Your glare could have melted steel. I had screamed at you in frustration for the state of the house, the kids, the yard, anything that I could pull out of the hat to hurt you. But that wasn't the real source of my boiling anger. The pressure had been building for weeks. We had indulged in a couple quickies over the past month after the kids had gone to bed just to come as quickly as possible to let off some steam. Other than that, you had barely kissed me on your way out the door to work. I dropped off the kids and went back to my home business. I made dinner, put the kids to sleep and we were barely able to slide like limp noodles back into bed before passing out. Now, it was getting hard to concentrate on my work. I kept finding my hands wandering down onto my breasts and crotch trying to find some relief, but it only made me more frustrated. I was like a kettle ready to boil and I could feel the tension building between us.

Here we were in the laundry room with me screaming at the top of my lungs. After I had finished my ranting I was panting and there were tears in my eyes. You looked at your hysterical wife and I'm sure there were a few things you could have yelled back at me to completely send me over the edge into a full sob. Instead you reigned in what I knew could be the devil's wrath, took a deep breath and said, "I am calling your mother to watch the kids on Friday." With that, you walked out of the cramped laundry room space and slammed the door leaving me clutching the most recent pair of socks I had been folding.

That was on Wednesday. The following day and a half seemed to creep by at a snail's speed until I was a big ball of nerves, but I was also excited. I tried to apologize but you barely said five words to me the entire time. (Most of those were when you helped me finish folding the previously mentioned laundry.) In fact, you seemed to be avoiding me the best you could. Finally, the day had come, and I spent a good portion of the day on personal grooming. Lotion was applied, my hair and makeup were perfect, and I shaved all my bits from the neck down the way you liked. I even slipped on my red lingerie. I was feeling supremely sexy.

The kids were like a force of nature tonight, all strung out on weekend energy and the promise of too much sugar at grandma's house. So, by the time we got them to my mother's house and explained that we would be heading to "dinner" we raced out the door and you started to drive. There was a quiet tension in the car that made both of us keep our mouths shut so I tried to stay calm and steal glances over at you. I wondered where we were going. I wondered if you were still mad at me. Your icy blue eyes were inscrutable as you stared straight ahead at the road and your dirty blonde hair was tousled. A five-o clock shadow had just grown in over your strong jawline. The best part was that you still had your black suit on from work, making you look powerful and masculine. In short, you looked delicious. If I didn't know any better, I'd say my mouth had started watering. My apprehension and excitement only grew because I knew our secret. By day you were the mild-mannered father and loving husband but in our alone time you became my master, ruling over my will and body with an iron fist. I was your obedient slave and I worshipped you for the pain and pleasure you rewarded me with. It had been a long time since we were able to play. Looking at you now in your suit reminded me of all the depraved torments you subjected me to on our honeymoon, I was still in Lalaland as we pulled up into the driveway. Still staring forward, you barked at me, "Get in the house, pet."

Just like that a switch was flipped and I felt myself slip into my role. I was afraid that I had forgotten how. I hurried to obey you and scrambled up the stairs into the house. You followed with a steady, measured pace and with an audible click locked the deadbolt behind you. I gulped.

"Strip, inspection," you ordered.

You had already drawn the shades before we left so you just stood there with your arms crossed as I immediately began wriggling out of the slinky back dress I put on for our "dinner out." I felt your gaze on me as I unhooked my red, lacy bra and let it slide to the floor. The panties were next and I could only hope that I was pleasing to you as I got into position. Inspection was a position I had done many times before. My legs were spread more than shoulder width apart and I clasped my hands behind my neck, making my milky D-cup tits stick out even more than usual. With my red painted lips, long black tresses falling midway down my back and long legs ending in the V between my legs I must have looked a sight. You hadn't moved a muscle since I got into position so I stole a glance over to you.

