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Planet Moor Di'shen & Twins


The ride started out well, I had left the house with everything I owned shrunken and in a cat litter bucket. It was bungeed into the bed of my new F-350, this truck was decked out. Four wheel drive, dual tires all the way around, four doors, custom add-ons, topper, the motor was a four sixty build to the max. an all-aluminum block and heads, full racing camshaft, domed pistons, highly tuned electronic fuel inject, twin turbo chargers, and dual exhaust out the rear. This thing sucked the fuel but I had an advantage, a little thing I brought with me from the future. That thing was a fuel producer, install it on the fuel tank and it will produce whatever fuel is in the tank.

I had been back almost a year brought here by the Eternal Vanguard, in that time I had gotten my driver's license reinstated by hacking the BMV's computer systems, then using my telepathic and telekinetic powers to find all the hard copies and either destroyed them or changed them. I had just buried my wife and was trying to move on. Some drunk driver slammed to the driver's door of her small car at about one hundred miles an hour. She never knew what hit her. I grieved for over six months. I have moved on, since my step kids and I had sued the man for thirty million, five each for them and twenty for me. We won; the man was the mayor of a large city around here. I had all my bills paid, about two hundred and twenty million in the bank. I had brought that and even more back with me on my personal ship.

Betty the artificial intelligence was the only intelligence I brought back with me, and only because she was needed to fly the ship. Now I am headed west slowly, I am looking for one or more women who share their bodies with me and each other. I am almost sixty, but thanks to some drugs from the future. I now look thirty, and muscular, about one hundred and ninety pounds, a slightly taller than the five ten I was when I left, now I am six three. The extra height made a big difference, I am no longer fat. I am lean and mean, plus well hung. The conversion process they put me through did many good things to my body. I now had hair on my head, long and thick. I have made it into the looks department, and it is here to stay.

The first night I found a motel, got a room. I talked the owner into moving my checkout to four in the afternoon; it costs me an extra fifty. I left there and drove around looking for a good bar. Bar women could be slutty at times, slutty is what I need right now. I don't buy whores. I spot a good place about a mile from the hotel. I drink but one of the serums I was given stops the alcohol from affecting my mind. This is good, because I can act drunk and be completely sober.

I went into the bar, it was loud. I scanned the crowd, seemed to be at least two women to one man, good odds. I went to the bar; I got a shot of tequila and downed it. I got a second. I ask for the bottle, the bartender said she couldn't do that. "Ok, line up all your shot glasses right here in front of me and fill them."

"I can do that." She said and lined them up and filled them. I downed six of them without stopping. I took a minute break and did six more. I waited for several minutes before I started the drunken act. I turned back to the shot glasses, I downed the last seven. I walked away from the bar toward the pool tables. I saw several pretty young ladies watching the games. I placed the price of a game on the table towards the front door, and I waited. I took a seat at the wall railing to watch.

"Your new here." She said.

I looked her over, blonde, blue eyes, a good make-up job, jeans so tight in looked like they were hurting her, a white cropped t-shirt with a purple net pull on over it. She had on knee-high black leather boots with at least five inch heels.

"I am passing through, on my way to L.A." I said.

"How long are you going to be in town?" she asks.

"Perry, Perry Crager, I am just staying the night. I thought a few games of nine ball would be fun." I said.

"Tasha, I don't do last names till I know you better." Tasha said.

"Ok, I get that. I take it you're in here quite often?" I said.

"About four nights a week, I own the place. Business is getting bad. Some of my clients are getting rough; my bouncers won't stand up to them." Tasha said, "I need someone who can do the job."

She was looking at me smiling. "Nay, I don't do that kind of work. I mean I could if I wanted too." I said.

"I will pay five hundred a night plus all your expenses while you are in town. I will sleep with you also. I need this place cleaned up." Tasha said.

"Ok, who or what is your biggest problem? I ask.

"A man by the name of Tysant, he thinks he owns this town because of all the business's he owns. This is or was the hottest spot in town, now he is threatening to burn it down. I and a few others are refusing to give in and sell." Tasha said.

