tagNonHumanPixie Tricks

Pixie Tricks

bySean Renaud©

She stepped into the bathroom and flicked the light on and spent a moment staring at it. She'd spent most of her life without electricity and the idea that people had miniature suns that could be turned on and off at will still brought made her smile. That was nothing compared to the idea that water, warm water if Pete remembered to fill her hot water bottle before going to sleep, would simply come to fill a tub any time she wanted it was some kind of magic she could barely wrap her mind around. The only thing she didn't really like about the house was that it had apparently been designed for people considerably taller than five nothing and she couldn't reach the towels or anything else on the top shelf without climbing on the counters. It was a small price to pay though for magic lights and hot and cold running water.

Amber sat at the edge of her tea cup shaped tub. The guys had thought it was absolutely hilarious to give her a tea cup for a bath. It even had a handle for towel rack and sat on a floral print saucer. It took her almost a year before she'd understood they were making fun of her. They'd found out the next night that one thing that wasn't tiny about her was her temper. By the time she'd finished buzzing around their ears they swore they'd never tease her again. That had lasted all of a week before they thought it was funny offer her napkins whenever she looked cold. It took a while but she learned to just roll her eyes and ignore them when they insisted upon acting like juveniles. Putting up with their occasional jokes was far better than living in the woods anyway.

That went double for when they remembered to leave her a cap full of the scented bubble potions like they had last night. It took her both hands to pour it into the tea cup and then let the warm water flow. It wasn't as hot as she liked it but it would more than suffice as the aroma of strawberries wafted into the room.

Once the cup was filled with warm water and bubbles Amber slipped her nude form into the cup and let out a gentle sigh. It wasn't just that she enjoyed the warm water or the bubbles. She enjoyed the false modesty of being surrounded by bubbles and knowing if Pete, Mike or John walked in as they had a habit of doing they'd know she was nude beneath the water but she was just as covered up as she would be in a parka. Occasionally she'd teasingly stick one foot out of the water just enough for them to see a bit of her calf before returning to her bath. Other times she'd sit up trusting the bubbles to conceal her bits. It was always worth the look they'd give her. Like she was the one invading their space.

Naïve was a word a lot of people used to describe Amber but she'd had a pretty good idea of what she was getting into when she moved in with three men. It would be a lie to claim she didn't enjoy all the attention she constantly got from them. Amber liked the way they pretended they weren't looking at her when she darted into the room and she loved it when they thought she couldn't hear the comments they made about her. She was one of their favorite subjects especially when they started drinking. Sometimes they wouldn't even notice her in the room sitting cross legged on the table while they talked about her lithe legs and pert butt. Pete in particularly liked her narrow waist and the way her but swished back and forth whenever she walked.

Amber soaked in her tub for almost half an hour before she finally emerged from the now cool water and after drying off walked back into her bedroom and pulled out the outfit she planned to wear for the day. It was something she knew for sure would have all the boys unable to pull their eyes from her and they'd be anxious to as they'd often said when they thought she couldn't hear them peel her like a banana.

It was just a plain green strapless, backless dress. Nothing about it seemed particularly special to Amber, not when she was used to dressing up as lots of characters from the cartoons the boys watched. That was something she couldn't really figure out though. It had taken them almost a month to stop gushing when she'd dressed up as Wonder Woman. It was the strangest thing because she normally wore bikinis and went either barefoot or in heels. Everything she'd learned growing up was that men liked women dressed in as little as possible but not her boys. They liked her as Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn and Chun Li but she'd held off on this one for a special occasion.

One deep breath and Amber wriggled into her new dress and then she posed in front of her mirror. Just like she'd designed it the dress was a little too short. If she pulled it up high enough to cover her nipples it was too high cover her peach like ass and pulled down low enough conceal her rump left her rosy pink nipples exposed. "What a tough decision." Amber mused pulling on a pair of matching green panties that would just call extra attention to just how scant her dress really was.

