tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanet of the Dino-whores Ch. 06

Planet of the Dino-whores Ch. 06

by100 Angry Bananas©

As always, Lorna, the Captain of the Guard, awoke with the new dawn. Just as the ridge of morning sun topped the horizon, Lorna's eyes sprung open. She stretched, arching her back, and mewled a yawn. She turned to the figure next to her in bed.

Slow, deep breathing, the heavy rise and fall of a breast. The Queen was still sleeping.

Lora slipped out of bed and not bothering to dress, made her way to the tent flap. Her nude body was statuesque, all sculpted muscles binding an athletic figure. She opened the flap to let in the morning light. The air was cool with moisture; Lorna could taste the dewy humidity in the back of her throat. The camp was quiet and still. The others had not yet stirred out of their sleep with the exception of a few dreary-eyed guards who knew better than to draw Lorna's attention.

She swept a hand through her long blonde hair and regarded the sun- a crimson wound, raw in the dawn sky. The red sun signaled an ominous portent of things to come. Blood would be spilled this day. The ground would drink its fill. Lorna nodded grimly at the thought and allowed a slight smile to stretch her lips.

Behind her eyes, she saw buckets of blood splashing red rivers into the thirsty dirt; in her mind, she heard the shrieking cries of the dying and the silent echo of the dead floating like choral notes on the air.

Lorna smiled because she knew the blood she saw was that of her enemies and not her own.


Karh Blade clenched his eyes shut as he thought about Zara- her smooth skin, her coppery-reddish swish of hair, her athletic but eloquently feminine build. The most vivid image in his mind, however, was her eyes. Her sparkling tiger eyes.

He imagined her eyes burning into his, her mouth opening to accept his passion, a look of ecstasy etched across her features. He imagined her legs wrapped around him, her slippery warmth inviting him between her smooth thighs, the feel of her nails digging into the meat of his hips.

As he imagined, the pace of his stroking hand increased, and the grip tightened. His breathing quickened; his heart raced. Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes. They were what brought an abrupt end to his mental fantasy as he succumbed to the pressure rising in his boiling testicles and let it overwhelm him.

A moment later, the swollen purple head of his member erupted with hot jets of ropy jism. He stood in the murky darkness of pre-dawn, surrounded by the mystery eggs of the field in which he and his fellow stranded fools hid. His cock in his hand and his pants around his ankles like some kind of horny kid. His thick man-juice splattered and kicked up grit as it hit the dirt, immediately absorbed upon impact to a kind of gooey mud. Karh milked his cock to the last dribble leaked across his knuckles.

He sighed as he pulled up his pants and buckled his belt. He wiped a smudge of splooge from his hand onto the leaf of a lush fern. Karh looked down at the splotch of runny dirt where his cum had splashed and wondered if he'd come back in a year that he'd find an egg growing there.

Silly thought. By tomorrow, this would all be ash.

He thought about Princess Sauria, the broken shell in her room, his assertion to Zara that the field was a birthplace and perhaps the explanation of how a race of warrior women could come to existence on a planet devoid of men. It all seemed so blasted insane.

This could have very well been the last orgasm he'd ever have. It should have been at the hands of some buxom space-wench and not his own. He sighed, wished Zara wasn't so stand-up, tight-assed and righteous and maybe a little more slutty. But then she wouldn't be Zara, and he wouldn't want her half as much.

He shrugged, sighed and spat, his saliva mixing with his spilt seed on the ground. As he walked back towards the sanctuary, the sun crested the horizon, and red-orange light washed over the landscape. The field of eggs, scattered like shelled teardrops, was illuminated before him.

Karh continued towards the sanctuary and kicked an egg hard, smashing it, flinging embryonic fluid across the field.


Zara was bent over a console, one hand clenching a fistful of auburn hair, the other arm under her, bicep brushing her breast, forearm against her stomach, the fingers of her hand teasing and rubbing hot pulsing pleasure from her clitoris, moving to slip in and out of the warmth of her vaginal lips.

In her mind's eye, it wasn't her finger slipping into her but Karh Blade.

