tagErotic CouplingsPlaydate with (another) Mother

Playdate with (another) Mother


Picking up my kids from a play date is usually fucking torture. 15 minutes of collecting their stuff and peeling them away from their friends. The worst is the forced polite banter with the parents.

Sometimes one of the mothers is cute. A little eye candy to sneak a look at, but, nothing more. I live in a very conservative community. Of course, affairs happen, but they never seem to happen to me. I guess when you are a newcomer to an established community, the philandering housewives club doesn't send you a welcome committee of open legs and wet pussy.

Despite my usual distaste, I never seemed to mind picking up my daughter from Mona's house though. Of course, I noticed she was cute right away and whenever I was there, Mona would lean against the doorway and speak quietly, kind of meekly, in a way that pricked up every male instinct I have. I just wanted to grab her by the throat with one hand, lift her by the crotch with the other and throw her onto her couch and fuck her like the world was ending. I don't dwell though, and out of sight is out of mind. I forgot about her by the time I was at my car.

Life happened and I didn't see Mona for another six months or so, until her daughter came over for a play date with my daughter. My wife and I were entertaining friends when I hear a knock on the door. I walk over to open up, and, ever-loving Christ, I'm met with Mona wearing a pink dress of some light material that outlined every contour of her body. In the second that I processed the quality of mom meat in front of me, an intense desire to possess it surged through my body. Yet, even though I was nearly catatonic with envious desire, I was most entranced by one thing - her eyes. They were almond shaped set against olive skin, betraying origins in some other exotic warmer location, far from this pasty community. The other thing is that Mona's eyes did not break contact with mine. I heard her voice, registered that she was here to collect her daughter, but our eyes remained fixed on one another. This lasted five, maybe six seconds, but that length of intense eye contact was already beyond the typical door greeting. She had a hungry gaze and, I guess my hunger was apparent to her as well. If I had stared any longer I might as well have undressed, so I broke contact, helped her collect her kid and sent them on their way. She gave me one last hungry gaze on her way out and I watched her voluptuous flank jiggle its way down my stairs.

That night, I fucked my wife with an abandon, and ferocious intensity that I had not unleashed in years. Of course, it was Mona that I pictured. After sex, while my wife slept, I did the most juvenile of things, and looked up Mona on Facebook and Instagram. I was met with those hungry eyes. She wore a look of submissive innocence in all of her pictures. She rarely smiled, she just smoldered. Stupidly, I liked her posts, hoping that my name would trigger similar fantasies within her. I pined to possess her, to dominate her, but I realized that our fleeting ocular affair would not go beyond the threshold of my doorway.

And then the gods of lust intervened. Monday morning, shuttling wife and daughter out the door to school. A sweater is deposited into my hands. "Can you text Mona to pick this up, her daughter left it here yesterday." "Of course, honey, I can drop it off on my way to work." Kisses, door closes, cock hardens.

I jump onto Facebook Messenger.

J: {hi Mona}




M: {hi Jack! Thanks for having [daughter] over, she loved it. I hope she behaved herself!}

J: {It was our pleasure and she was very well behaved, she has a good role model 😉}

M: {Lol, I dunno if I would call myself the best role model for good behavior}

J: {Hmm, I think I got a glimpse of that yesterday}

M: {I have no idea what you are talking about Jack}




Shit. I wasn't sure how to respond. No emoji or anything. Maybe she is serious. Maybe I misinterpreted her gaze. I don't want to kill the conversation though...

M: {So r u texting me to just say hi?}

J: {No we already said hi at my door yesterday}

M: {Oh that, I wouldn't call that a proper introduction}

J: {Well you have the eye-contact part down well}

M: {Thanks!}



J: {Actually, your daughter left her sweater at my house}

M: {She always forgets her clothes at people's houses!}

J: {I'm sure she didn't learn that from you though}



M: {Jack, you are a funny man}

J: {I don't think funny is the right adjective in this case}

M: {It isn't? What would be the right adjective?}

J: {Ahem, sorry Mona, need to uh, do some stuff. Did you want me to drop the sweater by your house on my way to work?}

M: {No it's alright, I'll pick it up later today, on my way to the gym}

J: {Sure, but I'm home for another hour before I'm off to work if you want to drop by}






M: {I'll be there in 10 minutes}

FUCK, it's happening!

