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Play Ball!


I love being a good little league Mom, but I also have a dark side that needs quenched from time to time. This day would quench that need in me, and then some, with an unexpected meeting after the game. "Play Ball!"

After sitting through a little league game, I was upset with the young umpire that made some horrendous calls. I loaded my gear and took the kids home. Afterwards I realized I had left my cell phone and went back, praying that no one had stolen it. When I arrived, the only person remaining was the young umpire, raking the field. He saw me looking and came to help. He unlocked the concession stand to see if someone found it and set it inside for safety. I found it lying on the counter and snatched it up then headed toward the door to leave. He blocked my exit and looked at me.

"Excuse me please."

"You aren't leaving just yet."


He was in his mid 20's, almost 20 year younger than myself. For all intense purposes I could be his Mother. He reached a strong hand to my breast and stroked. I stood there in shock, but didn't move. He reached for the door, locking it. Mixed emotions flooded me. I should leave, but I wondered what this young stud had to offer. He towered over my 5'4" frame by at least 10 inches. His shoulders and back were cut into a distinct V, showing that he works out. A muscular tanned arm, covered with a light dusting of dark brown hair made me wonder how hairy his chest and cock were. In one stealth movement he pushed a box aside and grabbed me at the waist lifting my ass to the countertop. He shoved me back and tugged at my shorts and underwear, removing them.

Not a word was exchanged between us. I reached up and grabbed at his t-shirt, yanking it upward to remove it from his chest. Panting, we were both ready to fuck like teenagers. He lowered his body and dove face first into my mature, shaved pussy. Between laps he made comments and sounds that made me hot as hell.

"I love the look of an older pussy, one that has been used and stretched. I hate little girl pussies that can't take a real cock. They whimper and whine too much, saying that it hurts. I want a woman that knows how to fuck and knows what she wants."

After I flooded his mouth he stood and dropped his shorts. Holy shit, his cock was huge! It was disproportionately large, even for his sculptured body. He gripped it with his hands, end to end. It was so big he had a hard time keeping it up. His hands moved over the end and took turns stroking to get it as hard as possible, while I watched in awe. At that moment I realized that this cock was going to invade my pussy at any moment.

"Are you ready for this, slutty little league Mommy?"

"Fuck you. You suck as a umpire."

"I saw you were pissed at my calls during the game. It turned me on."

He grabbed my body and pulled me upright and planted his mouth on mine. We kissed hard and sloppy, moaning and panting with anticipation. I grabbed his head and pulled his ear to my mouth. "I am older and I do know what I want. Are you going to fuck me or kiss me all day?"

He shoved me back on the countertop and demanded me to spread my pussy with my fingers. I did as he asked while he guided the tip of his massive bat sized cock to my pussy. He held it firm at my opening and grabbed my shoulders. The massive head slid in. I thought I would pass out from the wonderful feeling of fullness, but he was just getting started.

"Fuck yes, damn your cock feels so awesome! Give me more!"

"Fast or slow?"

"Just shove that fucking cock in me, I don't care. I want it all!"

He held my shoulders tight and moved his hips a little. He gave me a couple inches. Pulling it out he shoved his fingers in my pussy to get more of my juices, slathering them over his semi-hard massive cock that was too heavy to stand erect. Grabbing my hips, he pulled my ass to the edge of the counter. He grabbed a rag and shoved it in my mouth to stifle any cries.

He grabbed his massive cock and stroked it a few more times. "Sure you're ready lady?"

Nodding my head frantically, he knew I was ready. I had never seen a cock this size, let alone experienced one. It had to be all of 12" long. It was as big around as a pop can, because he couldn't get his hand around it completely, while he stroked it. I didn't know how I would handle it, but I damn sure wanted to try.

He beat the head of his meat against my clit a few times. It felt like a club. My fingers reached to stretch my pussy open wide for him. He moaned and mentioned how nice and pink it was inside, just waiting to be torn up. He held his hands on my hips after he planted the head of his cock at my waiting pussy.

With one swift jab he shoved the head and a few inches inside me. My back arched and accepted him. Wrapping his arms around my legs he raised them in the air and pulled me further off the edge of the counter. I had no control in this position, while he had complete control. He shoved my blouse up over my tits and ripped my bra apart in the middle, like it was nothing. My tits felt free, with sweat from the hot summer heat glistening on them, in the hot enclosed concession stand.