Still bent over the console but Blade behind her, penetrating her gloriously slow and deep, moving in and out, hot and hard and GOOD, so good that it drove her mad with lust and need and want and yes, it was so good that she could feel the building rush of the wind, the door rumbling against its thundering weight, and then it flew open, the door flew open and the wind came rushing in and swept Zara up and up and UP and-

Her body shivered. Tears leaked from her eyes. She flew. And then, just as suddenly, the wind was gone, and gravity kicked in. The ground was back under her feet too soon and too hard and too real, and the fading waves of orgasm left her gasping and breathless. Zara bit her bottom lip and moved her arm from under her body. It felt numb and heavy like wood.

She could have let Karh have her, made her own imagination come to life and saved herself the dead weight of her pins-and-needles sleeping arm. But even if she were to die today, she had to maintain everything that she was. And Karh was a bounty. If she were to have him, it would be on her terms, no one else's. Not even fate's.

As Zara dressed, her mind felt alive, vividly conscious; every movement, every thought as she pulled on the dark blue trousers of her flight suit was specific and aware. Her own mortality hovered over her, like a ghost patiently waiting to be born by Zara's impending death.


"One charge here in the field to start," Karh said, his hands crossed over his chest.

Hunter Haux nodded and glanced over at Henrik. He looked drugged, heavy circles cut under his eyes, the eyes glazed and dull. He must not have slept well after she had knocked him out. Hunter remembered the sound of his skull connecting with the floor after she had kicked Henrik off of her. Hunter could hardly believe that everything that she had heard about the dino-women (their pheromones, their potential for the military) was all true, evidenced by Henrik and his reaction to Hunter's sexuality the previous night.

But why had Henrik reacted and not Karh Blade? Was it because Henrik had been with the Queen and Blade had not? Or was there something more to Blade?

"What's on your mind?" Zara asked, breaking Hunter's train of thought. Hunter came back to reality like an infant waking from a nap, mouth working but not forming words. A moment later, one found her.


"Looked like you had something on your mind," Zara said. Hunter glanced around and saw the others looking at her, Henrik's eyes narrowed and sly. Hunter wondered what was on his mind, certainly not something complimentary. Karh seemed impatient, an anxious expression rolling on his face, working his jaw.

"No," Hunter said. She paused and thought of something appropriate to say, "But what are you planning on doing when you have their attention? They're not going to be too happy about you blowing up their potential next generation."

"We ought to make a giant omelet. That way, everybody wins," Henrik snorted. The others ignored him. Henrik frowned, felt the bump at the back of his head and winced. He should have stuck with the Queen.

"Well, I wish we had more charges, but we should be happy I managed to smuggle three. One for the field, one for the dish, and one for emergency. Our primary defense will come from the blasters. Both Zara and I will have one, and you two will be carrying one on your way to the dish," Karh said, tracing the thin white scar under his chin. It was an unnaturally smooth, winding rise under his finger, and he had slid over half of it before he even realized what he was doing.

Henrik didn't look encouraged by the statement. The pounding in his head had subsided to a fading thunder, but the pounding in his heart only increased as he considered the potential consequences of the day before him, namely death.

"Blasters? You haven't seen the things they're riding. They're MONSTERS. Three-horned, shielded, scaled, elephantine monsters," Henrik said.

Karh shrugged.

"We'll have our blasters on maximum and conserve our shots. There's nothin' I've ever seen could withstand a laser blast of that intensity. Fill anything with enough holes, it dies."

Zara nodded in tentative agreement and replied, "It'll have to be enough."

She turned to Hunter and asked, "Where's the ship?"

The question had lingered unanswered for long enough. There was a good chance that Hunter might be killed in the battle, and if she died, then any knowledge of the location of the ship would die with her. Hunter probably thought this would guarantee her life, and that the others would be more motivated to protect her. This was a risk Zara was unwilling to take. If Hunter was not forthcoming, they would have to force her to be.

The only person they could not afford to lose was Zara- the pilot.

For once, Hunter was forthcoming. Zara felt relieved but disappointed that she wouldn't have the chance to twist Hunter's arm... just a little. It wasn't that she disliked Hunter Haux, but Zara didn't like secrecy. Hunter was hiding something.

"It's just on the other side of the volcano, at the base. Just into the jungle. You'll see a misshapen, jagged rock. You'll know it because it's blue like my hair. I marked it when we landed, so we wouldn't forget. Once the dish is gone, we can make a run for it."

"Running away," Karh said and grinned. "Now THAT is something I'm good at."


