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Plain Jane Ch. 10


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Author's notes: Thanks to Ed for his work on editing my stories. Without his help, this would never have seen the light of day. As with my other novels, Plain Jane has a cast of thousands so with that in mind, below is a listing of the main characters and their relationship to Dr. Jane Brown.

Main characters:

Dr Jane Brown

Susan, her best friend

Kimmy, aka Kimberly a grad student working for Jane

Tina, hotel manager

Lisa, pilot

Rachel, was Jason a transsexual copilot

Alice, Lisa's little sister also a pilot

Carla, girl who worked at an S&M club

Carol, was John a travel agent

Margret, John's girlfriend


Kevin, Jane's lawyer and undercover FBI

Frank, manager at the local car dealership

Tommy, gun shop owner

Plain Jane 10 by Kaereni

Chapter 10

She had just caught up with Jane when Lisa's radio crackled to life as a male voice spoke to her, "Newsome you never were very good about spatial awareness." After a second it added, "Check off your left wing."

Lisa's head swiveled and she saw an A-10 flying formation with her. It eased up until it was wing tip to wing tip and she looked over at the cockpit and pilot looking at her. "A little off your beaten path aren't you Major?"

"You can play sheep dog later, land where your sheep refueled."

"Major I got out remember?"

"Captain, you need to land so we can catch up on old times properly."

Lisa looked over, saw him looking at her and point towards the ground. As much as she wanted to follow her mistress, she owed it to Jane to find out what was going on. Turning away she landed at the little county airport. Almost before she turned off the runway the A-10 came in to a smooth landing and followed her over to one side. Getting out the walked over to the fighter and waited until he got out. "What the hell is going on Major?"

"Captain, I don't know what you are mixed up in but your employer has stirred up a hornets' nest."

"What do you mean Major?" Lisa asked suddenly worried for Jane.

"I'm pulled out of combat and ordered back here to advise how to open a door into Dr. Brown's lab." The man said, "Who do I find but Major Frankon wearing captain's bars coming out of a meeting talking to one of the spooks from the Central Intelligence Agency. Do you remember Mr. Jones? He would radio in missions for us occasionally."

"I don't think so Major. Why is a field spook interested with Dr. Brown?"

"I asked Major Frankon the same question. According to him, she has a cloaking device that can revolutionize the battlefield. Imagine being able to go in take out a target and get out without anyone ever seeing you."

"So why are you here and flying a Thunderbolt?" Lisa asked.

"I was to deliver it once you got back and wiggle an invite into her home. While there I was to scatter bugs where ever I could. Also, I was to confirm the existence of the cloaking device and if possible steal it. Captain I know we have had out differences, but we have always watched each other's six."

"Major I know we have. Let me tell you here and now that Jane, Dr. Brown, does not have a cloaking device or ever have had. She is working on a way to make fabric to look and feel like other fabric but it is in the mind thought phase only and she is not sure it can be done." Lisa said, "So Major, what do we do? More importantly, who in the household is on the payroll? The NSA is good but Dr. Mann of Homeland knows things that only someone already inside would know."

"No one mentioned someone on the inside. All I can think of is to deliver the A-10 as ordered, get invited in, we three flush the bugs, and sit down to discuss it somewhere out of earshot of the others," The man replied.

"I think we catch up to Dr. Brown and land with her at her next fuel stop." Lisa replied.

"How about you land and meet with her alone Captain. An A-10 landing at a civie airport raises eyebrows. I can get away with it once but again? No, I'll just meet you too at your home late this evening." He said as he moved to get back in the fighter. Lisa decided to wait a minute or two before taking off herself. It took Lisa the better part of two hundred miles to catch up to Jane once more and as soon as the other woman landed, she followed her in.

Parking behind in line behind Jane so as to top off her fuel, Lisa got out and walked up to her mistress as she stood fueling the plane. "Mistress we need to talk," Lisa said.

"I was wondering when you would show up," Jane replied. "I thought I saw you when I filled up last time. So what am I doing wrong?"

"It's not that," Lisa replied. She passed on what the major had told her and then asked, "What do we do Mistress?"

