Planting Seeds


"Oh, Jeff," Tracey replied, with her hand over her mouth, "I am so sorry. Sometimes I'm just too much of a smartass for my own good."

"And I'm sorry if I'm over-sensitive. We really do love you guys, and we're grateful beyond words that you're willing to help us."

"No problem, buddy," I said. "We love you, too, and we want to keep it that way. Anyway, I think I understand how this will go, now. When do we start?"

"Well, I just finished my period," Heidi said. "So that means that I'll probably be ovulating by next weekend. If you really want to build up your count, start abstaining on Wednesday or so, and I'll call you when I'm sure I've ovulated. Does that work?"

I was a little taken aback by the very concrete details. We were really going to do this thing. "Seems clear enough," I said.

"We'll be in touch," said Heidi.


It went virtually as Heidi had predicted. Saturday morning, she called us with the word. "My temperature is up!" she chirped, "So that means I'm fertile now!"

"We'll be over tonight," Tracey told her. As soon as she hung up the phone, Tracey called her mom, and just that quickly, our three kids were spending the weekend at Grandma's house.

Tracey and I hadn't had sex since Tuesday night, although I'd eaten her to a couple orgasms in the meantime (fortunately, I love eating Tracey's pussy; watching her squirm and writhe on my tongue is almost better than coming myself) (almost). By Saturday, I was as horny as I'd been in a long, long time. My poor balls were begging me for release.

We arrived at Jeff and Heidi's place for a dinner of smoked oysters, washed down with a hearty red wine. For dessert, we passed dark chocolates around.

Jeff spoke. "So, we can do this just like we always did, back in the day, right? Shall we all just go to the bedroom?"

"Sounds good to me," agreed Tracey, and Heidi and I quickly concurred.

When we all got to the bedroom, I kissed Tracey, and Heidi kissed Jeff, bidding our spouses 'have fun', before switching to our 'partners for the evening'.

I took Heidi in my arms and began kissing her soulfully. With my eyes still open, I looked over to see Tracey and Jeff doing likewise. We shot each other an affectionate wink, just to confirm that we were both OK with what we were doing, and what we were about to do. After that, I turned my attention fully to Heidi, and tending to her needs.

I ran my hands under the hem of her shirt and stroked her back and sides. I hadn't touched her body at all in seven years or more, and at first, I was just recalling to myself what her body was like, and how she liked to be touched. She raised her arms, inviting me to strip her shirt off over her head, so I happily complied, leaving her in a soft pink bra, with her nipples making little points in the fabric.

I bent down to kiss along her jawline and down her neck, then across the top of her chest, and down toward her cleavage. Reaching around her back, I gripped the clasp of her bra, looking into her eyes for her permission to continue. She nodded, almost solemnly, and in seconds, her bra was dangling loosely from her shoulders, her full, firm breasts free of their confinement. I gently stripped the bra off her shoulders, and stood, gazing appreciatively at her breasts.

"Oh," I whispered, "I remember these. They are wonderful."

Heidi actually blushed. Even though we'd seen each other naked, and savored the most intimate, erotic contact with each other's bodies many times in the past, those moments of appreciating the revelation of each other's nakedness were always precious. And Heidi and I hadn't shared them in several years.

I bent down to nuzzle and suckle her delightful tits, running my tongue across her nipples, and sucking them playfully into my mouth. Heidi cradled my head in her arms, caressing me, holding me tightly against herself. Then she pushed me away, and began unbuttoning my shirt, slowly and deliberately baring my hairy chest, and then stripping my shirt off over my shoulders. Hugging me tightly to herself, she sensuously rubbed her breasts against my chest, her nipples trailing jolts of electricity wherever they went.

My cock was incredibly hard, and straining against its confinement in my jeans. I put my hands on Heidi's ass, and pulled her tightly to myself, the bulge of my throbbing erection grinding against her belly, causing her to gasp.

"Oh god, Ron," she groaned. "I want you so bad."

"Mmmmm-hmmmm," I replied, as I kissed her again. "I want you, too. It's been so long."

Her hands were fumbling with the button on my jeans, and then the zipper. Quickly, she stripped them off me, leaving me wearing only my briefs, with my hard-on making a tent in the fabric, a small circle of pre-cum spreading from the tip. In her excitement, Heidi was breathing rapidly as she eagerly reached inside my briefs to take hold of my erect cock for the first time in many years. And for the first time in many years, I gasped at the sensation of her small, feminine hands taking hold of my rigid manhood.