The anticipation and anxiety of those 10 minutes aged me a whole year. I texted my wife to casually ensure that she was at school and not on her way home. I checked the street for unusual activity. I brushed my teeth like I was scrubbing a burnt pan. I inspected the rooms for general cleanliness...

knock knock

Two deep breaths. Open door. Mary Mother of Christ. In front of me stood a conspicuously short, hastily clad, house dress. Sleeveless and somewhat loose around the arms so I could see a slightly too fancy satin bra. But most importantly, the eyes, the hair, she fucking smoldered. The gods were nibbling our ears. Pan hardened. Nanaya secreted moisture.

"Hi there," I said, still too nervous to pull off a naughty grin.

"Hey Jack, I uh, threw on some clothes, didn't want to come over in my sweaty gym clothes."

"I thought you were going to the gym not coming back?"

"I am but they still smell"

"Oh they do? I'm surprised! I'm learning lots of new things about you Mona."

Mona looked at intently, trying to read my intentions.

"Come in, before my snooping neighbors think I'm having an affair" I told her. Mona chuckled nervously.

"I just brewed a pot of coffee, want some?" I lied. I don't even have a coffee brewer.

"No," Mona answered. Shit. Crestfallen. She just wanted the sweater.

"Oh, ok. Well, I don't want to hold you up. Here is the sweater." I handed the sweater to her. She took it and nervously refolded it. Her hands look like strong and alive. I wanted them on my cock. Fuck. Oh well.

"I meant, I don't drink coffee, but I'm happy to stay while you have a cup." She said this in her quiet meek way. The way I remember her speaking when I was at her house. Her eyes gazed into mine but not hungrily. Submissively. Like she was guilty of doing something bad. I did not respond. I just gazed back at her. Ten seconds passed.

I walked over to her. Face to face. I reached around her and pushed my front door shut. It slammed. My hand found the back of her head. She let out a little moan. I pulled her in. Lips touched, eyes open. And then the little lusty pussy gods departed. Ares took their place. Anxiety ensconced, replaced by a fleshy veiny battle ax. Ares throbbed. Mouths opened. Tongues danced. My blood boiled. I smelled Mona's neck as I tasted her mouth. I moved my mouth down to her neck to taste the soft flesh. I felt the blood coursing through her arteries. I sucked it sloppily. Mona started to mouth a word "Ja..." I stopped and brought my face to hers, close.

"Mona, say it. Say my name. I want to hear you say it."

"Jack" she said slowly, a little hesitantly, but in a lusty whisper. "Oh fuck, Jack, what the fuck are we doing." My hand, by this time, was cupping one side of her ass, like it was my stress ball.

"We can stop," I said, not releasing my grip on her ass and drawing her close with my other hand. "Or I can fuck you over that table behind me." I watched Mona's eyes look over at the large dining room table. Clearly I had tickled some unfulfilled fantasy. She melted into me. Her mouth found mine. Her hand closed around my cock from outside my pants. She stroked it clumsily and hungrily.

"I want you to fuck me on your table, Jack."

I brought my other hand to her ass and lifted her off her feet. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked her over to the table and sat her down on it. I ground my hard cock in between her legs and I felt the heat. She must be dripping wet. Ares unsheathed his sword. The battle was imminent. Blood will flow.

She worked my zipper and groped at my throbbing bulge like an asthmatic going for an inhaler. She slid herself off the table and onto her knees. Deftly she got my pants and underwear down to my ankles. My cock swung loose brushing her face while she attended to my clothing. Pants down, she raised her gaze to my nearly purple dick and then looked up into my eyes. I saw she liked what stood rigidly pointing to the sky in front of her face. Her hand cupped my balls, pulling my entire groin to her face. Her other hand closed around the base of my cock, pulling it down to meet her warm open mouth. Entry. Head bobbing. Slurping. The ecstasy of her mouth brought a torpedo of semen into the launch tube. I took my cock in hand and pulled it slowly out of her mouth. I circled the head of my penis around her lips while she lunged at my cock with her wet slobbering tongue.