"So it is not just the bar, but the whole town, you bet your sweet ass it is mine if I do this. I can stop him without much of a fight. I tell you what, is there someone you trust to run this place? I ask.

"Yea, my manager handles everything now. I just come to socialize with customers." Tasha said.

"If I do this, when I leave you come with me for a couple of months. You can be my traveling companion; I will pay your way and for your time in my bed." I said.

"She looked at me and smiled, "You clean the town and I'll give you a full year from the day we leave town." Tasha said.

"I want a thousand dollars a day and expenses. I will need an old car and traveling money." I said.

"You got it; we will get you a car to drive. What are you driving now?" Tasha asks.

"A pick-up, a new pick-up and I want it to stay the way it is. I won't need it for long, just till I find Tysant and talk to him. Tonight I will bounce this bar, any trouble from anyone and they go out the door." I said.

"Where are you staying?" Tasha ask.

"I have a room at some motel down the street." I said.

"No way, not that roach infested trap. I have room in my bed for you while you are here. We will go get your things shortly." She said.

"No need, I never went into the room. I only have the one bag that I use." I said.

"Good, then about closing we will leave here and you can follow me home. I have plenty of room at the house." She said.

That night things went smoothly, all but one incident with two girls fighting over a guy. I threw all three of them out. I watched I saw the troublemakers sitting and watching me. They were not ready to test me yet. They needed orders from the boss. Tomorrow night, things would be different; there would be more of them. There will be more fighting; I will settle it my way.

Tonight is about over here, all the trouble had left. I was helping break things down for the cleaning crew. Tasha came out of her office and smiled at me. Something just wasn't right about this. Tomorrow I would ask around about Tasha and this Mr. Tysant. I would spend the night screwing her brains out; I would see to it that she was sore in the morning. A couple of hours on her and she will not walk in the morning.

"Hey lover, you ready to go?" Tasha ask.

"Yea, I am, but are you ready for what is coming." I said.

She smiled and said, "I have never been ridden into the ground." She said.

"You will be saddle sore come morning." I said.

I followed her to her ranch outside town; it looked like a nice place. I parked and set the shields after I got out. I walked to the open garage door and stepped inside as the door went down.

"Your truck will be ok out there tonight. Now come with me," she said as she started taking off her clothes, "I run nude around here; I am the only one on the property this time of night."

We walked into the kitchen, she was bear chested and her boobs sagged a little but not bad for a thirty-five plus woman.

"Leave the skirt and heels." I said.

She smiled at me, "Ok, there is nothing under the skirt anyways"

I walked over to her, bend a little pushing my hand under her skirt. I slid my hand up her thigh to her pussy. I pushed her legs apart, and then pushed fingers inside her. She moaned. I kissed her, "So you are going to be my personal whore for a year after I remove this dog for you." I said.

"Yes, but if you ever call me that again, I will leave." She said.

"My little whore thinks she will leave me, does she." I said.

She smacked me; I grabbed her wrist as she started to hit me again. I entered her mind, "You belong to me now. I am your Master, you are my little whore. If I turn you out at a party, you will fuck anyone male or female that wants you. I will even organize a train if you piss me off. Do you understand me?" I ask.

"Yes, I do, I will do as you say." Tasha said.

"I will call you "my little whore" from now on, even in public. You will not react but smile and cuddle against me. You will act normal at all times, just like you do every day." I said.

I jammed three fingers inside her and she yelped. I pulled them out and pushed her toward the living room. I pealed out of my clothes, sat on the couch.

"Do you have any lubricate in the house?" I ask.

"Yes, in my room" she said.

"Go get it and don't get lost. I want to fuck you till you can't walk." I said.

She ran up the stairs and back down. She handed me that tubes and turned around. She knew what I wanted. I opened one tube and put some on my fingers. I pushed them into her ass. I worked her with the one hand till I couldn't get it wider with one hand. I lubbed both hands and spread her asshole as wide as I could. She stood there enjoying what I was doing. I stood up behind her; I put the head of my dick at the entrance of her asshole. I pushed slowly till it started in. She screamed, she tried to pull away but I held on to her. I pulled her back as I pushed forward. She was still screaming like I was killing her.

