tagGay MalePizza Boy Delivers to a Frat House

Pizza Boy Delivers to a Frat House



Josh moaned when he saw the order he was up for next: two large pies, double order of chicken wings, and two chocolate dessert stix going to the ATO House late on a Thursday night. That usually meant that there was at least a small party already underway at the frat with a reputation for partying hard all weekend. He had already become more of an object of teasing attention at that particular house than he cared for....not that he wouldn't have been willing to play some with the hot older guys that were frat brothers, but the teasing had been all that ever happened and their tips were normally pretty shitty. Josh sighed as he bagged up the order and noticed the extra note of "pool room" next to the address.

"Great," he mumbled to himself as he walked to his car. The pool room at ATO was secluded clear in the back and had a reputation for where the butt pats, crotch grabs, and sleazy suggestions tended to be the worst....especially when there were three or more of the frat boys partying. Ten minutes later, Josh was making his way thru the narrow hallway of the old house and smelling the sweet aroma of good smoke wafting thru the darkness. As expected, the comments started as soon as the door to the room closed behind him.

"Oh look....the pizzas are here....and they sent us the cute young one this time," was the first smart remark from one guy.

That was quickly followed by "Yeah....when there are five of us, we need that young stuff with the stamina to handle it all," from another.

The first butt slap from yet another was accompanied with "Nice firm cheeks though.....bet he's a virgin."

Josh was not amused and struggled to maintain himself for the sake of the potential tip as he sat the loaded delivery bag on the edge of the pool table in the center of the room. "Got your cure for the munchies fellows....one of you rich boys have the cash?" was his opening volley in what he expected to be a short war of one liners.

One very buzzed up brother stepped up, grabbed his own crotch, and spouted off with "I've got some munchies you can take care of right here pizza boy."

Another also obviously stoned brother joined him and teased with "I have the money so I get the first blow job."

Seeing the two $20 bills in his hand and knowing the order was for $32 something, Josh decided to work them for the chance of hearing "Keep the change." He leaned back against the pool table, ran his hand across his own box, and teased back with "Maybe you guys need to take care of this is more like it."

That crack brought laughter from four of the brothers and the one with the money winked as he said "This one has balls....I like that." He stepped closer and slipped the two bills in Josh's pants pocket, grabbed a handful of crotch, and whispered "Keep it all

studpuppy....but take a couple hits off the bong and let's see just how brave that mouth of yours really is."

It had been more than a week since he had played, and Josh grew hard as soon as the hand rubbed him. He looked straight into the eyes boring thru him and simply replied "Bring it on!"

An already well packed bong was pressed into his hand by a second brother that was suddenly standing directly in front of him, and a third slid up against him on the right as he took a deep first draw. A hand found its way under his shirt and fingers began circling his belly button as he inhaled. "That's it pizza boy.....drag that smoke all the way down here and hold it." By the time Josh took the second hit, his erection was full and the hand had moved north to find and tweak a nipple. He stifled a moan for the sake of a third deep hit and then passed off the spent bong to one of the two brothers that were standing behind the others. He admitted silently to himself that he was enjoying the attention and between his horniness and the numbing buzz that was coming on quickly, that he was pretty much ready for whatever the five frat boys had in mind.

Josh heard "Lock the door." as he was being lifted up and gently pushed down on his back on the beer stained green felt of the pool table. The ancient smoke crusted Budweiser bar light above it cast just enough glow to be able to watch as his pants were unbuckled by one brother and his polo being pulled off by another that had joined him on the table and was kneeling just beyond his head. His shorts and boxers were yanked down his legs in the same motion and his 7" of pride bounced off his pubes once before standing at attention for the frat guys.