You stood perfectly still like a predator crouching in the tall grass. You looked confident standing there fully dressed, staring at my naked form helpless in front of you. Perfect poise. I could almost believe it if it weren't for your eyes. Your blue eyes were an ocean in a hurricane. Turbulent forces were just barely contained behind the wall of your crisp business suit, gale force winds pushing at your limits. It terrified and intrigued me. This wasn't your normal dom face that was usually so cool and in control. There was a beast inside you tonight that was making me visibly shake. It took all my willpower not to cower down into a ball on the ground like the prey I was. But... the other side effect was an instant burning arousal between my legs. I had already been wet on the ride home but now it felt like you had your hand up deep inside me, squeezing the juice out of me like a ripe orange. My juices started to literally seep out and flow down my long shapely legs. I was always wet in your presence, but this must be a new record. I wanted you to take me more than I had wanted anything in a long time.

Finally, you seemed to produce my cuffs and collar out of nowhere and walked briskly over to me to begin fastening the leather tightly over my ankles first, then my wrists and finally you had me hold my hair up as you tightened the leather collar around my long, slender neck. I let out a sigh as I felt it go on. You know how much I love wearing a collar for you. I had just truly started to slip into subspace when I felt your left hand whip up snake-like around my throat. I let out a surprised squeak as you pushed me a few feet back against the kitchen wall with a small thud. When my shock wore off I righted myself as best I could. You hadn't released me from my posture so my training kicked into gear and I did my best to keep my hands behind my head and my legs spread giving you access to my wet pussy and anywhere else you might like.

With your hand still pinning me against the wall you leaned down and covered my mouth with yours in a searing kiss. I opened to you, letting you fuck my wet mouth hole with your serpentine tongue. Meanwhile your free hand began stroking my soft belly, drawing slow circles over my soft skin, then the rest of my body. Your long fingers ran from my arms down to my collarbones and then cupped each full breast, tweaking my sensitive nipples. The way you touched each part of me, I knew you were reclaiming me, assuring yourself that each part of my body belonged to you completely. And I in return, pressed myself against your hand to say yes, this is yours, begging you to use me. I felt your hands move down to my inner thighs and let out a small whimper into your mouth. You spent some time there, teasing me until you finally cupped your hand around my wet mound. When you felt how soaked I was you dislodged yourself from my lips and my eyes fluttered open meeting your intense stare. I held your deep blue eyes in mine as you found my entrance with your probing fingers.

I should have seen it on your face before it happened. Your lips were slightly parted and teeth bared. I was exposed and so vulnerable with my legs spread wide open for you. Suddenly, two thick, long fingers were shoved up to the knuckle inside of me. You watched me closely as my eyes and mouth gaped open in shock and then clenched shut again as you began brutally pistoning in and out of my wet hole. It felt so amazing, I couldn't stop the long moan that shot out of my mouth.

"Look at me, pet." I opened my eyes again and found yours still staring, boring holes into me as if you could see right inside. I tried to hold your gaze but with your fingers slamming into me and then your thumb grazing my clit my eyelids began to get heavy.

"Keep your eyes open," you growled. Your fierceness startled me and I fought to obey but you were relentless and knew exactly how to work my body like you were playing an instrument. Still I wanted to please you and as you brought me closer to my peak my whimpers and moans turned into a keening, desperate noise. I was begging you for something, I wasn't sure if it was to stop or keep going as I wasn't going to be able to control myself for long. I was just about to beg you for my release when you stopped moving and slid your fingers out of my sticky opening. God damn you for knowing my body so well. I barely kept in a groan of disappointment and my hips jerked forward trying to get more stimulation to my needy pussy. You must have noticed this, but I knew you wouldn't be continuing when you put your fingers to my lips and pressed. I sucked my salty-sweet juices off your fingers and licked trying to tease you into giving me the fucking I so desperately needed right now.

"Go make some dinner, pet." You squeezed my throat for emphasis one last time and walked away. Oh, fuck. I hurried into the kitchen and started preparing some steak and potatoes with a salad. Now I was less anxious and more annoyed that you didn't want to play with me. I didn't think we were serious about the dinner thing. I flew around the kitchen while you did... something upstairs. Dinner was finished as quickly as I could manage, and I was just in time as you laid down a few items in the living room right outside the kitchen and walked in. I quickly set down the plate I had made with a glass of wine and knelt close to the table waiting for you to sit.