"When you have a wolf by the ears there is no safety to be found in holding on or letting go." Jane replied. She smiled at Lisa's confusion so added, "There is no good answer little one. It seems I will never be able to come up with it and even if I did, our little mole will report what I want her to report."

"You still think there is one?" Lisa asked.

"I know there is one Lisa. Your Major said so without saying so. He may feel some protective feelings towards you but he draws his check from uncle sugar. He replied as he was expected to reply. What worries me is was he ordered to talk to you to gain our trust?" she got out her cell and called Susan, "Hey pet. We will be home this evening. I want everyone to be nude and all the clothes put up when we arrive." She listened to Susan for a moment and added, "I am expecting some company tonight and I want him stripped the moment he comes in. You and Kimmy will do the honors. Love you too baby," Jane said after another pause. She hung up and looked at Lisa, "That takes care of any bugs he may want to spread."

"You think it's Susan or Kimmy don't you mistress," Lisa asked shocked. "How could you? They are your strongest supporters."

Jane moved to fill the other wing tank as she replied, "I admit I at first thought it was Susan but I have known her longest and know she would die before betraying me. Kimmy is the same way. There is only one girl I haven't known since college. I bet Margret is the one who has been pumping others for information on me."

"My I deal with her mistress? Please?" Lisa begged. She hated Margret from the moment she met the stuck up bitch when she and Carol arrived. However, it was not her place to judge or be anything but nice to anyone her mistress brings home.

"No pet, I have a plan for her. I could have her wander off one evening and never return. However, a better idea is to use her to feed info I want fed to uncle." Jane said as she paid for her fuel. "Next stop, we drop this one off right?"

"Yes Jane, it's about two hundred miles unless you get lost." Lisa smiled. "So far you are doing fine but remember to keep focused." After a hug and quick kiss, Lisa watched Jane take off. She turned to her plane and began the slow process of refilling the twin engine aircraft. She was more than tempted to call Susan and let her deal with the traitorous bitch. Had she not asked permission first Jane might have forgiven her rash action. However, she made the mistake of asking first.

It took her nearly a hundred miles to catch up with Jane and as before she took up station about a mile back and five hundred feet above. By the time they landed to turn in the single engine plane, she decided that mistress was being too nice and that Margret was going to have an accident. After they had moved everything over to her plane and Jane was in the right hand seat, she said, "Jane while that one was nice and simple. This aircraft is much more complicated. She began the process of explaining the differences between a single engine and duel engine aircraft.

Jane was excited and once Lisa gave her the okay, took off. Once they were in the air she opened it up and between the digital displays and speed three times as fast as the trainer she had been in found she would be home in under an hour. "My god this is wonderful. She flies like a dream and I love the auto pilot." She said as she leaned back and relaxed.

"She is nice Jane but what are you going to do if," Lisa reached out and turned off the autopilot. "The autopilot crashes?"

Unlike the single engine, this aircraft was not loaded evenly and nosed down the moment Lisa turned off the autopilot. Jane panicked and grabbed the control yoke and pulled back sharply. That put the aircraft in a sharp climb and before she could calm down enough to level her off, climbed nearly one thousand feet. Slowly returning to the assigned one thousand feet above sea level she looked at Lisa and said, "That was a nasty trick to pull."

"What is the cardinal rule Jane?"

"Always be focused," Jane replied returning her attention to the task of flying. "Point taken Lisa."

"Autopilot is there to allow you to rest your arms. It is not there to rest your mind Jane." Lisa said calmly. "Beep, beep, beep... warning light on engine one is lit. What are you going to do?"

Jane looked towards the first engine on her left side. "Cutting fuel flow and feathering the prop," Jane said as she turned off the fuel to the first engine and as it died, feathered the prop so it would create the least amount of drag. Although the Baron was now flying on one engine, it was able to continue without too much problem. "Do I declare an emergency and land at the nearest airport?"

"Land at the nearest airport as soon as possible." Lisa paused and then asked, "What did the engine gauges say?"

"I didn't look at them," Jane replied sheepishly.

