Play Date


The expected love scene came on; nothing outright pornographic, just enough to get the movie the obligatory R rating. The man and woman in the movie, who had shown mostly hate for each other up to then, suddenly started tearing each other's clothes off and having barely-veiled sex on a spiral staircase. Only strategic camera angles, the occasional long shot, and strategically-placed banisters kept it from being completely graphic. Her breasts and his buttocks were repeatedly, although fleetingly, exposed. Both women seemed to get off on it; I could feel their bodies warm up and when I stole a glance at Anne's chest, I could see her nipples harden. Just then Jill gently grabbed my chin and turned my face her way - I thought to playfully keep me from looking at Anne, but in fact, she began to kiss me deeply.

"Hey, no fair, I don't have anyone here to kiss," Anne laughed.

"I never said I wouldn't share," Jill said, turning my face back toward Anne, daring her (and me) to kiss. Another nervous laugh escaped her, then she licked her lips and kissed me. I tried to keep it friendly and not like I was going to eat her face, but Anne pushed the envelope. She licked my lips lightly and quickly, then explored my chin and neck. I could feel an erection forming. Jill began to kiss me too, and then Jill and Anne began to kiss each other as well. They both put hands on my chest, for leverage as much as anything else.

It might seem that this should end with us all naked on the basement rug, but after a while we began to look at each other, then up at the stairs. The boys were supposed to have gone to bed, but boys didn't always do what they were supposed to. Just like grownups.

After the love scene, we backed off and watched the rest of the movie, which was almost over. My erection subsided, though perhaps not my aching balls, but something told me Jill would be more than happy to take care of that once we got to bed.

Jill showed Anne to her guest room, which was the closest one to our bedroom. When she came back into our room and locked the door behind her, the look in her eyes told me she was horny and ready to go. We were naked in a few moments, and she got on top of me with little prelude. I almost came when she pushed herself down on me, but as we got into a fast rhythm I became fascinated with her lustful exuberance, and focused on ways to push her over the top. I rubbed her large breasts and tweaked her nipples with my thumbs, pushing them together as she whispered "harder, harder, harder, harder, harder" in an increasing moan. I wondered if Anne could hear us, and the thought triggered a gushing orgasm on my part, answered by Jill's barely-stifled grunt of satisfaction a couple of thrusts later.

A moment later, Jill was lying on her back, holding a cloth between her legs, staring up at the ceiling. "What was that all about?" I asked, meaning everything that had happened since dinner. "Are you trying to get me to have another affair?"

"It's not an affair if we're honest with each other," she finally whispered. "Right?"

A nervous jolt ran through my body. An orgasmic after-shock, or because of what she was saying. "Are you sure?"

"I don't even know if she wants to play with us. Her life may be complicated enough. But she's so pretty, isn't she?"

"Yes," I admitted. "She is. What do we do about it?"

"I don't want to push anything or make her feel strange. It would kill William if Charles wasn't his friend anymore."

"It would kill me if this came between us. I've been there before. Nothing is worth that."

Jill gathered me into her arms at that, and soon we were asleep, exhausted.


I woke up later. I could tell by the darkness it wasn't morning yet, but I had no idea how long I'd slept until I looked at the clock radio. One a.m. - we'd been in bed maybe an hour at most. Jill wasn't in bed with me. I could hear a shower running; it wasn't the one in our room. I put on my underwear and a t-shirt and walked down the hall, curious.

The door to Anne's bedroom was open halfway. I looked in; the room was dark, but I could tell by the bathroom light that no one was in the bed. I stole into the room, and could see the shower stall reflected in the mirror. Either Jill was down in the kitchen having an insomnia attack and I was about to just spy on Anne taking a shower, with no real way to explain why I was there, or...

But Jill wasn't in the kitchen. I could see two female figures, shadowy through the steamed up shower door. I saw nipples pressed up against the glass. From the shape of the breasts, I figured they were Anne's. I knew how Jill got into anal play in the shower. She had a long, thin dildo she liked to use on me, fucking me in the ass with it while she reached around and jacked me off. The flexible, slippery shape would gently stretch my anus and run over my prostate like a finger. It made me come quicker than anything; Jill often did it when she wasn't much in the mood herself (which wasn't often), or when she was a little bit mad at me.