"Smells good, pet." You said as you took your place at the table above me. I knelt like you had taught me when we first started dating; eyes cast down, chest out, legs spread with palms up on my thighs. I waited as you cut up your food into small pieces and started eating. I was happy at least that you seemed to be enjoying it. Then just as you had done many times before you put a piece of steak in your palm and held it out to me. I took it gingerly in my mouth, brushing my lips against your palm as I picked up the food and licked your palm clean.

"Good girl," you purred.

Oh God, those words from you still thrilled me and made every inch of my body ache for you. You had to know what it did to me. I felt more wetness and hoped that there wasn't a pool forming under me. As you continued to eat and feed me from your hand I started slipping deeper into that trance state that some call subspace. My mind was fuzzy and I found it hard to concentrate on anything except my nipples and clit, which were as hard as little gems by this point. It was all I could do to keep from panting and whimpering as I kneeled there waiting for you to brush your hands over my body. I got only disappointment as you continued to slowly eat and pass me small morsels under the table, ignoring me for the most part. It was this that set off a different type of burning in my body. I didn't want you to feed me. I wasn't hungry for food. I needed you to use me as your possession. It had been so long, and it was that frenzy that had me like an unruly child, forgetting that I was the one serving you. I was forgetting my promise to be your obedient slave and only thinking about the ache in my belly. That's when it happened. You reached down with another bit of steak in your hand and held it out to my waiting lips. I was so frustrated I didn't even realize I had bit down on your hand until a moment later. It had just been a nip to get your attention, not to hurt you but you quickly recoiled. An electric current of panic thrilled through me as what I had just done sunk in. I looked up at you for your reaction, expecting you to be furious, but you sat perfectly still, arms on the table, staring straight ahead.

I started to wonder if I should apologize but I was forbidden from speaking when we were in our roles unless asked a question. I felt you twitch slightly beside me and then your hand was at the back of my head grabbing a fistful of my dark hair and hauling me up by it. I was in a half crouch with you holding me painfully by the hair. "Put your hands on the table and don't move an inch, slave." Your voice was a low, dangerous growl. I could almost feel the heat radiating off of you. My hands were on that table before you could even turn around. My eyes started to water with tears as I thought about what I had done. I needed this so badly. I was so frustrated and now I had messed it all up. You were obviously seething because you hardly ever used that word anymore... slave. I was your precious, obedient pet, maybe your property, but you didn't say slave anymore. I didn't have time to think about it as you had simply grabbed some supplies from the dining room and come straight back in.

"Up on the table, NOW." I clambered up onto my knees on our sturdy oak table as quickly as I could to not make you any angrier than you already were. You didn't waste any time locking the spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. Once my legs were effectively spread shoulder distance and immobilized the wrist cuffs were attached to the ankle cuffs and a strap run over my back to keep me bent over with my ass stuck up into the air and my wet pussy well exposed, essentially squeezed into a ball with a head. I groaned internally as I saw you bring over the big red ball gag. I really despised that one but I deserved more than that and I was sure I was going to get more.

"Open." I obeyed your order and the object invaded my mouth, stretching my jaw wide. At least there were holes in it. I thought you were done dressing me up but there was one more surprise for me. I felt a cold, wet object pressing at the entrance of my tightest hole and my body immediately relaxed to let you in even though I wasn't sure what you were inserting. Apparently that part of the training was still functioning as well. I let out a groan as the metal object stretched my tight hole to its max. Finally, I felt a POP as it passed through the ring and a fullness as I realized what it was. A metal hook, with a bead on the end was buried deep inside of me. I felt you attach it to the back of the gag and pull so that I still had a modicum of space to move but could not completely lower my head.

