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Pizza in the Buff


Please vote for my entry into the 2017 Nude Day contest.

When I started reading on Lit, this was the contest that held the most interest for me. Its stories from the many authors capture my imagination. I guess that you could say it was the reason that I found Lit to be my favorite erotic story site on the Internet!

So if any of the other authors are reading this, I want to thank you!

Most of all, thank you readers for your continued interest in my works! I hope you enjoy this one-shot!


"I've called you all in here because I wanted you to know..." Pierson took a deep breath. "We have problems. The big guys and the town are beating us out of business."

Negative shouts rang out throughout the room. Six delivery people and seven cooks and clerks were present. He hadn't hired anyone new in three years since there were no jobs to be had anywhere else. His youngest employee was 19, his oldest 40, and everyone knew each other fairly well, or so he thought.

"How long do we have?" Aaron asked.

Pierson raised his arms to quiet the crowd. "The books aren't good. If things stay as bad as they are, I'll have to close in a month at most."

"I can't lose this job!" Aaron yelled out. This started a round of similar comments from the others.

One voice offered hope. "Is there anything we can do?" Mary asked.

Everyone quieted and looked at Pierson eagerly.

"Well that's part of why I called everyone in here. I need you all to come up with ideas. All the promotions I've tried haven't helped," Pierson said.

"Lower the prices," Rachael said quickly.

"We could do that but it doesn't solve anything. Unlike the big guys I can't get ingredients so cheaply that I can make a profit with lower prices."

"Advertising?" Aaron asked.

"I already do on all the local radio stations and newspaper. TV's too expensive and the stations are 75 miles away. The return on investment is far too low."

"How about offering things like wings or poppers?" Miguel asked.

Pierson nodded his head. "That's good, but it'll take too long to get going. If we can pull out of this I'm going to keep that one in mind."

Miguel smiled broadly and a few patted him on the back.

Unfortunately that seemed to signal the end of the ideas. "Come on people. We need something real and fast, for all our sakes."

Pierson watched his crew and waited for anything at all! He wasn't telling them the truth. If they didn't turn it around in a week he'd be going out of business in two. He was desperate, but didn't want them to panic and abandon ship right away. That's why he lied about the month; dirty but necessary.

But as the murmurs went on and nothing else came forth, Pierson started to become more and more depressed and anxious. He started his pizza place with lofty ideals, but soon realized his home town was probably the worst place to do it. Three thousand people in town with two large chain pizza restaurants gave too much competition for a small specialty pizza company.

Pierson's shoulders slowly drooped. He knew that it was a long shot to involve the whole staff in this, but he had to try something. With a sigh he started saying, "Well if any of you can think of something soon..."

"Nude deliveries," a quiet voice said. All eyes turned to the source, Jenna.

People were mostly upset by the suggestion, but Pierson was desperate enough to be interested. "Quiet down, quiet down," he said waiving his hands in the air. "What was that?"

All eyes were on her, the shy delivery girl who just suggested the outrageous. Her eyes darted around while her head remained still and she shrunk from the attention.

"Go ahead, dear. Please explain your suggestion," Pierson said. All eyes turned to him this time.

"Are you crazy?" Aaron asked Pierson.

"Crazy enough to explore anything before the ship sinks, yes. Please Jenna..."

Jenna felt a little more confident with all eyes off of her. "We deliver the pizza in the buff." All eyes shot back to her and she cowered away more.

Pierson's mind was on overdrive, wondering if he could make it work... if he could get the delivery people to give it a try...

"Why would you ever suggest that?" Mary asked Jenna. Jenna mumbled something. "What?"

"Nude Day's in three days," she said quietly. Most in the room didn't hear, but those closest did.

"What's Nude Day?" Rachel asked.

Jenna looked like she was going to implode from all the attention. The cat didn't have her tongue; it more looked like she swallowed it herself.

"It's a day to celebrate being naked," Peter said looking at his phone. "Naked in public."

Jenna looked up at Peter and smiled into his eyes.

The din in the room was high, making it difficult to even think. But Pierson stood there staring at a random point in the room with his mind working faster than ever. Could he possibly make this happen?

"I'm going to ask a ridiculous question here," Pierson said hushing the room and turning all heads toward him. "Who'd do it?"

"You're crazy!" Aaron said and Rachel agreed.

