For years, men (and women) had lusted after her. At twenty-eight years old, it made no sense to most people that Kelli was still single, that she rarely ever dated, or that she spent virtually all her evenings at home... alone. I was one of the many people baffled by this fact.

As her neighbor, Kelli had somehow come to trust me – at least enough to care for her cat whenever she traveled, and those travels were almost exclusively to visit family across the country.

Her trust in me allowed me to learn her secret.

I purposely went out for a long walk one Saturday afternoon when she was gone, taking a backpack with me. The backpack contained water and a snack, but it also contained everything I would need to put my plan into action.

After cleaning the litter box and ensuring her friendly feline had plenty of food and water to last another twenty-four hours, I began to work on my plan. A little more than an hour later, I had everything in place; after another thirty minutes of testing, it was done.

Saturday night and periodically throughout the day Sunday, I "roamed her house." The Webcams I had installed throughout the house sent secured signals to my equipment, which I could then access through a laptop with a secured wireless connection. The Web site I had created (protected by its own multiple layers of security) provided access to the video and audio feed from reach of the fifteen Webcams I had hidden throughout Kelli's house, literally in every room.

...except the bathroom. After all, some activities should always remain private.

The elaborate set-up also had a very practical purpose for me: I could truly keep an eye on the cat.

The following Thursday, Kelli returned from her east coast visit. I was watching television while playing Snood on my laptop when I heard her car turn into the driveway, then the familiar rattle as the engine sputtered to a halt.

I gave Kelli about an hour to settle in, to revel in returning home after being away for nearly a full week. Then I used the remote to turn down the volume of the television, and switched from Snood to the special Web site I had created.

Kelli was in the basement, loading the washing machine, her cat meandering around and between her ankles, clearly happy to have her home again. After the washing machine had been activated, she went to the kitchen to get a drink of bottled water, then turned out the lights and headed upstairs to her bedroom.

When I had been in her bedroom to install the Webcams, I had noticed an unusual potted plant atop the small bookcase beside the bed. It was green, with dozens of long thin vines emanating from a foot-tall stalk. The vines each sported a single mushroom-like tip, and the tip and the vines all showed a network of thin, light brown, barely-discernable "veins." In short, the plant seemed to have several dozen lengthy penises.

I watched as Kelli went about preparing for bed. Or, at least, that was what I had initially expected. When she emerged naked from the bathroom, however, that was when I realized things could get interesting.

Until that point, I had only ever seen her fully clothed. Occasionally, I might see her tanning in her backyard wearing a skimpy bikini, but everything which should legally be covered when in public was indeed covered (to my chagrin).

At last, I was seeing her true, unfettered, natural beauty. Even with her wet rusty hair cascading down her back and over her shoulders and down her torso, she was the personification of a goddess. And, as I had suspected, she was perfectly clean-shaven between her legs.

Avidly, I watched as Kelli crossed the bedroom to a dresser. Squatting, she opened the bottom drawer. My initial thought was that she would withdraw a vibrator or a dildo, as my ex had also hidden her sex toys in the bottom dresser drawer. But when Kelli instead withdrew a penis gag, I was rather pleasantly surprised, my admiration of her rising.

I watched, mesmerized, as she inserted the big fake phallus in her mouth. A few seconds later, she spit it back out, seemed to take a few deep breaths, then reinserted it. Apparently satisfied with its position within her mouth, she brought the straps around the back of her head, joining them with the Velcro strips to secure the penis gag in place. After closing the drawer, Kelli stood, touching the strap over her left cheek, probably to assure herself that it would indeed remain in place.

To my further surprise, my neighbor moved across the bedroom to the bookcase, picked up the plant, and stepped back into an open area between the bed and the wall. She set the potted plant on the carpeted floor, then knelt before the it, her knees spread wide.

She then began to shamelessly masturbate.

I had hidden three Webcams in the bedroom, so I switched to another camera, and was rewarded with a better view. While occasionally dipping one or two fingers into herself, Kelli clearly had a strong preference for clitoral stimulation. I filed that information away for future reference.

After several minutes of watching the display of wanton self-pleasure, I decided to turn on the audio feed from that Webcam, and was treated to her moans of delight. Those sweet sounds were unfortunately softened and muted by the penis gag, but they were indeed unmistakable, even though I did definitely need to turn up the sound on the laptop to hear them. The moans were as arousing as the display, causing my own body to drip as well.

