tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanetfall Ch. 04

Planetfall Ch. 04


The covered wagon rolled slowly under the cover of darkness into the main community settlement that Richard discovered was of the same name as the world he was on: Elysia. On their journey in he had spent much of the time in the back with Kyrinn as Kira piloted the wagon and learned what he needed about the upcoming meeting with the Elders and the Council.

As he understood it the Council were the law makers and fairly much judge and jury for all issues bought before them. They wielded supreme executive authority and their decisions were final with rare exception to appeals. Failure to abide by the Council's judgement could result in any number of punitive measures, the harshest which resulted in banishment from the community, a sure death sentence. Community support for the Council was strong in the face of the alternatives, given the precarious population position circumstances had forced upon them. The people trusted and respected the council to make the decisions to guide their community on a safe and prosperous path.

Expanding on what Kira had told him, Kyrinn filled in more details. "The Council has been in it's present form for many centuries. There are records of it that go back beyond our understanding of the writing and before that, we do not know. Suffice to say, the council here in Elysia governs over all the lesser councils from the outlying communities, so you will be addressing the absolute head of power of our people."

Richard nodded his head in understanding while Kyrinn continued, "There is a strict protocol to be observed, so please bear with it, I will explain more later. Now, you know the basic make-up of the Council, however you need to know some details that will help you when you address them."

He looked down at his tablet, "One moment honey, I'm recording this so I can review and study it later."

Kyrinn smiled; how she loved him so. No one had ever used such a term of endearment on her just in natural conversation. Somehow her people had lost a vital part of their humanity when they had lost their men folk so many centuries ago. A whole new world of relationships was unfolding before her so that even the smallest things were like discovering a new land.

"Okay," he said looking back up at her. He saw her smile and returned it in kind, reaching his hand out to hold hers.

She gripped it firmly as though to be sure he was real and continued, "The Lesser Council members are addressed as 'Sister'. You may add their name after it if you know it. The Elder Council members are addressed as 'Elder' and you may add their name if you know it. One Elder is senior in position to the others. She holds the Chair of the Elders and she has the casting vote in deadlocks and also has veto rights under certain circumstances, which are quite involved. Needless to say her word holds great sway."

"Kira told me your grandmother held that position?"

"Yes," Kyrinn responded. "Grandmother was The Elder for well over half a century before she retired."

"So, The Elder holds the Chair?" Richard queried.

"Correct and if you refer to an Elder in the third person or indirectly you must say 'The honourable Elder', but not when you address them directly."

Richard shook his head, it was staring to get a little confusing. "So do I address The Elder any differently?"

Kyrinn shook her head, "No, but you should know her name, which is Lyra, to be clear you are directing your comments to her."

Kyrinn went on to explain other facets of the Council until Kira poked her head through the drawn covers, "Mother, we are almost there."

"Good," she replied. Standing, she grabbed a hooded cloak from the seat next to her and handed it to him. "Put this on and keep the hood down over your face. I'd rather we not draw any attention, even though the streets are quite and the Council will be almost seated by now."

She slipped out between the crack in the oiled cover at the front of the wagon and joined Kira on the driver's bench to help her guide the wagon to it's destination. Richard donned the cloak and peeked a look out the gap in the cover. Darkness hid most of the town, but he discerned one and two story buildings lining the street. Lights were on the windows of some, but many were dark. Whether this was due to the occupants being asleep or an unoccupied dwelling he didn't know, but he feared the latter was more the case.

The wagon suddenly came to a halt and Kyrinn poked her head through the gap, "Kira will take you in. I need to take my seat at the Council. Good luck my love." She reached out and pulled him to her in a quick embrace and kiss then was gone into the darkness.

Richard gathered up the satchel he had bought with him and pulled the hood of the cloak over his head as Kira slipped into the back of the wagon. She also wore a hooded cloak.

"Come," she whispered urgently and grabbing his hand, pulled him out through the cover at the back of the wagon and into the street. It was little more than hard packed earth, worn with wheel ruts through long use. Holding his hand she led him through a series of dark narrow lanes till they came across a wooden door. Lifting the latch she pushed with her shoulder and the door swung open silently into a dimly lit corridor. Richard followed her in and she quickly closed the door behind them, sliding a bolt into place.

