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It was one of those afternoons after it had rained in the morning where it was unpleasantly muggy. Even inside, even without having looked out the window, you can feel a sense of lethargy in the air that just discourages consideration of heading out, especially if you've been inside most of the day. It's hard to meander around a one bedroom apartment, but I was doing it. I went over and sat on the couch, pick up a book and begin reading. After looking over the same page longer than reasonable, restarting a few times without taking in much I put the book down.

My mind is wandering, slightly distracted. Maybe horny, slightly depressed. I walk over to the kitchen, open the refrigerator without much forethought. Nothing in particular I was looking for. Shut the fridge, look out the window. Observe that the weather is indeed as crummy as it seemed like - no longer raining but just ambiguously wet outside. I ran through a mental list of things to do with my time that would provide immediate gratification.

I couldn't bring myself to buckle down and do any of the productive things which, later, I'd look back on and appreciate my having done. With a well-practiced deftness I swivel the chair at my desk, sit down and slide into place. With equal over-practice, a brief sequence of keyboard shortcuts opens a web browser, turns on private mode, and takes me to a familiar porn site. I aimlessly look through the categories of pornography, less flaccid with anticipation, but still mostly soft. Looking at a list of porn categories is itself an act of self-definition - what kind of mood am I in, what do I want to see, to be today. So many of the categories have been over-watched, that is, I know if I click on the link I'll likely have seen all of the appealing ones except those uploaded since I last visited the site.

I open up a couple categories - femdom, jerk of instruction, pegging, ass worship - you can tell what sort of mood I'm in today. I stumble across a video with an image of a clothed woman with tattoos and piercings, not so into body modifications in "real life", but on a female porn "mistress" for whom I am about to do something vaguely self-abasing it somehow seems like it might add something. She's wearing tight jeans and thin white tank top through which probably pierced nipples are vaguely visible. The title is simply "play as I say". I click on it.

She starts of with a routine where she gropes her own clothed breasts and makes the viewer aware of her tongue and bellybutton piercings by her sexual squirming and shirt-movements. "You like this body...Well you can't have it." Despite the somewhat trite themes, my penis stirs. Something about the appealing visuals makes whatever the woman says seem more well-scripted. "Are you feeling yourself get hard? Well you can take that little man-clit of yours out of your pants, but only touch it at the tip. Treat it like its a clit, not a penis." Somehow this seems deviantly erotic. "Go on, take off your pants and underwear. Sit there naked and horny for me you little slut." Slightly reluctant to concede to being a slut I nevertheless oblige this distant woman - but "just because I'm horny", I think to myself.

"Now, I'd fuck you myself with my large strapon," she says, "all the while denying you access to that little clit of yours. But that isn't worth my effort. You're going to have to fuck your own ass if you want to come for me. You want to do that...Good, I thought so." I pause the video and grab a strapon my girlfriend has used to fuck me. Unpause. "Now spit on that big toy you've gone and got for yourself and put it in your ass." As a few more similar comments ensue, I follow and put the toy into my now eager anus. At just that moment, the door to my apartment opens. The volume is up just too loud and the mistress-instructor shouts the next line, "Now fuck your ass for me you little slut boy, and don't touch that little clit of yours."

A compromising moment for my girlfriend to walk in at. I notice two sets of laughs. Quicker than I can do anything my girlfriend and her friend from work take a look over at me. I've barely paused the video and use my hands almost-instinctively to attempt to cover my penis. My erection makes it impossible to cover all of my penis and balls. I'm leaning back, no clothes on, with a strapon clenched in my ass and my feet up on the desk. My girlfriend's skinny stature is complemented her slightly more voluptuous, yet tomboyish friend.

"Mike, I tried to text you", my girlfriend Lauren says, still smiling a little awkwardly. "The phone was on vibrate", I tell her desperately. Her friend Sara, pipes up in a coy yet assertive voice, "I hope we aren't interrupting you". Sara laughs in a way that makes me feel truly humiliated. "Lauren told me you seem to like it up the ass, but I didn't realize you liked it this much." I feel slightly betrayed that Lauren had told her and wondered how descript she had been with how I responded while she fucked me.

"We'll leave you alone," Lauren says almost trying to make amends. She turned to walk out of the room and Sara appeared to follow her. I slowly pull the toy out of my anus and felt a minor sexual frisson as it is wthdrawn which must of shown on my face, eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I see Sara watching me aggressively.

"Can I fuck him?", Sara asks confidently. She seemed to ask us both simultaneously. Lauren came back amused and smiled. Sara looked at me, "I'll fuck you so hard, you won't need to masturbate for a week."

I ache for this woman to fuck me. She is effectively a stranger to me, but even more than the mistress whose videos I'd been watching, Sara probably knew my desires through conversation with Lauren.

"As long as he doesn't put his penis in you, sure go ahead. I get to help out," Lauren replies.

"Oh, he won't get to put that penis anywhere near my pussy. This is just going to be me fucking him until I'm satisfied. I like the prospect of making him moan like you said he would."

I feel even more embarrassed, but acutely aroused. If it is possible, I actually feel as though my anus was getting wet, preparing itself to be fucked by this woman.

