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Planescape: Scarlet


" I am going to kill Stripey. I am going to take a knife and cut every one of those stupid zebra stripes off his hide."

For a moment, K'zink felt his blood chill. Which was admittedly something of a trick, considering that he was an ice genasi with elemental ice water in his veins. Then the genasi realized just who was swearing the death-threats against his house-mate. "Oh, hey Scarlet. What's the matter, what'd Stripes do?"

"He left me high and dry, that's what." The speaker and potential stripe-eliminator was another of K'zink's house-mates, a tour guide (or 'tout' in the local vernacular) nicknamed Scarlet. She was a young human woman, so named for her auburn hair, in K'zink's slightly biased view her hair was far from the most interesting part of Scarlet. That honor, the ice genasi had to admit, went to the perky breasts that strained against Scarlet's leather jacket at the moment. K'zink liked watching Scarlet, even if he rarely got to do more than watch. "That half-breed demon-breath left me!"

"Uh... what do you mean?" K'zink dropped the dishrag back into the soapy water and went to comfort his house-mate and head off a potential homicide. Also, to be honest, because looking at Scarlet was a lot more interesting than washing dishes. "What did the tiefling do exactly?"

Stripes, formal name Drake, was a tiefling, which mean just as K'zink had elemental blood, so did Drake have demonic blood, which mostly resulted in a somewhat laissez-faire attitude towards responsibilities. Now, in most normal places, an elemental, a human woman, and a demon-blood living together in one large apartment would've raised some eyebrows, but this was Sigil, the City of Doors.

Center of the Multiverse, where portals lead from every place and to every place. The Crossroads of a Million Worlds, where every manner of creature under the sun (and many who had never seen the light of day) lived and worked, traded and played, all under the watchful eye of the city's ruler. Here, and only here, could a demon bargain with an angel for a sword, an exemplar of chaos buy fruit from thousand-year-old elf, or a dwarf trade favors with a faerie. It was the home of strangeness, the most peculiar, and most vibrant city in the Multiverse.

Of course, in any city like this, where thousands of mundanes enter every day to buy and sell before going home, there was a demand for guides, or 'touts'. This was where K'zink, Scarlet, and Drake came in. Nothing other than the average, they worked as touts, and together with two others managed to make just enough to live and rent this apartment. And as in any place where several people live in close proximity, periodic death threats were the norm.

"That little weasel promised to pick up a bunch of visiting dwarf merchants and see them off to the Great Foundry after I showed them the civic sights." Scarlet collapsed onto one of the somewhat ragged couches the house-mates had, and kicked off her shoes. "Then he stood me up! Pus-bag didn't show!"

" Turns out that even dwarven merchants carry axes, and they get really annoyed if they think you're trying to cheat them." Scarlet pressed her face into the armrest and put a pillow over her head. "I had to go to the Foundry myself! I hate the Foundry. It's going to take me days to get the soot out of my hair."

She looked up at K'zink, who had sat down on a nearby ottoman. To be fair, Scarlet was looking a bit sootier than usual, and she did leave a few soot marks on the couch, which had most certainly seen better years in its existence. Still, K'zink would have been hard-pressed to find fault with Scarlet's appearance, even considering the dark ash. Her triangular, delicate face was a bit smudged at the moment, and the long bangs of reddish-brown hair had a greyish tinge to them, but they didn't detract from the essential energy of the human girl. She was a dynamo, always doing something, whether it was leading people around every nook and cranny of Sigil, or else visiting one of the myriad dancing clubs. Plus it was an infectious energy, and already K'zink was looking forward to a more interesting few hours than washing dishes and doing his share of the housework.

Scarlet was short, a few inches less than K'zink's own admittedly unimpressive height, with the trim, athletic body that came from spending every day wandering all over Sigil only to dance late into the night. Not over-muscled and not particularly curvaceous, but she had energy to spare in that lithe frame of hers. A short skirt and long boots left little to imagination, and for K'zink, there was always the fascination of those taut breasts that always strained against a jacket that was, perhaps, just a size too small.

"Need to borrow a knife?" K'zink offered. He also knew better than to try and defend Drake at the moment. The striped tiefling could handle himself when he came back. "I just finished washing the kitchen knives."

"Tempting." Scarlet turned onto her stomach and buried her face in the couch's pillows. To be fair, the extra soot was barely noticeable on the old couch. "I'm going to need to clean up before I can show myself in public again. If Drake comes by while I'm in the shower, let me know so I can stab him with something."

"I don't think you look that bad." K'zink said, standing up from his ottoman-turned-impromptu-stool and sitting down on the edge of the couch, by Scarlet's legs. He reached up and started to massage the young human woman between the shoulder blades, kneading his fingers into her taut, densely-muscled body. "Some people might even say you look really, really good."

"Mmmm... a little lower." Scarlet arched her back, melting under the touch of K'zink's fingers. "And are you some people?"

"Oh, I think you look alright, if a bit sooty." K'zink said with a grin, even as he dodged a quick kick from Scarlet. The human girl had good aim.

"Har-har." Scarlet gave him a withering glare. "Now get back here."