Of course, with Anne, she could be using a vibrator in her vagina, which I imagined to be covered with a little tuft of blonde hair, like Jill's. Or perhaps waxed.

I heard Jill whisper "Do you want it?"

"Oh, yeah, I need it. Slow, slow, I'm so nervous," Anne moaned.

"Relax. Lean back into me. You have such a sweet little ass."

Now I knew why Jill was so interested in me being hot for Anne. She wanted her for herself. Not much surprised me about Jill anymore, but this was the first time she'd brought someone else into our sex lives together, and I wondered how much had transpired in an hour to get from not wanting to "make her feel strange" to this. I felt horny, left out, and a bit lonely. I didn't see any way that me getting in the middle of this would pan out, so I started to pad out of the room and back to our bedroom, not sure what to think. I guess I'd given her permission, or she took it that way. As I started to move, I heard Jill's voice, a bit strained. "Doug?"

Shit. "Yes?"

Jill lowered her voice, and I couldn't hear her until I stepped into the room. The smell of sex was surprisingly strong. I could see the shadow of Jill's arm, and it seemed she was still keeping the rhythm up, slowly " bed with us?" Jill concluded.


"No, Jill, I don't have to..." Anne said, weakly, obviously finding it hard to concentrate on speaking.

"Can Anne come to bed with us?" Jill said, as if she was a little girl asking permission to have a friend over.

"Okay," I said, still processing it all, but happy to be included, anyway.

"Be there in a minute," Jill said, exactly like she did most nights of our married life, as if she were just brushing her teeth.

I went back to our bedroom. Take my clothes off? What to do in the meantime? Read a book? I got under the covers and was staring at the ceiling when Jill came in, surprisingly soon, leading Anne by the hand. They were both wearing different pairs of Jill's plain flannel PJs, and I laughed in spite of myself as Jill closed and locked the door.

"Hi," Anne said, as she had when she nearly fell on me playing the Wii, and she climbed into bed on one side of me. She smelled like sex and a shower. Jill got in on my other side, and I turned to her.

"She's the one who needs some attention," Jill said, pushing me back to Anne. "You sort of interrupted us, you peeping Tom. I've already come once tonight."

I looked Anne over while she looked nervously back, and finally said "What do you want?"

"Touch my breasts," she whispered. I unbuttoned her top slowly, and she began to tremble with anticipation. Lying on her back, they were almost flat, but her nipples were small and had rock-hard points. Her toned chest muscles rippled between them. I licked her nipples and gently used my teeth, switching between them and tweaking whichever one I wasn't licking with my thumb. She began to writhe with pleasure; knowing Jill she'd been on the brink of an orgasm already when I'd appeared.

Jill reached from behind me and began to rub my cock. I started to kiss down to Anne's navel. "He's really good with his tongue, Anne. Would you like him to go lower?"

"I would love it."

"Take off your pants."

Anne took off the pajama bottoms, leaving her naked except for Jill's favorite pair of panties - a black silk thong. I immediately got even more excited when I saw it. I went down between Anne's legs and she put her legs over me as I kissed and licked her thighs. She was moaning and practically humping my face already, so I closed in on her wet, fragrant pussy, first licking around the thong, then moving it to one side, just like I did when Jill wore those same panties. Her clitoris was wet and engorged, and, as it turned out, she had light downy pubic hair, much like Jill's, but not trimmed as closely.

I couldn't see much from this position, but when I felt weight shifting on the bed, I looked up to see Jill's perfect, slim ass settling down around Anne's face as Anne began to lick and suck on Jill's pussy - with great effect, from the sound of the stifled moans Jill began to make as she played with her own breasts. Jill had taken off all of her clothes. I bent down to Anne's pussy again, stroking the clit with my tongue. Both women began to buck and squirm, finding a rhythm.

Anne began to peel off the thong. I was still wearing underwear, which Jill tugged at as we all adjusted positions. Anne suddenly seemed a little shy. "Can I; can he...?"

"You want to fuck him, don't you?" Jill teased, taking one of Anne's nipples into her mouth.

"You're okay with it?"

"Long as I get to watch."

"Doug, would you?" she asked as I returned to licking her hardening, slick button.

"Would I what?" I asked. That was mean, but I was getting turned by her youthful shyness and unsureness. I felt like Jill and I were partners in seducing her.

