byJoe Wordsworth©

"But, Mr. Gary... I didn't plagiarize that!" she cried out. It was the first thing to break the silence. Beth was eighteen, a smart girl... just a little bit nerdy, would be what the other kids would say. I said "gorgeous," when talking to the few young male teachers at the school (the ones that wouldn't rat on you that you said that). I could see why the boys didn't pay much attention to her. She was quiet, mild-mannered, very smart. She'd be someone's wet dream in college, but because she wasn't a bubble-headed teenager or easy (us teachers kept tabs on who was dating/fucking whom, Beth was on our "doesn't do either" list)... well, she'd be a find in a year.

"I can't know that, and I want to be safe--it's the same paper," I said. I put them side-by-side and sure enough, with the exception of the names at the top, her paper was the same as Susie's.

"She must have stolen it! I'm a good student, I wouldn't do that." I looked at the curve of her breasts as she leaned forward on my desk. Long enough, even, for her to notice that I did.

"You don't pay enough attention in class, you look like you're daydreaming. She pays attention, rapt attention. How am I supposed to believe you?" I stood up--getting harder by the second as I found myself almost yelling at this little girl.

"What do you day dream about that's more interesting than this class?" Her eyes got wide and dipped quickly to where a pronounced bulge was assaulting my slacks. Her breath quickened and she looked up at me, trying hard to be seductive despite her age an inexperience...

"I can be a better student than Susie, Mr. Gary. Can I show you, please?" She tried pouting her lips, that was obvious. Beth was a "smart girl." It was obvious that she didn't know much about boys, much less men. I wasn't going to embarrass her, and I decided to let her keep this up. No letting on.

"Can I?" her voice raised a little, she caught me thinking and not paying attention and probably thought I wasn't interested.

"Beth, I'm your teacher, this is inappropriate, please stop." She straightened up and looked afraid. Obviously, she didn't know what to do. Rock and a hard place. I walked around my desk and brought out the paddle we use for corporal punishment for the guys. An antiquated practice, but alive in Mississippi.

"You've have to take licks, Beth." Her mouth hung open, and her eyes got wide. "L-licks? But... I'm--"

"No exceptions. Licks or suspension. You want to break the rules, you pay the consequences. Bend over the desk or get out." How much did she want this? Her leaving would tell me that she was just trying to get out of a failure, her staying had to mean she wanted to be hurt just a little, dominated just a little. Maybe it meant she wanted these things because she wanted me. I watched her in class, front of the third row. I could see how she squirmed while watching me teach. She was rocking back and forth, getting flushed. She was thinking about what it'd be like if I all but raped her right her in this classroom. And after a minute of silence, she grabbed the edge of the desk.

"No... not like that," I corrected her, running the paddle over her right hip and using it to tap her hands and direct them forward. Arms on the desk, lean all the way over." She hesitated a moment, almost saying something... she mumbled something, I'm sure, but I couldn't hear it. My heart was racing, blood pumping. My slacks did nothing to hide my erection, but I didn't care. It was half-past three and we were in the long hallway at the end of the school. Nobody would hear this or come by. I ran my paddle over her jean-clad ass. She subtly pivoted her hips. I doubt she even knew she did it. In the mirror on the board, I could see her eyes clenched shut and waiting, biting her lip. I would wait.... wait.... wait.... almost.... wait until she opened her eyes and wondered if I was...

WHACK, the force of the paddle threw her forward against the desk and the desk slid two feet toward the board. She let out a yelp that broke halfway through into a soft moan.

"That's one, you have two more coming, understand?"

"Yeah"--I roughly grabbed the back of her jeans and leaned up...

"That's Mr. Gary, do... you... under...stand?" She felt her thong creep up her ass and she quickly let slip a "Yes, Mr. Gary." She had two more coming, I didn't know if I could wait that long.

I let the paddle touch the outside of her left thigh a little, she flinched hard. She'd never been spanked quite that hard before, assuming any of the little boys running around here knew enough to convince her to let them try it.