Grabbing my nipples between his fingers he pinched them and twisted them. I screamed into the rag in my mouth, but it muffled my cries. He let loose of my nipples and grabbed my round tits, squeezing them tight. Again I screamed, but nothing came forth. He let go of one of my tits and slapped my face. "If you think that hurt, wait till you feel my cock slip deep inside your tight ass."

Shaking my head frantically from side to side, I begged him to not fuck my ass. He just laughed and sneered down at me knowing he was in control. Grabbing my hips again, I let my legs fall on his shoulders. He pulled down on me while thrusting the rest of his cock up into my tight pussy. He didn't go slowly, he gave it to me hard and fast. I thought he was all the way in but he still had more. His cock stretched and tore at my pussy while he pounded away, driving it deeper with each thrust. Occasionally he pulled it out to the head, and drove it home again. The screams flowed from my body, which no one could hear. It felt liberating to scream and be used.

His enormous cock felt good and hurt, at the same time. I could feel my body building to a climax. He shoved it hard and deep again then sat there and stroked it in and out, in and out. My head rocked side to side. The pain and the pleasure intermingled, until my body burst and I pissed and squirted cum all over his cock. I reached my arms for his body. He grabbed me off the counter, holding me at the waist with in his massive arms. I wrapped my legs and arms around his body and held on for dear life while his massive meat bludgeoned my aching pussy. He lowered me hard and I felt it rip up into me and knew that I had taken his entire length inside my wet cunt.

"Oh fuck, yeahhhhhh! Now that I ripped you, your pussy is just perfect for my cock."

I yanked the rag out of my mouth, "Please, I want to ride your cock, please?"

He raised me off his cock and lowered my feet to the floor. I rubbed my sore pussy with my hand. It was hot and swollen from the abuse, but I wanted more so desperately that my body was shaking. He threw some towels on the floor and laid down. Straddling his waist with my legs my pussy lowered to meet his cock. He held it firm in his hand to keep the weight of it up. The head filled me first and felt tighter than before because of the swelling. Inch by inch I lowered my body slowly. I watched his face while I enveloped him with my hot swollen pussy. He had a look of agony on his face, but it was a sweet torturous look. I felt his cock hit bottom and I had not taken his entire length again. I rode his cock up and down, feeling it slipping deeper and deeper with each downward thrust. My tits hung in his face, dripping with sweat from the exertion and heat.

What happened next made me want to crawl away and never be seen again. The handle on the door moved. I heard a key turn. My son's coach opened the door to find me fucking the young umpire. After the look of surprise wore off his face he entered and closed the door behind himself, locking it again. He never said anything to me but I could see the lust in his eyes. He stripped his clothes off and started stroking his cock, then began walking towards us.

He grabbed some Vaseline that the guys use on their new baseball gloves and shoved 2 fingers into the jar. Walking closer he continued stroking with one hand, while carrying the generous helping of Vaseline with the other. Crouching down behind me, the young umpire laid still and didn't say much. The coach got on his knees and began licking my ass. I couldn't help myself. I started moaning and pushing back against his tongue. The young umpire started moving under me, sliding his huge cock in and out again. His tongue rimmed my ass so good I came again and shot my juices down his cock.

Coach laid his lubed fingers at my ass and worked the Vaseline into my tight hole, sliding his two thick fingers in and out. I have never experienced the feeling of having both of my holes filled at once. It's amazing. He stood up and crouched down placing his nice sized hard cock at my ass.

"I have always wanted to fuck somebody in the ass. It seemed this is my opportunity since you really can't do or say anything without giving yourself away in this compromising position."

"No please! I have never had a cock in my ass. I heard it hurts really bad!"

"Well I have heard it feels tight as a virgin pussy on a cock and I am going to find out."

"No please!"

He didn't listen. When I used my hands to try to bat him away he grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands behind my back. The umpire reached and grabbed the rag off the floor and shoved it back in my mouth.

"Go ahead Dad, no one can hear her now."

"Thanks son. I'm glad you gave me that idea about swiping her cell phone out of her purse earlier."

