tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanetfall Ch. 03

Planetfall Ch. 03


The twin moons of Elysia hung like pendulous breasts in the darkened sky, the shimmering jewelled galactic centre providing a breathtaking backdrop to the unique sight as the massive gas giant that orbited outwards of the planet started to rise above the nearby tree tops.

The magnificence was lost on Richard Jensen as he sat in the garden chair, legs spread wide and his lover sitting between them, back to him and leaning forward impaled on his fat cock. They were naked in the dark garden, making love under the stars and his vision was fixed on the shapely backside before him, pumping up and down on his manhood as Kira's tight pussy tried to milk his cum into her womb once again.

"Ughh! Ughh! Ughh!" the grunts pushed forcefully out of her lungs with every down stroke Her head was so low that her long flaxen hair lay on the ground and swept to and fro in rhythm with her thrusts.

The back wall of her slick pussy rubbed hard on his glans and he could feel the climax rising in his groin. In only a few days she had become very adept at bringing him to orgasm. Hundreds of years without men on this planet hadn't dulled the female instinct in knowing exactly what to do with a hot, hard cock.

"Kira!" he croaked, "I'm going to cum if you keep that up!"

She snapped her head up to look at him, hair flying high in a blond haze before landing on her well defined back and slipping over the opposite shoulder. Lust glinted in her eyes as a broad smile broke over her face.

"I need to cum," she panted. They had been copulating for over an hour now and her pussy felt like a hot, swollen tunnel of flesh. Every stroke of the cock within her abused cunt sending waves of pleasure pulsing throughout her abdomen. The heavy throb in her loins signalling her need for release.

"Sit back baby, I want to hold you close."

She pushed up and sat back against his chest feeling his cock embed it self fully and the bulging head jam up against her cervix.

"Oh Mother Goddess!" she groaned. "How I love to feel you so deep inside my pussy!" She flopped her head on his shoulder as he reached around and held her soft weighty breasts.

Richard whispered in her ear, "Ride me baby! Ride me and cum so I can fill you with my seed again."

Kira kept him fully impaled within her and rocked her hips rapidly to and fro. The bulbous head of his cock slid mercilessly over and around her swollen cervix as she found the perfect position and rhythm. Soon she started to pant as the climax built and her pussy gripped the invading shaft, small involuntary spasms squeezing hard around it.

The sensations on his cock head made Richard's head swim. Never had he felt quite an exquisite feeling as Kira was doing to him now. He hoped she was getting close to climax as the pressure on his glans and the vice like grip of her vagina on his pole was becoming unbearable.

Pulling and twisting her fat nipples he whispered in her ear, "That's it baby, grind down on my cock, make it spurt hot cum into your pussy!" He crushed her breasts and pulled hard on the buds between his fingers.

"Unghhhhh!" she grunted.

He felt her shudder and her muscles twitched all over. "Cum for me baby! Cum on my cock!"

She ground her pussy down hard and stiffened, back arching, mouth open soundlessly to the night sky as the explosion of pure ecstasy ripped from deep within her loins to every extremity. Eyes wide, drinking in the sight of the moons and heavenly vista she felt the surge of pleasure pulse from her belly in wave after wave.

Richard felt her stiffen and plunge her weight hard on his cock. It felt like he had penetrated her cervix and entered her womb such was the grip on the end of his shaft. The sensation drove him over the edge and his cock pulsed as cum surged up the rock hard pole and jetted into the deepest recesses of her sex, drenching the swollen walls in a warm, sticky fluid.

They climaxed in union, soundlessly, in the act of be-getting life with only the billions of stars as witness to the universe's ultimate act of species preservation.

Kira's body relaxed completely with the cessation of her orgasm. As quickly as it had come it departed, leaving a warm, glowing feeling in her belly and a tingling in her fingers and toes. She felt Richard's massive pole still pushing deep against her soft insides and an incredible wetness in her pussy. She knew he had cum when the fat head of his cock had expanded within her and he had gripped her breasts in the throes of his climax. The slickness of her pussy was testament to his completion within her. She felt at one with him as her sex throbbed on his spent manhood and he held her close, his breath hard next to her cheek.