"Shhh, shhhhhhhhhhh... why're you flinching?" I asked, "Huh? Why're you flinching, I haven't done anything yet. Stop it." She was whimpering a little, now. "Stop it." She tried to stifle what must have been a moan when I let her have it again.

The paddle whizzed through the air, audibly, and landed on the right cheek. I'm sure the jeans helped, but not much, as she yelled out "Ahhhh!" and the desk slid a few feet more forward. She was whimpering audibly now. She had tears in her eyes.

"S-stp..... stp.... pleez," she mumbled back to me. Her arms were trembling and her face screwed up in a strange combination of pleasure and pain. Now, it was time to see if I was gonna lose my job or not. The hand that held her jeans and thong let go and she slumped forward onto the hard pine desk. I let it trail back, cupping her left cheek and rubbing it lightly. It was warm. Probably would develop quite a bruise. She seemed to stop sniffling and I could make out the heavy draw and release of her breath. She knew where this was going, she was hoping for it.

"Do you want a third one? Third ones are always the hardest.," I told her.

"N-no, Mr. Gary. Please. Not another one.," her voice was calm. Calmer than one would expect.

"Fine... if you don't want this again," I let the heavy wooden paddle hit the desk, "Then, you'll do exactly as I say. The moment you screw up, you're out of here with another swat on your tail, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mr. Gary. Anything you want.," she said. In the mirror, I could see her smile a little between choking back the tears.

"Unbutton those jeans and slide them down a little. I want to see how badly you're hurt." She did so slowly. Wincing a little as she let them peel down her ass. Her thong was proudly wedged and I could make out her pussy clearly through the thin material. She was dripping wet, deliciously wet. I had to show restraint not to fuck her right then and there.

I passed a hand over her ass... inspecting the goods. She held onto that desk for dear life, still unsure whether I was going to wail on her one more time or maybe do something else. I rubbed over the red marks, feeling them--warm. The room was chilly, but her ass was on fire.

"Did you plagiarize that paper, Beth?" I asked.

"No, sir. I didn't... I pro--"--SMACK! I brought a hand down on her bare ass and she almost screamed. It was a combination shrill cry and unintelligible defiance.

"You're lying. I won't have it. You're going to tell me the truth or--" SMACK "--you'll--" SMACK "--be--" SMACK "--getting--" SMACK "--more--" SMACK "--trouble. DO you understand me, young lady?" By now she was almost sobbing into her hands. This was the point of no return. Either she wanted me enough to put up with this torture or she didn't. I was about to find out.

"Take your time, compose yourself.," I told her and waited. I left my hand caressing her ass while she worked up the personal gusto to meet me halfway on this.

"I--I will do... I'll do anything you want. Anything, Mr. Gary. Absolutely anything.," wait for it... wait for it... c'mon...

..."It'll be our secret." Jackpot.

I pulled off my tie, still knotted, and put it around her neck--the silk sliding and making her gasp just a little from the sensation. I pulled just a little, leaving it firmly around her neck and raising her back up until she was standing, slipping my arms around her front and grinding my cock hard into her ass.

"Oh.... Mr. Gary.," she moaned lightly. I let my hands roam all over her chest, the top she was wearing getting pulled this way and that while I felt her large breasts and excited nipples--her breath quickened and she started humping back into me, almost begging for us to consummate this encounter.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I spun her around and looked her in the eye, pulling her close to me... and I leaned in to kiss her full lips. She let her eyes fall and her hands fly up around my neck and we started searching for something special in each kiss. My hands slid down her back, then forward onto her hips pushing back aggressively. I couldn't wait. I shove her back onto the desk and grabbed her shoes one and a time, tearing them off of her feet. She was clutching at me, not wanting to let me go for even a second as she begged and pleaded with her affirmations.

"Yes, please... please fuck me."

I grabbed the legs of her pants and jerked them cleanly off of her in a furious pace, taking her thong with them. There'd be time, maybe, for something more drawn out or romantic, but now wasn't it.

"If you want it, come and get it," I told her, pulling away from her affectionate kisses and running my fingers over my belt. "This is what you wanted, isn't it? You wanted my cock right here in class the whole time, didn't you?"