"Like a warning light on a car, one on an aircraft only says there is something wrong. You must look at the gauges to see what the problem is. It may be something as simple as a little air in the fuel line or as bad as a fire. It is up to you to decide what to do. Jane, you must make an informed decision." She walked Jane though the process of restarting the engine and they continued. "Rule number two, always check your gauges. They are your eyes about the condition of the aircraft."

Jane nodded, she realized that greater the number of engines the better the aircraft flies. The number of engines raise the chance of something going wrong while giving a safety margin the same time. The rest of the flight they discussed the pros and cons of the electronic displays instead of the old fashioned analogue ones. Flying over their house Jane noticed the A-10 thunderbolt already parked out by the hanger and her jet missing. "Where's my jet?" she asked Lisa.

"It could be in the hanger mistress. Worry about landing and not other things." Lisa replied.

She found it harder to land without any markers she was used to seeing, "Note, make damn sure the runway is painted properly Lisa. See to it the first thing in the morning." Jane said. She was went around several times but couldn't bring herself to land. Finally, she said, "I can't do it Lisa. Please bring us in."

"Third rule, realize when you are over your head." Lisa said, "I have the controls," she added as she took control of the plane. Expertly she lined up and landed it. Pulling up to the house Lisa shut down and looked at Jane. "Mistress, may I talk to Susan and Rachel about what we found out?"

"Lisa we..." Jane stopped herself. She looked at Lisa and touched her leg, "Okay dear, talk to your sisters but Margret is off limits. Do you understand Lisa?"

"How bad a girl would someone become if one of her sisters disappeared into a hole and was accidently buried?" Lisa asked softly.

Jane turned in her seat and looked at Lisa, "I think the girl would find herself in a hole herself. Don't make me bury you or your sisters Lisa." Jane said. She turned and got out of the aircraft. She looked down the runway and saw a figure in a green flight suit and carrying a small bag walking towards them. Turning Jane said, "Come on, you can wait out here if you want as long as you remember to strip the moment you step inside. My house, my rules Lisa."

"Oh, I wasn't disagreeing mistress, I understand why," Lisa made a cupping motion with her hands, "Come on up to the house Major." The figure waved so she turned and followed Jane inside.

Inside Jane stripped down and looked at Lisa who quickly followed suit. She handed Lisa her clothes and said, "Put these in the hamper for me." Turning she walked into the living room and looked at her girls kneeling in a row. Without fail all were nude so she said, "One of you, and I already know who, is working for the government to spy on me, on us. How long do you think you would survive if I spoke your name and allowed your sisters to take their rage out on you?" She heard Lisa come up and kneel beside her. She made a mental note of the look of worry on her face and said softly, 'But that is another matter. Before then we have to deal with the current situation." She would deal with her later.

"An old friend of Lisa's is coming to visit. I expect each of you to be on your very best behavior while he is here." Jane paused and then said, "I love you all and it is because of this love and respect I have for you that I am giving you this chance to come explain to me why. Meanwhile I will be vetting your sisters to make sure there isn't something else in the wood shed." A knock on the door stopped her, "Susan gather up every cell and laptop and place on my bed. Margret, grab a trash bag and bring it to the front hallway."

Going to the front door with Lisa beside her Jane opened the door, "I see you found your way here," Lisa said with a smile. "Jane, may I present my old CO Major George Thomson." Major this is Dr. Jane Brown."

"Welcome to my little house Major," Jane said shaking his hand. She paused and then as Margret came up added, "Strip."

"Excuse me?" the Major asked. He was thrown off by two nude women welcoming him and a third also nude who came up but didn't meet his eyes.

"I don't allow clothes here, so strip. It's not fair that we get skin while you have to stay clothed. So take it all off and put in the bag or get the hell out. My house my rules."

"Dr. Brown you don't really expect me to strip down do you?"

"Major, what would happen if I walked on to a base bare assed nude and refused to dress?"

"You would go to jail,"

"Well I don't have a jail but I do have a desert. Have a good walk or perhaps the Corps of Engineers will loan you some fuel for that aircraft sitting on my runway." Jane paused and then added, "If you run fast enough you will reach them before I shoot you for trespassing."