But then the goddess truly stunned me by touching the tip of one of the vines, coating it with her seductive secretion, then laying on the floor, the potted plant between her spread knees. Before my very eyes, as she whimpered in anticipation, the vines began to move with a life of their own.

In addition to simply moving, the vines lengthened, thickened. A few vines moved toward Kelli's feet, wrapping around the ankles and holding them in place. A few more vines wrapped around her thighs. But the majority of the vines moved toward her torso.

Simultaneously, three vines began to brush against my neighbor's dripping sex, the penis gag unfortunately muffling her moan of desire.

Desire!?! Just how many times had she been so willingly assaulted by this plant?

Then it dawned on me: This must be a sentient plant on some level, and a well-trained plant at that. When I had first seen it, I had assumed that it had been imported from another part of the world, but perhaps it was actually from another world. And if Kelli had purposely gagged herself before beginning this strange sexual practice, then clearly the plant was good enough at what it did to cause her to scream loud and long, perhaps even well into the night.

That might also explain why I rarely ever saw Kelli before Noon.

As the three vines continued to stroke the entrance to her dripping portal, the vast majority of the vines continued up her body, wrapping around her torso, wrapping around her arms, wrapping around her wrists.

...wrapping around her breasts.

Writhing on the floor, Kelli moaned a little louder around the penis gag, her sounds still too soft for my tastes given how much I love to hear a woman truly scream in ecstasy. Her eyes were only half-open, and I somehow doubted that she was able to clearly see anything.

Slowly, the vines began to harden. Unfortunately, I did not have zoom-in capability with these Webcams, but it seemed as if the thin vines were practically turning to vine-shaped metal. Her motions became inhibited by the metal, the living vines having transformed themselves into the implements of her willing bondage.

Yet the three vines at her sex continued to stroke her, continued to tease her, continued to make her writhe as much as she could, continued to make her moan seductively around the fake phallus filling her mouth.

Without warning, all three vines at her sex drew back, twisted together into one large living object, and burrowed deep into my neighbor's body. The penetration was swift, occurring almost faster than the blink of an eye, and as her body went as rigid as a stone statue from suddenly being so forcefully impaled, even the penis gag could not fully obstruct the howl which exploded from her throat.

Like a drunk, horny man rapidly ramming himself into her, the "single" vine moved incredibly fast, pistoning within Kelli's body. I turned up the volume on my laptop to better appreciate the howls, the screams. As she was violated by this kinky sentient plant, Kelli fought against the bonds which held her to the floor, her eyes wide with a mixture of rapture and disbelief, her nostrils flaring noticeably in her quest for oxygen. I particularly enjoyed watching the jiggling of her breasts and the rapid side-to-side motion of her head.

I could only imagine what she must have been feeling. With three mushroom-shaped tips moving inside her, I assumed that while one of them had "head-on" access to her body, the other two were angled outward, rubbing firmly against the wet, quivering walls of her portal to further heighten her pleasure.

Kelli's pleasure peaked.


I did not bother trying to count the number of orgasms inflicted upon her. What I did notice was that in time, I had to slowly turn up the volume on my laptop to still be able to hear her waning wails as her voice became hoarse.

Only when Kelli had completely lost her voice did the trio of vines finally fully emerge from her gushing body. Slowly, the other vines returned to their former state, and the totality of the vines slowly withdrew back into their former sizes and lengths.

It was nearly 2AM when my neighbor finally was able to roll to her stomach, then crawl toward the bed. Slowly, she climbed up onto the bed, her exhaustion visibly evident. She unstrapped and removed the penis gag, setting it aside before collapsing onto her stomach upon the bed.

She slept like a stone, but I was awake until well past dawn, the images and sounds I had seen and heard running rampant through my mind, imprinting upon my memory repeatedly as I repeatedly enjoyed several orgasms of my own. And when I did finally slip into much-needed sleep, I dreamt of watching and listening to the inhuman copulation again and again and again. I was so horny when I awoke that I gave in to several more orgasms, just based solely upon my memories of my voyeuristic night. When I finally gave up on watching her because she was still asleep upon the bed, I knew...

Deep inside, deep in my core, I knew: I absolutely had to take a closer look at that most unusual plant, and I could not wait for Kelli to travel again.

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