"Yes. Yes I am. I'm crazy enough to do anything to keep this place open. Since the factory closed there aren't many jobs in town or opportunities. If I close the doors I'll have to move out of town like everyone else seems to be doing. How many of you have had the same thoughts?"

Everyone looked around at each other and started nodding.

"So who'd do it?"

No one was forthcoming, although everyone fell silent. Moments passed and Pierson started to realize it was a stupid idea.

Jenna slowly raised her hand; her eyes closed and face cast down.

Rachel gasped. All eyes turned to her and then followed her gaze to Jenna.

"Y-you'd be willing Jenna?" Pierson asked.

Jenna nodded.


Jenna took her time to answer, but no one in the room moved a muscle or breathed a molecule until she did. "I participate every year. I-I go to the city."

More gasps could be heard throughout the room. Little, shy Jenna was a closet exhibitionist... Everyone was dumbstruck, unable to speak.

Until one did. "Hell, if she's in..." Aaron said drawing all eyes to him. "What? There's no way I'm letting her be the only one brave enough to do this crazy thing!"

Mary and Rachel were in awe of the former local high school football star and stared at him dreamy eyed.

"Ok, that's two. Anyone else? Kitchen staff has to be excluded for obvious reasons, sorry people," Pierson said looking at that group.

"What about the clerks?" Mary asked.

"And what about the police?" Rachel asked.

More noise broke out hearing this and Pearson had to quiet the room again. "The bigger question is how do we get the word out?" Jenna slowly raised her hand again. "Go ahead, Jenna."

"I'll make a flyer. I c-can get it done in an hour or so," she said.

"Good! As for the law..."

"I'm calling my dad right now," Aaron said standing and walking out of the room. His dad was the sheriff.

"Right. Well if that gives us a big fat no, all this is moot," Pierson said.

"Moot? What's that?" Rachel asked.

Pierson smiled. "It means pointless. Are you in if it pans out?"

Rachel looked at Mary, two peas in a pod if there ever were. They both nodded at each other slightly. "Only if Mary can do it too..."

Pierson sighed. "As long as she doesn't go into the kitchen and some other things line up... Hell, why not?!"

Mary and Rachel smiled. Miguel fell off his chair.

"You all right?" Pierson asked.

He was a little embarrassed with all eyes on him. "Yes sir! I just... I..." he said looking away with the biggest red-faced grin.

"Ok, so that's two delivery girls and Aaron, with Mary in the store maybe. Anyone else?" Pierson asked.

Peter, who was another delivery person, looked at Jenna again and volunteered.

"If we pull this off you might have the biggest tips you've ever seen!" Pierson said hoping that would be the most encouraging thing he could say. But no one else, even with the promise of more money, came forward.

"Well if you change your minds, let me know. We'll need to hand out Jenna's handy work today to drum up buzz. I hope the copy place can make enough in short demand."

Jenna nodded and walked out. There was a lot of conversation in her absence and Aaron's. How to pull it off, what to do to guard against children being involved... it was so crazy to think that everyone was into the idea whether they planned to be nude or not!

Jenna was back a few minutes after she left with her laptop. She was very busy working on the flyer, completely drowning out everything else.

Twenty minutes later Aaron came back. When he walked into the room all eyes turned to him and the silence became deafening. He was zombie walking, staring at his phone and stood a few feet inside the door.

"Well?" Pierson asked.

"I can't believe it, but Dad's getting permits for us..."

"Permits?" Pierson asked.

"Yeah. The city has an event every year... who knew? When the factory was on the verge of closing, the town council toyed with the idea of doing it here to keep the factory owners interested in staying. They were gonna do anything to keep it here and passed a law for Nude Day..."

"You're shitting me?" Rachel asked.

"I wish I was. I thought there'd be no way this crazy idea would happen. Now I hafta do it..." Aaron said dejectedly.

"Well then..." Pierson said. Even he didn't believe it would happen. He was just hoping that the staff's creative juices would be boiling enough to come up with something else if not...

Several minutes passed.

"Oh. He said that prostitution laws are still there," Aaron added.

"Right. So no sex while on the job people!" Pierson said.

"How're we gonna be able to... I mean not... how are we gonna make it through the day naked without..." Peter rambled.

"It's not about sex," a normally mousy voice said. "It's about being happy to be nude. Unashamed, really," Jenna finished.

It was a good thing she was sitting at a table near the wall with her back turned to everyone. Her normally shy demeanor would have had her hiding under it otherwise due to the sudden attention.