The shoes were asking a bit much though she thought with a sneer. Guys didn't really have a habit of noticing what kind of shoes a woman was wearing, unless she was only wearing shoes, but slippers with a puff ball at the top? That simply wasn't happening, especially when walking around barefoot was still an option. It didn't hurt that John really liked feet and made a point of complimenting her on her toe nails whenever he happened to notice them. So much that she made it a point of making certain that she wriggled her toes in his face whenever she painted them and last nights deep green wasn't going to be an exception.

The only thing left for the pint sized beauty to decide was what she was going to do with her dirty blonde hair. She could always put it up in a bun like the character but that was something old people did wasn't it? Amber honestly could never completely tell what the guys would like until they were busy gushing over her. Half the time she thought they had to be humoring her since they seemed equally happy to watch her put on cat ears and crawl around as they were to see her dressed in blue overalls and a red hat. After a few minutes of thinking about it she decided to wear a bright pink wig with a bob cut she'd gotten a while back.

One last look in the mirror and Amber left her room and drifted down the hallway. According to the weather machine it was just about six o'clock. She still had a solid twenty minutes or so before they were supposed to be around longer than that if they hit any traffic so she plopped down on the couch turning on the remote with her foot. Amber casually flipped through the channels mildly shaking her head. This odd box had more stories being told at any one time than she'd heard her entire life and still at any given time she'd rather play with the satanic feline. Amber couldn't see Tajar anywhere at the moment but that wasn't exactly comforting.

Tajar was, like most cats, fifteen pounds of sheer sadistic murder wrapped up in an admittedly adorable mottled brown and black fur coat. The only thing she loved more than stalking things smaller than her and pouncing on them was having her belly rubbed and she generally wouldn't let Amber do that. It was apparently more fun to terrorize her. Even though the cat spent most of the day outside it was never truly safe to get comfortable before being completely certain Tajar was elsewhere. It only took a few minutes to quickly check her usual hiding spots and return to the remote finally turning on an old episode of 'My Little Pony.'

That show was just one more thing about her male friends that she was baffled about. How did the same guys who watched movies where you had to chop off your own foot survive, television shows about men who tortured people to keep bad people from attacking their lands and then videos of women doing the most degrading things imaginable end up watching a show about multicolored ponies learning lessons about friendship? Amber had her excuse, she was a girl. She'd always liked ponies. It wasn't that Amber minded, she just found it interesting.

Twenty minutes later Amber wasn't standing on the couch dancing and singing along with her favorite characters. She didn't even notice the shadow creeping along the top of the nearby bookcase. She was to busy belting out chords about what something called a cutie mark to hear the slight scratching sound when Tajar had to shove a trophy to one side so she could line up with her target.

If the door hadn't opened exactly when it did the night would probably have gone much differently. Amber was still wholly unaware of anything in the room aside from her and the television until Pete swooped his equally unaware cat into his arms lightly scratching behind her ears. "Bad Tajar." He teased. "You know Amber is a friend not food." If the cat understood her only response was a very enthusiastic purr. "Good kitty." He affectionately nuzzled his nose to hers before setting her down.

Clearly all five inches of Amber had been hidden behind the couch until Pete got a little closer. There was no way he could have faked the smile on his face when he saw his pixie in her green dress. Dancing had managed to bring out a detail Amber hadn't really considered. It was too short in both directions if she was moving much. "Amber!" She gasped pulling the dress up over her breasts feeling her entire body blush at the same time.

A slight blush warmed Pete's cheeks as he stared at the stunning pixie. "That dress is a little short don't you think?" Mike exclaimed causing her to pull it down to cover her rump.

The too short dress of course then didn't cover her pert breasts and instead simply called attention to them. "Now it doesn't cover your grapes!" Pete blurted. He teasingly called them grapes since they'd first met.

For a few minutes they amused themselves with Amber's desperate attempt to make a dress she'd designed not to quite cover up all of her enticements cover them all. Once the initial shock wore off Amber was more teasing than embarrassed. Even Mike realized after a moment that she was eating up the attention happily as she always did.