While Heidi enjoyed herself playing with my cock, I fumbled with the button and zipper of her jeans, wanting her to be at least as naked as I was. I stripped her jeans off over her hips, until they fell to the floor around her feet. I slipped my hands inside the waistband of her panties, tenderly fondling and caressing the cheeks of her firm, round ass, savoring the flashes of recognition as I explored her body again, after many years away. I had always enjoyed having sex with Heidi, and the ways in which her body was sensually different from Tracey's. Touching her again after so many years was like reuniting with a cherished old friend.

On the other side of the bed, Tracey and Jeff were already naked, in a 69 position on the bed. Tracey was on top, slowly running her lips and tongue up and down along Jeff's trembling shaft, while, underneath her, Jeff was nuzzling and sucking my wife's warm, wet pussy. Every so often, Tracey would lift her head off Jeff's cock for a few seconds and savor the sensations of his oral ministrations on her cunt, grinding a few strokes against his face as he ate her.

Turning back to Heidi, I knelt down in front of her. The crotch of her panties was wet with her vaginal fluids. Looking up, I smiled at her as I took hold of the waistband and pulled her panties down, and off her. My nostrils were inundated by the rich aroma of her arousal, and I inhaled deeply, savoring her scent, giving a teasing lick along the length of her slit.

Standing, I made as to remove my briefs, but before I could, Heidi had taken them in her own hands and stripped them off me, stretching them away from my pulsating, erect rod. Kneeling, she took my cock into her mouth, and began sliding her lips and tongue along its length, and swirling her tongue sensuously around my cockhead. The sensations were amazing; but I didn't dare come in her mouth. There were other plans for my sperm that day.

"Come on, Heidi," I urged, as I lifted her up off her knees, "we've got to save my cum for inside you."

"Ooooh," she groaned, almost desperately, "Yesss. Fuck me, Ron. Fuck me deep, and come in me. Put your cum -- ALL of it -- inside me!"

"I will, babe," I promised. "But first, I want you to come."

"I just want you to fuck me," she pleaded. "Come inside me; make me pregnant."

"I will, I will," I assured her. "But I want you to have a little fun first, OK?"

She only groaned in response.

I laid her down on the edge of the bed, and knelt in front of her, draping her legs over my shoulders as I leaned in to lick her hot, juicy cunt. The petals of her inner lips were peeking out from her engorged, puffy outer lips, eager to receive my cock inside themselves. Her pubic hair was matted and damp, and her scent overwhelmed my senses.

With my lips, I teasingly nibbled on her labia, then licked broadly along her slit from bottom to top. I probed inside her with my tongue, savoring her spicy sauce, and slurping her juices. Finally, I settled on her clit, sucking gently on the soft sensitive tissue around it, then lapping across it with broad strokes of my tongue. She began to shudder and twitch at the sensations I was causing in her.

"Oh god, Ron. . ." she gasped. "Oh god. . . I'm gonna come. . . " She was grinding her hips against my face, and clenching her thighs tightly around my head, as I continued to lap at her clit, my face becoming shiny with her vaginal juice. "Oh, Ron. . . I'm cooo-"

Before she could finish the word, it had morphed into a quavering orgasmic wail. She lifted her hips up off the bed as she came, squeezing my head until I thought it might explode. When her climax began to subside, I didn't quit, but continued plundering her pussy with my tongue, drawing more orgasmic tremors from her body, until she finally pushed me away.

"Please," she begged. "I want you inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me and fill me up with your cum. Please. . . I need all of it. . ."

I stood by the edge of the bed. All the preliminaries were over; it was time for me to fuck Heidi, and hopefully, to impregnate her. My cock was pointing rigidly, straight out from my loins, directly at Heidi's hungry pussy, waiting on the edge of the bed. Heidi raised her legs and spread them apart as I moved forward, first pressing my cockhead against her cunt-lips, in a sensual genital 'kiss', and then, as Heidi groaned, I pressed forward, penetrating her, plumbing her depths, seeking her central core. At last, I was in her, completely inside her. I felt the base of my cock surrounded by the sultry moist heat of her vagina; my pubic hair was a wet tangled snarl with hers.

I smiled as I recalled the last time I had been inside Heidi's vagina. It had been years ago, but I had a definite 'flash of recognition' of the sensations and contours that were uniquely hers, her tightness and smoothness, and the way her pussy-walls squeezed my shaft as I slid into her. Heidi's cunt felt subtly different from Tracey's, but in an utterly familiar way. I had definitely been here before.

"Welcome back," she grinned. "I remember your cock. It's been a while."

