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Plantation Days


Mary Sue Langley sat back in the carriage and admired the back and shoulders of the man driving her to the swap meet. He was lean and muscular and coal black, but the best parts about him were facing forward or were covered by his overalls. Toby had one of the biggest cocks her pussy had ever entertained, and she had turned him into an adept at eating her out before fucking. The former quality was given to him by God, but the latter had taken careful instruction, accompanied by judicious use of her riding crop. It had been worth it, though, because she had gotten him to the point where he was good at it and actually enjoyed the scent and flavor of her primary sex organ almost as much as she enjoyed having him lick her there.

She thought fondly of the beginning of his lessons in pleasing her, which had started a year earlier. Mary Sue had returned from the swap meet with Toby, after choosing him when her turn arrived. She had given up Johnny, and had felt some nostalgia for his massive male equipment when she did so, but believed her new "houseboy" would be a more than adequate replacement. His erection, which she played with for over a minute before making her choice, had been hard as a brick and almost as big as Johnny's. Besides that, he was younger, just 18 years old, and stronger and likely to have more stamina than his predecessor. Much more important than either of those qualities, however, was the completely obedient and subservient look on his face and, from his first lesson in pleasing her, she was glad of her choice.

After arriving home with him, she had ordered Toby to take a bath and come to her boudoir. He had provided sexual services to his previous owner, thought he knew what to expect, and was eager to obey. When he entered her personal and private chamber, she was sitting in her chair beside the bed, which she had already turned down. Once he was inside, her first order was to lock the door, and her second was for him to remove all his clothing. That part was simple for both of them. After he was naked, she walked around him carrying her riding crop, and he looked at it with some trepidation, even though he didn't think it would be put to use as long as he did what she wanted.

He was right in that belief. Mary Sue didn't derive any particular enjoyment out of chastising a slave, and she didn't want to hurt him too badly, but she knew the "houseboys" were sometimes recalcitrant when told to do something new. The tool of discipline she preferred would sting, and sometimes inflict quite a bit of pain when swung hard enough, but would not leave scars. When her new chattel entered, his cock was soft from his nervousness, but it became almost fully erect when she fondled it, and Mary Sue knew it would feel marvelous when it was driving in and out of her pussy.

That would be later, though. First, there was something special she wanted him to do, and she thought he might balk, which was where the riding crop would be useful. While Toby had been scrubbing his body, she had made her own preparations, namely removing all her undergarments, although she was wearing the same skirt and blouse she had worn to the swap meet. After inspecting her new boy, she briefly raised her skirt to show him her pussy before sitting down in the chair she preferred while receiving this particular sexual treat. It was a wing chair, made to her personal order, with a wide seat and extra padding there and in the arms.

"Do you like what I have for you?" she asked the man standing in front of her. His huge black cock was sticking straight out in front of his naked body, so it was a rhetoric question.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you know what I want you to do with it?"

"Yes, Ma'am." He thought he did, and wanted to do it, but wondered why his new owner wasn't lying on the bed, especially since she had obviously prepared it in advance.

Despite his assurance, it was obvious to Mary Sue that Toby really did not know what she wanted him to do. She spread her legs wider and raised her skirt completely above her waist, so she was sitting on her bare ass, with her pussy clearly displayed.

"Kneel between my legs," she ordered.

He complied, but did nothing more, and Mary Sue knew she would need to give him complete instructions. "Lick my sex," she ordered him. "And do it the way I tell you."

Toby leaned in closer, but didn't do what she wanted. Her right arm swung her riding crop and it landed below his left shoulder with a loud "Smack."

"Boy, you'd better learn to do what I tell you. Now, start licking my sex organ." The frightened young man still didn't act, and the next blow with the crop was on his side, and was much harder and louder and more painful than the first had been.

Toby believed he had two choices. One was to stay there without moving, and have his upper body blistered by repeated blows of the weapon in his owner's hand. This would very likely be followed by a more serious whipping while suspended from a hook above a barn door somewhere on the plantation. The other was to do as he was told, no matter how alien it was to him.