"Shut up, you ask for this. Now enjoy it, like I am." I said.

"You bastard, I didn't know you had a log between your legs." She said.

"It is fifteen inches long and about four and a half inches thick, so yea it is big. After this you will learn to love it. I like it big, it makes assholes and pussy's tight. When I am done with your ass and pussy, you are going to suck me off." I said.

"After I clean it." She said.

"No, it will be before; I want you to lick it clean. Understand." I said.

"Yes, Master. She said.

"Then I am going to tie you down, later when we get to town sometime tomorrow, I will buy you a collar and leash. If you resist I will make you wear it out in public, so don't try me. If you're good I just might keep your forever. Then you will sign your business's over to me." I said.

"Yes Master, what I have is yours." Tasha said.

I was still pushing my dick into her ass. She was quietly taking it, just to make her scream, I shoved it all the way in. She screamed and screamed some more. I reach out and got a hand full of her blonde hair; I pulled her upright and wrapped my arms around her squeezing her back to my chest. I reach down held her hips as I thrust in and out of her. She was crying that it hurt.

"I told you I was going to fuck the shit out of you so that you wouldn't be able to walk come morning." I said.

Through her tears she said, "I thought you were bragging like most men do. Damn, you were serious; I won't be able to work in the morning. But damn, if it is not starting to feel good, I think you should pin me against a wall. If you want me to wear a collar in public I will wear it as long as you want to fuck my ass." Tasha said.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her and walked over to a wall. I pulled her arms up over her head and held them there with my left hand. I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head around to kiss her.

"You know, I have twenty-four women in my bed at home." I said.

"Why do you need so many?" she ask.

"I get moods where all I want to do is fuck. Sometimes those moods last for days, could you take this endlessly for twelve days?" I ask.

"Hell, no" She screamed.

"My number one wife couldn't either. She thought I was going to fuck her to death before she got a break long enough to call for help. I fucked over three hundred women in those twelve days, repeatedly some of them five and six times." I said.

"Please tell me that you are not in one of those moods. I couldn't take this all night, let alone twelve days." She said.

"Don't worry, I have a call button. They can be here in a half hour. But I am still going to fuck you raw." I said.

"Hey, I need to be able to walk in the morning." She begged.

I had her pinned against the wall pushing my dick into her ass. I did this for about another hour she was begging me to stop. I pulled out of her ass, picked her up and carried her to the couch. I laid her down and stuck two fingers into her wet pussy, she had come many times. I pulled my fingers out and stuck them in her mouth. She turned away.

"Suck them now" I shouted.

She looked at me and opened her mouth. I stuck my fingers in and she licked them clean. With her legs up in the air, I pushed my dick into her pussy, again she screamed. I pushed deeper and harder. She screamed more.

"How are you going to scream when I shove it down your throat?" I ask her.

"I guess we will find out won't we. Damn, you like ripping a girl apart with that thing." Tasha said.

"That is why I don't rape my women like some men do. I like it a little rough, but just think if I hadn't lubbed your asshole." I said.

"If you had raped me, I would have reported you?" she said.

"They wouldn't touch me, I am the untouchable. I rule the galaxy." I said.

"What now you're telling me that you are the Emperor." She said.

"Take a close look at the picture on the front of that magazine on the table." I said.

While I was pumping into her, she reaches over and pulled the magazine to her face.

"Holy shit, it is you. Wow, I am honored to be your little whore." She said.

"You are going to be my only little whore for a while." I said.

"So you are going to keep me?" she ask.

"Yes, I find you interesting and very fuckable. I like a good conversation while fucking. A woman who just lays there flopping around is not that fun." I said.

I fucked her till daybreak; she was again begging me to stop. I pulled out and sat on the couch. I pulled her head around and pushed my dick into her mouth. She started to suck me. I sat there playing with her tits and holding her head with the other hand.

"I am going to nap, if you know what is good for you, you will stay awake and still be sucking my cock when I wake." I said.

"Yes, Master, I will remain awake, do you want me to wake you at a special time?" she ask.