"Major," Lisa said touching his arm.

"Yes Captain?"

"Think of it as a medical exam and follow the doctor's orders." Lisa said.

He rolled his eyes and undressed slowly. When he was down to his boxers he paused and then sighed and removed them. "Happy Dr. Brown?"

"Almost," Jane replied. "Lisa gather up the rest of his stuff and put it in the bag and toss it in the back of one of my pickups." She looked at Margret, "I'll take a Wild Turkey on the rocks dear. Major?"

"Jack on the rocks if you have it, if not Wild Turkey also," The man said while trying to do math problems in his head.

"We'll take delivery in the hot tub. Tell your sisters the pool's open for play time." Jane said. She smiled at the man and said, "Come along Major, let's talk outside, I need a good soak." She led him through the house and outside. Getting into the hot tub Jane leaned back and sighed in contentment. "While flying is nice, nothing beats a good soak."

"Yes (add a comma here) though hot tubs are rare where I come from Dr. Brown."

"Call me Jane," Jane replied. "Now that I know no bugs will have to be flushed while the real ones are scattered about, let's have a little chat George."

"I figured that was the deal with the stripping act at the door Jane. However, I wasn't going to plant any. I don't like games any more than the next man."

"Either way that is dealt with." Jane paused as Margret came up followed by Lisa. "Thank you dear."

Margret brought the glass to the man and then said, "Mistress may I speak to you for a moment please?"

"Of course," Jane said getting out. "Lisa keep George company for a few." She wrapped her arm in Margret's and walked with her towards the house as the others came out. She went into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. Sitting down on the bed, she patted the bed beside her and said, "Have a seat Margret."

Instead of sitting next to her mistress, Margret knelt before her with her head lowered. "Mistress I made sure I didn't tell them anything that could hurt you. I promise."

"Why dear?"

"It seemed so simple. My little sister got into some trouble and they said if I let them know from time to time little tidbits about you she would get parole early." Margret looked up, "Mistress she was my sister, I had to do what I could to help her don't you understand?"

"When did they first come to you and who was it?" Jane asked.

"A Mr. Jones and he said he was from the state department. Just after we got back from England. Mistress, please understand I never wanted to hurt you and made sure nothing I said was bad."

"I do dear. I will forgive you on two conditions; I tell you what to tell them and you come clean in front of your sisters. Once they see that you did so because of family, they will forgive you also. In addition, I will get a lawyer and see if he can spring your sister. Okay?"

"Okay Mistress," Margret said softly nuzzling Jane's leg.

"Good girl," Jane said. She pulled her up and said, "Come alone dear we have a guest to entertain." Instead of allowing Margret walk behind her, Jane took her hand and they walked out together holding hands. As they passed the hot tub, she said, "Be a moment more Major." She continued walking to the pool where the other girls were. She sat on the edge of the pool with Margaret still beside her. Once the girls gathered she said, "Go on dear."

"I was the one mistress was talking to inside," Margret said looking down. "I was told that if I reported her movements and such that my sister would get parole. I'm sorry."

"Good girl," Jane said tenderly. She looked at the girls and said, "You know I love all of you and would do anything to protect you. I ask you this," She paused and looked at Susan, "If your sister was in jail and all you had to do to get her out was report on the movements of someone you only knew as your boyfriend's friend would you do it? Oh (add a comma here) sure she was your mistress but she never acted as such or took control of your life. Well Susan?"

"You know damn well I would do anything for my sister or sisters Mistress," Susan replied.

"Is there any here who would not do anything for her sister?" Jane asked simply. She looked around and as she met each girl's eyes they looked down. "Very well, consider this matter closed and I'll have no picking on Margaret for doing what was right. Not that it matters but I will get a lawyer and see about getting her sister out and our Margret will continue reporting what I want her to report in the meantime." She turned and kissed the woman tenderly and said, "Meanwhile, you girl's play and figure out where the hell my jet went."

"It's in the hanger mistress," Rachel said quickly.

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