tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPlanet of Men Ch. 01

Planet of Men Ch. 01


At 1600 Eastern Standard Time (EST) on September 27 in the year 2020 AD the UN announced that General Atomics Corporation (GAC) had saved the world. After years of panic in every country that the world was doomed due to the effects of global warming, GAC announced that, with funding provided by the UN, they had developed self-sustaining micro atomic reactor electric generators. The reactors were a safe renewable energy source, and micro technology had developed to the stage where micro generators as small as a car battery could power a large suburban house. A GAC micro atomic generator the size of a refrigerator could power the largest building in the world. Smaller micro generators could run everything from automobiles to watches.

The micro reactors were so cheap to make that they were immediately mass-produced on such a scale that within ten years every object produced my man that required an energy source was powered by a GAC micro atomic generator. Poverty disappeared; wars ceased to be fought; pollution was a dim memory of the past; and every power station in the world was dismantled. Unbeknownst to anyone GAC micro atomic generators emitted powerful zeta radiation that could not be detected by any man made instrument at the time. Zeta radiation is not life threatening to humans and has no effect on any other organism on the globe. It does have one effect on the female of the human species that was not to become apparent for some time.

At 1600 EST on March 13 in the year 2050 AD the UN announced that General Atomics Corporation had destroyed mankind. By then it was proven beyond any doubt that the zeta radiation emitted by GAC micro atomic reactors was the reason every woman in the world was sterile. The world was doomed.

At 0917 EST on April 16 in the year 2125 AD the last human being walking the planet Earth died. Clocks continued to tick, elevators waited for passengers that would never appear, automatic machinery continued to run, vacant offices and department stores were kept cool by air-conditioners and every man made appliance was fully functional; after all, they were powered by GAC micro atomic generators, and they had a one thousand year guarantee.

Five years before GAC had released its world saving (and world destroying) invention on the world, the governments of the first world countries of the world had agreed to conduct a radical experiment. At a number of secret locations throughout the modern world, volunteers had been placed in suspended animation in cryogenic facilities. The volunteers were mainly single men. They had no special skills or scientific training; they were simply 'guinea pigs' with no families or friends to miss them. The plan had been to see if humans could be preserved for extraordinary periods of time in the event that global warming put an end to man's existence.

The experiment was really mute once GAC announced the invention of their micro atomic generators and the resultant reprieve for the world's environment; but the scientists decided to continue with the test as it may provide useful data about extended hibernation in the event that the micro atomic generators could be used for inter-stellar travel. In fact all of the cryogenic facilities were retrofitted with GAC micro atomic generators to ensure they had an inexhaustible power supply. The volunteers in their cryogenic stasis were blissfully unaware of what had happened to the world while they slept peacefully for a hundred and fifty years. By the time the clocks ticked over to 0001 on January 01 in the year 2130 AD they were the only living human beings on a planet that had hundreds of fully functioning modern cities but was devoid of human habitation. My story begins.

My name is Michael, a forty four year old male, and I was one of the volunteers who participated in the extended stasis experiment. My cryo-chamber opened on time, and I emerged, along with my fellow cryo-volunteers, from my extended sleep to find all of the machinery and paraphernalia required to enable human existence was fully functional and yet the world was abandoned of human life.

It took myself, Steve and Jeff about a week to figure out exactly what had happened to mankind. At first we were stunned and then, when we got over the shock, we decided to make the best of a world abandoned by its creators. We moved into a secure compound, and foraying into the nearby city, we acquired all of the trappings we needed to live comfortably. We had three separate houses with all of the latest gadgets. Everything ran perfectly and mostly automatically, powered of course by GAC micro generators. We filled our houses with every form of entertainment available: three-dimensional holographic video projectors, fully integrated sound systems, and the latest computer games. Of course there were no interactive Internet websites, although most websites were still running; their servers and super-computers run by GAC micro atomic generator.