What the hell?! I was being double teamed by a father/son duo! They had plotted this entire thing. The son pulled most of the length of his cock out of me, while the father pushed his cock against my ass until the head slipped in. I screamed against the rag, but no one could hear me. His cock was thick but not nearly as thick or long as his sons. He let out a low groan and moan, while his cock slid deeper and deeper. Struggling against him was useless, so I tried to relax so it wouldn't hurt as much. When his body touched mine I knew his cock was buried.

"Son-of-a-bitch! That ass is so fucking tight I can feel it gripping my cock trying to squeeze the cum right out of it!"

He moved slowly at first, letting my ass relax more. The more he moved the better it felt until I found myself pushing back to ride his cock.

"I think this little slut enjoys this son."

"Yeah, she is one hot Momma!"

"I think she needs to feel both of us son. Give her all of that fat cock of yours, that I envy so much."

Grinning a wicked grin, the son grabbed my waist and began to lower me on his massive meaty cock again, filling every inch of my dripping pussy. The pressure of feeling both of them inside me was overwhelming. I felt the delicate tissue between my pussy and ass rip. Tears filled my eyes. The son pulled the rag out of my mouth.

"Are you ok?"

"Yesssss, yessssss, oh my Gosh yessssss.... FUCK ME!"

They went into high gear, fucking and pumping my ass and pussy at the same time. One slid out when the other slid in... back and forth, back and forth. My body tensed and I knew I was going to explode again.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again! Oh My Goshhhhh, this is so fucking awesome. I love your cocks. Fuck me harder please! Make me cum and don't stop!"

They both slammed into me. The sound of our bodies slapping together was so hot. I felt the sweat off the father dripping on my back. The son grabbed my tits and squeezed them again, like he did earlier, then grabbed one and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked so hard he took ½ of my breast into his mouth. His other hand pinched and twisted my other nipple making me teeter between the feeling of pain and pleasure.

My body twitched and slammed down on the sons cock hard, grinding his entire length up into my stretched, swollen and sloppy pussy. He held still and let me grind while his father continued to slam fuck my virgin ass.

"I'm cumming son! SHIT!" He groaned and let out a sound that came from deep inside his body while his hot cum shot up into my waiting ass. Slowly he pulled his limp cock out and stood there catching his breath. The son and I rolled until he was on top of me.

He fucked me slow and deep, in a steady rhythm while he spoke down at me. "I can't believe you can take all of my cock. You are the first woman that has been able, without extreme pain. I don't like to hurt people. I like it when they enjoy it as much as I do."

He endeared his self to me with his words. He made me feel special, like the good little slut that I have always known I am inside. "Would you like to try something new?"


"Would you like to see if you can fit your huge cock in my ass?"

He laughed, "I highly doubt if your virgin ass is ready for that."

"I play with toys, I had just never had a cock in my ass until your Dad's."

"Are any of your toys big?"

"Yes, some are, but nothing like your cock."

I could feel his cock growing inside me. I knew the thought turned him on very much, but he was enjoying being with someone that enjoyed his cock in her pussy, so he was apprehensive to give that up. He just kept moving in a rhythmic manner, in and out of my pussy, relaxing me more and more. Pretty soon I felt my body climbing again to that pinnacle. My hands reached to grab his taunt ass muscles, pulling his body into my sore pussy. My legs wrapped around his body and arched up to meet his cock. He drove it deep and then began that slow fevered stroke again... in and out... in and out, in a steady consistent rhythm. I pulled his body down against mine to feel his weight. My teeth found his shoulder and bit down slightly. Everything exploded inside me right after I tensed. My body bucked and grinded wantonly against his huge cock while I rode the wave.

"Fuck me hard, pleaseeeeeeeee!"

He raised up and rolled my body again. My ass and pussy were poised in front of him. I was still riding the wave and needed to feel his cock inside me.

"Please, please, put it back in!"

My body jerked and twitched like a cat in heat, my ass and pussy wagging at him. He lifted his massive cock and put it at my pussy again then grabbed my hips. I was more than ready, I was hot and dripping and he knew it. He rammed his cock all the way up my waiting pussy, withdrew the entire length and dove all the way in again.

"Oh Fuck, I'm cumming again!"

He fucked me hard and deep while I squirted down my inner thighs then slowed.

"Shit, I can't cum! I keep looking at your ass and wonder if I should take you up on your offer."