Holding for a moment she tilted her head from side to side, listening intently.

"Nothing," she whispered. "Follow me."

Kira moved quickly and lithely, like a cat on the prowl. He was torn between admiring her form hidden beneath the cloak and helping as a second set of eyes for whatever was out there. Eventually they came out into a more open space in front of two large metal bound doors.

Kira lowered her hood and nodded to the doors. The entrance to the chamber where the Council sits. We must wait here." She turned to him, unbuttoning his cloak, "We can dispense with these."

She gathered the cloaks and threw them aside and stood next to him, her hand clasped in his, fingers intertwined. The minutes past and they waited. It seemed like an age. His hands felt sweaty and his heart was beating hard in his chest. He felt; odd. That was the only word he could put on it. Not nervous, just odd.

Suddenly there was a loud click and the doors swung open towards them, silently like a mouth ready to devour them.

Kira's hand tightened on his and she breathed loudly, "It is time." She stepped forward and he followed by her side. The doors opened to a heavily curtained partition within the chamber and as they approached the curtain parted to let them through.

Bright light streamed though the gap and as they entered Richard's senses reeled. He staggered and Kira caught his arm. "Are you okay?" her voice held concern.

He closed his eyes and put his free hand to his forehead, thumb and finger on each temple, pressing hard. "I, yes, I just feel a little dizzy. Must be the light" he managed to stammer. It wasn't the light; he could smell, no, not smell, sense, feel an overwhelming female sexuality filling the room. It was like when he embraced Kira or Kyrinn, close and intimate, their smell, the feel of their fertility and sexuality, but amplified so many times over.

Richard drew a deep breath and steeled himself. He had to remain upright. This new sense, a sixth sense was beyond his control and he struggled against its effects now being exposed to so many fertile women.

He looked around as they walked into the room. His senses appeared to heightened, sharpened beyond his experience. Colours so vivid they seemed to be alive and his hearing discerning even the slightest breath. Kira's touch was electric on his skin, sending tingles up his arm.

The room was circular with a high dome from which a diffuse, but bright light emanated. One half of the chamber, opposite from where Richard and Kira entered was occupied by a semi-circular table that held seats for seventeen people. At the top of the curve, directly opposite their entrance the table rose a little way above the rest on either side. The twelve women that sat on either side of the raised section all wore robes of deep crimson laced with the finest silver work thread up the arms and around the high collars. Richard knew these women to be the Sisters of the Lesser Council by Kyrinn's description.

The five women seated at the raised section wore royal blue robes, but their metal work was of gold and the robed woman in the middle of them had intricately detailed gold worked thread along the shoulder and down the breast. These were the Elder Council and the woman with the extra braiding on her cloak, The Elder, she who held the Chair of the Elders.

The curtain they had passed through extended around the wall of the chamber and detailed various motifs to which Richard had no understanding of. The whole room reeked of formal authority and appeared to be designed to awe and impress.

Kira led them to a low dais which would have been at the centre of a circle of the table had it continued around to form one. Three chairs sat on it, the one in the middle slightly forward of the other two on either side.

Kira whispered in his ear, "Sit on the middle one," as she let go of his hand. He moved around to the cushioned chair and sat down almost groggily, facing opposite the Elders and noticed Kira sit in the chair to his right.

Silence enveloped the chamber. He felt every eye on him. Seeing an alien, but not unlike themselves. He sensed apprehension, fear, caution. A gamut of sensations emanated from them, but overriding all that the overwhelming sense of sexuality, a rampant unfulfilled fertility. His head spun and he gritted his teeth to try to maintain some clarity.

A gong sounded, load and crystal clear. It came from nowhere and everywhere reverberating in his brain.

A voice sounded, "This Council is now in session! Who represents the Seeker's wisdom of the Council?"

A red robed figure rose on the left side of the table. Kyrinn's voice spoke clear as she stood, "I do Elder," then proceeded around the table to the dais where he and Kira sat.

Richard's heart pounded in his chest and his head felt light.

An Elder spoke her voice reverberating in his ears, "You may announce the Seeker and their cause!"