Richard's hands relaxed when his orgasm ended and while one held a breast the other slipped down Kira's taut belly and cupped her puffy vulva. Two fingers sliding either side of his shaft where it entered her body. Her gash was hot and wet in his palm and he pressed his hand hard against it.

"Mmmmmmm, your pussy is so hot and wet baby!" he murmured in her ear.

Her hand slid down and cover his over her vulva, "You make it very happy. You make me very happy. My life changed when you fell from the sky."

They held like that, joined as man and woman in the bliss of sexual union before the beauty of the galaxy, neither one having ever felt such a powerful attraction for another. Richard's memory of his wife Jane becoming like a dream; Kira having found a soul mate; someone she truly loved beyond all reason.

"Look Richard!" Kira pointed upwards to the large pendulous moons. "The Mother Goddess rises! And see, above the trees she is heavy with child! This is a most auspicious sign! I have only ever read of this!"

Richard looked up to the sky; the moons did indeed look like breasts hanging heavy in the night against the bright band of the galaxy and if one stretched imagination the gas giant further below could be seen as a distended belly. It's current proximity to Elysia making it appear much larger in the sky than perhaps normal.

His hand moved up from her vulva to cover her lower belly, "Aye, perhaps it is a sign. Maybe the Mother Goddess smiles on you Kira."

Her hand followed his, "And my kin," she whispered.

"Kira," his voice was soft, "I need to meet with your community leaders. It is vitally important for the survival of your people."

Her voice was hushed, "I know." She got up and turned around as he put his legs together, sitting back down on his lap and putting his semi hard cock back into her sopping pussy. She hugged him, pressing her naked belly and breasts against him.

"I don't want to lose you," the anguished tone strained from her throat.

He held her close, "It's okay baby. I want to help your people. I will always be yours."

She drew back to look at him. "I think the Mother Goddess has sent you. There can be no other explanation; so many strange things happening!"

Richard didn't say anything. A person's belief system was central to their being. If she believed in portents and omens then so be it. What she saw in the sky and the events that had happened were interpretation and conjecture; unconnected events bearing no correlation to each other. Richard was a scientific pragmatist, but he was mindful of protecting this people's spirituality from his own rationalisations.

Kira continued, "I will go into town tomorrow and visit my mother, she is part of the council now and can arrange something. I will bring her back and you can talk to her. She is wise and can help. I have need to deliver a load of goods, so the trip will be doubly fruitful."

He stroked her face, "Thank you Kira."

She smiled back and kissed him deeply, relishing in the feel of his body on and in her as her pussy involuntarily contracted around the semi hard cock still inside her.


Richard looked at the departing cart as it slowly went its way down the unmade road and onwards to the township. He had helped Kira load the cart with a variety of earthenware pots and containers; from basic storage to exquisitely crafted vases and works of art. She was truly skilled in her art and he was amazed at the resilience of the pieces. At one stage he had accidently dropped what appeared to be an almost wafer thin translucent vase when he had stumbled on a protruding paving stone and the object leapt from his grasp.

In what seemed slow motion it arced through the air and he flailed hopeless after it, expecting it to shatter into a thousand pieces on impact, but it merely bounced off the stones with a loud resonant ring like a bell before rolling to a stop a few feet away.

He stood there mouth agape astounded at the outcome. "That," he said incredulously, pointing at the vase, "is impossible. No ceramic could ever survive such an impact!" Advanced as materials science was on Earth, ceramics with properties that this vase demonstrated was still beyond even the nano-engineers. Some holy grail of material science or process existed here that had not been discovered on his home planet yet.

Kira walked over and picked up the wayward vase, turning it in her hands and inspecting it closely.

"It is unblemished," she eventually announced with a smile.

Richard sighed, "Thank god! How do you make such an object? Are they all like that?"

She looked at him and spoke in a matter of fact tone, "No. The minerals that gives this quality are quite rare and difficult to find, so it is only used in the most important of pieces. Regular pottery still suffers from breakage and misuse. I'd be out of work if it wasn't so!" she gave him a wink at that last comment.