"If you do, use plenty of Vaseline and go slow."

His father, having regained his self, handed him the jar of Vaseline. "Go for it son, I highly doubt you will receive another offer like this in a very long time, with your huge cock." "I don't want to hurt her."

"If you do, she will tell you. She hasn't been shy so far."

He kept his cock in my pussy and begin taking globs of Vaseline and shoving them into my ass with his fingers.

"There, that should be good."

I started to take deep breaths to relax. I was already relaxed from cumming but knew I need to be completely relaxed to let him in. I knew it was going to hurt. What I didn't know is if it would hurt so much that I would have to stop, or if it would have me teetering on that fine line between pain and pleasure.

"I have 3 fingers in your ass and I have it full of Vaseline. Let me lube my cock and we will begin."

"Ok," I murmured while continuing to breath slow and deep.

I was extremely excited and scared at the same time. He finished lubing his cock and I felt the head of it resting at my hole. He reached to grab my shoulder for leverage while his other hand guided his heavy cock. Holding it there, he allowed me to push backward. I pushed cautiously feeling my muscles trying to relent. Finally the head popped past my tight sphincter muscle. I grabbed the rag and put it back into my own mouth this time, and bit down on it. He held his cock there until the initial pain subsided.

With his father the pain subsided quicker, but with his massive cock it never really ebbed. I bit down on the rag and began to push backward again. The hard part was the first couple inches, after that it slid in better. Biting the rag, I stopped occasionally to adapt. He fought back sounds that were starting to come from inside him. I knew he wanted to grab me and fuck me senseless but he didn't want to hurt me so he took his time.

Surprisingly I took the length of his cock in my ass much sooner than I did in my pussy. His hips came to rest on my ass while we both let out a sigh of relief. He began to withdraw and push it back again. I rode his cock and pushed against him. I grabbed the rag out of my mouth and threw it aside.

"Fuck it slow baby, fuck that ass slow and smooth like you did my pussy."

He grabbed both hips while I raised my body with my arms to look around. His father was waiting and shoved his cock against my mouth. I opened to take him, sucking and hungry. His son started moving faster, getting his rhythm. He withdrew the entire length and the head popped out. When he put it back, I screamed loudly from the pain of entry while I continued to suck his father's cock. He didn't withdraw it completely again but continued to stretch and fill my ass to accommodate his enormous cock.

"Fuck, your ass is so tight!"

Pausing from sucking cock, "Fuck it hard now baby, work it up in there nice and deep. I love feeling like such a dirty little slut. Make me scream, give me that pain and pleasure that I love so much."

His father grabbed my hair and pulled it into a knot on top of my head while he drove his cock deep into my mouth. His son fucked my ass at a fevered pitch, never withdrawing it but slam fucking me so hard that my body moved forward, shoved his father's cock deeper into my throat. Gagging, sputtering and screaming they ravaged me and used me hard.

"Come on bitch, scream louder, beg me to stop. Fuck, that turns me on so much!"

I let go of the single ounce of inhibition I had left and vocalized. Screaming, crying and begging him, while urging him on.

"Please stop, oh damn, my ass is ripping apart!"

"Take it bitch, take it all", he chanted as his cock withdrew and slammed back into my tight ass again and again.

His father pulled his cock out and shot cum over my tongue, while his son drove his cock as far up my ass as he could.

"OH FUCK... I'm gonna cummmmmmmm!"

I felt his cock pulsing and pumping in my ass. When he started cumming he fucked me harder than he had all day, savagely. He pulled the entire length out and shoved it deep, repeatedly. I screamed loudly each time he passed my tight opening but it didn't stop him, it turned him on. I felt my body tense. An orgasm gripped me deep in my core. I'm not sure if it was from the pleasure, pain or knowing that I was pleasing them. My body shook, twisted and bucked against the huge cock in my ass taking everything he offered.

Finally we both collapsed on the floor in a heap. I felt his cock slither out of my ass and missed that feeling of fullness. After we cleaned up and dressed, his father unlocked the door. I left for home, torn bra and all, tucked under my shirt. My pussy and ass were extremely sore and burning but I would not pass up this opportunity if presented with it again. I love being a good little league Mother, but I also love feeling like a dirty slut.

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