He was not a virgin, and hadn't been one when his previous owner had made him her personal sex servant, but neither she nor the slave girls he had fucked before had ever wanted him to do what this new and more imperious white woman did. He certainly would never have thought of it himself either. The woman didn't smell bad down there the way the slave girls had, but it still seemed not right to him.

Another swat with the riding crop, this time in the middle of his back and harder and more painful than either of the first two, made up his mind for him. Gingerly, he leaned forward and started licking the white woman's pubic hair beside her pink slit. Her blonde bush was soft and downy and clean, and felt quite pleasant against his tongue, and he smelled a stronger aroma while he continued with the strange thing he had been ordered to do.

As he breathed in her scent, he felt his cock becoming harder, which was also a new experience. A stiff cock was certainly not unusual for him, but that day in his new owner's chambers was the first time something he smelled had ever had that result. He liked what he was doing – the aroma and the texture and the other results the lady's pussy was having – and he moved his face in even closer and licked all the way to the end of one outer lip. That seemed to be some kind of stopping place, and he raised his face to hear her further orders.

She smiled and gave them. "That's a good boy, Toby. Now lick up all the juices there and do the other side of my sex the same way." With things going the way she wanted, Mary Sue raised her legs and placed them across the young man's shoulders and slid forward in the chair, prepared to have her pussy thoroughly eaten for the first time since her youth. Johnnie had never been good at it, which was one of the reasons she had wanted to get rid of him.

Toby raised his head just far enough to see the wetness on her pussy lips and the small trickle from the pink hole where he had expected to have his cock. Not wanting to be struck any more by the lady's riding crop, he leaned in more closely and tentatively applied his tongue to the tiny stream. The taste was like nothing he had ever known and, as he drew the drops of her juices over his taste buds, he realized they were delicious. Eagerly, Toby lapped up everything, including the sheen on the swollen lips.

It felt good to Mary Sue, although the kneeling man was using too much force for her preference. "That's better, Toby" she told him. "But not so hard. Lick me gently and take your time." She didn't hit him with her disciplinary tool, but she did brush it across his side, just to let him know what would happen if he didn't continue to do exactly what he was told.

Toby reacted, either in fear of the riding crop or because he wanted to please. Mary Sue didn't care which; she just enjoyed what he was doing, and sighed at the eager tongue of the young slave at her feet. Although he had little skill, he had enthusiasm, and she was certain he could be taught to eat her pussy with more finesse.

"That's good, Toby," she encouraged his efforts. Keep licking me like that, but on the other side."

This time, he did as he was told, and Mary Sue felt his tongue slowly working its way up her other outer lip until it reached her mons. It stopped there and, when she looked down to see why he had stopped, he looked back at her with a confused look on his face.

"That was good, good, Toby. You did that just right. Now, lick all the fresh juice off my organ and keep doing the same thing with your tongue ."

The young slave was quick to obey. The fresher juices the lady had produced smelled even better than the others had and, when he sluiced them up and into his mouth, they tasted better. When he had devoured them all, he started slowly licking the first outer lip again, once more stopping at her mons, before bringing his mouth back and devouring all the nectar that was dripping from the pink hole that was its source. By the time he finished licking up all the delicious juices, the lady's body was writhing under him and she was fucking up against his face. He knew from her movements, which he had seen his other owner doing while fucking, she was getting closer to an orgasm.

Mary Sue knew it too, and she knew how she wanted to cum. She reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips. "Lick me between my fingers, Toby. Right where it's pink and wet."

He was quick to do what she wanted. This was the most fun the young slave had ever had, even more than sex with his previous owner, mostly because he was sure the session with his mouth would be followed by burying his cock in the same place. Her juices seemed to get more delicious as he continued, and he pressed his face as tightly as he could into the place that was giving him and his mistress so much pleasure. He remembered that she wanted him to be gentle, but it was hard to refrain from licking harder when it was so delicious and fragrant.