"How can it not be about sex?" Mary asked.

"If you're nude long enough you get used to it," Jenna said without looking away from her screen.

"You mean this thing you attend every year isn't some big orgy?" Aaron asked.

Jenna shook her head. "People have sex I'm sure, but not at the events." She was working hard on the flyer. Her attention divided between her laptop and everything else seemed to help her communicate.

"Well how the hell are we gonna not wanna fuck everything we see?" Aaron asked.

"Practice," Jenna said nonchalantly.

"What?" Pierson asked. "Do you mean we should get used to it ahead of time?"

"Yep." Jenna stood and lifted her t-shirt.

"Whoa, Jenna. We've gotta get prep started in ten minutes. I don't think there's enough time today," Pierson said.

Jenna didn't stop. She pulled off her sports bra, spilling her ample bosom into everyone's rapt gaze. "We open in an hour. Only the kitchen staff needs to be working now," she said reaching to her pants and letting them and her panties fall to the floor. She sat back down to remove her socks and shoes. Then she went back to work like nothing was amiss.

"Fffffffuuuuck!" Aaron said. "And this is supposed to help my chubby how?"

Rachel and Mary shrugged at each other and started disrobing as well. Peter was drooling and unmoving.

Rachel saw him and Aaron standing there. "Come on! We're gonna see it on nudie day anyway!" she said giggling. She and Mary stopped at their underwear.

"Show you ours if you do too!" Mary said.

Even through their pants, Aaron and Peter were quite noticeably showing their appreciation. Peter was still completely dumbstruck.

Mary and Rachel started lifting their tits in their bras. "Your turn or we don't do this at all!" Mary said.

Aaron hit Peter's arm with the back of his hand to snap him out of it and quickly shed everything but his underwear. Peter eventually caught on and caught up.

"On three..." Rachel said.

"THREE!" Mary said.

Four sets of underwear flew off quickly to reveal...

Mary and Rachel gasped. But they weren't looking at Aaron's erection. They were looking at Peter's ten incher!

"W-wow! You had that hiding away all this time?" Mary asked reaching out to touch it.

Peter's embarrassment was apparent as he turned his back.

"Don't do that!" Rachel said. "My god it's beautiful!"

"Hey, what about me?" Aaron asked forcefully.

Mary turned to his seven incher and gasped at it. While Peter was long he wasn't quite as thick as Aaron! He still worked out regularly so he was thick all over! Peter was tall and scrawny. Mary reached out to run a hand across Aaron's chiseled chest, mimicking Peter's earlier dumbstruck admiration in every other way.

"Hey Jenna, your 'get used to it' thing is bogus! I wanna fuck more than ever!" Aaron said.

She waived a hand in the air dismissively. "You'll get over it once you concentrate on other things."

"Easy for you to say!" Peter said while Rachel was trying to turn him around.

Jenna stood up and turned toward them. She looked at everyone from head to toe.

Rachel had small breasts with very pointy nipples, but they were very pretty. Her areola had a ridge in the center. She didn't shave at all down below, and her dark brown pubic hair was a stark contrast to her blonde hair on top, even if it was a compliment to her eyebrows.

Mary was about the same height as Rachel at 5' 5". Her hair on top and bottom were even the same. But she had medium breasts and large, dark areola and flatter nipples. Her hips were a bit wider than Rachel's. Both girls were pretty, even without the makeup they could no longer afford.

Peter was a bean pole with his 6' body. He was far from confident about it, clothed or not, and it showed. He stood there, his body almost in a bow, trying to cover up. Jenna always found his face handsome, and now that she saw the rest of him she was even more interested.

Aaron was your standard 6' 4" beefy football player, but without the fat. He was rippling muscle with, Jenna supposed, a fairly handsome face. She didn't find his physique as interesting as Mary did. Even Rachel was turning her attention toward him.

Jenna stood there confidently at 5' 7". She had the largest rack of any of the girls at the store, not that it mattered to her. Her areolas were small and pink, her lower lips making a cute baby crack. Her red hair and shaved pubic area stood out among the small crowd.

All of them, with the exception of body builder Aaron, were very skinny since they all had limited income. Aaron had a little more money than most since he still lived with his parents. Mary and Rachel lived together so they were the next best off. Jenna lived in an efficiency apartment, and no one really knew much more about Peter.

"There. No big deal," Jenna said.

"What? Easy for you to say! You don't stick straight out when you're excited!" Aaron said. Peter nodded shyly.

