tagInterracial LovePlantation Nights

Plantation Nights


Missy Anne, and her husband, owned a cotton plantation, in south Carolina. The plantation, was 200 acres, it had 12 slaves for house duties, and 200 slaves, for field duties.

Missy Anne's husband, was a drunk, and philanderer. He was never at home, and his foreman Dick strong, was in charge of the place, most of the time.

Missy Anne, was exited. Tomorrow, Dick would be home, with the new batch of 15 slaves.

Missy Anne, could pick 2 of them, for house duties. And missy Anne, loved it when she got to pick, new slaves.

The next day, the slaves, were lined up, in the barn for Missy Anne's inspection. Of the fifteen slaves, four of them were women. Missy Anne dismissed everyone, from the barn, except Dick Strong. She told all the slaves, to strip naked. When they were naked, the stood in line. Missy Anne, walked up and down the line, for a quick inspection.

When she had, had a quick look, she started to inspect them, more closely, and intimately.

The first in line, was an eighteen year old mulatto. He had good hair and teeth, and no visible scars, or damage. He was six feet tall, well built, and as she stood there, looking at him, he had the nerve to look back, at her.

She slapped him hard, with her riding crop. Don't look at me boy ,she said. When I come to you, she said, meaning for the rest to hear. You will look straight ahead, and don't move, or flinch if you are touched.

Still stinging, from the slap, the boy stared straight ahead.

Missy Anne, walked around him. When she was behind him, she felt his ass. Its firm enough, she said to Dick. She ran her hands over his back, and down his strong arms.

Missy Anne, then came back to the front. She looked him up and down. He had strong pectoral muscles, and his thighs, and legs looked strong. His young cock,was hanging down, over a pair of balls, that looked like two large purple plums.

The cock itself, was hanging limp, and was at least seven inches long. Missy Anne, lifted his cock,with her crop. And she noticed him flinch, as she touched his penis with the whip. She took a step, nearer to him. And clutched his balls, in her hand. They felt full, and soft yet firm, and when her hand grasped his cock, she felt him begin to stiffen, and she thought that it would be, rather large, when hard.

Hell do, for breeding said Missy Anne. Put him in the kitchen, so that he doesn't get overworked. She moved along the line. There were a couple of fair sized cocks, which she had a good grope at, and she remembered where they were assigned to, so she could look them up, at a later date. Also in that intake, was a girl of eighteen. Matilda, she was slim, but she had a prominent ass and big boobs, though they would sag well, in later years, they were quite firm now.

She trembled, as Missy Anne, fingered her. But she was getting wet, as missy Anne explored.

Give her a job, as my bed chambermaid, said Missy Anne.

Dick, knew exactly, what the mistress was up to. In the year that he had been there, he had heard that the master, and mistress, had lost a child. And since then, the master had gone to drink, and fornication.

The mistress had in the past year turned to fucking the slaves, as it was better, socially, than taking a white man, for a lover.

He had seen her taking personal inspections, of the slaves in that year. And she always picked out, a well hung slave, for her personal use.

When a new one came along, the used one, was sent back to the fields.

After the inspection, Missy Anne said she felt dirty. She would go up to the big house, and bathe. In her own suite of rooms, Polly, her personal maid was already running her bath. Polly knew, that missy, always needed a bath, after seeing the slaves.

The real reason, that Missy Anne needed a bath, was that she was always soaking at the pussy, after handling all the cocks.

Polly, helped Missy Anne, to undress. She took off, her dress, and the bone frame, that fluted it out. This left her dressed in, a black Basque, with red ribbons through it. And her pantaloons, with open crotch, which she hardly ever wore.

As she hated them.

Polly undid, the stays on her Basque, and missy Anne took it off, before untying her pantaloons, and dropping them to the floor, and stepping out.

She stepped into the large portable bath, which had a small seat in it, and Polly began to soap her.

Missy Anne liked, being pampered. She would let Polly, soap her and wash her all over. But she was the only one, who washed her pussy.

Missy Anne, was always wanting sex. She hadn't bothered with it, when she was sexually active with her husband.

But since she started fucking the slaves, she had turned into, a nymphomaniac. She had found that slaves, were lazy. And if they had to fuck you all day, they would. As it was much easier, than working in the field.

