tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPizza Delivery to the Stars

Pizza Delivery to the Stars


This is a parody... It is not real

Part 1: Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell was waiting for the pizza that she ordered to be delivered. She was very hungry from work and her extracurricular sexual activities. She was wearing her hot work clothes, a skin tight black satin blouse and jacket and very short and very tight black satin mini skirt. She had on black stockings and black heels as well. Her cherry red lipstick looked so wet and shiny on her mature lips. She pulled up her mini skirt, she wasn't wearing panties, and played with her sexy, bald, mature pussy. Her labia so long and puffy. She slid her fingers, with their long red nails, up her wet pussy, fingering it slowly. She rubbed her hard, small, pink clit with her thumb as she fingered her pussy.

Just as she was gonna cum, the doorbell rang. She fixed her mini skirt and went to the door. She opened it, with a sexy smile on her face. "I'm Danny, here's your pizza ma'am." The young delivery guy said. Andrea looked at him and put her finger to her mouth. She licked it slowly, looking right at him. She looked him over. He was 18, short, skinny, he had on black glasses. She could tell one thing though... he had a huge tent in his pants. She smiled her sexiest smile and gave him a choice.

"Danny, I'll give you a choice. I'll pay you for the pizza and give you a nice tip, or... you can come in, have some pizza with me and I'll fuck your brains out... it's up to you." She blew him a kiss and pulled her mini skirt up, showing him her bald pussy. It didn't take Danny long to make his decision. Five minutes later they were eating pepperoni and extra sausage pizza in Andrea's kitchen, and drinking red wine. Andrea was playing with her pussy and eating a slice of pizza, while Danny was jerking his large cock and eating a slice, staring at her.

Andrea leaned across the counter and kissed Danny. She licked his tongue and kissed him better than he ever has been. She walked across to him and sat on the counter in front of him. She spread her legs and opened her labia, exposing her pink pussy to him. He leaned in and shoved his tongue up her pussy. He wiggled it quickly in her pussy, eating her out, tasting her insides. Andrea moaned and grabbed his hair. Danny smirked and moved his mouth to her sexy, mature, soft ass. He slowly licked her anus. Andrea rubbed her pussy and leaned back, enjoying the ass play. Danny shoved his tongue up her ass, while he rubbed her black stockings. Andrea wrapped her soft legs around his head and rubbed her pussy faster.

Danny spit on her ass and licked it in. He tongue fucked her ass and rubbed her soft, mature black stockinged legs, slowly up and down her thighs. His cock was so hard. He needed Andrea right then. He picked her up and carried her to the dining room table. He laid her on it and took his big cock, rubbing it on her anus. Andrea smiled. "Do it Danny, fuck my ass baby." She rubbed his smiling face, as he slowly pushed his hard cock up her soft ass. She moaned wildly, as Danny's thick cock inched up her ass. He slowly fucked her sweet ass, all the way in and out, looking right at her.

"Fuck me Danny, five me that big young cock. I need it baby. Mmmmmm." She shook her head, licking her lips, her eyes full of sexual desire. Danny fucked her ass faster, drilling up that sexy, experienced ass. He reached up and pulled her jacket and blouse off. He pulled Andrea's supple, small tits out of her black lace bra. He watched them jiggle as he fucked her ass faster. He pulled her hard nipples and let them pop back into place. He pounded Andrea's well used ass. It's how she got her job. She went into the top exec's office and bent over his desk. The rest is history.

"Fuck me Danny, fuck my ass good baby, then nut in my mouth." She looked at him with a sexually powerful gaze. He put her legs on his shoulders and pounded that sweet, mature ass as fast as he could. His cock flew up her ass like a blur. Andrea screamed in ecstasy, rubbing his young face. Danny grunted and pulled out. He got on the table and straddled Andrea's chest. She stuck her tongue out and licked his throbbing cock head, as he jerked it fast. He shout his load on her face and in her open mouth. Andrea quickly sucked his cock head, getting every drop of jizz out and swallowing it. She sucked him dry and wiped his cum off of her sexy face with his hard cock and sucked it all off.

Andrea had Danny put his ass on her mouth, so she could tongue his ass, while she Hermès him off. She licked his anus for 10 minutes. She let her saliva ooze off her tongue and pressed it into his anus, licking it fast. She gave him one helluva rimjob and jerk Ed his cock with blazing speed. He grunted loud and Andrea aimed his cock at the pizza. She jerked his cream all over the pizza. She sucked him dry and then ate a big slice of cum flavored pizza, as Danny watched excitedly. Andrea sucked him off two more times and rode his cock until he had to leave. She thanked him and gave him her number. She put the rest of the pizza in the fridge. Like they say it's even better the next day. We'll, this pizza was certainly better to Andrea. Cum is her favorite topping.

Part 2: Lactatin' Liz Claman

Liz Claman had become a big star on the Sexy News Network. Her boss Kiran Chetry had made her famous with her Lactatin' Liz personna. She does all of her shows with her big tits out and milk dripping off of her gorgeous, thick nipples. She was starving and had ordered a couple of pizzas. She asked for two delivery guys as well. She was thirsty too... for cum. About 10 minutes later Liz was riding one 18 year old Delivery guy while the other was drilling her nice ass from behind. She was eating the cheese and spinach pizza, while she got her holes slammed.

