tagLoving WivesPizza Guy Gets His Tip

Pizza Guy Gets His Tip


Summary: Encouraged to show the pizza guy her tits...

codes: wife, MF, cons, cheat, stranger

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The last time the pizza guy came to the house, Joanne noticed how transfixed he was staring at her boobs. She had a thin turtle neck on, that wasn't particularly tight, but did show off her nice curves.

"Hello. Hello. Up here..." she thought trying to get his attention, then waved her credit card between his gaze and her chest.

She told her husband about it, telling him how funny she thought it was. Inside though, she really was flattered that a young man would take such notice of her, especially such an attractive one.

Greg loved that another man ogled his wife, and that she was comfortable mentioning it.

Later that night, he talked it up during sex.

Joanne was lying flat on her back at the edge of the bed, with Greg hunched over her, ramming her. Joanne's mouth was open, eyes closed while her tits bounced back and forth.

"The pizza guy turned you on, didn't he?" he asked, hovering above her, supported by his arms, still pounding her pussy.

She opened her eyes, stared at him, not sure if she heard him properly.

"Young man staring at your tits... You'll have to show him your tits next time."

Joanne found that hot. "Oh, you'd like that?" she asked with a smile.

Greg grinned. "Yeah! Those perfect tits of yours, just a bit more than a handful."

He dropped onto her chest, his mouth landing on one jiggly breast.

"Mmmm. Mmm" his mouth sucking in a tit by the nipple, completely covering it. His hands cupping from the base pressing her melons upward, his tongue out licking its way from one to the other.

She loved having her tits sucked. The feeling melted her control away, and she gave herself completely to the overwhelming pleasures she felt.

"Oh yes! Suck my tits!"

His lips let go for a moment, and he looked up at her. Her pleading eyes looking back at him, eager that he return to her chest.

"So soft and wonderful. That pizza guy would love them!"

She pushed her husband back to her chest. "Oh, oh yes! I'd love to show him! So hot! You'd love me to expose myself to him."

The dirty talk, the tit sucking, and Greg's quick thrusting was all that she could take. Joanne moaned and then came with a shudder. She grabbed Greg tightly around his head pressing him to her chest. She through her head back, her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair flying about. Greg didn't slow at all. His quick pace made easier by her soaked pussy.

"You're so sexy. You'd flash him. I think you're excited by the idea. A young man wanting to see your tits. All you have to do is pull up your top."

"Oh!" Joan came quickly a second time. A long silence, mouth agape, before she was able to catch her breath. Greg's cock throbbed and exploded hot fluid into his wife, thrusting and thrusting still.

"Oh! Fuck!" and then another breath. "That was so fucking hot."

It was Friday and Joanne was going to order pizza for the kids' pizza and movie night. She thought about the sex, and the comments Greg made, which was making her horny all day.

She found that she was getting nervous during the day, as though she was going to do something that scared her, but she had not decided to do anything crazy. At lunch, she took a break from work, and went upstairs while eating a bowl of food. Staring at her closet, she thought of what clothes she'd wear if the wanted to show off to the pizza guy.

Normally she orders the pizza around 6pm, but today, her sister-in-law was picking the kids up from school so they could play in the park before coming home.

It was 4:20, and before she new it, she was ordering the pizza early. They know her well, as pizza movie night happens almost every Friday.

She went upstairs, shaking with nervousness, showered, and put on the light summer dress that she's been thinking of all afternoon. It was a black light cotton loose fitting dress, that she also wore as a nightgown on hot nights. It had a tank top like top, so sleeveless, and plenty of opportunity to provide a peek of what is underneath.

The pizza guy arrived about 4:45.

"That was fast" she said as she opened the door.

He looked her over, his eyes widening. "Yeah, the rush hasn't picked up yet."

They both stepped inside, and she took the pizza, and bending over, put it on the bench in the front hall, giving the guy a good look down her dress.

Still bent over the front hall bench, she rummaged around her purse for a while, looking for cash.

"Usually you pay by credit card" he said.

"I.. uh... forgot" she replied, blushing as she spoke.

He knew something was up.

"You smell nice, like you just got out of the shower." he said, suspecting that she has nothing on underneath that thin dress.

"Thanks! It's refreshing." she smiled at him.

"I don't seem to have enough for a tip." she said.

"That's ok. You can get me next time." he said, thinking that a good look at her tits was worth it. He was also hoping secretly that she was coming on to him, since she'd never dressed this way, or paid any other way than by credit card, which you have to give over the phone in in advance.

"No. I.. um... think I need to give you a tip." she said staring at him. Unsure what to do next.

"Something is definitely up." he thought, and stared at her tits openly. "Ok. Uh. I would like that."


"You mean a look at these?" she said, pulling down her straps to reveal her breasts to the stranger.

"Oh wow. They're beautiful" he says, reaching up and cupping them with his hands. Not even asking permission.

Joanne stands there nervous and speechless as he fondles her breasts, then bends over and sucks a nipple.

"Oh!" her nervousness and excitement making her extra sensitive.

She loves having her nipples sucked. She melted at the touch, and her pussy became soaked.

She kneeled down to work on his pants. His huge bulge exposing his lustful interest.

His pants down, she peeled his black underwear. His cock swayed towards her, coming to a stop pointing right at her. His cock was huge! Thick and long.