After bathing, Missy Anne put on her Basque, again. She didn't bother with the pantaloons, as she was going to wear, her riding skirt, and she liked to ride without pants.

As she rode, about the plantation, Missy Anne would cover the horses back, with her wide skirt. Underneath, her pussy would be on the horses back. She would often ride, without a saddle.

Dick Strong, was riding on the same road as her. And when he saw her horse tied to a tree, by the side of the road. He decided to see, what she was up to.

He crept through, the bushes, and there she was. She was crouched down, with her skirt up around her waist, and he could see a mass, of curly brown hair, covering her pussy. She was pissing hard. And as he watched, she put her hand down, and pissed through her fingers.

As she stood, straightening her skirts, he appeared through the bushes.

Ah, there you are he said. I was riding by, and saw your horse. I thought you may be in trouble.

No, its alright, she said. I was just doing a piss.

He thought she was rather blunt, but she liked to shock people.

He answered by saying, that he needed one too. And if she was finished, he would take advantage of this sheltered area, when she left.

She bade him good day, and disappeared through the bushes. He knew she would be watching, so he dropped his trousers, to his ankles. And taking his large cock, in his hand. He pissed a strong stream, in an arc, and waved his cock, about, as he was doing so.

Missy Anne, had indeed watched from cover. She thought as she looked at him, that he was as big, as most of the slaves.

It was O.K., to look. But she mustn't go with a white man.

That night, after dinner, she called Polly to her room. Go to the kitchen, and fetch the new boy, up here to me, she said. He looked very nervous, as Polly brought him, to the mistresses boudoir.

Polly, had told him to do, everything the mistress asked him to do.

And to say nothing, unless she asked him to speak.

Missy Anne, dismissed Polly. And she asked the boy his name. Jethro, Missy he replied.

Well Jethro, I want you to take off, your clothes. I want to do another inspection of you.

Jethro started to strip. Missy watched, and she could see, he anticipated something, as his cock, wasn't as flaccid as it had been earlier.

Missy Anne, was wearing a negligee, with her Basque, and thick tie-up black stockings attached to the suspenders.

As Jethro looked, he could see, this pearly white woman, with a mass of dark hair, between her thighs. Missy Anne, watched as his huge cock, started to rise.

It was stiffening, with every second. And it looked very black. But this was better, for Missy Anne, as it was very dirty, but somehow, it didn't feel a sin.

She didn't have to ask, if he was a virgin. Most slave boys, were at it, from the age of twelve. But she asked him, if he had ever fucked a white woman. No Missy, he replied.

Well just to let you know, who's boss, she said. She hit him hard, across the arse with the crop. I'm the boss, she said and don't forget it. You will do menial jobs in the kitchen, and I don't want you messing, with any little slave girls. If I send Polly, for you, and you can't perform, to my expectations, It'll be back to the fields, and you know how back-breaking that is.

She slapped him right on his enormous knob. It rose to attention, as hard as a rock. This is the way I'll expect this to always be in future, she said, as she grasped his cock, in her hand. She fell to her knees. Taking his phallus in her mouth, she began to suck.

To missy Anne, it felt like a hard, smooth rod of ebony. It had risen, to its full glory, of ten inches. She pulled back, the foreskin, and ran her tongue, over the slit, and piss-hole of it. Some semen, seeped out into her mouth, and she was getting the musky smell and taste, that you only got from Negroes. As she sucked frenzily, at him.

She cupped his big balls in one hand, and stuck the handle of the crop, into his ass.

She was sucking, and fucking him at the same time.

Before he could come, she stopped, what she was doing. And led him over to a small settee, she had next to the bed.

Kneeling on it, she told him, to enter her. He did, easily, as she was wet.

And he proceeded to shaft her with his massive cock. He was trying to kiss, the back of her neck, but she told him, there would be no kissing, between mistress, and slave.

This seemed to compel him, to thrust harder, and deeper into her, as if to hurt her. To the contrary, it gave her, even more pleasure.

His cock, moved in and out of her cunt like some kind of battering ram.

She squealed, with delight, as she came, In what seemed to be torrents .

After she had finished coming, she unhitched herself, from him. And grabbing his cock, in both hands, she wanked him, until he came, in her face, and over her tits.