She knew it was time for her climax, so Mary Sue issued further orders. "See that pink thing at the top of the slit? That's my clit. Lick it and take it into your mouth and suck on it."

Seconds later, she felt Toby's wet, pink giver of pleasure caressing the sweetest of her sweet spots. "Yes! Yes!" she cried out in joy. "Now, take it in your mouth and suck!"

The woman under his face was thrashing about so strongly on her chair she would have fallen off, except for the padded arms. Toby was aware he was giving his owner a great time sexually, and he wanted to make it even better if he could. He was well aware he would need to do so in order to continue to service her, and failure would mean a life of picking cotton. As he sucked, he felt her swollen clit under his tongue, and realized he could make it even better for her if he licked while he sucked.

"Oh! Oh!" Mary Sue warbled joyfully as she felt the young man's mouth on her clit. Seconds later, she cried out ecstatically that she was cumming.

Her thighs clamped on the sides of the head of the man who had brought her to that peak, and she buried her hands in his short, kinky hair to press his face against her pussy. Her ass bounced up and down on the cushioned chair, ramming herself against his face. Toby kept his mouth clamped on her clit and sucked and licked for as long as the lady was cumming.

When she climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she jammed her pussy up against his face for an ultimate time. After her tremendous orgasm, Mary Sue completely relaxed in the chair, resembling a puddle of spilled milk. Toby knew she had climaxed, but he didn't know what would happen next, except that he did take advantage of the opportunity to devour all the delicious juices that had just been produced.

Mary Sue Langley completely relaxed in her special chair for a few minutes, while her personal slave knelt in front of her waiting for further orders, and hoping she would want to fuck. He was 18 years old, and probably hornier than he had ever been in his life from the sight of the white pussy and the flavor and aroma of the juices he had just swallowed. For the time being, he just looked at her face, which was a mask of lustful joy, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a grimace of extreme pleasure.

When she opened her eyes, he looked down again, and Mary Sue was elated at this reflexive act of subservience. He had brought her to a great orgasm, and she expected another from his cock in her pussy, and many more over the next year, until the next swap meet.

"That was great, Toby. I think you know what I want now, so let's get into the bed."

"Yes, Ma'am." He was more than happy to do as she ordered, so he moved backward to allow her to get up.

Mary Sue wasn't the least bit coy, and she believed modesty had no place during sex, even with a black slave. She got up from the chair, unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her wearing only her long linen blouse. Seconds later, she was as naked as the man with her, and she lay on her back on the bed. Toby was sure he knew what she wanted, but he waited until she gave him definite orders.

"Come here, Toby, and give me that big, black prick of yours."

Her legs were spread wide and Mary Sue's head nestled in a pillow as she lay on her bed waiting for her orders to be followed. Knowing the young man was still rather lacking in experience, she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips to make penetration easier. As he climbed onto the bed after her, Toby held his huge cock to keep it out of his way, and Mary Sue smiled as she gazed at it with lustful anticipation.

He knelt between her legs and leaned forward, one hand wrapped around his shaft to guide it and the other arm supporting his weight. When Mary Sue felt the hard tip against her dripping pussy, she took over the process, holding it in her fingers to rub it in her wetness. With her lubricating juices spread evenly, the fingers of one hand guided Toby's cock to its target, which the other thumb and index finger were holding open.

"Right there," she murmured to the man who was leaning above her with his hand on his cock. "Stick that big prick right in there."

Once again, Toby did as ordered, thrusting forward so the head wedged into the hole being held open. When he saw his owner close her eyes and hear her draw her breath in between her teeth, he feared he may have hurt her and pulled it back out.

"Did I hurt you, Ma'am," he asked her, fearing punishment and losing what he knew would be an easy job on the plantation.

"No! No, it felt good. Stick it back in me, and give me all of it."

