairs before he caught her from behind. Joey pushed Pixie down on the steps and shoved her sweater up to get her tits in his mouth.

Pixie laughed and cradled his head while he sucked her. She lifted her legs around him and inhaled the excited scent that rose from his skin. Joey struggled for a moment, and Pixie realized that he was shoving his jeans down.

Joey reached between them and dragged on Pixie's panties, but he was between her legs, so he couldn't pull them off. He let go of her tit and pushed away with his hard-on straining for that warm slit between her legs.

"Wait," Pixie said. "This isn't going to work out." She untangled herself from Joey while he knelt on the stairs with his cock in hand, and turned on her elbows and knees.

Joey leaned over Pixie and his body engulfed her. His penetration was rough and breathless and it shoved her hard against the steps. She lifted her head against his chest and gasped. He filled her in three hard thrusts, and then he stopped.

He panted into her ear, "Fuck, Pixie. Are you okay?" but he couldn't wait for an answer. He shoved himself into her again, and faster the next time. And faster each time. Pixie gripped the steps and held on while Joey slammed against her ass. His cock burned. His balls ached.

Pixie knew it was over when Joey rammed himself into her and stopped. He clenched his teeth and grunted each time his body forced his cum through his shaft and deep into her body.

Joey collapsed to his elbows and kissed Pixie's ears and her hair while he repeated her name. His body was all around her, hot and slick with sweat. That cooling mix of his cream and her nectar seeped around his softening cock and trickled along her thigh.

The rain outside slowed, and distant lightening flashed through the patio doors. Pixie turned her head and noticed it all as if for the first time, and Joey slipped out of her and relaxed on the stairs. The air seemed cool without Joey around her, so Pixie sat up and checked herself for scrapes and bruises.

"Are you okay?" Joey asked, and this time he waited for an answer. He looked upset, so Pixie calmed him down.

"I'm not going to have any bruises that I can't hide or lie about," Pixie said. She pulled herself close to Joey and kissed his chin. "Remember my story. Your energy feeds me. I might be a little bruised, but I'm stronger now. That was a lot of energy.

"Why don't you find a movie. The remote is in the basket. I'll be right back," Pixie said. She went to her bathroom to clean up, and when she found Joey again he was in an overstuffed chair in front of the TV with explosions on the screen. She bent over him to kiss his lips, tugged up on his shirt, and pulled it over his head.

Joey laughed while Pixie stripped him, but stopped when she settled on his lap. She touched his bare chest and slipped her hand down along his sides. "I'll keep you warm," Pixie said and kissed Joey's ear.

"You'll keep me hot," Joey said, and shifted to relieve the pressure on his stiffening cock. He picked up Pixie's sweater, looked at her freshly-shaved pussy, and slipped his hand between her thighs. "I think that's really pretty," he said. "Why do you shave it?"

Pixie squirmed on Joey's lap to give his hand more room to move. "I'm better to eat that way," she said. Lightening flashed and thunder crackled from a nearby lightening strike. The lights flickered and then the lights and the TV went dark.

The room was quiet, except for the thunder that rolled outside, until Joey said, "I might be eating you in the dark. I probably wouldn't know what I was doing even with the lights on."

"Don't worry," Pixie said. "For me half the excitement is just having your head between my legs. What you do down there might not make much difference." She kissed Joey's jaw and then his lips. "But right now, lets make out."

Pixie watched Joey by the lightening that flashed through the patio windows. He held her head in the crook of his arm and lifted her to his mouth.

Joey wasn't breathing at first. He brushed his lips over her cheeks. He dragged the tender skin below her ears between his teeth, and he kissed her throat. He released the breath he held, pushed his tongue into Pixie's mouth, and held her tight. Their kiss was hot and wet. He caressed her tongue with his, pushed first one finger and then two fingers into Pixie's wet slit, and ground the palm of his hand over her hardening button.

The lights flickered on briefly then the room plunged into darkness again. Joey looked up, and it was Pixie's turn to release the breath she held. Joey was warm all around her again; his muscles were firm and his skin was smooth. His mouth and his hands pushed every conscious thought to the corners of her mind.

Joey slipped out from under Pixie, settled her into the chair, and knelt between her knees. He pulled Pixie's sweater off then kissed her throat. He kissed her tits and Pixie arched her back to push them up into his mouth while he sucked her. He kissed her belly and Pixie lifted her legs apart and rested them over the arms of the chair.

Flashes of lightening gave them the only light they had. It was all the light Pixie needed to watch Joey kiss the inside of her thighs and inhale her excited scent. He pushed his face deep between her thighs, his tongue slipped into her and up along her pussy lips. Pixie squeezed her own breasts and pinched her nipples while she watched.

The intimate scent and taste of Pixie's wet pussy, the sounds of her excitement, and the way she moved all got Joey hard. He unzipped his pants to free his aching rod. His mouth watered and his cock dripped with pre-cum.

Joey was confused for just a moment when Pixie knotted her fingers in his hair, held his mouth against her, and told him, "Here." He found her hardened trigger under his tongue, held it between his lips, and sucked her. The lightening showed Pixie her young lover's supple body between her legs. It showed his muscles strain. It showed his desire.

Pixie closed her eyes and tipped her head back against the chair. She gripped Joey's hair and squeezed her thighs around his head so he couldn't breath. Her orgasm swept from under his tongue through her pelvis and erupted up her spine. It twisted her fingers and her toes, and when it passed all that tension flowed out of her body.

Joey laid his head on Pixie's thigh while he caught his breath. The lights flickered again and the house seemed to come to life. The power was back.

Pixie sat forward and ran her hand down Joey's shoulders and his chest. "I should go check on the Wagners' house and make sure everything there is okay. Come with me? I'll take care of you after that."

"Sure," Joey said. He sat back on the carpet and looked up at Pixie. "Am I staying with you tonight?" he asked.

Pixie stood up and stepped over Joey. "I sure hope so," she said. "I don't think I've used you up yet. But maybe you should text your Dad or your step-mom and tell them you're okay."

Joey snapped his jeans, found his shirt and followed Pixie to her bathroom. She watched while Joey texted. First Pixie laughed because he rolled his eyes so hard that it looked like it hurt. "Betty wants to know who I'm with," Joey said.

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