Kyrinn stood at his side and holding him by his elbow prompted him to rise. "Council," she called in a clear voice, "I announce Doctor Richard Jensen!"

He stood and suddenly his vision tunnelled to pinpoints, his head buzzing. His limbs felt like lead weights with legs turning to jelly. Blackness engulfed him and he collapsed to the floor.


A sharp acrid scent drove into Richard's brain rousing him from his unconsciousness He was on his back on a padded surface and groggily he tried to rise. A hand touched his shoulder and he opened his eyes. He was in a room lined with books and anatomical charts. A face was close to his: large hazel coloured eyes looked into his with concern. They were slightly tilted and her face was very pretty. High cheekbones, a small cute nose and large luscious lips all framed by a cascade of thick dark brown curls of hair that fell to her shoulders.

"Wh, where am I?" he struggled to say still trying to rise against the hand on his shoulder. "Where is Kira?"

The woman spoke, her voice soft but firm, "You are in my surgery in the Council's chambers. I sent the others away. They all wanted to stay, but this is a medical issue and not of their concern. Kira is being questioned by the Council. You may return when I am satisfied that you are well enough and can stand on your own two feet."

He slumped back onto the bed and sighed relief. His senses seemed to be returning to normal with the smelling salts wearing off his sinus.

The woman continued, "I am Doctor Miriam." He noticed her more now. A petite woman, she looked to be mid twenties, but then here that could mean a real age of fifty. He really had no idea.

"You fainted," she added matter of factly. "If Kira hadn't been so quick to grab your arm and slow your fall, you might have done yourself a serious injury." She leaned in closer and he noticed her pupils dilated and her nostrils flared slightly. A slight blush appeared around her neck.

Suddenly she sat up and fanned herself with her hand. With a better view he could see one small breast was exposed from her dress the dark nipple thick and hard in a small dark and dimpled areola. He realised he was noticing things better, little things about a woman that normally he would miss.

Miriam huffed slightly, "I'm sorry, it seems to be a little warm in here." She stood and walked over to a nearby table. Richard propped himself on one elbow as she walked away from him admiring her form. The dress hugged her body in a silken caress. Her hips swayed seductively and her well shaped calves flexed nicely as she strode away from him.

It was then that he sensed her fertility, the sexual need oozing from her. It was less of a smell, more of a tangible sense of her mating potential. His heart started to thump in his chest and the raw libido in his veins was slowly coming to a boil. It was the same sensation he had experienced when he had first entered the council chamber, but this wasn't overwhelming, just a strong urge tugging at his most basic desire.

Miriam kept her back to him, sorting through some things on the desk in front of her. "Now Doctor Jensen, if you don't mind, I'd like to examine you, just to be sure you don't have any injuries beneath those clothes. If you could remove your garments please."

Richard pushed himself up and sat on the edge of the bed, facing her back. Her outline was enticing and he could feel his cock swelling.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," he answered.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, you have my strictest confidence and trust. Now would you please?"

He removed his clothing and leaned back against the examination bed. "There are some things you might not want to see."

She laughed, her back still to him, "Come now Doctor! I've been in this job for many years and seen pretty much all there is to see. I admit you are somewhat different. Harder, more angular features, facial hair, broader in the chest and more muscular, and a sense of," she paused momentarily, "I don't know, just different. Suffice to say I'm not shocked by anything these days."

She turned to face him as she spoke those last words and her jaw dropped along with the writing clip and pen she held.

"Oh, Mother Goddess!" she exclaimed.

He stood there naked, his cock half erect and the skin peeling back from his glans exposing the darkening and swelling head. His testicles hung down heavily in his loose scrotal sac the two orbs almost the size of small plums.

"I, I," she stammered walking towards him seemingly mesmerised by the sight. Her eyes never left his groin and as she got to him she sank to her knees, face inches away from the thickly veined member slowly rising as the blood from his excitement pumped into it.

"What is it?" she whispered.

Richard stared down at her looking goggle eyed at his manhood. "It's my cock. Penis to be precise. It's my sexual organ."

Miriam shook her head, "No, it cannot be. This is some freak of nature. How could this work? How could you? Where is your?" Her questions died in her throat as her mind reeled with sight of such an unknown appendage before her.