She furrowed her brow, looking at me like she wanted to say something but couldn't muster the courage... "Didn't you?" I started reaching for the paddle.

"YES!," she blurted out... "Yes, yes... that's what I've been wanting.," she let her hand reach out and touch my through my slacks. Growing more and more assertive, she started running her hand up and down the length of me, trading glances at my cock and my face... looking, perhaps, for direction, maybe consent.

"If you want it...," I unzipped my fly, "Come on, then."

She slid a hand into my pants, fumbling around until she felt my hard cock fill her palm. Running her fingers over it, she started biting her lips and moved her other hand to her swollen and expectant pussy. I pulled her hand away from my crotch and brought my cock out. She stared at it, mouth agape.

"Blouse off.," I directed her. Quickly, she tore off the top and was totally bra-less--much to my surprise. I pulled her to me once more, letting her breasts rake against my starched shirt, her pussy was wet, dripping... I was hard and ready. I leaned forward and felt myself enter her, Tightly, I pushed and heard her gasp--holding her breath, waiting for more.

"More?" I asked, through light pants.

"More. Oh, God, please more... more... mo--OHHHH!" I slid into her, filling her pussy and grinding against her clit. I let the first few strokes warm her up, her hands in my hair and around my neck, holding on for dear life.

"Oh, God, Beth... mmmm," I couldn't find any eloquence in the wonderful sensations. She wasn't just getting fucked by her teacher, she was fucking her teacher back. She clenched hard around my cock, almost milking it.

"Mr. Gary... fuck me, oh fuck me, please fuck me. Oh, you feel so g-g-oood.," she started quivering tighter and tighter. I was furiously pounding away, getting nearer and nearer to my own climax. She started howling, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Sh-sh-shiiit," she lost all of her words as her own climax ripped through her. Her whole body clenching and releasing, almost flopping on my desk.

I pulled out and climbed up onto the desk over her still shaking body--grabbing the necktied and pulling it tight enough to force her eyes wide open in suprise. I started jacking off right over her face.

"Open your mouth, Beth... I'm going to cum all over your pretty face. That's what would make this perfect wouldn't it?" she looked up at me with wide eyes and bit her lip as she nodded, and then opened her mouth.

First, I thought, one more thing. I lowered my cock to her mouth and she took the que and started... well, not sucking exactly, not licking. More like suckling. She was darting her tongue out and applying quick and needful sucks on my cock. I pulled the neck tie and told her to hold still.

I grabbed my cock and lowered it into her mouth... deeper... deeper... I could feel the back of her throat--she started watering at the eyes and muffling her whimpering efforts to swallow my dick.

"Almost... just a little deeper, c'mon. Come on, you slut, all of it... just once.," I forced myself mostly into her throat and she turned red with the effort. Good enough. For now, good enough. I pulled back and she took a deep gasping breath.

"Did you like that?" I asked while furiously jacking off. I always needed just a little talkin' to get me finished, and this bitch was going to fucking sing.

"Y-yeah... yes, Mr. Gary. I love it when you fuck my mouth, sir. Will you do it again? Please?"

Oh, she was good. Innocent eyes, watering, pleading for me to gag her on my cock again. I let out a low growl and started cumming all over her face. She closed her eyes and darted her tongue, open mouthed, all around trying to swallow what she could. The sight was perfection. I shot again and again, I felt my balls were going to turn inside out. I shuddered with my own climax and crouched on top of her, exhausted.

"Oh... Jesus.," I wheezed, trying to catch my breath. "Is this going to be a habit?"

"Oh, God, I hope so," she shot back, still shaking a little, "Oh, fuck... wow."

I drew her up in my arms and we held each other on my desk for a few moments while we composed ourselves. I dressed her up and fingered her lightly to another orgasm once the jeans went on. I got dressed myself and straightened my tie.

"You have another lick coming to you, you know that," I said.

"Really? Do I really?" she smiled.

"My place, tonight?"

"Yes, Mr. Gary."

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