Before a battle, the Queen had her handmaidens service her. Today was no different.

With the talons of her hand, the Queen brushed the blonde hair of the one between her legs, sighing as the warm throbs of pleasure swept up her spine and into her mind. The Queen understood that the mind was the source of all pleasure, not the heart. Love was not of the heart but of the mind, a myth the mind created to give mystery and meaning to the universe. The truly enlightened, those like the Queen, had no need of mystery. Reality was just as complicated and much more interesting.

The Queen was myth given life.

While the first handmaiden lapped at the honeyed sweetness between the Queen's muscular thighs, a second handmaiden slowly and deftly stroked her tail with nimble fingers and luscious caresses. The Queen loved having her tail stroked.

The handmaiden flicked the end of the tail with her tongue. The Queen shivered with electric tingles. The sounds of lapping increased as excess moisture dripped from the royal cunt.

When the ground rumbled under her, the Queen thought it was merely the onset of a spine-shattering orgasm until Lorna rushed into the tent in full armor, her gladius out and anxious to drink the blood of its enemies.

"They've just set fire to the Shidera's Womb!" Lorna said, her jaw set. A vein pulsed across the top of her forehead. Shidera, the goddess of fertility and birth, her womb was the most sacred place on the planet, and now it was in flames.

The Queen snarled, so angry that when she brought her thighs together and snapped the neck of the first handmaiden, she didn't notice.



"So far so good," Karh said. After igniting the charge, the field was alive with flame, but he and Zara had taken cover behind two boulders on the near side of the field, safe from the blaze. Hunter and Henrik were to their backs, making their lumbering journey to the dish on the volcano's side, and the Queen and her cohorts would have to come from their front, through the flames.

Unfortunately to make it to the ship, they'd all have to go through the field, the flames, and the barbaric horde of dinosaurs and their masters to make it to the ship. Zara thought with the right amount of chaos, they might be able to slip through and make it out alive. But it was a slim hope.

"Maybe they won't come, maybe they'll wait for the flames to die down, see if they can salvage the..." Zara began, but then the riders broke through the billows of black smoke like harbingers of doom. Zara's breath left her in a ragged choke of awe.

A word from Zara's Earth history classes flew from her lips: "Triceratropicals!"

It didn't seem right, but it was close enough. She was dimly aware of a cold bead of sweat trickling down the back of her neck, leaving a wet slimy path in its wake. The beasts lumbered like goliaths on trunk-like legs, the riders on them wielding spears and bloodthirsty faces.

"Remember, conserve your shots. Use the smoke for cover. Confuse them," Karh said, repeating the plan with staccato bursts of sentences.

Zara nodded, twirled her blaster on her trigger finger, caught it barrel-out. Karh looked pale but excited. Zara wondered if she looked the same. A rush of adrenaline surged through her, made her a little dizzy, made her want to reach out and kiss Karh Blade on impulse, and she did.

Karh kissed her back, surprised, but not so much that he didn't take the time to place the palm of his hand against Zara's smooth, beautiful face and after the kiss was broken, say, "Good luck."

Then he was up and she was up, and their blasters were firing.


They didn't have to climb high, but the going was rough, especially with Hunter so anxious to do what she had to do. Her hand kept going to the blaster at her side, brushing the handle, anticipating. Henrik walked in front of her, unaware. He had no idea that she knew.

Knew that the Queen had poisoned him with her sex.

The experiment had been a success. Too bad that the rest of her original group had been obliterated by the very super soldiers they had hoped to harvest. Imagine the potential of an army of women who could manipulate any men it came across? But who could have known that the experiment would have gotten so out of hand? The entire planet seemed to have responded to the genetic coding in entirely unpredictable ways.

The Queen had fucked Henrik. This meant that Henrik was now under her spell, proven by his reaction when Hunter had come on to him last night. Henrik would betray Hunter and the others the first chance he got. His allegiance now lay with the Queen.

Hunter thumbed the blaster. She'd kill him before that could happen.

But she'd wait until the charge was placed. The dish sat in the recess of a cave, sitting on a narrow precipice of rock. At the far end of the cave, a gulf led into the heart of the volcano. She'd blast Henrik and push his body into the gulf. Evidence and body would vanish for good efficiently and effectively. There was no point in telling Karh or Zara about the highly confidential military experiment. Why bother?