Roy, the guy in her pussy told Dean, the one in her ass, "this is the best job, we get to deliver to all the horny sluts." They high fived and pounded Liz's gorgeous holes. She looked so fucking sexy eating that pizza, those thick, red lips pressed together, riding Roy's 6 inch cock. Dean drilled his 7 inches up her ass harder and harder. Her famous tits were lactatin' as they hung out of her white bra. Liz squeezed them and let the milk ooze out, just like on her show. The guys both sucked on her tits and swallowed that tasty milk.

She just kept eating. They grunted, so she got off of their clocks and bent down, sucking them both at the same time. They grabbed her red hair, and both dumped their loads in her mouth. Lactatin' Liz is a cum extraction expert. She's sucked a ton of cock in her career and in her personal life. She's sucked off every boss she's had and numerous other men that could help her career. She even sucks off cops and delivery men, just to keep from paying for anything. She's super sexy and guys just love playing with those big, natural funbags of hers and dumping loads of jizz in her sexy, sucking mouth. She swallowed every drop of cum from the two delivery guys. They both groaned and ate some pizza.

"Ok boys, let's get down to business. My family's out of town, so I wanna get fucked all night long. I hope your up for it. If you are, you will be my guys. If not, I'll find two others. So, what do you say?" Liz smirked at them and asked. They both smiled. She had her guys. They spent the night double fucking her pussy and ass. They fucked her big lactating tits and swallowed mouthfuls of her sweet milk. It was about 2 am and Liz had invited her boss, Kiran Chetry, over. The delivery guys were double fucking her sweet ass while Liz took pictures, her big tits oozing milk.

Both guys came in Kiran's ass and she squatted over Liz's beautiful face, pushing out the cum into Liz's open mouth. Kiran kissed Liz and the guys cheered them on, as the women shared their cum. They played with it, letting it hang from their tongues and sucking it in, swallowing every drop. Liz squirted her milk all over the pizza and all four ate it. The two guys jizzed on a couple of pieces and took pictures of Kiran eating it. She licked the cum off of the top of the pizza and swallowed it down.

Liz squirted her pussy nut all over the pizza, as Dean fucked her ass. Liz rode him, reverse cowgirl, and squirted all over the pizza. Kiran licked her clean. Liz pisses in Roy's mouth and Dean pissed in Kiran's. It turns out the guys were Bi, so Kiran got Roy to suck Dean's cock while she and Liz sucked Roy's. Dean ate Roy's cum out of Liz's ass while Roy fucked Kiran's mouth.

They all got in the shower and Roy and Dean assfucked Kiran, while Liz played with her pussy. Both guys pulled out of Kiran's ass and came all over Liz's face. Kiran licked it all off and kissed Liz. Liz even called her husband when she got double fucked in her gorgeous red haired pussy. The guys thought that was hot, so they fucked her really hard and fast, as Kiran licked their asses. Every time Liz would moan, she would tell her husband she was having cramps. She would look at the guys, smiling and blow them kisses. She loved the taboo part of it. Liz is a horny bitch. She loves cheating on her husband. Roy and Dean double fucked Lactatin' Liz's perfect, natural tits for a full hour, cumming on them three times. Kiran licked up all the cum. She licked their asses, rimming the and tongue fucking each young ass. She spit on them and licked them, her tongue tickling their anus. She sucked Dean's big balls as he fucked Roy's tight ass. She pulled his leaking cock out of Roy's ass, after he came in it and sucked him dry. Roy squatted on Liz's face and pushed the cum from his ass into Liz's hungry mouth. She lapped up all of the cum. Both women sucked off Dean and made Roy watch. They treated him as a cuckold, making him watch as they pleased Dean. They all laughed at Roy and he loved it. He came all over Kiran's ass and licked it up. Dean fucked Liz in her gorgeous ass and came all over Liz's beautiful face. Kiran made Roy lick it up. Both women sucked off Roy and swallowed his jizz.

It was sunrise when they went downstairs for breakfast. All breakfast was though was Liz shooting her tit milk in the guy's mouths, as Kiran sucked them off. Kiran got a high protein breakfast, swallowing four loads of cum. The guys double fucked Liz's ass, pussy, tits and mouth cumming eight more times by lunch. They got fired, but it didn't matter. Kiran hired them at Sexy New Network. Liz kissed them goodbye and took Kiran upstairs, so she could eat her pussy until dinner. It was another great... Pizza Delivery To The Stars.

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To the jackass that complained... Please stop reading the stories and making crappy comments anonymously... The door is that way ➡

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Please stop squirting out (geddit?) this revolting crap. Thanks.

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About Andrea Mitchell

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by Anonymous08/13/18

Love that mature seductress Andrea!!!

Amazing story!!! Just how I would imagine Andrea would sweetly seduce a young guy with smiling and sexy style. I know your surely backed up with stories but I want to suggest another ANDREA seductionmore...

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