Mike looked like he was about to peel her dress away and devour her whole. "I hope you like it." She whispered trying to sound coy. She fluttered her transparent wings and flew up to Mike's face lightly resting one foot on his nose. "I got the idea off your computer." She lifted one leg and did a perfect twirl like a ballerina.

"Tinkerbelle." Mike whispered. "I really need to make sure I turn my computer all the way off don't I?"

Amber shrugged playfully and flipped back in the air. "No, not really. Don't you like it when I surprise you?" She was hovering just outside his reach bobbing up and down just slightly in the air. "Is it because you don't want me to find out about those naughty stories to read about on Literotica?" She licked her lips and kicked her feet up behind her. "I don't know why you jerk off to that stuff. I mean you always, have, me." She emphasized each word with a new pose.

Mike smiled sheepishly and took a step towards Amber inhaling her sweet scent at the same time. "It's just-"

"It's just what?" Amber pouted fluttering back forcing him to follow her deeper into the house. "I can be whatever you want. I enjoy it. That's why I go on your computer. You're such a silly head and won't tell me what you want. When are you going to tell me what a golden shower is anyway?"

It was easy to tell by the twinkle in her eye that she knew exactly what it was but she derived some sick pleasure by making him say it. "It's nothing." Mike replied following behind her like a dog on a leash.

Amber's lower lip started quivering at his lie. "You know it's so much easier to get what you want when you let people know what it is." She bent over at the waist flying into his bedroom. "You know what I want?" Mike shook his head in response. "I want you to take off your clothes and get on your bed." She landed on his bed skipping across it to his pillow where she sat down and crossed her legs. "You think you can manage that?"

A pile of clothing on the floor answered that question almost immediately. Amber darted back out from beneath his head as he lay back on his own bed smiling at her. "Like this."

"Exactly." She smiled using his hair to support her she climbed up onto his forehead walking down the bridge of his nose. "You like the view?" She paused at the tip of his nose standing on tip toe to accentuate her legs. While he was still deciding what to say she slid her panties off and left the tiny triangle of fabric just beneath his nose before walking over his lips. Amber paused for a moment when she reached his chin making a point of tracing his cleft with her toes before sliding down his jaw to his chest.

The monstrous size of humanity was something that had thrilled Amber ever since she'd been a newling. They were so big and so strong. She could feel his heart beating beneath her bare feet and his chest expanding with each breath. If she stopped for a moment and focused she could even feel the blood coursing through his veins. Her head swam as she walked down of his chest then his smooth flat stomach. Amber took a moment at his navel dipping her foot into it.

It had been difficult for Mark to keep from giggling when Amber's tiny feet grazed over his flesh but it was impossible to keep a chuckle from gushing forth when she stepped on his belly button. The sudden movement of his stomach dropped the pixie on her adorable rump with a surprised squeal.

Amber felt herself blushing as pulled herself back to her feet. "Don't laugh at me!" She screeched getting first to her knees then back to her feet. She stomped her foot on his belly but that only seemed to drag a fresh batch of chortles from him almost knocking her back onto her butt.

"I'm not. You're just so adorable when you're embarrassed!" Amber tried to dig her heel into his stomach huffing angrily at him. "Stop that, it tickles!" Amber felt her face scrunch into an angry scowl but he wouldn't stop so she started marching in place on his abdomen until he started to double over with laughter. "Stop, please stop!"

Mike struggled to keep from reaching up and swatting her away but tears were starting to well up in his eyes. "You think I'm funny?" She shouted jumping into his naval with both feet and twisting her toes into the sensitive flesh. "How funny is-"

The rest of her words were muffled when Mike clapped his hands down over her smooshing her against him. It took a moment before he could stop himself from laughing and when he did he slowly lifted his hands.