Relieved, Toby drove his cock forward again and felt the head slide between the soft edges of the lady's pussy. Her reaction was the same, but he didn't let that deter him this time. Seconds later, he thrust forward again and felt the slippery sides of her tight channel start to massage his cock. Her pussy was tighter and felt hotter and better than any place it had ever been before. After driving forward the third time, enough of his shaft had been imbedded that he no longer needed to guide it, so he leaned forward over her and started to support his weight on both hands.

To Mary Sue, the fucking she was starting to get was already some of the best of her life. Although Toby's cock had seemed slightly smaller in her hand than Johnnie's, it felt much bigger as it was burrowing into her pussy. She looked up at the man's dark, brawny chest, took hold of his muscular arms and spread her legs as far apart as she could. The next time she felt his cock surging into her, she hooked her ankles around his legs and pulled against his arms to slide forward and meet his thrust. With three more strokes, she felt his pubic hair mingling with her own blonde bush.

"That's good, Toby. That feels really good. Now, let's just lie here and enjoy it for a minute before we get to some serious fucking."

"Really good" was actually an understatement. The huge black cock that was cramming her pussy fuller than it had ever been before was sending waves of pleasure throbbing all throughout Mary Sue's body. It seemed to be reaching places that neither Johnnie nor any other man ever had. She was squirming under Toby, and every movement made it better. A minute later, she already was anticipating a monumental orgasm, and was ready to start going for it.

"Okay, Toby. Really give it to me, but take it nice and slow."

He was concerned the tightness and wetness and the internal movements of his owner's sex organ might be so good he would cum before she wanted him to. His previous mistress used to whip him if he ejaculated before she reached her orgasm, and Toby didn't want that to happen again. Slowly, he drew his cock back from of the soft channel that felt so good until just the head was still inside, paused briefly and drove it back into her.

When Mary Sue felt the slave's cock plowing into her, she pulled against him with her hands and legs and met it. They came together wetly, and some of her plethora of juices spattered on both of them. She moaned from the exquisite pleasure and asked for more.

"That was great, Toby. Just keep doing that."

He did as he was told, but what he feared came to pass. Having his stiff cock fondled by her and smelling and tasting his owner's delectable pussy proved to be too much for his efforts to control his climax. After only a few dozen slow strokes, it rose up and overwhelmed him. Toby ejaculated a big burst of semen into the wet hole that had felt so great to him. It felt good to let it go, but he feared the dire consequences.

Mary Sue saw the grimace of pleasure that flickered across the young man's face and she felt her pussy become suddenly even fuller and wetter. She knew what had just occurred. It was not the first time such a thing had happened to her, and she doubted it would be the last. She also knew better than to make an issue of it, because that would serve no good purpose. A man as young and horny as the one who had just cum into her pussy would be hard again within a few minutes, and they could resume.

"That felt wonderful, Toby, when you squirted your juices into me," she soothed his fear and embarrassment. "Let's just lie here for a few minutes, until you're ready again. Here, you can play with these." She took hold of his wrists and moved his hands so they were covering her naked breasts. "Just don't squeeze them too hard."

Toby had fondled breasts before, and some of them had been bigger and firmer and more enticing than those under his hands. However, he had never touched a white woman's breasts the way he was fondling those of his new owner. His previous mistress had never wanted him to do so, and he would never have had the temerity to suggest it. As he gently squeezed the soft globes, he felt his cock become rigid again inside the pussy he had just filled with semen.

Mary Sue felt the same thing and she smiled up at the man above her. "That's better, Toby. You're a good boy. Now, let's start where we left off."

Moving slowly again, Toby drew his massive cock back until just the tip was still inside the white woman's pussy, paused and drove it back into her. When she felt the huge organ surging into her, she pulled herself her stud, and their bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound. Their mixed juices spattered on both of them, and they both moaned from the intense pleasure. The next stroke by Toby was even better, and the one after that and all that followed were better yet.

They fucked slowly for a long time, his cock squishing through their combined juices, and she felt a tremendous orgasm mounting. Her body rocked from side to side with every stroke, and her hips swiveled under Toby, thrusting her legs out past his hips. As they continued, her movements grew wilder, until she was thrashing under him, completely out of control.

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