It seemed disproportionate, oversized, for his skinny body.

She sucked the head, and got her lips over it, but only a little ways.

He lifted her back to her feet and made her back up to the stairs, and sat her down on the landing four steps up. Standing two steps down, leveling his cock at Joanne's face. She stared at it as she stroked it, taking in the sheer girth and length, and feeling the weight in her hand.

She sucked it back in her mouth, intent on completing her "tip", while he reached down and fondled her breasts.

He bent down to suck her tits some more, and Joanne let slip the cock from her mouth. She was enjoying the attention, and lay back on her elbows to give him a better angle. His hands rubbed the outside of her legs. He slid his hands up, catching her dress. She lifted her butt off the landing a little, and his hands slid the dress' light cotton fabric all the way above her tits.

His head landed tongue first on her pussy, while his hands settled on her breasts. As he licked, he could see her looking down at him, mouth open. She stared through her cleavage, her tits rising and falling as he squeezed.

"Mmmm... Oh!" she moaned, licking her dry lips, as he tongued her slit and sucked on her clit. His fingers flicking across her nipples.

He slid his body up hers and locked his lips on a very perky nipple. He sucked, and she could see her breast contort. She loved it. Her nipples were so sensitive and she can almost cum just on nipple sucking alone.

He moved to the other tit, while a hand rubbed the abandoned wet nipple.

She ran her hands through his short black hair. He sucked in a mouthful of tit and stared back at her. Smiling, his mouth let go.

"You like having your tits sucked." he said, leaning up on his arms and looking down at her face.

"Oh yes!" she responded.

He lowered himself, meeting his lips with hers and kissing passionately.

This also meant that his crotch is right by hers. He's purposefully kept it from touching her, so as not to draw attention, but now with her hands pressing his face onto hers and sealing her lips, he moves his pelvis awkwardly, and with his hand positions his cock at her pussy.

Pressing firmly, his cock sinks right past its head, into her wet vagina. Pulling back and thrusting firmly again, his cock is almost buried.

"Hhhummm... Mmmm!" she protests.

She breaks away from his lips. "Oh! Oh! You're inside me!" as he shifts to kissing and licking her neck.

She loves his gentle attention on her neck, and the contrast to his severe pounding of her pussy.

"Your cock feels so... so... good.. so big!"

His cock fills her. It's width stretches her, it's length surprises her. With each thrust, her mind expects the penetration to end early, but, it keeps going for that fraction of a second longer that keeps reminding her of how long his cock is.

"I was only going to give you a blowjob!"

"You're so wet, and my cock was aching for you so much!" he whispers in her ear, before nibbling on it.

He leans up. "What a great body."

"Yours too." she said with a smile.

He pounded harder and faster.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she said, watching his thick long meat slide in and out.

It popped right out accidentally, as he pulled back too far.

"Stick it back in." he told her, fully able to do it himself. He wants to see her do it. To see her want it inside her. Wanting it to fuck her wet married pussy.

She grabs the thick wet dick and pulls it towards her sopping slit. As she finds her opening with it, he pushes it in hard.

He pistons her hole. Her face becomes more and more red.

"Oh... oh... oh! Oh fuck!... cumming... I'm cumming!"

He tells her to flip over. He lay down on the landing where she was, and she proceeded to straddle him, his wet cock pressed against her ass cheeks. She leaned forward, her lovely tits dangling over his face, reached down, grabbed his cock and angled it to stretched out slit. She sat back slowly, the rigid shaft parting her opening, steadily filling her. She looked down and watched herself raise and lower her hips, gliding them over his cock.

He leaned up. Her nose just above his short curly black hair, and could smell his shampoo. He caught a nipple between his lips, and sucked. She watched his mouth suck, then switch, lick and suck her other tit, and back again. She rocked her hips back and forth, keeping her channel full of his meat. She loved the feeling of being so full, and rocked faster and faster, until she came again.

He slides under her down the stairs, while she's still suffering spasms. He gets up, turns around and prepares to fuck her doggie style.

Leaning down on the landing, she keeps her butt high in the air. He grabs her hips and and hooks his stiff cock below her pussy, and drags it up to find its mark.

She feels his cock between her legs pressing against her pubic area for a moment, before she feels it slide away. As he drags his cock, she can feel it sliding up between her pussy lips, until he stops. Pushing with his hips and pulling on hers, he quickly sinks his rod deep into her.

"Yes!" her eyes pop wide open at the sudden intrusion.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" she screams.

"Smack. Smack." as his body collided with her butt. His face was getting red, his lips pressed together, sweat beading all over his body.

"Fuck lady! I'm cumming!" he yelled.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Yes! Fu.... Fuck!" she panted as he took her with him, making her cum for the third time.

"What a great tip!" he said, rushing to pack up his wet shrinking cock.

"Thanks for the great service." she says with a smile.

He opens the door, smiles back and her.

"I hope you can order early again sometime."

She smiled. "So do I."

She felt his cum leak out of her, as he watched him hop in his car, flashers still on and motor running, and then leave. She pulls up her dress with one hand, and holds her other palm to her pussy, intercepting some of the ivory liquid with white clumps from continuing the journey down her thigh.

"Oh god." She thought about that car, acting like a beacon. What pizza guy spends 20 minutes delivering a pizza?

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