We found food abundant; advances in cryo technology meant that produce could be frozen and remain edible for centuries (the irony of this was not lost on us). We had everything we needed to sustain us for the rest of our lives. Everything except contact with other humans beside ourselves; and of course no women to fulfil our sexual desires. Jeff acquired a powerful transmitter and we spent days trying to contact the other volunteers of the cryogenic experiment who must have emerged at the same time as we did in their secret locations around the globe, but we had no success. Because of the secrecy surrounding the project we didn't even know who they were, how many there were, or where they were located. We eventually became resigned to our fate and settled down to live out our lives in as much comfort as possible, leaving the transmitter and receiver to operate automatically.

After a six months of each other's company we pretty much retired to our own homes within the compound. It was a sad reality that we craved the company of other human beings but were sick of our own company. This arrangement and the privacy we now all craved actually suited me more than I was prepared to say. You see I have a secret that the other two know nothing about; that very few people had ever known anything about. It was a secret that I had lived with before I volunteered for the cryo experiment and a secret I have no intention of sharing with my two male survivors. I am a transvestite.

Jeff, Steve and I agreed to meet every Friday at one of our houses in the compound on an alternate basis. Why we chose Friday (the start of the weekend had no relevance to us now) was beyond us; we just mutually agreed to the day. We would not disturb each other outside of our Friday evening get togethers unless there was an emergency. We all craved our privacy, me most of all. Now that I lived in relative privacy, I decided that I could practice my crossdressing peccadillos as often as I wanted.

I drove into town and acquired all the trappings I needed to fulfil my transvestite fantasies. I went to various shops and took makeup, perfume, jewellery, lingerie, shoes, wigs, skirts, blouses and suits. From chemists shops I selected a variety of shavers, hair removal cream, and lubricants. I visited sex shops and helped myself to vibrators, dildos, a life-like male sex doll, fetish clothing and holographic transvestite video pornography. I smuggled it all into my house, locked the doors, closed the curtains and commenced to live my life as my alter ego: Michele.

I took all of my acquisitions into the second bedroom and ensuite bathroom of my house and filled the drawers, shelves, cupboards and wardrobes with my girly goodies. I put black satin sheets on the bed, installed a computer, a holographic video player and set up a digital video camera. I put in a huge dressing table complete with lighted mirror, wig stands, makeup case and jewellery box. When I had the bedroom and ensuite set up exactly as I wanted, I installed a phone line and intercom system to the front door and then put a huge deadlock on the bedroom door. My plan was that while I was in this room, which I called 'Michele's Playroom', I would be Michele and play whatever girly games took my fancy. The intercom and phone systems would give me some time to transform back into Michael in the event of an unannounced visit from either of the other two men with whom I shared planet earth.

I knew it would be risky; being dressed up as a woman with the only other men in the world (that I knew existed anyway) living close by; but I figured I had reduced the risk as much as I could. If I had to live in a world without the comfort of contact with women; then I would enjoy as much time as I could pretending to be one. I am not gay but I have been crossdressing all my life since my early teens. I must admit to having fantasies of being with men whilst I am dressed as Michele but I have never acted on them other than masturbation. All of my sexual encounters have been with women and I have enjoyed every one of them. But there are no longer any women in the world; my sex life will consist of fantasy, pornography and masturbation. There is no way I could even conceive of revealing my transvestite lifestyle to Jeff or Steve.

One evening when I decided I had done all I could to ensure that I could enjoy my solitary transvestite fun without getting caught out, I went about making the changes I needed to transform from Michael to Michele. I entered Michele's Playroom and carefully locked the door.

I had already begun to allow my nails to grow long; not long enough to be too noticeable, but long enough to be feminine when filed and painted. I took a long bath and after soaking for an hour I carefully shaved my legs, feet, arms, hands, under-arms, chest and stomach. I had trimmed my pubic hair right down to stubble before I entered the bath and I now shaved my pubis to a nice shape and then carefully shaved my scrotum.