They finished loading the cart without further incident and he watched her climb up to driver's seat. Her impossibly short light blue skirt riding high exposing same coloured panties that covered only half her tight round backside. The bulge of her labia against the material as she bent over providing him with instant fuel for his imagination and libido.

The horse and cart disappeared around a bend and Richard knew it would be the better part of half a day before Kira arrived back. It was the first time he had been alone since departing the doomed science ship and he reflected on the events that had bought him here.

It had been only a week, yet it seemed like a lifetime since his abrupt evacuation from the ship. There was not even time to farewell his beloved wife in person, flesh to flesh. To rub salt into the wound he had fallen for the beauty of the woman that had rescued him and most likely made her pregnant with not one, but two babies. How he had gone from a life of unquestioned certainty aboard the ship to chaotic destiny defied his logic and challenged his reasoning and sanity.

He felt like he was between a rock and a hard place; on one hand to uphold the fidelity to his wife and the other to fulfil her wish for him to help this forgotten people. There was only one way to help them; they needed breeding stock, plain and simple. She knew it the moment she told him to get in the lifeboat that he was their one and best chance. That was why she risked her life to buy time and upload Sylvia and eject him from the ship early; to give him the chance to save an unknown people in need.

Tears welled in his eyes as he looked down the empty road. Jane, ever the adventurer; intelligent, beautiful and pragmatic. She knew what she was doing; saving him and saving the people of this planet. Her singular unselfish act would change the course of history for a planet, perhaps the destiny of a whole race.

He would do her proud, but he would never stop looking to find an answer; the answer to her fate. He turned back to the house and trudged back sadly. Kira's leaving bringing back the recent events, suddenly impressing upon him how human he really was. Stripped of the science and technology he was still a human with human loves, hates and urges. He could temper them, but never master them without becoming something less than human and for that he would never pay the price.

Back in the house he took his mind off his melancholy thoughts by busying himself with an investigation of the domestic livestock Kira kept, pets and local plant life. He had bought back four large bulging saddle bags and some rucksacks of scientific and medical equipment from the lifeboat the previous day and being alone now afforded him the time to perform some real science.

The hours slipped by as he gathered data and samples, sending the information to Sylvia for analysis. The lounge room looked like a laboratory with equipment covering every surface; lights blinking on control panels, whirring and beeping, screens displaying graphs, molecular images and reams of data points.

Richard sat in the middle of it all, totally focused on his console. He was back in his element and oblivious to everything else.

"Oh! Mother Goddess!" Kira's surprised voice echoed above the hum and electronic noises of the machinery.

He looked up over the top of the display tablet. Kira stood in the doorway, a hand covering her mouth, eyes wide staring at the technological transformation of her simple, but tastefully furnished lounge.

Richard blinked and stared a moment. The interruption had caught him off guard such was his concentration on his work, "Hello darling! Back so soon?"

"It's mid afternoon! I've been gone over six hours!" she reminded him with a smile. "And what a mess you've created!"

He blushed and looked sheepishly at her, "Ummm, yeah, sorry. I didn't know where to set it all up, but there are some very interesting findings so far!"

Kira walked up the the other side of the dining table, "I bought mother back. She's waiting in the garden. She doesn't exactly know about you and I don't think it would be wise to introduce you here with, with all of this," she waved her arm around at the sprawl of equipment.

"Yes, perhaps just one shock at a time," he agreed. "What have you told her?"

"I said I had found something very interesting that fell to earth when we had those strange events in the sky and she should have a look."

"Well," he replied with a laugh, "it's not a lie!" He got up and walked around to her side, "You'd better introduce me then."

She took his hand and walked ahead of him leading him into the bright warm afternoon. Rounding a hedge she called out, "Mother! I have someone you should meet!"

The figure clothed in a plain white mid thigh dress, embroidered through with gold strands turned around to face him. Richard half knew what to expect, but the reality still shocked him; he looked into the face of a mirror of Kira. This woman that stood before him was such an exact copy that if were not for their different dress and hair styles he could not tell them apart.

"Mother, this is Doctor Richard Jensen," Kira introduced. "Richard, this is my mother, Kyrinn."