Beneath his hands Amber wasn't moving at all. Mike quickly scooped her up into one hand. "Oh God." He sat up abruptly his heart suddenly in his throat. Then she started giggling in his hand rolling over. "That's not funny Amber."

Crossing her legs she flew up and playfully kicked him on the nose. "You're right. It's hilarious. I bet you won't laugh at me anymore." She stuck out her tongue then put her hand on his forehead and pushed, well guided him, back down before returning to his pelvis gently walking across his flesh. She'd never tell him but she loved it when he squeezed her tight. It reminded her what a powerful animal he was. Mike could do whatever he wanted to her, he could snap her in two with out much effort but he didn't.

As she stepped past onto her pelvis she rested both hands on the mushroom shaped tip of his manhood. Like everything else about the human Mike's endowment was enormous. It was half again as tall as she was and so thick she could only barely wrap her arms around it. "It's amazing." She whispered pushing it upright. Ever time he twitched from her touch she shuddered. Having control over something so filled with life made Amber's head swim.

Mike battled the urge to moan when Amber wrapped one leg around his cock and spun herself up to straddle him grinding her tiny hips against his cock. "Ready?" Amber really didn't care if he was ready or not. If anything she preferred it a bit if she caught him just a bit off guard. Digging her heels into the sides of his cock she took both hands and started kneading the sensitive flesh right at the base of his cock head.

It took both hands for Amber to keep herself in place on Mike. It was like riding a wild animal only she was in control. It was her fingers pushing into the shallow crevices and her legs wrapped around the barrel of flesh that made it twitch and buck. It was the sight of her smallish breasts bouncing that had this behemoth flowing with so much vigor that she had to focus her attention on staying place. The grinding of her hips, slick with her own arousal, was drawing the moans up from the giant well of his chest.

Beneath him Mike was pulling the sheets off his bed each time his fingers tightened. There was no doubt that she'd practiced and learned what every single twinge in his body meant. "Go on Mike. Moan. You know I like it loud. You know you want to come for Tinkerbelle." She taunted bringing her soft face down to nuzzle his crown. Carefully she ran her lips along his slit, kissing it the same way she would another fairy her tongue darting in and out of him. "C'mon Mike. What's your happy thought?" She whimpered as she briefly came up for air.

Mike's eyes screwed shut as he tried to hold off for at least another minute but it was nearly impossible with the pixie pleading for him come. Every time she came up for air she'd make a new lewd comment about how badly she wanted him to come for her and then she climaxed. Her legs clamped down around his shaft and she squealed. Between her quivering body no longer being completely under her control and Mike's hips bucking Amber tumbled head over heels landing on Mike's stomach.

If the agile fairy had truly wanted to get out of the way she might have been able to escape but she just spread her arms wide and watched Mike's cock expand and shoot a wad of cum that landed almost a foot away on his chest. A second landed on her middle and a third plopped down on her face matting the wig to skin. She remained perfectly still as several more dollops oozed out onto her face and breasts.

Both of them were perfectly still for a moment. Mike was just waiting for the last few bursts of pleasure to run their course. Amber on the other hand was once again mesmerized by her gigantic lover's pulse thundering through his abdomen directly into her ear.

"You got cum all over my dress." Amber finally quipped rising to her feet. Mike couldn't see it through the mask of cum that was covering her face but she was smiling. "I'll never get all of this out."

"Silly little cum sprite." Mike said with a warm smile.

"What did you just call me?" Amber growled wiping the cum from her face down to her breasts.

"You heard me just fine pixie tricks." Mike taunted.

"You think that's funny?" Amber replied. She let him think for a moment while squirming out of her dress and letting the wet fabric sink onto his skin. "If you don't say something sweet I won't dress up as . . . what is that plant girl monster you like so much? Lillymon. I won't dress up as Lillymon and beg you to water me."

"You know I don't deserve you Pixie Tricks." Mike ceded after a deep breath.

Amber spread her wings flicking the last bits of semen of to him. "You know, I think you're right."

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