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Heidi and Jeff have been best friends to my wife Tracey and me pretty much forever. Heidi and Tracey first met when they were in grade school; they were best friends all through their school days, and even went to the same college, just so they could stay together. Jeff and I met in college; we just kind of hit it off and went from there. Tracey and I started dating in college, and when we were pretty sure we were going to end up marrying each other, we introduced Heidi and Jeff to each other, knowing how much they'd like each other. When Tracey and I got married, Jeff and Heidi were the Best Man and Maid of Honor, and when they got married a few months later, we did the same for them. And we've lived in the same town ever since, so we still see a lot of each other.

In our early married years, we used to get together for occasional foursomes. It started out tamely enough -- the women started talking sex one day; they started talking about different things that we'd tried, and things we liked, and tips for doing some things better, etc., and before they were done, they'd set up an evening get-together for the four of us to have sex together. Nothing too terribly wild-and-crazy -- just each couple having sex in the same room together, where we could watch each other, and pick up tips, or ideas. Or heck, just let the other couple's lovemaking get us turned on. It was a great time, and we set up monthly sessions from then on.

But of course, I couldn't be in a room for very long, with Heidi's naked tits bouncing and jiggling, or watching Jeff's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, without wondering what it would be like to get my own hands on those lovely, luscious tits, or to slip my own meat into her. And Tracey commented more than once about how hot she got just watching Jeff's cock at work on her best friend, without actually saying that she'd like to feel it inside herself. But she didn't have to; I knew exactly what she was thinking. And I didn't suppose that Heidi and Jeff were thinking any differently, either.

So the day inevitably came when, after making love with our own spouses, we looked around the room for tacit permission to do what we all wanted to do. Tracey slid over to Jeff, and Heidi joined me, and soon we were passionately kissing and groping the opposite spouse. I watched Tracey begin stroking Jeff's cock, while he fingered her pussy and sucked her lovely C-cup tits. She was squirming and writhing at the sensations he was creating inside her with his fingers. I wasn't sure if I was jealous or not, but I was incredibly excited to see my wife enjoying the sexual attention of my best friend.

Heidi and I got into a 69 position. At first, we simply played with each other's genitals. Heidi stroked my cock, feeling its length and thickness and heft, and, I'm sure, making mental comparison with Jeff's. And I gently ran my fingers through her pubic hair, parting her labia with my finger, and tenderly rubbing her clit, causing her to moan with pleasure. It wasn't long before I had pulled her on top of myself, and we were in a full-out 69, Heidi eagerly sucking my cock while I licked and sucked on her cunt-lips and her clit.

I felt a touch on the back of my hand as I rested it on Heidi's ass while I ate her. I took my mouth off Heidi's cunt for a second to see what it was. Tracey was lying on her back next to me, with Jeff kneeling between her legs. She held his cock in her hands, with its head poised against her cunt-lips. A silent question passed between us. For a split-second, I hesitated; if we did this, there was no undoing it. But the excitement of the moment, and my own lust, were too great, and I could only nod, and whisper, "Fuck him."

Tracey smiled happily, then groaned as she fed Jeff's cock into herself. That sexy groan from my wife, and everything that went along with it, sent jolts of electricity through my body -- my wife was fucking my best friend! Jeff also groaned as he penetrated my wife for the first time, savoring the new and delightful sensations of her warm, wet cunt enveloping his throbbing erection. When he was all the way inside her, and his balls nestled against her ass, Jeff strained to press himself as deep into Tracey as he possibly could, and held himself inside her, his cockhead stirring the deepest corners of her vagina.

"Oh, Ron," Tracey groaned to me, "Look, Ron -- he's fucking me; Jeff is fucking me."

"I see it," I said. My breathing was becoming rapid and shallow, as I saw, from Tracey's facial expression, that she was clenching her cunt-muscles around Jeff's shaft, drawing another series of groans from him. "I see his cock inside you, Sweetheart, and I love it!" I reached for her hand, and we held hands, even while we were sexually engaged with our friends.

Heidi moved around to mount me herself. Raising herself up on her knees, so that her hungry opening was nudging against my cockhead, she looked at me, then over at her best friend fucking her husband on the floor, inches away. Closing her eyes, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock, which was still wet with Tracey's fluids. When her pubic bone bumped against mine, and our pubic hair became intertangled, Heidi began slowly grinding herself on my cock, creating incredible, intense sensations in my member. I groaned as I met her movements with thrusts of my own, pressing my pulsating meat up into her.