"No, but it does run down my leg and... well there are changes," Jenna said looking away slightly.

"How're you so calm suddenly? Normally you don't say much," Mary asked.

"I'm more at ease like this. My family never wore clothes at home growing up," Jenna said shrugging.

"What, do you find clothes sexy and nudity not or something?" Aaron asked.

"Pretty much," Jenna responded. She turned to sit back in front of her laptop. "Just do normal stuff you'd do if you had clothes on. Eventually you'll figure out it's no big deal," she said because to her that's how it was.

Rachel and Mary had other designs, turning their attention to Aaron. They both wanted him since Rachel lost interest in Peter's, well peter, because of his shyness.

Peter saw this and felt very left out. He pulled a chair near Jenna and started watching what she was doing.

"Oh hi!" Jenna said.

"Hi," Peter said sadly. "I like what you've done so far," he said nodding toward the screen. "I like the lines and shadows."

On the screen Jenna had drawn some simple line figures that were very suggestive of a nude man and woman. It was just enough to get the point across. The picture was placed below and to the side of the company logo and the words "Pizza in the Buff! Celebrate Nude Day with a Nude Pizza Delivery!"

"Thanks. I took a lot of design classes in high school. Do you think it's too much?" Jenna asked.

"N-no. I really like it. It might need a pizza picture, though," he said smiling.

Jenna giggled. "I'm getting there." She kept working on the flyer for a moment. "Do you think that this'll work?"

Peter shrunk back. "I... I don't know... I'm not sure I can even do this..."

"Why not? If you stand up tall you've got a great body," Jenna said glancing at it. "You'll do fine I'm sure!"

"You-you think so?"

"Absolutely." Jenna leaned a little closer and lowered her voice. "Confidentially?" Peter nodded. "I'd fuck you any day!"

Peter became even more uncomfortable hearing that. "I-I th-thought you said this wasn't about," he lowered his voice, "sssex?"

Jenna sat up straight and looked back at the screen. "It's not, but that doesn't mean people don't do it," she said indifferently.

Peter thought a moment. "H-have you done it? You know, because of being naked around others?"

Jenna smiled and dropped her head a little, breathing out. "Of course," she said quietly. "Loads of times."

"You do this more than Nude Day?"

Jenna looked at him in the eyes and nodded. "I'm more comfortable nude. There are some friends I hang around with all the time..." Jenna said glancing down. "You're thinking about sex too much!" she said giggling.

Peter tried to cover up his increasingly painful erection. "I can't help it. We're all naked and talking about sex... and you're so..." he couldn't finish.

"I'm so what?"

"P-pretty," he said looking away.

Jenna blushed in spite of herself. The compliment did have another effect on her as well. "Thanks! You're quite handsome yourself, you know. Sit up straight and show me."

Peter looked her in the eyes and concentrated. He did as requested, straightening his back and shoulders. But his confidence didn't show itself.

"Nice! See? I told you you'd be more handsome if you did that!"

Peter warmed a little and smiled at Jenna. "You think so?"

Jenna started nodding but was interrupted by a loud voice.

Jenna and Peter both looked suddenly at the source. "Hey! No sex on the premises, ok?" Pierson called out.

They turned around and saw Aaron sitting on a chair with Mary and Rachel holding his penis. It was obvious what they were doing.

"Get dressed, all of you. We've got an order already. Who's going to do it?"

Rachel jumped up and ran to her pile of clothing yelling out "Me!"

"Well those of you who aren't on the clock please go home. Or at least don't go out into the restaurant like this," Pierson said leaving the store room and lounge area.

"Jenna, how're we gonna get past wanting to fuck?" Rachel asked while dressing.

"Let's meet tomorrow morning a few hours before work somewhere. We'll sit around talking and whatever," Jenna said.

"Think Pierson'll let us use his place?" Mary asked.

"You can use mine. I have a small studio apartment," Peter said unsure of himself again.

"How can you afford that?" Rachel asked.

"It-it's a really bad part of town and I don't have much stuff," he said sadly.

"I'll bring the pepper spray!" Mary said.

"I'll bring this!" Aaron said making his dick jump. Mary and Rachel oohed and giggled.

Peter seemed even less confident seeing that.

Jenna turned back to him and noticed his shoulders drooping again. She thought he needed extra motivation. "If you can learn to control that thing and get through this, I'll have a surprise for you!"

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