tagHumor & SatirePixie Trixxx: King Dong

Pixie Trixxx: King Dong

bySean Renaud©

"You're serious?" Sarah whispered, her eyes widened as she stared down at what looked like an elephant trunk hanging between her boyfriend's legs. It easily hung nearly down to his knees waving back and forth threateningly. Sarah's lips curled into a saucy smile and then her tongue slid out to hungrily wet her lips. "It's real?"

"Yes it's real baby." Greg boasted reaching down to heft the weapon. It took both of his hands to completely grasp what was easily over two feet of solid man flesh and held it up for her approval. "That stuff really works." He grinned. "Now why don't you show me how much you appreciate it?"

Sarah sank to her knees as if she was in some kind of trance. There was no way that thing would fit in her mouth. She couldn't dislocate her jaw. So she spat on it and took it between her hands twisting as she pumped up and down its length.

Even though she was holding the mammoth member in her hands she still could barely believe it was real. It seemed like it was absolutely impossible for any man to be so . . . well endowed. Especially considering he'd been average at best just the a few days ago. "That stuff is amazing." She gasped continuing to work up and down the length of his shaft. "It's so big, I've never seen a cock this big before."

From her perch up on the door frame Sunset Shimmer giggled musically.

Greg shuddered slightly his knees going weak beneath him but he managed to stay upright resting his hands on her shoulders. "Wow, you're so damn good at that it's getting me light headed."

Sarah looked up at him and smiled. "Oh is that so? You really like it like this baby?" She purred. "Then tell me how you like this." Sara crossed her arms over her torso and peeled her t-shirt up over her head freeing her melon sized breasts and smiled up at him. Sara cupped her bountiful flesh and wrapped them around the enormous slab of flesh before her and started sliding up and down kissing and licking the head every time it came within reach of her lips.

"Oh God baby, I love this." Greg cried out. His legs wobbled beneath him one more time.

Sarah looked up at him triumphantly, then back down at his cock. Amazingly it was still growing. Sarah could feel the blood rushing through the gigantic organ like water through a fire hose between her breasts. Each time his heart beat it sent a new rush of fluid through those pipes stiffening and engorging his cock.

Maybe Sarah had just never paid attention to the slightly salty flavor of precum but when the clear fluid started pouring out of the slit in Greg's cock she was immediately mesmerized. It smelled sexual. She didn't even have another word for it, it wasn't sweet, it wasn't salty. It was something that she craved. Sarah found that she was compelled to stick her tongue out and gather the slick fluid before gulping it down. If its scent was hypnotic then its taste was entrancing. I burned pleasantly as it slid down her throat and down into her belly where she could feel it settle the like liquor. "I need more."

Sara wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. She felt like her jaw was trying to dislocate around him but she didn't care, not when she was able to slurp that delicious fluid directly from the fount. Both her hands went to cradle his scrotum gently kneading it with her fingers.

"That's. That's amazing." Greg sputtered. Sarah's lips curled into a smile around his cock. She was doing so well he was starting to lose his grip on her shoulders and his balance. "Everything's spinning."

Sara couldn't speak with her jaw distended around his cock but she purred and squeezed his sack. She'd never known a craving like this before. She needed to know what his semen would taste like. Her hands returned to his super sized shaft twisting up and pumping. He was getting close, she could tell because his entire shaft was against her cleavage and expanding her jaw even wider than before.

"Sarah?" Greg whispered. Then he slumped over. His full weight suddenly drove him down onto Sara cramming his cock down her gullet.

Sarah gagged and sputtered at first but when his hot semen started flowing down her throat her arms stopped trying to push him off her and instead wrapped around him trying to pull him closer. It was just instinct that had her roll on top of him slurping the rest of his semen out then squeezing it out onto her tongue. She'd never experienced anything nearly as euphoric as his come.

"Greg?" Sarah asked poking his leg. "Greg?"

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