"Yea, about an hour nap will do, then I will fuck your ass some more before we head into town. We can sleep in your office right." I said.

She looked horrified, "My ass again, it is too sore Master. Please let me heal a little first."

I laid my left hand on her hip and poured my power into her, she was starting to heal. I stopped after about ten minutes.

"Do you think you can handle another round now?" I ask.

"Wow, you healed me, just so you can hurt me again." She said.

"No, I healed you so I wouldn't hurt you again. You will find that I have given you the ability to handle the pain better, but I still want to hear you scream for me. I will always want to hear you scream." I said.

She sucked me as I napped; even a sleep I felt her lips and tongue working my cock. She woke me and I sat there watching her suck me. I grabbed her hair and holding her head still I pushed my cock down her throat, she choked but recovered. I pushed it deeper, it went till it stopped somewhere down her throat. I couldn't get it to go farther. I pulled back and started to fuck her face. I pound her lips and throat like it was made for this. She was crying again.

"I want to come in your mouth. Do you think you can make me come in your mouth?" I ask her.

She nodded; she never pulled my cock out. She repositioned so she could fondle my balls at the same time. It was good; she was forcing my cock down her own throat. I knew she wanted this, and I was going to give her a bellyful. I lasted about another five minutes, she swallowed as fast as she could, and she didn't lose any of it. She finally took a breath, with come dripping from her lips; she licked her lips not wanting to waste it. I pulled her up to me and kissed her with tongue, just to show her that I was not afraid of my own stuff.

"Let's go to bed and get some sleep." I said.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. I laid her on the side she wanted and I climbed in beside her. It was morning we would get about six hours sleep before we had to go to the bar. Now that fucking her was out of the way, I would fix this town.

The later that day, she gave me an older Ford car to use; she tossed me the keys and said it was the black one on the far end of the garage. I kissed her good-bye and went out it to the garage. I walked to the far end of the garage took one look at the car. I turned and went back into the house.

"I can't drive that car out to be trashed." I said.

"Why not, it is just an old car." She said.

"That old car as you put it is worth more than my new truck. There were only four hundred of them ever made and I only know of eight more in existence and I own seven of them, finding one setting in someone's garage like that one is rare and almost worth its weight in gold." I said.

"I will drive my truck, it has shields and the support equipment I need." I said.

"Ok, but the Maverick is yours, as a gift for last night." She said.

"I would like that, but not as a payment for the sex." I said.

"It is not a payment, remember I am your little whore not the other way around." She said.

I smiled as I left the house. I drove into town and started talking to people as I moved through the town on foot. In less than an hour, four men showed up asking me to take a ride with them. It seems their boss wanted to talk with me. I got into the back seat of the town car with two of the men squeezing into it with me between them. I rode quietly; there was no talking at all.

"Are you guys always this friendly?" I ask.

I waited for a response, nothing.

"What did the boss tell you not to talk to me?" I ask.

Again no response, "Do you know who I am?" I ask.

Quiet, the car didn't even squeak.

"Ok, I get it you're all brain dead." I said.

The car turned into a drive on a road on the edge of town. It pulled to a stop in front of a house that showed a woman's touch, lots of pink, flowers and fancy things in the garden. I was let out and guided into the house, from there into an office.

"Sit, the boss will be with you shortly." He said.

"So you do talk" I said with no response.

I searched the room, but when I tried to extend my mind out of the room it was blocked. The block was not much but before I can break it. A woman walked in, it was Tasha. Or so I thought.

"So you're the man my sister has hired to run me out of town. I am not leaving and I will pay you double what she is paying you to leave town yourself now." She said.

"Twins, that explains a lot. You can't match her payment unless you are willing. I don't think you are willing. You are the bad twin?" I ask.

"Some think so, she has most of the town's people believing that. Just because I am trying to enlarge the town with new business." She said.

"Ok, first what do I call you?" I ask.

"Tricia, our mother was trying to rhyme our names." She said.

"She done alright doesn't look like she did as well in the personality department." I said.

"Mister, I didn't bring you here to insult me. So just what did my sister want you to do?" Tricia ask.

"I am supposed to talk to a man about him leaving town." I said.

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