The two stood staring at each other. Richard for his amazement at her likeness to Kira, and Kyrinn at seeing someone else of the same form as her people, but so strikingly different. Her mind struggled to make sense of it. Nothing in her experience could have prepared her for this.

Richard stepped forward, "I am honoured to meet you Kyrinn," he said formally. He reached down and took her hand in his and bought it to his lips, kissing her fingers gently.

"I, I," Kyrinn stammered, "I think I need to sit down!"

Kira quickly recognised her mother's plight and led her to a nearby wooden bench where she sat next to her, arm reassuringly around her mother's waist. Richard looked at the two of them. They were like twins, but Kyrinn should have showed more signs of aging. There was not an additional wrinkle or blemish more than Kira had to indicate her age was any greater than her daughter's, but she had to be at least twenty or more years older. Another mystery to investigate.

He looked at her sitting there; the same long slender legs, lithe body revealed by the cut of the dress. Her long flaxen hair plaited in a ponytail down her back. Interestingly she had one breast exposed, which was distracting. However it appeared to be the same size and form as Kira's. He imagined his hand cupping it, feeling the soft weight while he teased the nipple to hardness with his tongue and let his hand wander up beneath her dress.

He checked himself. How was it that his sexual urges suddenly flared like that? Within moments of the women being present his blood had started to simmer with lust. His rational mind struggled against his desires. This wasn't normal. Something in the environment or the females of this planet was doing unusual things to his system.

Kyrinn's voice broke his thoughts, "Who, who are you and how do you come to be here?" She felt better that she had regained composure and was now able to find out about this mysterious stranger.

Richard grabbed a small wooden stool and placed it in front of the women. Sitting down he drew a deep breath, "It's a long story, but I'll explain as best I can."

He recounted his story up to the current day, side stepping the intimate moments he had with Kira. Kyrinn sat there stunned shaking her head. "This sounds so fantastic. If I had not met you in person I would not believe it to be real. Even then I'm not sure."

Kira stood and took her mother's hand, "Come mother, let me show you something that will convince you without doubt." Richard followed behind, admiring the two gorgeous backsides swaying seductively with each step as they headed back into the house.

"There!" Kira announced, pointing at the array of high tech equipment strewn over every available flat surface.

Kyrinn stared boggle eyed at the sight. She could not even comprehend what she was looking at. "What, what," she stammered, "is all this?"

"Science instruments and medical equipment mainly," he replied walking over to the table. He picked up the display tablet, "Here, would you like to see your planet from space?"

Kira's eyes widened with excitement, "Oh yes! Come mother, he has the most wondrous device, you simply must see it!"

Richard sat on the lounge and the women sat either side of him. Kira pressed close to him whilst Kyrinn maintained a little space. Already he felt a little giddy with two godly female specimens sitting so close. He sensed he could almost smell the sent of arousal from them. It was like his senses were becoming heightened although he had no rational explanation for it.

Kyrinn viewed the images and video on the tablet in complete disbelief. This was a technology so way beyond anything she had encountered it was like magic. Without realising, she had moved closer to him, pressing her naked thigh against his trousered leg, and her bared naked breast and arm against his. The images swam in her head as the sensation of his skin against hers sent tingles through her body. Somehow she was becoming very aroused. She felt it the instant she laid eyes on him; he wasn't a woman, yet she was drawn to him.

"Kira," she managed to say through the fog descending her mind. "I need some air. Come outside with me for a moment please."

The two women walked outside into the dusk, leaving Richard to continue with his work. Kyrinn turned to her daughter, "Kira, I feel most unusual, like nothing I've ever felt before."

Kira looked her mother in the eye, "You are attracted to him, are you not?"

Kira's bluntness surprised her, "How? Why? I mean how did you know?"

"I felt the same thing from the moment I found him almost dead in the ravine. Then when I nursed him back I could not help myself." She looked down at the grass, avoiding her mother's gaze.

"You have slept with him?"

"Yes," came the whispered reply.

"Kira, I do not understand. What is he? He like us, but not like us. There can be no issue from such a union!"

A broad smile spread over Kira's face as she lifted it to look at her mother. "Richard is the other half of our race. He carries the seed that can fertilise our bellies and grant us life within our wombs."

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