For a long while, the four of us were lost in an alternate erotic universe, my cock grinding in and out of Heidi, while Jeff pumped in and out of Tracey. Jeff is tall and red-headed, with a splash of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and on his shoulders, and I was enjoying watching his pale ass bouncing up and down as he stroked in and out of my beautiful, brunette wife. Heidi is blond, with full, round breasts that bounced delightfully as she rode me.

I closed my eyes to savor the new and unique sensations of Heidi's pussy, and the new and unique movements of her body on my cock, and how different, and yet how similar they were, to my wife's. Then, when I opened my eyes, I saw Tracey happily receiving Jeff's cock into her own depths, and I knew that she was doing the same thing -- savoring the new and unique sensations of a cock she'd never had before, and comparing it with mine.

I don't remember who started it, but when one of the four of us started to climax, it nudged all of us over the edge into an incredible, swirling, four-way, mutual orgasm. Tracey and Heidi were moaning and wailing, while Jeff and I grunted and groaned. I felt my balls tense up and then explode, sending jets of my hot, thick cum into Heidi's womb, while at the same time, Jeff's body began to twitch and shudder, and his breath came in short gasps, as he sent his seed surging into my wife.

As Jeff rolled off of Tracey, and Heidi dismounted from me, the entire scenario bordered on the surreal. All four of us lay panting, naked on the floor, utterly spent in sexual ecstasy. My cock still felt a warm glow from the insides of two women's pussies, as did Jeff's, and both women's vaginas held a soupy blend of Jeff's cum mixed with mine.

"My god!" Tracey finally gasped. "That was amazing!" We could all only agree.

Then we reconfigured ourselves again, returning to our own spouses, tacitly assuring each other that our marriages were still intact. We were well aware of the magnitude of what we'd done, and yet each of us was determined to uphold the integrity of both marriages, even if we included each other in the sexual equation. I kissed and stroked Tracey, taking and giving comfort that she was my wife, the love of my life, and our friendship with Jeff and Heidi had just gone to a new and uncharted level.

Rather than simply get dressed and go home, that night Jeff and Heidi stayed over, in our guest room. We all had a sense that we had some business to take care of, but we were too exhausted to address it until the next day.

The following morning, I came slowly awake as the rays of the morning sun began to fill our bedroom. Tracey lay naked, next to me in the bed. My penis was semi-hard with a nice case of 'morning wood', and as I rolled over to wrap my wife in an affectionate embrace, my erection nudged between her legs, sliding along her outer pussy-lips.

"Mmmmmm," she purred. "Good morning, lover."

"Good morning yourself." Lazily, I began rocking my hips, sliding my cock along her groove.

Again, Tracey purred contentedly. "That's nice," she murmured. For a few more minutes, I slid my meat against her opening like that, before she finally pulled me on top of herself. Reaching down, she directed my cock into herself, and soon we were sharing a leisurely, conjugal morning fuck together. We were in no hurry, and after the excitement of the previous evening, we were more than content to simply savor each other's bodies in relaxed, carefree mating. Tracey purred happily as I slid my erection easily in and out of her, and before long, my cock was throbbing insistently as a fresh orgasm rose within me.

I looked into my wife's eyes. Without a word passing between us, I gave myself to my orgasm with a groan of utter release. Warm, thick cum flowed freely out the end of my cock, into my wife. She groaned a happy, contented "Yesssss," as she accepted my seed within herself. Her body trembled slightly, as her own orgasm washed gently over her.

As we basked in our warm afterglow, I held Tracey tight. "I love you," I confessed, "no matter what. Last night with Heidi was fun, but you're my One and Only, the Love of My Life. Is that OK?"

Tracey nodded. "Yeah," she concurred. "It's just fine."

We got dressed and wandered out to the kitchen to get breakfast started. As we walked past the guest room, we heard Heidi and Jeff groaning through their own morning lovemaking.

Our guests arrived at the breakfast table just as I was pouring the coffee, and Tracey was filling plates with freshly scrambled eggs, and the four of us took our places around the table.

"OK," I began, "Are we all OK with what happened last night?"