"Your wish is my command." K'zink said.

" That's right. And don't you dare forget it." Scarlet said. She wriggled a bit under K'zink's touch, the stress of a long and grimy day disappearing beneath his hands.

K'zink moved his fingers down along Scarlet's spine, feeling the young woman shiver pleasantly. Gently, perhaps a tad fearfully lest he be rebuffed, he slipped the hard leather jacket off of Scarlet, draping it against the back of the couch. To the ice genasi's secret delight, Scarlet didn't struggle, though she did turn her head back and give him a look with arched brows. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Can't give you a very good massage through the leather." K'zink said innocently, returning his hands to their work. Now all that stood between his fingers and Scarlet's taut flesh was a cutoff shirt of exceedingly thin material.

"Mmm-hmm...Right." Scarlet did not sound overwhelmingly convinced by K'zink's apparent innocence. "That's what they call it these days."

K'zink decided not to press his luck more just at the moment, and instead concentrated on the massage. Lechery aside, K'zink was a decent masseuse, though a professional would likely argue with that statement. He knew when to be gentle and when to be firm, and bit by bit the tension eased out of the human girl's body. Scarlet relaxed, and even gave off muttering odd threats of violence towards Drake. Mostly, anyway.

Minutes passed peacefully, Scarlet slipping into a half-doze as K'zink's fingers worked their magic on her back. The genasi traced around the shoulder blades, the moved down the spine. He paused in the small of her back, running a fist along it, then began once more at the shoulders. Scarlet's body was warm underneath his hands, and her skin, if a bit sooty and sweat-stained, was deliciously firm. Nothing but muscle beneath that smooth skin, not that anyone with Scarlet's fast-paced lifestyle was liable to get grow soft.

Nor was something else liable to go soft, K'zink though a little uneasily, feeling the bulge in his pants. Giving a massage to a beautiful and scantily clad young woman was having the expected effect on the ice genasi, and even if it was a rather pleasant effect, K'zink decided to cut his losses before he embarrassed himself.

"Well, I've got to go finish the dishes. Julian will give me that look if I don't finish it." K'zink said, referring to another of their housemates. The ice genasi gave Scarlet a last rub of the shoulders and got up. The red-haired young woman seemed half asleep already.

"Hmm...? Going so soon?" Scarlet said, rolling around onto her back and looking at K'zink lazily. "Think Julian can wait a bit?"

"Uh... sure?" K'zink said.

"Good. First you get me all hot and bothered, now you're running away." Scarlet said with a naughty smile on her rich lips. She sat up on the couch and in one smooth movement, pulled the short shirt off, tossing her auburn hair a little as it passed her head, and then dropped it down to the floor. Her pert tits, which had been pushing against the fabric of the shirt all day, were left free, two beautiful globes. "You didn't think you were going to get away that easily?"

K'zink tried to say something, but his mouth was too busy hanging open to help him with that. He'd known Scarlet looked good, but right now he felt that he'd walked into one of the dreams that left his sheets damp at night. A beautiful girl with a trim, athletic body and a saucy smile was sitting on the couch in front of him, naked above the waist. The tent in K'zink's pants was now impossible not to notice.

At any rate, Scarlet noticed it. Her smile grew broader, and she leaned back on the couch, giving K'zink a meaningful look. "Well? I'm waiting..."

The words snapped K'zink out of his reverie. Breathing suddenly short, the ice genasi fumbled with the drawstring around his pants, letting them fall to the floor. They were followed a moment later by the loose shirt K'zink wore for housework, and in short order the ice genasi was wearing even less than Scarlet was. His erection, finally freed of its stifling containment, wagged happily in the air. Scarlet's smile grew broader still.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one who was waiting." The red-head said, falling back happily on the couch as K'zink strode over. "Gods, fuck me already, I've been wanting this all day..."

The ice genasi nodded wordlessly, still lost in the sheer wonder of the situation. He clambered over the couch's armrest and kneeled, a little unsteadily, between the legs which Scarlet obligingly spread open for him. The hard-suffering couch was entirely too narrow for what the two had in mind, but neither felt like distracting themselves from the other enough to move themselves to the bed.

K'zink undid the broad leather belt which held Scarlet's short skirt up, and let it slide to the floor. Then, as Scarlet settled in happily, he flipped the leather skirt up. Her panties, small and lacy things, were soaking wet to his touch. Scarlet hadn't been kidding about her need.

"Hurry up." Scarlet said. K'zink obliged willingly. He slid the panties over, pausing for a moment to stare happily at the display before him. There was something pleasant in having a pretty girl all but begging you to fuck her. It didn't happen nearly often enough, in K'zink's estimation, but when it did...

"K'zink, if you don't get your cock in me soon, I'm going to be upset." Scarlet said, faux-crossly, thrusting her hips up at K'zink. The genasi might have preferred to savor the moment, but Scarlet was having none of it. K'zink grinned, not particularly put out, and steadied his eager manhood just in front of the human woman's dainty, pink, and very wet opening. He prodded her open cleft with the tip of his erection, then as Scarlet thrust her hips against him again, insistently, the ice genasi entered.

