tagBDSMPlay-Time No. 01

Play-Time No. 01


These stories are based on play-times that are occasionally inspired by my night-time reading and also whatever scenario takes shape in my mind as I lose myself under my Mistress' wishes. Some parts have been added to elaborate it a little more -- after all, you don't want just wank fodder... do you? She requested that on certain evenings I settle down with a delightfully naughty book, filled with erotic short stories. She also asked that I was to dress in sexy underwear as I read, and afterwards I was permitted to play with myself but in no way was I allowed to orgasm. My orgasms are sacred to only the nights that I see her, and even then they aren't guaranteed!


I sat at Mistress' desk, watching her move from one side of the room to the other. She had a carefree way about her as she moved her painted canvasses onto their stands. She was eager to show these ones off to her friend who was due at her house shortly, and placed them strategically for maximum viewing, hoping that at least one of them will catch his eye for his popular gallery opening. I loved watching her and she knew it. Every now and then she would purposely bend over giving me a luscious view of her abundant breasts and then look directly at me with a teasing grin on her face.

She leant a painting against her leg and faced me, "What are you thinking about while you watch me do all the hard work, kitten?"

"Nothing too naughty... just little things, and not so little things!" I said cheekily.

"Like what?"

"Little things as in you sitting at your desk and me doing stuff... and not so little things, like your tits!"

"You are a very rude girl!"

She gave me one of those looks that melt me. I lowered my eyes and crossed my legs, feeling the ache within begin to pulse, directing itself to my inner core.

"Go and get us a drink before you mark my chair with your slutty juices!"

I did as ordered, and when I returned Mistress was sitting in her chair. Her finger trailed over the edge of her top and my eyes followed, back and forth, over one breast and then the other. I watched as her finger lifted to her mouth, and gazed with bated breath as she sucked it in and out before slipping it in her cleavage.

She spread her legs and clicked her fingers and pointed to the floor. I knew where I had to be. My head was between her knees and I began to kiss up her thighs. Her hand crept into my hair and she directed me to her pussy. No sooner had my nose inhaled her intoxicating scent she tugged my hair and pulled me away.

I heard footsteps behind me, but stayed where I was, looking up at Mistress as she adjusted her top.

"Caught you both in a compromising position... it's becoming a pleasant habit!" A male voice said which I instantly recognised. Mistress laughed and beckoned me up from the floor! I blushed when I faced Steve, and he was right, he had caught us on a number of occasions.

"Fix Steve a drink, kitten?"

By the time I came back in the room Mistress was already showing her paintings to him, flirting with him as she did so. I handed him the drink and Mistress told me to tell him the inspiration for the painting she was showing him while she went out the room to fetch him a portfolio for something else she was working on. The painting in front of us was that of a highly coloured derriere, striped and angry on a background of pale, slightly mottled flesh.

I stepped closer to Steve and whispered, "Don't you feel like you want to run your fingers over those welts, feeling the raised skin, hearing the woman moan as your fingers trace over her tingling, burning skin?"

His hand came to the front of his trousers, adjusting himself as Mistress entered the room. "Great painting isn't it, Steve?"

"Uh, yeah..." He said with an uncomfortable tone, still arranging his growing cock in his pants. I laughed and walked back towards the desk, totally forgetting that I hadn't explained the reason for the painting.

I heard them both whispering and laughing and occasionally caught a little of their conversation, which was at that point about my relationship with her. They were still stood at the painting with the welts, and there was no doubt she was telling him the story behind it! The way she laughed and marvelled at her own expertise on administering those marks made my pussy come to life once again. Steve also appeared to be a little flushed as they laughed about it, and then there was a moments silence until I heard Mistress' voice.

"Get on the small table, kitten! On all fours!" I glanced at her and saw her raise her eyebrows and at once I did as I was told. Mistress and Steve walked towards the table that sat adjacent to her desk. Her hand was on his shoulder, guiding him behind me. "Lift up her skirt..." He hesitated a little but did what she said.

Mistress' warm hands touched my warm skin. Her fingers travelled up my thighs, inside and out, over my cheeks, scrunching up the material of my panties as she squeezed voluptuous flesh. "Now pull her panties down..." This time he didn't hesitate. He awkwardly dragged one side down first and then the other until they rested at my knees.

