Planting Seeds


"Man," he said, in mock-exasperation, "Some folks are just so duty-bound. Don't you wish they'd relax?"

"I know," Tracey joshed. "What are we, chopped liver?"

"I dunno," Jeff replied, "but I've got some meat here that could use some attention."

Quickly, Tracey was back on top of Jeff, riding his cock again, while Heidi and I fucked happily away next to them. In short order, Heidi and I were again swirling through another round of orgasms, and my third load of the weekend went surging into her, while she purred appreciatively. Moments later, Jeff and Tracey joined us in orgasm.

That afternoon, we all got dressed, and Tracey and I prepared to retrieve our kids and return home.

"Thanks," Jeff said. "Thanks A TON. You have no idea what it means to us that you're willing to help us conceive." Heidi nodded her agreement.

"Maybe we do, just a little. Maybe. A little. You'll let us know how it turns out? I mean, it'd be just awful if we had to go through this again, right?"

Heidi laughed. "You'll be the first to know."


We figured that no news was good news; or at least, that we'd hear sooner about Heidi not being pregnant, than we would if she was. So when the phone rang a couple weeks later, with Heidi on the other end, we figured the news wasn't good.

"I started my period this morning," Heidi told us, sounding near to tears. The abject discouragement in her voice was palpable.

Tracey had to employ all her highest powers of persuasion just to get Heidi out of her dumps. "Heck, we've got three kids," she said at one point, "and one of 'em, we were trying for six months before it 'took'. So, one month is no big deal. You've just got to be patient, and not get discouraged. OK?"

Apparently, Heidi agreed, and quickly the topic changed to our next 'insemination session'. Once again, Tracey cut me off a few days before ovulation was predicted, and when Heidi got a rise in her morning temperature, the wheels went into motion again -- the kids went to Grandma's, and Tracey and I cleared out two days to be with Heidi and Jeff. This time, Ovulation Day was a Tuesday, so I ended up taking that afternoon and all day Wednesday, off work so I could fuck Heidi again. Sometimes, you just have to make sacrifices, you know?

It took a little longer this time, to get into an 'erotic' mood, with feelings of 'failure' lingering from the previous session. But soon enough, the four of us got into the swing of things.

In fact, things took a 'kinky' turn almost from the start. Once we were all naked, Jeff produced a bottle of lubricant, and began coating his cock with it, as he sat on the couch. His rigid cock pointed straight up at the ceiling, glistening with the slippery lube. Tracey and I watched with questioning looks.

Heidi giggled. "Jeff and I talked about this the other day. We've been wanting to try it. Let us know if you like it, OK?"

We were still confused by Jeff and Heidi's cryptic words, until Heidi stood between Jeff's legs, facing away from him, and slowly sat down. Apparently, she wanted to fuck Jeff before she fucked me. Fine with me, I thought. She still gets my whole load, whether or not there's any of Jeff's mixed in.

But, on second glance, I saw that Jeff didn't have his cock in her vagina -- it was in her ass. Her furry pussy was still open and available for occupancy by a stiff cock, and mine was the only other one available. She wanted to be double-penetrated by her husband and me!

It made sense -- Jeff could be even more intimately involved in his wife's insemination than last month, when he came in Heidi's mouth. I'd always been intrigued by the idea of a DP, and here it was, ready to happen!

I looked at Tracey, who seemed to be relegated to 'fifth-wheel' status again, but she just shrugged. She flopped into an overstuffed chair that provided her a good angle for viewing the proceedings on the couch, and commenced playing with herself.

Jeff had one arm around Heidi's waist, holding her in place on his lap; with the other, he caressed her breasts. I knelt between Heidi's spread legs. Gripping my stiff cock in my hand, I held it against her open pussy. I pressed just the head between her cunt-lips, and then slowly wriggled it into her, an inch at a time. I could feel the shaft of Jeff's cock through the layers of tissue between her vagina and her intestine. It was intensely erotic in a completely unique way. Once I was all the way inside her, I spent a few minutes just moving around, taking stock of the different sensations from having Jeff's cock so close at hand, in an adjacent hole.

I finally decided that the new sensations were altogether interesting, and I began to thrust in and out of her, cautiously at first, but once I'd become acclimated to the odd sexual geometry, and the unusual sensations, I gave myself over to it. Soon I was eagerly thrusting in and out of her, just like I would normally. Jeff wasn't real active; he seemed mostly content to have his own cock buried in his wife's ass, felling my cock sliding along his, in and out of his wife, through the flexible wall of her tissue. When I was ready to come, though, both Jeff and Heidi became very excited, and began to move more vigorously. When I finally came, shooting my seed into Heidi's cunt again, Jeff groaned, and I could feel his cock pulsating as he shot his load into his wife's bowel.

Both Jeff and I withdrew our softening cocks from inside Heidi. Jeff cleaned himself off thoroughly, and joined Tracey on another couch. Tracey leaned back, spreading her legs wide, while Jeff knelt between them to lick her pussy. Tracey draped her legs over his shoulders, closed her eyes and purred happily as his tongue sent waves of pleasure radiating out from her center.