Her breath was hot on his turgid flesh causing it to throb. He grabbed her arm and drew her up next to him. Her face only reached to his chest and she craned her neck to look up at him.

Richard looked intently into her eyes, "It's made to penetrate a woman's vagina."

She gulped at the thought. "No," she whispered weakly.

"Think of it Miriam," he pushed, you are a Doctor. What happens to a woman's sexual organs when she becomes aroused?"

His eyes held her captive and she struggled to answer, "Her, her vulva becomes swollen and, and her vagina lengthens and lubricates. The, the cervix also withdraws upwards."

"Why?" he pressed, whispering fiercely. "Why would it do those things? Why would it lengthen and lubricate if nothing was to be inserted into it?"

Her head was spinning under the onslaught of his words and the strength of his attraction. She felt drawn to him, like a magnet, inexplicably. Her sexual need was flooding her body in a way she had never experienced.

Suddenly his hand was on her exposed breast and her nipple was being pulled.

"Oh Goddess!" she groaned, suddenly helpless.

"Hold my cock!" he commanded. "Feel it's heat and texture, its thickness in your hand and tell me it wasn't designed to fit into your pussy!"

Her tiny hand grasped his cock and a small shudder of delight ran through her. It felt so hot and heavy! She imagined it sliding into her pussy, the bulbous head parting her entrance, pushing deep into her insides.

Richard's free hand slid down her flat belly and cupped her pubic mound. Miriam groaned and squeezed his cock, her hand unable to fit around it's girth.

Reaching down he put his hand underneath her knee length dress and slid his fingers up her smooth thighs moving them to the juncture of her legs. She parted them involuntarily and he cupped her vulva, reaching his two middle fingers between her panty covered mound.

A thick mass of soft labia greeted his fingers and dampness enveloped the ends of his digits. Miriam sighed at his touch and rested her forehead on his chest, succumbing to his intimate touch on her breast and throbbing pussy.

He pulled the edge of her panty away and ran his fingers back along her meaty labia to her slick hole. His fingers were quickly drenched in her secretions.

"You're soaking baby," he whispered. She whimpered as he probed her sex gently and stroked her puffy labia. Her mind reeled with an excitement she hadn't felt since the first intimate touch of a lover so many years back.

Richard withdrew his hand from her steamy nest and reached up to the clasp at her shoulder that held her dress up. He flicked a catch and the silky white material fell to her feet, exposing her near naked body to his hungry eyes. His lust surged at the sight of her: slim legs curved seductively into perfectly rounded hips that swept to a narrow waist. Smooth, lightly tanned skin radiated a glow of health and sexuality.

Her fertile scent, it was the only way he could adequately describe his new sense drove into his brain and drifting up from her nether regions the unmistakable musky smell of the womanly lubrication soaking into her panties.

He dropped to his knees, face close her mound and grasping the thin covering at her waist pulled them down to her ankles. Her scent rose strongly now and he nuzzled his nose and lips at the top of her lightly furred slit.

Miriam's hands clutched his head, fingers gripping his hair and digging into his scalp. Her urge now becoming frantic. "Please," she whimpered. "Please lick me!"

Richard looked between her slightly parted legs at a sight he had rarely seen before. For such a petite woman Miriam had very large labia. Her thick outer lips couldn't contain the mass of dark meaty inner labia that hung out between them. A man with the equivalent proportion of sexual organ hanging between his legs would have been described as exceptionally well endowed.

His mouth watered at the sight and lifted one of her legs so her foot was on the bed to give him greater access to the delicious oyster before him. He reached forward and took all of her inner lips into his mouth, sliding his tongue around the sensitive flesh and relishing the feel of it in his mouth.

"Oh! Goddess!" Miriam moaned, clutching his face to her sex. "Yes! Suck my pussy lips!". She started babbling almost incoherently between a constant moaning.

Richard buried his face into the warm, moist external folds of her sex, stretching the labia out, driving his tongue into the honeyed hole and swirling his tongue around her swelling clitoral hood. When he drew it in and sucked with a pulsing rhythm Miriam suddenly let out a cracked cry from her throat and shuddered bodily.

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