Enough. I wanted something more. Ares came to slaughter.

I pulled Mona up and saw that she was now more animal than human. We'd jumped and were in free fall. I was simply trying not to pull the cord to fast. But enough calculating, it was time to fuck. I clenched my fist around Mona's hair close to her head and turned her around. Her head followed my direction and she whimpered slightly at what she knew was coming next. I slowed down wanting to savor the tension. I ran my hands down Mona's arms and clasped her hands from behind her. I moved them on to the dining room table in front of her, like I was preparing to frisk her for contraband. I moved up to the zipper on the back of her dress and slowly unzipped. Ares panted. Her skin revealed itself to me. She was the color of coffee with a little too much cream inside. I didn't think it was possible but I hardened more. I pushed my cock into the soft groove between her butt cheeks and continued unzipping.

I savored the memory of her dressed at my doorway, my fantasy to fuck her, and her now, undressed in front of me. Her ass pressed against my cock. Her emotions primal. Her pussy dripping wet. The taste of my cock in her mouth. The savory thoughts culminated in a crescendo of raw intensity. The meat was done grilling. It's was time to eat.

I pulled off her dress, undid the bra and slid off her panties, controlled but in haste. Her glorious ass stood before me. Her body was far from perfection. But it was the body of a delicious mommy. A body that bore children and still craved cock and was not willing to succumb to the hips or the gut. It was obvious that she did her Pilates or zumba or whatever the fuck keeps everything tight and in place.

I did not stare for long because my cock betrayed my impatience.

"Listen to me carefully Mona. I'm going to fuck you now. I'm going to fuck you hard," I said gruffly, half whispering and half growling. "Don't you dare scream."

"No Jack, I won't, fuck me already," her voice quivered.

I entered her. She was much tighter than my wife. Her pussy gripped my cock firmly. As I slid in, she moaned from below her diaphragm, from some primordial place that only activates during sex. No not sex, during mating. Old school, no words, no foreplay, mating. I thought about going slow a little and then speeding up, but it was a waste. I wanted her badly and I started pounding her hard. I reached for her arms and pulled them back, arching her back, while my hips thrust and my cock slid in deep.

She broke the rules. She could not keep her voice down. She moaned loudly while little high pitched screams escaped her mouth. I released her hands and smacked her on the thigh. "Control yourself," I commanded. "I can't," she gushed. I reached around placed my hand around her neck and squeezed not so gently, "yes, you will."

"Yes, Jack I will, YES JACK, I WILL" Shit that was only making her get louder. I moved my hand up to her mouth. She opened it and I took in my index finger. I thrust. She bit. I got angry and smacked her on the side of her hip. She yelped. Thrusting, panting, hushed ecstasy, an uncontrolled groan. I felt my orgasm coming on and could not prevent it. I wanted to see Mona's face as I came. I pulled out of her and twisted her hips around so she was facing me. She looked at me expectantly, for whatever else I desired to do to her. Her neck was deliciously red. She clasped her hands around the back of my neck, drawing me close to her. I reached down and stroked my cock once, twice, and then the explosion came. I exploded onto her stomach. Four juicy bursts. It slowly dripped down and I looked at her face. She looked like watching me come had been as fulfilling as getting fucked. I could see she was primed and ready to orgasm. I rubbed my fingers across her stomach, lubing them up and the moving them down to her pussy. I cupped her, feeling the heat and wetness. I pinched her labia together over her clit and rubbed it. She started making little high-pitched moans. I continued but loosening the grip and adding a finger in the middles lightly grazing the bulb of her clit. In seconds she was groaning and twitching. Shaking with her head thrown back in ecstasy.

We stood panting. Just looking into each other's eyes. I tried opening my mouth once or twice to say something, but my brain could not formulate a sentence. I shut it. I drank her in. Looking at her body, her eyes, her hair, the glistening cum on her stomach. I let my hand wander, touching everything softly. Sometimes she would shake or quiver when I hit something sensitive. I touched her neck and the red spot on her thigh where I smacked her. Her eyes followed my hand until it came back up to her face, her cheek.

She smiled at me.

"Jesus, Mona."

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Average my ass

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