O.K., Jethro, she said. That'll do for now. Remember to keep away, from those wenches, and be ready, when I need you. Or else, you know were you'll be working.

When he had left, she sponged herself down, and sent for Polly. When Polly got there, she told her to keep an eye on him. And to inform her, if he got friendly with any of the girls on the plantation.

Polly, had been watching, from a spyhole, in the wall. And she knew that when the mistress, was finnised with him, she would be able to have him, or else she would tell Missy Anne, that he'd been messing.

Missy Anne, lay on her bed thinking. She hadn't had a bigger cock, or a harder one, and it was just divine, to be like the men, and take a slave for a fuck, just when you felt like it.

In the morning, Missy Anne was awoken, by Polly. The new girl, Matilda was there, with her breakfast tray, and Jethro was filling her bath.

After breakfast, Matilda stood by the bath, and Missy Anne got out of bed naked, and stepped into the bath. Matilda, washed her back, and the Missy stood up.

She told Matilda, to wash between her legs. Matilda, had been briefed by Polly, and knew that she should wash the Missy, first.

And then she had to gently ease her fingers, into the missy's pussy, and bring her off.

Missy Anne stood there, with her legs wide, as Matilda, expertly frigged her. And when Matilda inserted her thumb, into Missy Anne's ass, she nearly fainted with pleasure.

Missy Anne, was squirming as Matilda fucked her in the cunt and ass, with both hands.

She came, and thanked Matilda. Then she had Matilda wash her again, before she began dressing.

She was going riding. So she wore her black, Basque and stockings again, without any pantaloons. Her horse was ready for her, without a saddle.

As missy Anne, rode around the plantation, she noticed everything. She watched the slaves at work, and woe betide anyone, who wasn't pulling their weight. If she saw anyone, shirking. She would have the overseer bring them to the side of the field, and she would whip them, for all to see, and take heed of.

Her husband, had left, for the state capital that morning, on business. She knew, it would be drinking, and whoring.

He would be away, for three days. And when he returned, they were having a ball, at the plantation, to mark, their tenth wedding anniversary.

She sat on her horse, watching the overseer, putting some slaves through a dip. This stopped them, catching ticks, and diseases, from the cotton stalks.

As she sat, astride the horse, her pussy was soaking, from rubbing along the horses backbone, and from watching the naked slaves, go through the dip.

She decided, to go to a place, called Elmer's Pool.

The pool, was secluded, and cool.

And where she often went skinny-dipping, to freshen off, on her rides around the estate.

Elmer's Pool, was in a hollow. So she had to leave the horse, and scamper down, through the bushes to get to it. As she was gingerly, making her way, on foot, down the hill. She heard a splashing, in the water. Hiding in the bushes, she looked down, to see Dick Strong cavorting naked, with an 18-year-old black girl, in the water.

They had been laughing, and splashing about, but he grabbed hold of her, and pulled her near to the side of the pool.

They were standing near the bank, with the water up to their knees. And dick, wrapped his hands, around the young black girl's ass, and lifted her, sliding her up the front of his body. As he brought her down, she slithered down, and onto his huge cock, wrapping her legs, around his waist.

Missy Anne, put her hand under her skirt, and began to finger her wet pussy, as she watched them.

Dick, was thrusting fiercely into the young girl. And missy Anne, thought he might split her. He laid the girl, on the bank, and she knelt, and took him in her mouth.

The sight of a magnificent white cock, as big as any black one she had seen, including Jethros. Was enough, to make Missy Anne come, as she frigged herself.

The young girl, didn't seem to have any problem, taking all twelve inches, of Dick in her mouth, indeed she seemed to be enjoying it. And missy Anne, started to frig herself, again.

Then Dick turned the girl, onto all fours. Before shoving his cock, straight into her ass. He was shouting, as he pounded into her, and when at last, he withdrew, and his come spurted all over the girls back. She could hear him shout, oh Missy Anne,

I wish you were here with me now, and this was you, I was topping.

Missy Anne pulled down her skirt, and made her way back to where her horse was.

As she rode back to the house, she decided that she might break her rule, and fuck a white man, whom she wasn't married to.

End to be continued.

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