tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPlans Formed in Bath Ch. 3

Plans Formed in Bath Ch. 3


{A Quick Re-inactment of what has come to pass}

Xena came to the scene with her daughter Eve and her amazon bard lover Gabrielle, and their mystical and powerful time altering friend, Ra. Seducing Athena into the world of lust know only by mortals with no inhabitions. Eve claimed the right to the wisdom goddesses heart. With a dread for what other Gods might try and do to her new found playmate, Athena along with Eve consulted Eve's mother and lover Xena for help in this dreary moment in time. Alas bringing us all to now, where three young immortals stand to their weakness as they witness the ways of mortal lust before their very eyes...

* * * * *

Plans Formed in Bath: conclusion.

Just moments ago Artemis and her twin brother Apollo witnessed their cousin Discord surrender in the moment that their older sister Athena was brought to a momentous orgasm by the daughter of the warrior princess, Eve.

The moments passing that time, Eve and Athena both rose from the great bath and approched the twins with Discord behind them and Aphrodite joining.

Xena, Gabrielle, & Ra carried on through the exit into the great hall of Olympus, and into a private bed chamber to leave the Gods and her daughter to be better aquainted.

Artemis's breath came in short gasps as her older sister and her lover Eve came to a stand still right before them. Discord now completely naked of her cloths, reaching out for Apollo.

"I've noticed many times before," She began. "You staring at me, the bad girl cousin of yours, with lust in your eyes."

Apollo could not breath as she reached for the waist line of his trousers and with a light shock of electricity, his pants came undone and fell to his feet as his cousin nelt before him. Her hands reaching for his throbbing man hood.

"He is really BIG Artemis." Discord cooed. "No wonder you love to suck him off so much."

Artemis couldn't believe her ears... "How dare you, you stupid bitch!"

"How dare YOU." Discord challenged. "I've seen you two. You never let him fuck you, because you like your dear older sister here, are a virgin Goddess. But you do indeed like taking this massive peice of meat into your mouth. Ever since you saw Aphrodite do it to Zeus and later Hercules..."

Artemis was in a state of shock at hearing the dirty deeds of her family.

"Face it, Artemis." Eve whispered seductivly in the Goddesses ear. "Your entire family is based of the physical love of each other... why,... what now how Discord and Aphrodite suck your twin brothers cock, just like you love to do."

That moment was upon, that Discord and Aphrodite both shared the immense piece of meat that belonged to their own family.

Their lips sucking and slurping almost rudely up and down his full length, driving Apollo mad with rush of blood to his brain, as his older sister Aphrodite and his younger cousin Discord both worked his hard stiff prick with their tongues.

"Mmmmmmm" Eve moaned at the sight. "I love pussy most of all, but even a stiff cock can drive me wild at times..."

Apollo moaned louder as Aphrodite deep throated his hard erection, going all the way down before coming up with only the pink fleshy head of his dick between her lips while Discord's right hand grasped his shaft and jerked it off, as she tried to make him shoot like a gyser into her cousins mouth.

"Oooh" Eve's legs began rubbing together at the thighs as she itched below. "Like I said, I love pussy most of all."

Before Artemis could catch her breath she felt her older sister and Eve removing her attire from her body. Their hands roaming all over her flesh.

"Oooh, sis." Athena gasped as she viewed her young sisters firm young form. "You've really waisted your life on virginity with a body like that."

Artemis felt her older sisters lips passionately push against hers. Her mouth invaded by Athena's tongue as the two lost themselves in a feverish make out session.

Eve at her knees licking her lips as she watched in a trance, Artemis's pussy drip with that lustful joy juice she needed to release.

"Yessss." Discords voice roused the room. "Eat my cousins pussy, Eve."

On demand Eve's tongue sought out that fresh nector from the virgin goddess of the hunts cunt. Bringing a loud moan and wide eyed gasp from Artemis, breaking her kiss with her older sister to look down at Eve and watch that beautiful child of Xena lapping hungerly away at her slick pussy juices.