I have only a small thatch of hair in the small of my back, which I shaved with the razor to the best of my ability. I got out of the bath and dried myself and then applied hair-removing cream to the remaining stubble in the small of my back and over and in between my buttocks, paying particular attention to the area around my anus. I shaved my face carefully, twice, so that there was no rasping when I ran my hands over my chin, cheeks and neck. Finally I trimmed my eyebrows and shaped them as best I could so that they would not look too feminine when I was dressed in drab as Michael.

I showered to rinse off the hair remover and remaining suds, towelled off and then slipping into a satin bath robe I sat before my dressing table ready to begin my first transformation from Michael to Michele in over one hundred and fifty years. Although it was over a century in real time, to me it seemed like only a few months since I had dressed as a woman because the stasis condition induced by the cryogenic chamber made it seem just like being asleep for one night. But as any committed transvestite or crossdresser knows, a few months without dressing felt like an eternity.

My usual ritual began; I looked at the amassed cosmetics, wigs and womanly accoutrements laid out before me, sighed with bliss and began to work on my makeup. First I applied a liberal amount of foundation, a slightly shade darker than my natural skin tone. Next I brushed a coating of face powder all over my face to set the foundation. I reached out and took a sip from the glass of the red wine I had poured prior to entering the Playroom; a nice Australian Shiraz, vintage 2125. I then went to work on my eyes.

I like to do my eyeliner next so that if I get it wrong I can clean it off and start over; if I apply the liner after I have my eyeshadow right, I get annoyed. I applied a thick line of black eyeliner to my upper and lower eyelids and then painted my eyelids with a blend of light blue and pink eyeshadow. I covered my eyelids and brushed it up to the top of my eye sockets. I brushed lashings of mascara on to my upper and lower eyelashes, allowing the mascara to set between coats whilst I sipped the Shiraz. No need to rush after all its not as if I'm going out or meeting anyone!

Having finished with my eyes and happy with the results I rouged my cheeks and then applied two generous coats of liquid lipstick. Perfect! I was happy with the results; my face was heavily but carefully madeup; a sort of middle aged slut look that I liked. I applied a final light coating of face powder to give my face a lovely glow. I took my time applying two coats of plum red nail polish to my finger and toenails; gulping red wine between coats and refilling my glass. I selected a raven black bob wig that just brushed the nape of my neck, the fringe falling across my eyebrows. I loved the result!

I rummaged in the jewelbox and put two silver necklaces around my neck and matching bangles on both wrists. I clipped silver drop earings to my ears and laid out an anklet for later, after I had put on my stockings. I was now getting a little aroused and a droplet of clear seminal fluid dripped from the eye of my penis. Now for the best part of dressing; slipping into my lingerie!

I shimmied into a black satin garter belt and slid fully-fashioned taupe stockings on my legs. I smoothed the sleek nylons taught, straitening the seams and pulling the reinforced tops up to the tops of my thighs and attached the garter straps. Then I slid into a pair of pink nylon boy-leg panties, pushing my penis between my legs. I clipped the silver anklet around my right ankle being careful not to ladder my stocking.

I was so happy that despite the passage of time, sexy lingerie had not changed, right up until their extinction women had still craved sensuous slinky underwear. Next I slipped into a black satin push-up bra; I stuffed the latex breastforms I had taken from a sex shop into the cups and adjusted them to look as natural as possible. I eased a white satin full-slip over my head and let it fall, shivering with pleasure as the diaphanous material slithered down my body, especially when the hem ran down my stocking legs creating sparks of delight at the feel of the satin against the lycra and nylon hosiery.

I slipped into a navy blue rayon mini skirt and pulled it up and secured it at the waist and then pulled on long-sleeved white nylon blouse and tucked it into the waistband of my skirt. I had my usual struggle with buttons because they are on the 'wrong side'. After collecting a pair of patent leather black high-heeled pumps I sat on the bed and slipped them on my nylon encased feet. I stood and looked in the full-length mirror.