Her face was flushing from arousal and shame. "I need it so bad. He hardly ever touches me." I moved up and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She began to hump against it, working it in. She was tight, still nervous.

"Are you on the pill?" Jill asked, and Anne nodded. I was glad she remembered; it was starting to feel too good to stop. Her pussy was hot and tight and slippery. I was halfway in. Jill was laying to one side, no longer touching Anne, playing with her own nipples and cunt. I was on top of Anne. We were in the missionary position, having married-people sex like Jill and I hardly ever did.

I took her mouth with mine, and we began to kiss, frantically at first then more tenderly as we began to soothe each other's pent-up lust. My desire to come was building, and it felt like hers was too, but the pleasure we were giving each other made me want to prolong the moment. Her pace slowed under me, and she began to milk my cock with her tight cunt muscles. She lay back on the pillow, her face flushed, her mouth open. Her strong arms ran up and down my back. Her erect nipples brushed my chest hair. I looked to the side - Jill was laying on her back, fingering herself to the same sultry rhythm., her eyes half-closed, drinking in the sight of us.

Jill's large, dark, nipples were hardened to points. I reached over to stroke one, and began to feel the surging, tingling sensation in my balls. Anne's eyes opened wider; she could feel my strokes deepening and my breath becoming ragged. "Oh, I'm coming," I sighed into her ear, still fingering Jill's breast.

"Come in me," she moaned, and I pumped hot come into her as her pussy convulsed, squeezing my cock again and again.


The following week, I got off work early and Jill suggested we go to the antique furniture store where Anne worked, to look at some chairs. It was a musty old store in the trendy part of downtown, and when Anne came out to greet us she was elegantly dressed in a sleeveless white silk blouse and plaid skirt. The blouse was a little on the sheer side, and the skirt came to that perfect schoolgirl length, riding the swell of her toned ass and thighs. Any shorter and it would be an obvious come-on, but as it was it undoubtedly got many appreciative looks from the husbands when their wives went shopping.

"Well, hello," Anne said. "I'm the only one here. It's a slow Friday afternoon. Kind of warm, don't you think?"

"This blouse looks cool," Jill said, touching it on the shoulder in the appraising way women can get away with.

"Yeah, but I picked a bad day to wear wool," she said, laughing, picking up her skirt and flapping it a bit as if it were a fan. We made our way to the chairs we were here to see, and quickly made our selection. Anne tagged it and took some notes, then we walked back to the sales desk, Anne's ass twitching ahead of me.

I tried not to look. I'd thought about the other night, and didn't see how taking on another lover was going to work for either one of us. We'd talked a little about it; Jill seemed reluctant to shut the door on it entirely, but hadn't talked about it since. When we arrived at the sales desk, Anne was smoothing her skirt with her hands repeatedly, as if to dry them.

I looked up further from the skirt, and saw that Anne's nipples were visibly hardening through the thin fabric.

"That's the problem with silk. It shows your nipples every time," Jill said, moving down to stroke her breast. Anne wasn't laughing any more. She took a few deep breaths and caught Jill's hand by the wrist; to stop her, or so I thought. But then she led us further back into the store, into what seemed to be an area for employees, with a plain leather couch

"It's just the right height," Anne explained.

"For what?" I asked.

"To bend me over and fuck me."

And that's how I found myself with my pants off, Jill sucking me off while fingering herself with her hand in her pants. Anne had already assumed the position and had a finger in her pussy; she'd either stripped off her panties or hadn't been wearing any to start with, and her skirt was around her waist. The skirt and her heels were the only things she was still wearing. Her blouse and bra were on the couch.

"Is he hard?" Anne sighed.

"I'm getting him hard for you," Jill said when she came up off my dick. Her blowjobs were usually slow and subtle; this one felt like she was trying to suck the jizz right out of me. It was almost a relief when she guided me to the waiting, gaping, entrance to Anne's vagina. I was so aroused that I had to go slowly to keep from blowing my wad; Anne was soon pushing back and gasping for me to go harder. My hands were on her sides for support. As I began to pick up the rhythm, I was surprised to feel something cool and slick pushing against my anus. I looked over and saw Jill's big purse, and realized she'd been carrying a few of her toys and apparently some lube. I sighed and spread my legs a bit more as I continued to slowly push into Anne; I wasn't in a position, literally to stop Jill, and I figured I might as well make it as comfortable as possible.