Artemis began to jerk and breath in short raspy breaths as the young mortal went down on her. She became even more turned on when she looked over and found Aphrodite ridding her twin brothers cock while Discord kneel behind them, attempting to tongue the love goddesses arsehole.

"Mmmmm, ooooh GODS!!!" Artemis groaned allowed as she shook in an intense orgasm watching her brother fuck her older sister, while Eve made love to her sweet cum dripping pussy...

"Evie." Athena said. "I believe it's time to give Discord a chance while this one gives our brother what he's always wanted."

"Mmmmmm okay." Eve cooed.

Hearing this, a spent Aphrodite climbed off Apollo's cock and lay beside him. Discord rising from her place and walking seductivly over to the horny couple of lovers. Artemis moving towards her twin brother and shyly kneeling next to him with her eyes locked upon his.

Eve let out a loud yelp as she was thrown onto her back into a large circle of silk pillows. Laughing at the ernest way Discord made her way between the Warrior Daughters legs. Athena sitting behind Eve, raising her up a tad into her lap so that she may play with her new playthings large boobs from behind while Discord helped herself to the fruit sweeter than ambrosia.

"Oh! Mmmmmm, yesssss!" Eve hissed as Discord's lips, tongue, and fingers played and explored her pussy.

"Mmmmm, my cousin sure likes your pussy Eve." Athena coxed.

"Hopefully as much as I love yours!" Eve teased at Athena who was fondling her young breast.

"Oh, Gods! My wonderful Gods! I wanna worship my Gods forever!!!" Eve's mind was lost in her sexual play while her hips convulsed and thumped into Discords face.

The three were brought back to awareness as they heard a loud cry from the other side of the great bath where Artemis had been layed on her back as her twin brother kneel between her open legs and had taken her virginity.

"wow! She did it!" Athena was amazed...

Her attention would have stayed on her younger brother and sister making love in the far end if Eve's finger nails wouldn't have dug in her thigh almost painfully, even for a god, as she was brought off by the young Goddess Discord.

"ahh! Ahhh, Gods! gods! GODS!!!" Eve was thrusting her hips up into Discords face, her body shaking and twisting here and about. Her eyes fluttering orgasmically, and mouth hanging open dry with soundless moans and gasps as her pussy spasmed violently with Discord's touch.

"Unnnn YESS!! Oh, oh...ooooh, yee GODS!" Eve was barely able to contain herself in her final throws of ecstacy given by her Goddess.

Artemis sit at her brothers feet with these memories rushing through her mind as the group lay exhausted after hours of fucking and sucking at one another.

Her minds concentration was broken as Xena, Gabrielle, & Ra. Looking well rested came into the great bath hall.

"Well, well, well." Gabrielle chuckled. "Looks like Xena was worried over nothing."

Eve who had fallen asleep just prior to Apollo's fucking her in the ass as Artemis enjoyed her pussy from below. Awoke at her mothers voice...

"Evie... oh, Eve. It's time to go."

"Mmmmm, no!" Eve whined.

"I know you've fallen in love with these people, but remember. You have others to see before you settle into one place."

"Others...?" Eve asked.

"Yes." Xena said. "Those whom you must make peace with... people you've hurt before. Remember."

"Like who?" Asked a groggy and yawning Eve.

"well, The Amazons."

Laughter came from Gabrielle. "That's one that'll take some time considering the numbers."

"That's right... and of course Virgil... And you even promised to visit Gabrielle's sister and niece with us..."

"I know." Said Eve with a tone of regret.

"It's alright Eve..." Athena pet her lovers hair down. "I can wait for you."

"You sure?"

"Of course... now... go and make peace with the world in that way you do it so well."

With one last lustfilled fair-thee-well Kiss, Eve, Her mother, & Gabrielle set off. Ra staying behind with the Gods and waving goodbye with them.

Eve's mind began to wonder... how can she possibly make it up to the Amazons? Especially... Varia???

{Find out in the next Adventure in --->
"The EVE Eroticles" presents "Forgive or 4-play"

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