A cracked, crumbling tear opened like a sneering sideways mouth in the volcanic rock wall. Hunter stopped Henrik with a hand on his shoulder.

"Here we are," she said.


Zara worked her way to the ship, keeping one eye open for a jagged blue rock even as she blasted a shrieking blonde from her saddle with a blazing bolt of red laser. The rider pulled on her reins as she fell, and the "triceratropical" she rode started rolling left- used to taking directional orders in this fashion with its reins- and crashed into a second beast with a surprised roar. The first beast's horns tore a gash of flesh from the second, and they both tumbled into the fire crackling around them.

Zara twisted and rolled, a spear whistling past her head, whipping through a twirl of her hair. She fired blindly in the direction the spear had come and spun. She had just enough time to see the thrusting horn and duck as the triceratropical missed, grazing Zara's elbow and knocking her sideways.

She fell to the ground, grass burning her palms as she skidded. She felt the spear that had barely missed her bump against one hand as she came to an awkward stop. She looked up and saw the rider jump from her saddle and hurdle down towards Zara, a dagger out and sharp in the woman's hand.

Jupiter's balls, she couldn't catch a break!

Zara wasted in no time in grabbing the spear next to her and jabbing it up and into the soft flesh of the flying woman. The woman's eyes went wide as her body weight and gravity forced the spear through her and out her back with a rip of flesh and snap of bone. Zara swung the spear to her side and let it and the shish-ka-bitch it had impaled fall to the ground with a meaty thud.

She leapt to her feet and started moving through the smoke and potentially towards the ship and salvation when Zara felt the ground tremble under her feet in a new but familiar way.

Through the black haze, she could just make out the shape of Vanitoth thundering out of the jungle.


Hunter watched Henrik place the charge on the dish. Behind him, she unholstered the blaster strapped to her side and set it to max power. She didn't want to take any chances; she needed Henrik fast and dead.

"There we are, now if you'll just arm this puppy, we'll be set," Henrik said. He turned, and Hunter raised the blaster to set his face aflame. She wasn't quick enough. Henrik had murderous motivations of his own, and if she had been a second quicker, maybe Hunter would have had him.

As it was, Henrik's hands went up and fast and around Hunter's neck and squeezed. She tried to turn the gun in her hand, aim it into his ribs, but Henrik had caught her wrist in the crook of his elbow and pinned it between their bodies. A choked gasp burped from Hunter's throat. Henrik's thumbs dug into her windpipe.

"I'd say I'm sorry, but I just think about the Queen's tail wrapped around me and my cock in her, and I am so not sorry in the least," Henrik said into Hunter's ear, whispering like a lover. Hunter could feel his erection pressing into her thigh.

She wanted to respond, to tell him that she had known all along, he hadn't really gotten the best of her, if she'd just been quicker, hadn't waited for Henrik to turn around so she wouldn't have to shoot him in the back and then turtle-shell-shaped fireworks flamed in her eyes and her tongue lolled and her body shuddered and she remembered all those things that had made her life good and they ran through her mind like water through fingers and-

And when Hunter's eye rolled into the back of her head, Henrik was sure she was dead.


Zara moved through the smoke, forsaking any notion of stealth now that Vanitoth had caught the scent of prey. She heard its roar and the booming impacts of its feet crashing against the ground as it charged blindly after its potential meal. Zara struggled to keep her balance as the ground quaked beneath her.

A rider appeared at her left, splitting the murky haze with an upraised spear. Zara dodged as the weapon bore down on her in an attempt to penetrate her skull. The tip of the spear caught a slice of Zara's cheek as she twisted away, and pain scorched her face as she tumbled to the ground.

The rider brought her beast around and gripped her spear, adjusting it in her hand, preparing a killing strike now that Zara lay vulnerable on the ground. But Vanitoth's snout roared through a billow of smoke and plucked the rider from her perch before the strike could be made.

Zara saw feet kicking between Vanitoth's massive teeth, and then she was up and running. She'd never thought she'd be happy to see the likes of Vanitoth, but this came close.

She caught something in the corner of her eye, something that didn't fit- a piece of sky broken and fallen and jutting up from the ground instead of hanging in the air where it belonged. No- not sky- but blue like sky, blue like Hunter's hair: a colored boulder. The marker for Hunter's ship.

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