With every thrust, the dildo Jill was aiming at my sphincter invaded me a little more. I began to realize it was bigger and firmer than the one she usually used. I was repulsed and entranced, in pain and feeling the pleasure, hoping the pressure wasn't crushing Anne underneath.

"Help her, Doug. Feel her nipples. You know how I like that," Jill said, bending over my ear. "It always puts me over the top."

"I can't let go. I'll fall," I gasped.

"You can't fall," Jill said, and I realized she had one arm firmly around my waist while she invaded my ass with the dildo. I reached down for Anne's breasts, and they were warm and sweaty, with hard nipples dragging across my palms. She was beginning to pant when the little bell on the front door jingled, and it startled me. I came hard, Anne frozen under me with fear that whoever was at the door would come back to the room.

And then Anne was out from under me and desperately grabbing for her bra and blouse. She dressed quickly and went out.I thought I saw semen trickling down the inside of her thigh.

A week later I was back in the shop to pick up the chair. Anne looked up when she saw me coming. I was alone; Jill had to work late, and I was picking up the chair during my lunch hour. "Hello," she said, looking tense. She looked around to see if anyone else was nearby. "Fine state you left me in last week." Louder "Will that be by check or a credit card?"

I pulled out a card and gave it to her. "Sorry, the doorbell rang - sorry if we made a mess. We tried to leave things as they were." She ran the card, not speaking.

"Here's your receipt," she said for the benefit of a manager on the other end of the store. Softly: "I didn't finish."

"I'm sorry, the doorbell rang."

"Come upstairs with me."


"Come upstairs with me. You'll see."

"But there are people..."

"They never go up there. Besides, the door locks."

"I can't. My wife..." "She called me and said that when you come pick up the chair I should make you fuck me until I come twice. Until I'm raw."

My cock twitched at this. Without another sound, Anne walked toward the stairs, and I followed her.

It was hot and humid in the third story of the old building. Anne opened a door and closed it behind me, pushing a bolt through the door. She took off her clothes as she walked and was naked when she sank down on a mattress on the floor, covered only with some worn sheets and a couple of pillows. I sat down beside her, taking off my shoes and socks. She reached behind me and started unbuttoning my shirt.

When we were both naked, she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me to her. We began to kiss, groping at each other, no strategy, no direction. Her hand found my cock and began to rub underneath the head, jacking me off. I went down between her legs, mainly to keep her from making me come before we really got started. There was a lot of daylight coming in the window, and I could see her pussy clearly for the first time. Her untrimmed bush was light and downy. I took slow licks between my looks at it, watching it get darker and wetter. I pushed her knees up to her chest and looked at her small, tight little anus. My cock twitched. I began to lick her pussy from the bottom up, tapping the area between her cunt and asshole with my pointed tongue. I looked up to see how she was taking it. She was rubbing her breasts with both hands and staring up at the ceiling, glassy-eyed.

I decided I was ready for more attention to be paid to my cock, and I maneuvered us into a 69 position. I bathed her clit with my tongue as wet warmth began to engulf my member. She briefly took me most of the way in, then she focused on my sensitive glans as the warm, sticky air of the room dried the spit which coated my shaft. I tried to match her rhythm on her clit. I was about to come when she stopped, suddenly transfixed by her own impending orgasm, which made her clamp her thighs around my head. Her ragged moans were muffled as I tasted her musky come. I wanted to climax with her, but wasn't quite there yet, and knew she wasn't going to be able to control her mouth and teeth for a few seconds more.

While she recovered, I flipped her over onto her stomach and grabbed her wrists. I tried to push my aching cock into her pussy but she kept twitching away from me. Frustrated, I pushed her down on her haunches, revealing the neat little star of her asshole. With my free hand, I scooped moisture from her wet pussy onto my dick and her anus, then began to probe into her with two fingers.

She tried to squirm away from me, but every move she made seemed to bury my fingers deeper in her ass. When she began to rock rhythmically, moaning "uh, uh, uh" in an increasingly gutteral voice, I pushed the tip of my penis into her tight little opening. It didn't go in very far at first, and her cries turned to annoyed cries of pain.

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