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Rayshon figured it couldn't be good news. The note said to report to Ms. Robinson in the Guidance Office at 2:15 PM.

He didn't even know who Ms. Robinson was. He sure didn't want anyone from the Guidance Office knowing who he was. Then again everyone in Guidance knew who he was. Everyone at Johnson High School knew who he was. Probably a few million people knew who he was because of the article in Sports Illustrated.

No, Ms. Robinson didn't want to talk to him about the upcoming basketball season even though everyone else did. Who was she and why did she want him?

By 2:15 PM, he found out that Ms. Robinson was the new guidance counselor who had replaced Mr. Peters. Peters had left suddenly, and no one was talking about why. That was too bad because he and Peters had been buddies. Well, not buddies, but Peters was the girls' basketball coach and had played in college. They talked about things like basketball, college, making it in the pros. Peters never bothered him about his grades or hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Exactly at 2:15 PM, Rayshon knocked on the frosted glass that was the top part of Ms. Robinson's office. No answer. He thought, "Shit. Did I get this wrong?" No, he looked at the note again - Wednesday, 2:15 PM, Ms. Robinson.

Then a tall, blond woman walked up behind him and said, "Glad you're on time, Rayshon. Looks like I just made it." She smiled and reached past him to open the door.

"I don't keep it locked, unless of course there's something, very private going on inside."

Rayshon followed her in and noticed her ass as she walked to her desk. Not bad, he thought. In fact the whole package wasn't too bad. Tall, about 5' 10", long blonde hair, good tan, long legs. Maybe 30 years old. He couldn't really tell about her tits because she was wearing a bulky sweater.

"Hey, relax", she said. "Don't worry, there's nothing bad. I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes. I'm Dianne Robinson. I'm your new counselor and I hope we can be friends. Good friends."

Rayshon shook her hand. Dianne turned the two wooden chairs that were in front of her desk so they faced each other.

She said, "We don't have to be formal in here. I don't like to sit behind that big desk. I like to be closer to my students."

Rayshon sat down, but Dianne was still standing when she said, "You know, it's hot in here, don't you think? They keep it so hot in the winter!"

She began pulling her sweater over her head.

Rayshon watched. His eyes glued to her as she raised her arms. Her white top was caught up with the sweater and showed her belly button piercing and then her bra as it rose along with the sweater.

Her belly was flat and ran into a white sheer bra that was two sizes too small. It clearly showed the outline of her nipples and squeezed her tits up into two beautiful round globes.

Finally the top separated from the sweater and settled around her neck.

Dianne looked at him staring at her tits and laughed while she pulled down her top. That didn't change much because it was also too small with a low scoop neckline. She pulled it all the way down so that the scoop was even with the top of her bras. Those tanned globes just sat there in all their glory.

"This is much better, don't you think?" she asked with a smile. He nodded, afraid the lump in his throat would betray the lump in his pants.

When they both sat down, their knees were only a few inches apart. Slowly, she leaned in and rested her hand on his right knee. He could see down her top to where the lace on her bra barely covered her nipples. The lump in his pants grew down his right leg.

She said softly, "I asked you to come in because you are the leader of the senior class. Everyone looks up to you." She laughed and moved her hand further up his thigh. "That's funny! Everyone looks up to you because you're so tall, but I mean that everyone looks up to you with respect. The black kids and the white kids. Because of that I need your help. Will you help me?" she whispered. Her face was now just inches from his, and he caught her clean, fresh smell.

"S-s-sure", Rayshon finally stammered, praying she didn't notice his hard-on. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, I need you to be my friend so the other kids will accept me. Of course, I can help you also. I know you are going to play basketball at one of the top schools, and maybe I could teach you some things that you'll need to know in college. I could tutor you in things like math and English and maybe some other things that happen in college." She winked. "You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, sure, sure. That would be good!" Rayshon managed to get out.

"Good. We should set up regular meetings so we can help each other. The only rule is that you can never talk about what we do at our meetings. People will know about the meetings, but you can only say that we just talked about college and your grades. Otherwise there might be a problem with your NCAA eligibility. OK with you?" Dianne said as she raised one of her feet to hook the heel on her chair rung while she spread her knees. Not enough for Rayshon to see all the way to her panties but a good look far up those tanned thighs.

"Ms. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?" he blurted out. He froze as soon as he said it, but Dianne smiled slightly and tilted her head.

"Now Rayshon, whatever gave you that idea?" She lifted her other shoe to hook it on the chair rung and spread her knees a little more.

Rayshon stared, his eyes wide. His hard-on throbbed. He had to get out of here before he came in his pants. He stood up and his cock was throbbing right in front of Dianne's face. "Sure, sure. I'll help you. That's OK, but I've got to get to basketball practice. I'm late. Coach will kill me." He quickly turned away and started for the door.

Dianne laughed at his predicament and said, "Oh just tell Mike that you were with me. He'll understand."

Rayshon stopped. "You know Coach Shinski?"

"Oh yes. We're old friends." Dianne said.

She rose and continued "I want to thank you for coming in today" as she held out her hand.

Rayshon shuffled back towards her but kept his right side turned away from her. He stuck out his hand, and she clasped it firmly.

"Hey" she said suddenly. "What are you hiding there in your pocket?" She moved to his right side and pointed with her left hand. She held his right hand even harder.

"Is that a weapon? What is that? A gun?" She grabbed his cock tightly through his pants.

"No, No. No weapon. No, No, Please stop." But Dianne kept kneading his cock rhythmically with her left hand as she locked his right in an iron grip.

"Ohhh, Ohhh. Agggh. Yes, yes. Oh my God!" Rayshon squealed. "Oh shit. I'm coming!"

Dianne looked at him. "Well Rayshon, I guess we pulled the trigger on that gun!" Then, "We'd better work on self control next appointment." She let his hand go.

She laughed. "Looks like we'll be good friends. Really good friends."

Rayshon raced out of the room with his hand covering his cock as it continued jerking cum down his leg.

To be continued . . .

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