Tracey and Jeff were on the other side of the bed. For some time, Tracey had been doing a slow, sultry ride on Jeff's cock, doing her utmost to keep him from fixating on Heidi, or any anxieties he was feeling about my getting her pregnant.

But when I entered Heidi, she groaned loudly. "OOOoooohhhh, Jeff. . . look, babe. . . Ron is fucking me. He's inside me. He's gonna come in me. . . Oh, Jeff, it's happening. . ."

"Oh god, babe," Jeff breathed, "I see it. I can see his cock inside you. He's all the way in, Honey." Then turning to me, he said, "Fuck her good, buddy; give her all you got."

"I aim to," I answered.

Tracey was still doing a slow ride on Jeff's cock. She flashed me her very best 'I'm-so-proud-of-you' smile, and said, "My god, husband; you are so hot right now. . ."

Thus encouraged, I turned my attention back to Heidi. I slowly withdrew my cock from her channel, until only the head remained inside her, then plunged back into her, straining to reach her very center. Leaning forward, I rested my chest and belly against her thighs, with her calves sticking straight up, on either side of my head. Tenderly, I stroked her legs with my hands as I slowly pumped in and out of her.

"OOOoooohhhh, god," groaned Heidi, "You feel so good inside me. It's been so long since we fucked. I forgot how good you feel."

In and out, on and on, Heidi and I continued our sensual insemination dance, while, next to us on the bed, Tracey and Jeff continued grinding out their own erotic pleasure. Almost furtively, Jeff snaked his hand across the bed, taking hold of Heidi's hand. The two of them held hands almost innocently, and gazed lovingly at each other, while I fucked Heidi, and Tracey fucked Jeff.

A pleasant warm buzz was running through the entire length of my cock as I continued sliding in and out of Heidi's channel. She slid back, away from the edge of the bed, and pulled me up onto the bed with her, without my cock ever slipping out of her, and we maintained our erotic contact, so that now we were fucking in the missionary position. With her hands, Heidi pulled her knees up, almost flat against her chest, creating the deepest possible penetration of my straining cock into her sultry cunt. I felt I could go on forever, and I was in no hurry to come, but eventually, Heidi began to rise toward her own climax. She quickened her pace, and began to thrust her hips up against my penetration.

"Oh god, Ron," she gasped, "I'm going to come! Come with me. . . please? Shoot your cum into me, Ron! Do it!"

Heidi's excitement, and her rapid, forceful thrusts, were bringing me right to the edge of an incredibly intense orgasm. I struggled to hold myself right. . . on the edge. . . savoring the incredible sensations. . . just. . . one more. . . second. . . one more thrust. . .

"OH, GOD!!" I shouted, and all involuntarily, the entire contents of my whole body seemed to shoot out the end of my cock into Heidi. I lost control of my body, twitching, and jerking spastically.

"YESSSS!!!" Heidi exulted as I came. "YESSS. . . OH, YESSS!!! Come for me, baby. Fill me full with your wonderful, potent cum! OOOooohh, yesss! Thank you! Thank you!"

Jet after jet after hot, thick jet of my semen shot into her. Three days of abstinence had built up a huge load in me, and I kept coming and coming and coming. For a long time, I kept quivering randomly, each spasm of my balls wracking my body as it sent yet another clot of my sperm rushing into Heidi's womb. I was sure that it must be overflowing out of Heidi's pussy, but she took every drop of it into herself.

For a long time afterward, I just held myself inside her, my cock slowly softening, even as it remained nestled snugly within her warm feminine folds. At last, I slowly withdrew from her, endeavoring to keep as much of my semen inside her as possible. Heidi rolled her hips upward, to encourage the 'inward' flow of semen, and induce the maximum possible amount of it into her womb.

Jeff and Tracey, seeing me shoot into Heidi, quickly rose to their own climaxes. "Oh god!" Jeff shouted, excitedly. "Oh, god yes! He's coming in my Heidi! God, look at him come! Yes! Yes!"

Tracey's ass was a blur as she rode up and down, back and forth on Jeff's cock. Both of them were gasping and panting for breath as they strained for their orgasms, until finally, with a roar, Jeff came, sending his own jets of low-sperm cum into Tracey, while she moaned and wailed through her own orgasm.

I sat back on my heels, gazing down at Heidi's open pussy. A white, pearlescent pool of my cum filled her opening, from the deepest depths of her, right to the brim of her labia. I smiled to myself with satisfaction. "A right thorough insemination, as far as I can tell," I said with a grin.