Sara walks over to me and grabs the strapon from my hands. She puts a firm hand on my ass with a slap and then grips it dominantly. "I'm going to fuck this ass of yours and your going to come for me out of that little penis." Lauren is watching and seems to be enjoying my humiliation - she likes me too much to behave so harshly to me herself, but to see her friend do so, and me submit, clearly does something for her.

She pushes me onto the couch and puts the strapon down momentarily. She sexily unbuttons her blouse revealing her creamy white breasts hanging in a purple lace bra underneath. The lace weave of the bra partially exposes her areolas. My penis drips precum as I think of the texture of her breasts. She tosses her blouse aside. She's wearing tight jeans which she unbuttons and shimmies out of. She has matching purple lace panties on. She tugs on her bra-straps such that her breasts move around like a porn striptease. A nipple slips out of the top of her bra as they jiggle and I observe with arousal it is pierced.

"Oh, you like the piercing", Sara says. "My clit is pierced too, but you won't be seeing that today", With her lingerie still on, Sara steps into the harness and fastens it. She looks over at Lauren who, now stripping also to her white cotton bra and panties gives a go ahead signal.

Sara approaches me and pushes me onto my back. My ass is thoroughly eager, and as wet as I imagine Sara's pussy might be. Lauren comes over as well and starts stroking my nipples knowing this gets me going even more. The tip of my penis has dripped a few drops of precum which both the women observe. I close my eyes and arch my back as my nipples are stroked.

"You weren't kidding. He's as responsive as a little horny girl when you play with him," Sara remarks.

I am not insecure about my manliness, rather aroused by the humiliation of someone else thinking I am being pitiful. I could only focus on the pleasure from my nipples and anticipation of the impending thrusts from Sara. She would fuck me and could think whatever she wanted. I would be appreciative because I would enjoy being fucked. "Please fuck me. Fuck my ass however you like," I croak.

Sara takes her time, spitting onto her hands and rubbing it onto the strapon. She seems to enjoy delaying as long as possible. It gave her more time to see me eager and begging. Her wet finger touches my anus gently and she slides forward to touch the tip of the strapon against my willing hole. She slowly pushes the tip further, appropriately carefully. I gasp in sexual pleasure. Lauren kisses me, unable to resist the temptation any longer - seeing me in such a violated position made her almost want to mother me. "I love you," Lauren says. The mix of associations was intoxication, Lauren's affection and Sara's domination.

Sara pushes forward and rhetorically asks, "Are you enjoying my fucking your tight little asshole?"

"Yes, keep fucking my ass."

Sara begins to increase her speed, with long hard thrusts pushing inside me. Her pure breasts, still in the lace bra jiggle innocently up and down as she penetrates me. I am mesmerized by the pleasure and the movements of her breasts.

Reading my eyes, Sara slaps my penis hard and says, "It is rude to stare, but if you ask nicely I'll take off my bra for you." My penis got slightly flaccid from the slap and surprise.

"Please let me see your pierced nipples while you fuck me, Sara," I ask obsequiously.

Sara fucks me with a few hard thrusts, then pauses to take off her bra. She does it slowly such that her milky breasts and erect nipples remain covered as long as possible before being exposed to my sight. To my surprise, Lauren leans over and begins sucking on Sara's nipple and fondling the other. It seems so natural and a calm, knowing smile slowly forms on Sara's face. Lauren backs off a little as Sara returns to fucking me with full intensity.

My penis is still only intermediate hardness given after being slapped unsuspectingly, but I am psychologically aroused more than usual. Sara, still vigorously fucking, grabs my penis and balls in one hand unaffectionately and begins flicking my testicles in a peculiar way. My penis shrinks further. She continues to hold tight while.

"Your going to come just from anal stimulation, like a little anal whore," Sara says staring into my eyes.

Despite my penis being flaccid, I feel myself approaching orgasm. The strapon rubs the smooth interior of my ass and strong sensations stupefy my mind with pleasure. My balls tighten. Sara feels this, still grasping my genitals, and thrusts harder hitting a pleasure-point on the end of every thrust. Lauren stares openly and begins rubbing herself - she wants to come with me. I feel myself begin to spasm - Sara pounds unrelentingly - Lauren rubs vigorously. Sara smiles powerfully as my flaccid member spurts thick drips of cum onto her hand and onto my groin.

The sensation of orgasming through my flaccid penis from her fucking my ass is an extended, heady orgasm. I feel a wide and dispersed warmth spread through my entire body. Lauren came just then as well with kick spasms and turned to kisses Sara instead of me. The choice leaves me slightly colder and alone. I feel a surprising affection for both of the women, most pronounced at this instant for the one who'd been mercilessly fucking my ass. Sara kisses Lauren lovingly and they embrace ignoring my presence while I lay there with the strapon still in my ass. They look thoroughly happy.

"That was fun," Sara says to me, Lauren's hand resting on her breast. "You'd better let me do this whenever I want or I'll tell everyone at Lauren and my work what a whore you are for women fucking you." Though I knew I'd opt to let her keep fucking me, and enjoy it, a little part of me wished to be degraded even more by her spreading her stories - maybe more would decide to fuck me...

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