Then you started eating again. I was grateful and more than a little surprised that I wasn't getting the cane or the flogger, but I soon started to see that this was most definitely still a punishment. You were the diner and I was the table decoration. It crossed my mind that I was trussed up like a roast pig, complete with a big red apple in my mouth. I would have laughed if my knees hadn't started to ache so badly from kneeling on the wooden table... and if I wasn't already on your bad side. As you slowly finished up your food you enjoyed having my body displayed and bound for your viewing pleasure. Casually you'd reach out and stroke some part of me or pinch and roll a nipple between your long fingers. You always did like to see how many sounds you could squeeze out of me during our playtimes and I obliged you with the gasps and cries that filtered out from behind the gag. My jaw had really started to ache as well and drool was pooling out onto the table below. You paused to circle around my clit with the pad of your finger, eliciting a groan from me. Then your finger disappeared into your full lips and you hummed your pleasure as you sucked down your dessert. Seeing you tasting me made my pussy throb and you knew it. The evil grin gave it away.

Finally, you were done eating and I prayed you would let me out. No such luck. After you put your dishes in the sink I saw you remove your jacket and shirt and tie. God, you looked like sex incarnate bare-chested in the dimmed light, but I knew it didn't bode well for me and my suspicions were confirmed as I heard the cane swishing through the air. You had that predatory look about you again like a wolf eyeing a rabbit. I suddenly felt exactly how incredibly vulnerable I was at that moment, the globes of my ass and my soft, delicate, pink lips exposed to you.

"So," you started, "you got a little impatient? You didn't think that I might be just as frustrated as you after weeks of denial? You wanted attention from your master. Well you're getting the attention you wanted now." I blushed in shame. I had been so selfish and burned up by my lust for you that I that I was only thinking about myself.

I felt your warm hand on my back, using the hook buried deep in my asshole to hold me steady. The cane tapped against my upturned ass delicately and then harder, not a brutal strike but hard enough to sting. You were just warming me up.

"You'll receive 10 strikes." You said matter-of-factly.

I braced myself as I remembered the one other occasion you'd tested out that tool on me. You wound up and the first strike slapped against my left cheek in a line of fire. Fuck, that burned so much I temporarily forgot about the ache in my jaw and my knees. The thing about the cane is that it takes a moment for the pain to set in but when it does it is white hot. You made sure to pause in between each strike so that I would get the full effect. By the fifth strike the tears were flowing, and I was visibly shaking. There is no mitigating the pain when you're in bondage by stretching out your limbs or rubbing the affected area. You just have to accept it as it multiplies and dissipates through your body. I took a few deep breaths to center myself as you took a halftime break. I still vaguely felt you holding me by the metal hook stuffed inside of me. It felt odd to be held in place internally. I shifted as much as possible to temporarily get some weight off my knees and prayed that you would hurry up and finish my punishment. You briefly trailed your fingers across my skin as if to calm me.

"Five left."

The last five blows came in mercifully fast succession SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN and I clamped down on the ball gag letting out a strangled scream as the last one let out a loud thwack against both ass cheeks. As soon as I let out a long, labored breath I felt you unhook the gag and pop it out of my mouth. Immediately I rested my head on the table and stretched my jaw. There was a searing heat radiating off my ass. It would be a miracle if you didn't break the skin. But I could also imagine how hard and throbbing you must be after giving me that caning, watching me struggle and writhe against the cuffs. Now that you had come over to rub a cooling salve gently over the swollen skin of my backside the pain was starting to dissipate but the blood was still flowing to that area making my sex engorged. I yelped as the flat of your tongue ran all the way up my slit.

"Such a little pain slut." You chuckled. You must have been in a better mood if you could laugh right? My suspicions were confirmed as you tenderly brushed my long hair away from my face and looked me in the eyes as if I was a naughty puppy. I stared back at you sheepishly with puffy tear-stained eyes. "You have something to say to me pet?"

It all came out in a rush, "I'm so, so sorry master. I want to be good for you. I want to service you. I was frustrated, and I put myself before you. Please forgive me, sir." Sniffle.

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