Jeff slid over next to me to see with his own eyes the thrilling erotic spectacle of my cum filling his wife's vagina. "That's incredible," he said, with a tone almost of awe in his voice. Thanks, bro." He sidled up to Heidi, taking her in his arms. "Maybe. . ." he said. "Hopefully. . . Do you think so?"

"I hope so," Heidi replied. With a giggle, she cupped a hand over her sopping-wet pussy, so full of my cum. "Swim, little swimmers!"

For a long while, the four of us lay on the bed, sexually spent, but deeply satisfied, pondering the import of what we'd just done. There was no way of knowing for sure whether or not Heidi was pregnant, for at least a couple weeks. But I was almost hoping she wasn't, if it meant we could have more times like this.

Once I'd caught my breath, I sidled up to Tracey and took her in my arms, kissing her and fondling her large, familiar breasts, while she purred happily at my attentions. I laid her flat on the bed, then crawled between her legs, to eat her pussy. I'm a pretty insatiable pussy-eater; I LOVE to eat pussy. I had greatly enjoyed eating Heidi before, and now I wanted to taste my wife and get her off orally, and enjoy her response alongside Heidi's.

Tracey loves getting her pussy eaten (fortunately for both of us!), and she was quickly squirming in delight as I licked and sucked her cunt-lips and her clit. Before long, I could taste the starchy/salty tang of Jeff's cum as it oozed out of her while I ate her.

"My god," I heard Heidi whisper to Jeff, "he's eating your cum out of her."

"Not that he needs to, or anything," Jeff joked, and the two of them shared a wry chuckle at his expense.

Soon, Tracey was raising her hips off the bed, and squeezing my head with her thighs, making it difficult to keep my mouth on her cunt. But I did my best, and soon Tracey was groaning in orgasmic bliss.

Eating Tracey, and making her come, were incredibly arousing, and by the time she came, I was hard again. Recalling our old foursomes, I crawled up on Tracey and prepared to sink my cock into her, but she emphatically stopped me. "No!" she insisted. "This weekend, all your cum is for Heidi. You can fuck me after we get back home."

"But," she wisecracked, "if Heidi's ready to take you again, your erection will not have arisen in vain."

"You may fire when ready," Heidi giggled, spreading her legs wide in tacit welcome of another onslaught from my hard cock.

This time, Heidi reclined on some pillows in a semi-sitting position. Jeff sat behind her, cupping her tits in his hands and nuzzling her neck, as I took my position between her legs. Placing my cockhead against her slit, this time I sank all the way into her in a single quick stroke, and soon we were banging away again.

With one hand, Heidi stroked my neck and shoulders as I pumped in and out of her; with the other, she stroked Jeff's cock, which was stiffly erect and grinding against her hip. Jeff's eyes were riveted to her cunt, and my cock driving in and out of her depths.

Tracey sat just off to the side of the three of us, diddling her own clit while she watched me fucking her best friend.

It being my second fuck of the night, my orgasm was slower in arriving, but eventually, I felt the familiar tingling in my cock and balls. As my breathing grew ragged, Jeff slipped out from behind Heidi, and presented his rigid cock for her to suck on, and he and I ended up coming virtually simultaneously -- Jeff in her mouth, and me in her pussy. And Tracey came on her own fingers, along with us.

"That was nice," Heidi said, looking into her husband's eyes as she swallowed the last of his cum. "It was like you were part of it with us. Did you like it?"

"I loved it!" Jeff enthused. "I was watching his cock going in and out of you while he fucked you! It was incredible!"

Heidi purred happily, and soon the four of us were asleep on waves of erotic bliss.

The following morning, I was the first one awake, with Tracey on one side of me, near the edge of the bed, and Heidi on the other, in the middle of the bed, next to Jeff. Figuring that it was my duty, I rolled against Heidi and began gently cupping and kneading her breasts. Before long, she came drowsily awake.

"Good morning," she drawled.

"Good morning yourself," I answered. "You think you've got another fuck left in you?"

"Oh," she replied, "most definitely! Do you?"

I pointed down at a delightful case of Morning Wood, arising from my loins. "Duty calls," I smirked.

"Whatever you got, it's mine, so let's get crackin'."

She pulled me on top of herself. I might have preferred to have her ride me this time, but she was really fixated on keeping all my sperm pooled inside her, as much as possible, for as long as possible. Once again, I slid my meat into Heidi's dimly-familiar, warm, snug hole, and soon I was happily sliding in and out of her silky sheath once more.

Our movements quickly awakened Jeff and Tracey. Jeff got out of bed and shuffled down the hall to empty his bladder. When he returned, he climbed into bed next to Tracey.

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