"Beautiful Michele," I whispered and kissed my reflection.

My cock started to thicken, trapped in my nylon panties and I couldn't help but slide my hand under my skirt and run the tips of my red fingernails over my panty clad silken cock. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a handsome man doing this naughty act. What I didn't realise was that I actually did have a handsome man in my house!

When I opened my eyes a minute later I had the biggest shock of my life; right in front of my face was a huge throbbing penis! I looked up in surprise and there was Jeff smiling down at me, his hard cock sticking out of the fly of his jeans.

"Well don't just look at it; swallow it you fucking queer!" he snarled and pushed his cock against my face.

Jeff rubbed his cock all over my face; laughing as he humiliated me.

I was stunned; how had he got in here? Why was he doing this? What could I do to stop him?

"Jeff; please, don't do this. I won't tell anyone ok?"

"You have to leave," I begged.

"Leave? Won't tell anyone? What do you fucking think is happening here you stupid cunt!" he snarled.

"The world has ended; there are no women left. But there is this fucked up bloke who lives next door who likes to dress like a woman. He even calls himself Michele! So now by default you Michael, by changing yourself into Michele, have become the last woman in the world!"

"And now Michele is going to suck my dick or I'm going to punch her in the face," he hissed and pushed his engorged penis against my red lipsticked lips.

"Now open up bitch!" he warned and pulled my head into his groin.

Jeff's cock filled my mouth and I started to gag. Jeff then held my head commenced raping my face. He thrust his pulsing, penis in and out of my mouth grunting as he fucked my face. I was stunned and had no way to react other that to sit there and let him commit this unspeakable act. My head was spinning trying to figure out how Jeff had hid in my room. How did he know I was a Transvestite? What could I do; it's not like I could call the police is it?

It was strange feeling a cock in my mouth for the first time. It was not unpleasant; in fact in a way Jeff was forcing me to live out my fantasy. My lips clamped around his turgid penis and my tongue slid along his shaft; it was like I knew instinctively how to fellate a man. Jeff pushed my face back until just my lips circled his plum coloured knob; then pulled me forward against him as he thrust forward, forcing his turgid meat into my mouth. As a reflex I flicked my tongue along his shaft and glans and began to sense his enjoyment. Now he increased his attack on my virgin mouth and I tasted more and more of his pre-seminal fluid. He was groaning and panting.

"Yeah fucking whore! You like this don't you! Take my cock bitch!" he growled.

He slammed forward hard and pushed my face into his groin and held it with two hands at the back of my head. His penis throbbed and erupted in my mouth and I felt the hot salty taste of his seed as it exploded from his glans. I started to gag and tried to force myself free as his semen flooded my mouth and slid down my throat.

"Take it bitch, take it!" Jeff howled in his orgasm.

"OH Yeah baby, on your face yes! On your face!"

Jeff pulled my face out his groin and held it close to his crotch with one hand; with the other he rubbed his still ejaculating penis all over my face. His ejaculate shot across my cheeks and landed on my eyelashes, a string of hot semen running across my face. Another spurt shot against my lips and up my nose. I felt stream after stream of semen scald my face and start to run down my neck. The thick gobbets of milky come smeared my cheeks, nose and lips. Looking out my eyes I could hardly see because of the ropes of hot come across my eyelids and lashes.

Jeff's orgasm started to subside and he continued to rub his cock all over my face. He smeared his spend all over me, it combined with my lipstick and makeup to make a hot sticky film that covered my face. Jeff stepped back and looked down at me, sitting on the bed, may face covered in come. Gobbets of semen glistened on my navy blue skirt and soaked into my taupe nylon stockings because some of Jeff's fluids had run off my face.

Jeff smiled down evilly at me and began to unbuckle his belt.

"You're not too fucking bad a cock sucker for a bloke Michele," he sniggered pushing his jeans down and unbuttoning his shirt.

"Now let's see how the last woman left on the planet knows how to fuck?"

To be continued...

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