"I don't usually do this to her, but she's been quite flippant today and deserves a little something! You've already lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties... would be such a waste if you went home without fucking her, wouldn't it?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She's going to make him fuck me? I attempted to protest but was rewarded with a stinging slap to my thigh. "Shut it, slut... If I want someone to fuck your dripping cunt, they fuck your dripping cunt!"

With that said I heard Steve fumble with his belt, then the zip and felt him shuffle out of them until they pooled at his feet. Mistress placed her hand between my thighs and stroked along my pussy. She cupped her hand and manoeuvred it slightly, collecting a puddle of my juice into her palm. I heard an appreciative moan from Steve and I could only think that Mistress was spreading my copious wetness along his hard and willing cock.

He placed his hands on my hips and Mistress guided his cock to my pussy, and with one almighty thrust he plunged it into me causing me to lunge forward, gasping for breath. His hold on my hips tightened, pinching a handful of plentiful soft flesh in his large hands while his long, thick, hard column pounded into me.

Mistress came to the front of me, and sat herself on the edge of her desk. Her hand came into my hair, and she encouraged Steve to fuck me harder.

"Fuck her harder, fuck her slutty cunt..."

Mistress edged her panties down and lifted her skirt way up over her hips.

"Fuck the bitch hard, I want her screaming into my cunt..."

With a hard jerking tug, she pulled me viciously towards her pussy and grinded my face onto it. The swollen sodden lips separated around my mouth and nose. She directed my head in different directions, making me indulge in her womanhood.

With every weighty push that Steve inflicted on me, I was catapulted into Mistress' pussy, getting smothered with her copious nectar. It trickled down my throat, swam through my nostrils to feed my desire.

Steve began to grunt with each shove of his cock. I could feel my pussy tighten around it, felt every engorged vein that ran the length of its throbbing shaft rubbing against my fleshy tissue.

One of his hands came forward and pulled my breast. He tugged it hard, pinching it, squeezing the nipple, twisting it this way and that, making me squeal into Mistress' saturated pussy. My muffled screams reverberated around the room, mingled with Steve's animalistic groans and Mistress' heightening moans of sheer bliss.

Steve continued to hammer into me. My pussy and buttocks ached as he plummeted into my depths, the sounds of the hard slapping as our bodies connected fused with the squelching of my Mistress' soaked slit. I was gasping for air; my breaths were as erratic as the sounds emanating from the three of us.

"Don't you dare come in her... get over here?"

Steve pulled out of me immediately and stumbled to my Mistress. His prick waved by the side of my head but Mistress still had her hand in my hair and persistently dragged me from side to side.

"Wank yourself over her... get your spunk dripping over my cunt and into her mouth!"

Steve began to masturbate, pulling and twisting on his cock, back and forth. Faster his hand moved, his straining grunts indicating that he wasn't far off. Within a few short sharp jerks his come spurted onto my face, splattering wildly over Mistress' pussy, dribbling from her mound to my tongue.

The sharp taste hit the back of my throat but the grasp in my hair held me firmly in place. I concentrated on pleasuring my Mistress, flicking and swirling my tongue around her clit. "Lap it up, kitten..." With her words echoing through me I eagerly swallowed up Steve's spunk. "Good girl, eat it up baby..." I carried on lavishing my attentions on her pussy. "That's it... fuck... yes... yes..." Hearing her nearly there, I grabbed the insides of her thighs and pushed them further apart. She began to rock her hips up, thrusting her pussy onto me, her moans climbing higher and higher until she grabbed me tightly and rubbed herself furiously on me, screaming expletives at me as she came in waves of unadulterated ecstasy.

I collapsed on the table, panting and beginning to feel the affects of Steve's battering of my pussy! It felt swollen, bruised and throbbed with a dull ache. My bottom felt warm, obviously reddened by the persistent slapping of our bodies.

Mistress composed herself and tucked Steve's limp cock back into his pants. They disregarded me as they dressed and walked out of the room and when she returned on her own she came straight over to me. Her hand found its way into my hair and she pulled me up from the table and kissed me.

"Time for a shower Missy... you want to join me?"

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