"Oh fuck yeah. Pizza boy is ready," is all he heard before a mouth closed over his already oozing cock. The guy who was also on the table with him, stood up and Josh watched intently as he quickly stripped right above him. He couldn't help but lick his lips as the now nude college boy sank to his knees and straddled his head so that the 8" of boned manhood he had settled across Josh's forehead and the oozing dick head slid over his nose to the lips that were parting in anticipation. Josh was just taking the mushroom between them when he felt his legs being spread and separate tongues licking each inner thigh. He tried to count the different number of mouths and hands that were exploring him, but with the combination of the full effect the pot was having and the stud that was forcing hard dick into his throat, it was impossible to concentrate that much. Instead, he spread his legs further and felt new hands pushing his ass upwards. He tilted his head back to allow the final inch of the 8" tool to fill his throat and was enjoying the rapid short thrusts and balls rubbing across his closed eyelids.

Not sure he could have even if had wanted to, Josh didn't object when his butt cheeks were being parted and his legs pulled up to be placed on waiting shoulders. The familiar feel of a large cock head being pressed against his puckering rose bud caused him to begin sucking with more fervor making that frat bro very happy from the "Oh fuck yeah pizza boy," that came from the shadows above him.

Just as the bulbous head popped thru his tight anal ring, he felt knees bump against his torso on each side and hard tools being brushed back and forth on his pecs almost in unison like a well choreographed dance. The cock in his ass was probing deeper and as the brother going there took the final full plunge, Josh felt his lips stretch as a second piece of pulsing meat joined the one that had been pounding his tonsils for what seemed like hours. In a brief moment of lucidity, he counted quickly and decided that all five frat boys were now accounted for before he drifted back to being worked one way or another by each of them. A free hand from somewhere had wrapped itself around his pre soaked rod and with the pistoning jack hammering of his ass, the double blow job he was giving, the twin frottage on his chest, and the soft paw stroking him....Josh knew that he would soon explode.

That feeling was evidently shared as he heard a voice utter "Gawd damn I am close."

That sentiment was followed by a quartet of "Me too," from the rest.

The brother that had been slamming Josh ever harder and harder and bumping his button with every stroke ordered: "Set it up guys!" In seconds, he felt a warmness on his stomach and looked to see one of the pizza boxes sitting there with the lid peeled back. Far too much into the eroticism of being in the middle of a six way fuck fest, Josh didn't try to figure out what the deal was with the pizza and re-closed his eyes as his balls tightened. As the juices started the move from his gonads to the throbbing shaft, one of the cocks pulled from his mouth and he heard a loud cry of "Mother-fuck-me-running!!!" at the same time a long rope crossed his face and ended up splattering on the pie.

The other tool that had been filling his face pulled out also and he watched as three large wads flew over his chin and become extra topping on the pizza also. The sight of it brought him to a Mount Vesuvius eruption and Josh added a half dozen thick globs of his own to the mix. One of the guys that had been fucking his pecs cried "Hell yeah pizza boy....cover that thing!" at the same time he and the other guy blasted more cum loads on the sticky cheese.

Two more deep plunges by the steel rod that had been hammering his ass and Josh gasped as it suddenly withdrew and more than equaled the amount of hot streams Josh had drained on the pizza. He had a huge smile on his face as the stud looked down at him and milked one last thimbleful onto the slices. He grinned at Josh and told him "With loads like yours pizza boy, plan on pledging here in the spring."

Josh grinned back and looked on in awe without saying a word as the ass banger picked up a slice and the others followed suit when he licked the sticky top and slid it in his mouth. As his new friends chowed down, one asked "You've never tried a double pepperoni, double protein pie, pizza boy?" Josh shrugged his shoulders and grabbed one of the remaining three slices, chewed off a chunk with cheese, pepperoni, and cum and savored the new unique flavor mixture that was tantalizing his taste buds. Not only was it good, but he also found himself completely hard again in the middle of the pool table by the time he pushed the final piece of jis soaked crust between his teeth. A quick scan of the five frat bros confirmed that the extra topping you will never find as a menu option had affected them the same way.

He showed off his pearly whites in a wide smile as he asked them: "You guys ready to mix up some more special sauce for the other pie?"

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