Scarlet screamed, but it was a happy scream. The young woman had been walking all over Sigil the whole day, and the ice genasi's massage had kindled enough lust within her to stoke a furnace. She gave another little yelp as K'zink withdrew, then thrust himself inside again. She looked up at the ice genasi with a saucy grin. "Gods... I needed that."

"Not done yet." K'zink said. His own voice had gone husky, but now at least he could at least force words out of it, though words were not exactly what he had in mind. Keeping his stiff erection deep inside of Scarlet, he leaned forward and kissed the human woman gently.

Or at least, that was what he intended to do. Scarlet, however, was having none of 'gentle' tonight. Rocking her hips back and forth along his member, she wrapped both arms around K'zink's neck and locked her lips to his. Her eager tongue forced his lips apart, even as he pushed into her again. The happy little scream was lost this time as Scarlet tried to breath K'zink in, or so it felt like to him. Her mouth was warm and soft, and her tongue maneuvered skillfully wherever it wanted.

Overburdened by his enthusiastic partner, K'zink lost his balance and the two fell back onto the couch, but Scarlet didn't mind and K'zink was fast losing the presence of mind to object. Giving his tongue a final prod as a fond farewell, Scarlet let K'zink up for air, laughing as she did so. K'zink knew he must've looked fairly ridiculous, trying to make love to her on that ragged, too-small couch, but he didn't care. It just felt too good. Then that laugh turned into a moan of ecstasy as one of K'zink's strokes hit just the right spot.

"Oooh... harder, K'zink. Harder." The red-head said, and K'zink did his best to do just that. Levering himself up off of Scarlet's chest, however pleasant a chest it was, the ice genasi withdrew his glistening erection from Scarlet and steadied it a little. He was slick from the Scarlet's juices, damp and gleaming in the light. Then he pushed back into her, shoving the whole length of his rod right into his partner's eager entrance. It was tight, and it was warm, and Scarlet screamed again.

"Again. Harder. Fuck me harder." Scarlet's voice was growing hoarse. K'zink rammed himself into Scarlet again, then again, each time listening to the red-head's shrieks and moans of joy. The red-head was deep in the throes of ecstasy, wriggling happily each time K'zink moved. He buried himself balls-deep in her, only to have Scarlet wrap her legs around him and try to pull him in even further. She was insatiable, and the snug passage only sent K'zink's mind into new levels of lustful delight.

"HARDER!" Scarlet screamed, loud enough that some tiny part of K'zink worried that the neighbors would come investigate. Most of him was long past caring, though. Scarlet was beautiful, with her taut, trim athlete's body and her perky breasts and the warm and inviting place between her legs, and also with her need-filled voice and her teasing eyes and that saucy, sly, maddening grin.

She wanted harder? K'zink could do harder.

He rammed into Scarlet, half-afraid that he was about to hurt her, but the red-head showed no signs of anything other than impossible enjoyment. He withdrew almost completely, so only the farthest tip of his erection stayed inside of Scarlet, then sheathed himself to the hilt in a single movement. Scarlet yowled like a she-cat, her voice gone hoarse from her happy cries. K'zink pulled out, then slammed into her again, and Scarlet bucked like a mad thing beneath him.

She was coming. Sound no longer able to express the depths of pleasure coursing through her body, Scarlet clung to K'zink silently, her snug passage tightening around his erection. That was enough, and K'zink let himself go even as the red-head raked his back with her nails. Pleasure rolled through both of them like a wave of molten lava, the celebration of all their lusts and hopes. K'zink wasn't sure where his own body ended and Scarlet's began, so closely were the two now intertwined, but he knew that it felt too good to be true.

Then it ended, and the two lovers fell back onto the long-suffering couch as their bodies gave way. K'zink was happy. Exhausted, a little sore, and still not quite ready to believe that this had happened, but he was happy. "Scarlet, I..."

"Sssh...." The red-head put a single finger to his lips. She smiled, a cat-like grin of utmost satisfaction "Save your strength, Ice. You'll need it."

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

"Scarlet! K'zink!" Drake tossed his money pouch from hand to hand, a task made more difficult by the fact that he was also trying to unlock the door to the group's apartment in the process. Still, the beautiful sound of silver coins in the pouch more than made up for the discomfort. "You won't believe the job I found!"

"There's some noble half-dragon from Air who's staying here for a week, and he wants a guide the whole time. On retainer." Drake crowed, finally unlocking the door and stepping inside. "He's paying in silver, and he's paying up fr--- You two look busy."

Drake surveyed the scattered clothing around the entry room, the fallen pants, Scarlet's leather jacket, K'zink's light shirt. He noticed the not-quite-done dishes. He noticed the squeaking of the old couch, and he most especially noticed Scarlet and K'zink engaged in slow, leisurely lovemaking atop the couch. They rather looked like they were enjoying themselves.

"Can I join?" Drake said, then ducked as Scarlet, without so much as looking away from her lover, snatched up a fallen shoe and lobbed it with excellent accuracy at Drake. "Ah... that's a no then. I'll leave you two alone. Have fun."

He did. They did.

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