"I am," nodded Heidi.

"Me too," agreed Jeff.

"No regrets?" I pressed.

"Naw," said Jeff. "We talked about it last night." Heidi nodded. "You guys are our best friends in the world. We couldn't have done that with just anybody."

Tracey exhaled. "Good," she said. "Because we feel the same way."

"Yeah," I agreed. "But let's just be clear -- last night was about having some fun with our friends. Tracey and I are still married to each other, and so are the two of you." Everybody nodded in agreement, and I continued. "I'd really like to do this again, but only if it's a both-couples thing; we can't be seeing each other 'on the side'."

"Of course," agreed Heidi, as Jeff nodded in agreement.

"So we're all in agreement?" Everyone nodded and voiced their acceptance of the terms I'd proposed.

We finished our breakfast, making cheery small-talk, and then we all cleaned the dishes. Once the cleanup was finished, I spoke up again. "So," I directed my question to Jeff and Heidi, "When do you guys have to be home? Do we have time to play some more?"

They both smiled, and Tracey, too. "Our day is wide open," Jeff grinned.

"I was hoping you'd say that."

So we all went back to the den, and in short order we were all naked again. Tracey was riding Jeff's cock, and I was fucking Heidi missionary-style, while she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Eventually, we had our fill of each other (and Jeff and I simply couldn't get erections any more), so we all reluctantly called it a day, and got back into our clothes. Heidi and Jeff returned home, and the following month, we did it again.

For the next few years, we got together for our foursomes once or twice a month, and it was always a wonderful time.


After we'd both been married for five years or so, both couples decided that we wanted to start our families, and that essentially brought our foursomes to a close. We simply didn't want to risk any confusion as to who was the father of whose children, so we called at least a temporary halt to having sex with anyone except our own spouses. At first, we missed our 'extra-curricular' play times, but once our heads had gotten around the idea of kids and families, it came to seem. . . I don't know. . . appropriate, somehow. . .

In the fullness of time, Tracey became pregnant, and our son was born. Three years later, we had a daughter, and three years after that, another son. Tracey and I were so busy with our brood of youngsters that we didn't immediately notice that there was anything unusual or troublesome about the fact that Heidi and Jeff still didn't have any kids. As time went on, though, and our family kept growing, it became increasingly obvious that our friends were stressing mightily over their ongoing childlessness.

One evening, when we had them over for dinner at our house, they told us what was going on.

"We've had just about every test imaginable," Heidi said, "and been poked and prodded in ways we'd never wish on anyone. If you ever want to just strip all the magic away from sex, all you have to do is see a few fertility doctors."

"It turns out," Jeff continued, "that my sperm count is low. I just don't make very many swimmers, it seems."

"That would be news to me," Tracey said, trying to be light-hearted, "just judging from some of the loads I saw you shoot, back in the day."

Jeff smiled tightly, and Tracey cringed, instantly regretting her attempt at lightening the mood. "Please, Jeff," she groaned, "forgive me; I didn't mean to be hurtful."

"It's OK," he assured her. "I've said worse to myself, you can be sure."

"Anyway," Heidi went on, "We just can't bear to think about trying to conceive 'technologically' -- have someone shoot a turkey-baster full of sperm into me, from a sperm bank, where we don't even know who the father would be. And IVF just seems so. . . I don't know. . . impersonal. . . or invasive. . . or something."

"So, what are you going to do?" I asked.

"Well," Jeff paused, carefully weighing what he was about to say, "that's why we're here, talking to the two of you."

"I don't understand."

"Well. . . we were wondering if the two of you would be willing to restart our foursomes."

"But. . ." I was slow to grasp the import of what he was saying.

Tracey understood, though. "You mean. . .?"

Heidi nodded, a look of anguish on her face. "We were wondering. . . Ron. . . if you. . . if you'd be willing. . . to impregnate me." Jeff looked at the floor, then up at the two of us, an imploring look on his face.

I exhaled heavily, as the full weight of their request hit home.

"We could make it work," Heidi went on. In her nervousness, she was talking scatter-gun, a mile-a-minute. "I'll keep track of my fertile days, so we can limit things to one or two days each month. It's better if you let your sperm count build up, anyway. And Tracey, you'd know in advance that Jeff won't get you pregnant, so we can do it just like the old days. And weren't those days fun? We could just go back and do it again. Just until I get pregnant, OK? We could never ask anyone else. Oh, Tracey, what do you think? Ron? Could you ever think of doing this for us? Please?"