Heidi laid on the couch, her head on my naked lap, waiting for my semen to settle into her womb. After a while, she turned her head sideways and began to suck my cock, and soon I was hard again. Heidi remained in a reclined position on the couch, and pulled me over, on top of herself. Once more, I pumped my cock in and out of my wife's best friend, enjoying the delights of my 'second partner's' body, which I had once known so well, and was enjoying getting re-acquainted with.

"Thank you, Ron," Heidi whispered to me. "Thank you for loving me enough to give me your sperm."

"Mmmmmm," I purred in reply. "It's my pleasure."

"I bet it is," she rejoined, giggling at her own cleverness.

Soon, I was pumping into her purposefully, and sending my second load of the night rushing toward her core.

"Please God," Heidi prayed, quietly, under her breath, "Let us have a baby."

We all fell into bed, exhausted. I awoke in the morning, to the movements of Jeff and Heidi fucking in the bed next to me. I rolled over to Tracey, and began to wriggle my morning wood into her, but she pushed me insistently away.

"Ah-ah-ah!" she chided me, to my mild annoyance. "That's Heidi's cock for these two days. I don't mean to be a jerk, but we're not just here for ourselves."

"Right; sorry, I forgot."

"I know. It's not like I don't want you inside me."

So Tracey and I laid aside and watched as Jeff happily fucked his wife, his long cock sliding eagerly in and out of her, until, with a groan, he shot into her, drawing a moan of pleasure from her as he did. Almost immediately, he rolled off her, touching my arm as he did.

"You're it!" he chuckled, and I quickly took his place between his wife's legs.

I have always been the least bit envious of female sexuality, for the way that they don't need a long recovery between orgasms -- if they're like my wife Tracey -- and evidently, Heidi -- they can virtually string orgasm after orgasm together, for as long as they like.

So, when I slid my cock into Heidi, she hadn't come very far down from her orgasmic peak with Jeff, and in short order, she was having another orgasm on my cock. I was nowhere near ready to come, though, so I simply continued to slide my cock in and out of her, and let her come whenever she wanted to. I didn't work very hard at keeping count of her orgasms, but I'm pretty sure it was on the order of ten or twelve, before she exhaustedly urged me to come inside her, pulling on my ass-cheeks to drive me into herself. Finally, I surrendered myself to my orgasm, and sent one last load into her with a happy, satisfied groan.


Once again, the four of us were on Pregnancy Watch, earnestly hoping that we wouldn't be frustrated again. Two weeks passed, and then three. We were getting excited now -- Heidi's period was definitely overdue. When she finally bought a pregnancy test, and it registered 'positive', all four of us were jumping up and down for joy (even if we had a tiny twinge of melancholy that our foursomes were headed back into mothballs).

For the next nine months, we watched as Heidi went through morning sickness, then watched her belly get round, and progressively bigger. We rejoiced as she began to feel the baby's movements within herself, and then WE could feel the baby kicking.

As the days got closer and closer to her due date, though, a certain apprehension started to set in. I began to hope that the baby came out looking like Heidi. I didn't want it to look like me; that would seem like rubbing Jeff's face in his own low sperm count. I wanted him to have the rich joy of fatherhood, without being constantly confronted with the evidence that MY sperm were the ones that had impregnated his wife. And I could feel Jeff beginning to withdraw from me, ever-so-slightly, as similar thoughts occurred to his mind.

At last, the day came -- Heidi was having regular contractions, close together. Her baby was ready to be born. All four of us went to the hospital; we all regarded this, in one way or another, as 'our' baby. Tracey was Heidi's 'labor coach', but Jeff and I were both in the room. As Heidi's labor progressed, the contractions became more and more intense, and soon the birth was imminent. The baby's head was beginning to crown. Jeff couldn't bear to look. I leaned over to get a peek. I did a double-take. Could it be? Was it really possible?

Another push, and the little one was out. I've always gotten a bit of a perverse chuckle from the way that, whenever a baby is born, the first thing anyone does, is look between the legs to check out the genitals.

"It's a GIRL!" cried everyone in the room, except Jeff, who was just convincing himself to have a look at his child, even if it wasn't 'really' his.

"Oh!" cried Heidi, "She's perfect!"

Tracey's eyes welled with tears, and I was struggling to keep from tearing up myself. The doctor handed Jeff the scissors to cut the umbilical cord, and when it was cut, she handed the baby to the proud papa.

A beautiful little girl. A beautiful little red-haired girl. With a splash of freckles across the bridge of her tiny nose. Just like her daddy.

Just like Jeff.


None of the medical people could explain it. The old test results were checked and re-checked and double-checked, and they all confirmed that Jeff had a low sperm count. But, one way or another, there was no doubting that it was one of his 'swimmers' that had made little Gina. Perhaps the sexual excitement of our 'Insemination Days' had rendered his balls more productive? Perhaps he and Heidi could release some stress, when they had a 'plan'? Who could say?

A few months later, though, Jeff went back for more tests, and the new tests indicated that, whatever might have been the case a year earlier, Jeff's sperm count was perfectly normal, and he could expect to beget as many children as he and Heidi could handle. It bordered on the miraculous.

It was wonderful news. Except, when Tracey heard of it, she suddenly got dizzy, and had to grab her head, and sit down. "So. . . when we were all fucking each other silly, trying to get Heidi pregnant. . . he WASN'T shooting blanks. . ."

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