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Play Time


Sometimes she feels like taking care of my every need, without wanting anything for herself. But sometimes she feels a little more naughty, and she needs a little more discipline as she satisfies my rampant libido. Sometimes she needs to be thrown down across the bed and used, fucked so hard it rocks her to the very core. This new respect I have for my hellcat as a sex kitten/sex toy makes me want her more than I have ever wanted anyone; and now I know that taking what I want is in fact giving her what she wants, as well. I relish the role of being her daddy, of giving her everything she wants and leaving her panting, spent, and tingling from beautiful head to cute little toe.

Last weekend I sent her into the shower to clean up as I lit candles, turned back the bed, and got out a couple of accessories to our lovemaking session. When she pulled back the shower curtain, water beading and running down the curves of her smooth white body, I was waiting for her on the bed, stripped to my shorts. I sat and watched her as she dried off every inch of her tasty skin, getting up only when she was dry and clean and standing next to the bed. I stood up, relishing in her nudity as I stood still clothed, and I ran my hands along her sides; I cupped her ass and smacked it lightly, and then I dragged her onto the bed, laying her on her back under me.

“Have you been a good girl?” I asked her, playfully. She nodded her head yes, and made to kiss me.

“Ah,” I said, pulling back. Grabbing a handful of her long hair, I twisted and pulled until she yelped. She rolled away from me, to relieve the pressure, and I pushed her over onto her belly. I held her hair tight, pulling her head back even as I held the rest of her body down tightly. I slipped the collar around her neck. The ‘click’ of the latch snapping shut is a profoundly satisfying sound. It sounded like her becoming mine completely, if only for a short while.

“I’ve been good,” she moaned.

“Oh, sweetie,” I said gently, “You talk like you don’t want me to whip you. But we both know that’s what you want. We both know that’s how your pussy gets some sloppy, dripping wet. You know you like to be spanked, to be pushed to your knees and slobber on my cock while I hold your hair, to be fucked hard and long like my own personal playtight.

You know it just like I do. Now ssshhhhh.”

I smacked her ass. She ground her pussy into the sheets. “Raise your ass up. Get up on your knees and elbows. Good girl. Now stick your ass out. Farther, my submissive little slave girl. That’s it, that’s a good girl.”

She strained, pushing back and up with her thick ass. I held her hair, coiling it around my hand, but released the pressure a bit. Now I had to focus on other things. I unfastened my belt and pulled it slowly, letting the leather tongue flick across each belt loop, letting her savor the anticipation.

I doubled the belt up, holding the buckle and tongue tightly in my fist, and brought it down across her upraised ass. It made a sharp thwack sound, and she yelped in surprise. I raised the belt higher, and brought it down harder. I let go of her hair, and her head dropped. I smacked her ass again, and again, and already her left cheek was starting to turn pink. I leaned over and gave it a gentle kiss, before smacking it with the palm of my hand.

I moved down to the end of the bed, standing on the floor, and stripped naked. She gyrated her hips, and I smacked the belt against her ass again, three times in rapid succession. She tried to pull away, so I grabbed her hip and held her firmly. I set the belt down, one hand pushing down on the small of her back, and licked one of my fingers. Her pussy was already damp. I touched the lips, stroked the clit with my fingertip, and lightly flicked at her vulva. She pressed her face down into the bed, and bit down on the sheets.

“Don’t you pull away from me,” I said softly. I swatted her cheeks with my hand, alternating back and forth until both attained a healthy, sexy red glow. She murmured into the sheets. “Speak up, pet.”

“I won’t pull away any more, daddy,” she said, sultry-sexy. As she said it, she pulled her hips away just a hint; just a touch, a whisper of a move. It wasn’t even because she wanted to pull away, she just wanted to show she could.

I pushed her down flat against the bed and leaned across her, my shoulder pushing down squarely on the small of her back. She made muffled noise and struggled a little. I used my bare hand and smacked her jiggling ass cheeks until they were blazing red and my hand was starting to tingle.

I got some lotion and rubbed it slowly into her ass. She moaned as I gently touched the stinging skin. With my other hand I went between her legs and ran my fingers along her smooth pussy lips – they were slippery-slick. Juice was running down her thighs. As I continued to run her ass I slipped two of my fingers into her tight warmth and plunged them deep. Sliding in and out, hooking the tips to run against the G-spot, pulling them out only to flick at her clit. She began to shudder. I changed my tempo, keeping her on the brink of coming without letting her over the edge. I didn’t want to reward her too early.

“Ohhhh, daddy,” she groaned. “Can I please come?”

“It doesn’t sound like you really want it to me,” I said, making a disappointed voice and taking my fingers out of her sopping wet cunt. “Why don’t you show me how much you want to come.”

I stood up and let my pants fall. I was naked underneath, my cock thick and purple and half-hard. She crawled around to face may, still flat on her belly, and sucked the tip of my dick between her lips. She arched her back and raised her head, taking my length deeper and deeper into her hot, wet mouth. She kept her hand on the bed, and dug her toes in to push up against me – the more she pushed the more of my cock disappeared. Her eyes rolled up and she looked at me. I tugged at her hair, and she dove down to lick and suck on my balls. I tugged her hair again, and she went back to throating me. I reached down, for no good reason, and swatted her ass again. She started to suck even harder. I swatted her again. She moaned and took as much of me as she could. She gagged and little, and pulled away. Drool ran down from the corners of her lips, and dripped across her chin.I pushed my cock back into her mouth.

“On your back now,” I said suddenly. She stopped and looked up at me. I reached down, grabbed her by the shoulder, and tossed her onto her back. She smiled at me, hungry and lustful. I got on my knees next to her, then put one knee on either side of her head. My cock laid across her neck, my balls dangled in front of her face. I pulled her legs apart and back toward me, spreading them as wide as they would go. Her glorious holes lay bare and exposed before my. I leaned down and licked the tart juice off her thigh, then plunged my tongue into her twat. I sucked on her clit, and tongue-fucked her. She moaned and writhed.

I sat up, swept up the riding crop, and WHAP smacked her cunt. She tightened up. I smacked her again.

“I’ll lick you as long as you lick me. No sucking, just tongue.”

Instantly she began to tongue-bath my balls. I sunk my face into her sweetness and began to lick and suck. She was hot and damp against my skin. Her hips began to buck, and her tongue pulled away from my body – I sat back up and WHAP smacked her pussy with the crop, three times. She whimpered, such a sexy sound, and began to lick me again. I dove back into her. This was quite the fun game. We went like that for a bit, every time she got close to coming she would stop licking me, and I would smack her dripping pussy.

Finally the smacking was starting to get her off. I smacked her cunt three more times, then crawled off her and slid my two fingers back inside. I sat between her knees and watched her. Smooth pale skin rocking back and forth against the dampening sheets, hair mussed, strands stuck to her cheeks. She chewed on her bottom lip.

“Please daddy, pleeeeeeease can I come. I’ll do anything, please daddy, just let me come, OH GOD,” I picked up my rhythm and went deep with my finger fucking. I knew just how to hit her spots, and she started to pop like a firecracker.

“Yes, pet. Come for me.”

She began to wail and moan and scream. She came instantly, and then came again before she had time to ask permission.

I pulled away, then grabbed her thighs and pulled her over toward me. Her legs were spread wide, feet up in the air. I thrust my full rock-hard length deep into her. She squealed and came again.

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