The desperation in her voice was heart-breaking. I scratched my head, searching for any thought, any possible response to what was clearly a crazy idea. Tracey sat next to me, looking at me hopefully. Was she actually wanting to do it?

"But -- making a baby. . ." I stammered. "Is that really a good idea? Jeff, could you really raise a child, knowing that I was the biological father? Or keep from getting jealous that Heidi had a baby by me? Heck, I'm not sure I even trust myself to do it right. And, if I make a baby with Heidi. . . that's a hell of a bond, bro. . . Hell, what would Tracey think about me making a baby with someone else?"

"Believe me," he answered, "we've thought of everything you've mentioned, and we almost decided not to even ask. You're the only ones we could ever ask for this. We love you guys. We could do it like one of those open adoptions; the two of you could be 'auntie' and 'uncle', and we can all watch little Junior grow up, together."

I gave a low whistle. They were serious. I had never imagined that I'd ever even think about doing anything like this, but Jeff and Heidi were such good friends, and they wanted a child so badly. Tracey and I certainly understood both the joys and the trials of raising children, and if we could possibly give that to our friends. . .

"Can you give Tracey and me a couple days to think it through? We love you guys, too. But I just need to be sure about what I think. . ."

"Oh, sure. . . absolutely. We're just grateful if you'll consider it."

"OK, then. . . we'll talk again in a couple days. . ."


When Heidi and Jeff had left, and Tracey and I could discuss it alone together, she looked at me. "How can we not do this, Ron?"

"Making a baby together is a big deal, Trace. Do you want to risk Heidi forming some kind of mommy-daddy bond with me?"

"More than the bond you formed by having sex together for five years?"

"Touche. But still -- Little Junior will have my DNA; do you think Jeff will be OK with that?"

"I think it will -- or at least it could -- make an even stronger bond between the two of you, that you're giving him the gift of fatherhood."

We went back-and-forth like that for a solid couple hours, and Tracey had reasonable answers for every hypothetical objection I raised. I finally had to admit that, all objections aside, I really wanted to do it for them, especially if Tracey was so convinced.

"Heck," I finally said, "at least I'll get to fuck Heidi again. And you'll get to fuck Jeff. For Old Times' sake, if nothing else."

Tracey laughed. "Thanks -- that was my ace-in-the-hole argument. I knew that, if nothing else, the sex would convince you."



When we got back together with Heidi and Jeff, and told them that we would do it, they were overjoyed, gushing gratitude and thankfulness all over us. Tracey and I basked in the warmth of our friends, even as we realized that we were about to go to a new, deeper, uncharted level with our closest friends in the universe.

"There's just one thing," I said.

"What's that?" Jeff asked.

"Well. . . how is this gonna work?"

Heidi answered. "I've been taking my temperature every morning for the past couple years. I'll know when I'm ovulating, so I can call you, and we can get together that night, or the next day. My cycles are pretty regular, so I can probably give you enough advance warning to let your sperm count build up in advance."

"Let my sperm count build up?"

Tracey smiled. "Why Ron. . . you understand, don't you, that when you hire yourself out for stud like this, your sperm is at Heidi's beck and call. You'll want to abstain from sex for three or four days ahead of time, to make sure you're giving her your best shot. Uh, so to speak." She couldn't keep from giggling as she clarified the terms for me.

"You mean I can't. . .?"

"Right you are, buddy-boy. When you're standing stud for Heidi, you won't be fucking me for a few days ahead of time. It's OK, though; I'm not aware of anyone ever dying from too many sperm in his balls."

"Hmmph. Easy for you to say; you don't even have any balls to get blue. Anyway, what do we do with the kids, if we have to drop everything on a few hours' notice, so I can service my 'client'?"

"I'm sure I can get my parents to watch their grandkids on fairly short notice. Especially if I tell them it's for a charitable cause," Tracey replied, with a snicker.

"Could we go just a little easy," Jeff interjected, with a mildly pained look on his face, "with the 'stud/client' stuff? If we wanted to hire someone, we wouldn't have asked our best friends."

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