tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPlayed by a Playmate Ch. 02

Played by a Playmate Ch. 02


Again this has never happened and probably never will. I do not know that any of the celebrities in this story enjoy or partake in these acts. Also if you are younger than 18 please leave the page and come back when you are.

This story is a direct follow on from part 1 which I do recommend you read for this to make sense.

Celebrities: Sara Jean Underwood, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr

I was standing in the middle of the supermarket when my phone started to ring with an unknown number. Curious I answered and the voice I heard both chilled me to the bone and made me hard as a rock immediately.

'Hello slut. I hope you didn't think you had gotten away with breaking my rules you little perv. Your punishment is this Friday 7pm at the Hilton Hotel in London and I want no excuses you will be there.'

Before I could even answer she hung up and I knew I was going to spend the next 3 days in fear and excitement about what she was going to do to me.

Friday 6:30pm

I stepped nervously into the lobby of the Hilton hotel and headed straight for the lift. My key card had arrived in the post on Wednesday and I handed it to the attendant who inserted it into the slot in the lift for the penthouse suite. The way he was looked at me I couldn't decipher if he know what was about to happen to me or if he trying to work out if I was some celebrity he should know. Either way he was soon to be the least of my problems.

I stepped out of the lift and was immediately stopped by a body guard who said something into his radio and eyed me suspiciously. Moments later Sara Jean Underwood appeared looking absolutely stunning in a sheer latex suit which clung to her every curve in a way that would make any guy hard in an instant.

'Come here slut' she commanded. I immediately began to walk towards her. 'Woah get on your knees and crawl you do not deserve to walk and be fully clothed at the same time.' I immediately dropped to my knees and crawled to her feet. She proceeded to turn and walk away slapping her leg to tell me I should follow. She led me into one of the bedrooms where she told me to strip. Once I was naked she fixed a ball gag in my mouth, a collar around my neck, placed a cockring around my penis and pumped it tight before inserting a buttplug into me with absolutely no lube making me moan in pain. 'Stop whining bitch you are not good enough for lube and if you really think that hurts you wait until me and my friends are done with you.' The 'and friends' part of her sentence nearly made me cum right there and had it not been for the cockring stopping me I may well of.

She pushed me out of the door and directed me to the lounge where two of the most beautiful women I had ever laid eyes on sat on the sofa dressed in various levels of lingerie. 'Slut I would like to introduce you to my friends and your new mistresses, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel.'

Candice stood up and my eyes bulged at the size of the strap on around her waist. She began to walk towards me and then circled me and whispered something to Sara. 'Bend over slut!' Came the order from Candice. I immediately did as I was told or I thought I had as I felt a hard smack on my cheek and the hissed instruction 'You do as your told without hesitation and would a little Yes Miss be too much to ask for?' She removed my ball gag to allow me to respond.

'No Miss, I'm sorry Miss' I quickly spat out

'That's better. I like it when they grovel. Don't you Miranda?' came the response from Candice.

'Oh yes darling a grovelling slut is my favourite.' purred Miranda as she rose off the sofa also sporting an eye wateringly large strap on. 'I think we should ensure we have his full cooperation. How about 15 smacks with the paddle from me, 15 smacks with the crop from you and 15 with the cat o-nine tails from Sara?'

'mmmmm a wonderful idea Miranda. Slut thank Mistress K for suggesting such a good idea.' Sneered Sara

'Thank You Mistress K. You are so k-k-kind.' I stammered as the three women grabbed their respective instruments from different places around the room. The first behind me was Candice and rather than wait she immediately hit me as hard as she could with the whip across my arse 5 times making me scream each time. After she stopped I felt my ball gag be replaced and the smell of three perfumes around me. Before I had time to panic about what was next she followed up with 10 fresh hits all expertly aimed in the same area as before making me howl in pain with each hit only for it to be muffled by the ball gag.

Immediately after she finished I felt Miranda begin to hit me with the paddle. It didn't hurt as much but the area it covered was bigger and by the end I was once again howling into my ball gag and I made the fatal mistake of stumbling one step on the last hit. I heard them laugh and felt Sara walk around me and she looked me in the eyes and smiled before taking up position behind me and proceeding to whip me 30 times with the cat o-nine tails. I didn't need telling I knew that was my punishment for taking that step. By the 30th hit I was in agony and my knees were about to give from the pain only for me to feel a soft kick in the back of my right knee making me collapse to the ground.

'Well well slut you will pay for being such a pathetic bitch. Firstly you came without my permission last time we were together, then you stumble a step during your initial punishment and then you fall to the floor after I so kindly gave you a measly 15 extra whips.' I looked at Sara and knew arguing I had been taken down was a waste of time. Candice and Miranda hooked me under each arm and carried me to a bedroom where I was thrown on the bed on my back and my hands cuffed to the bedposts. I was then bent over and spread wide before my ankles were attached to clips coming down from the ceiling leaving my arse open with the buttplug still fitted snug inside me.

I saw Sara whisper to Miranda who removed her strap on and walked towards me and straddled my face but hesitated from pushing her wet pussy into my face as Candice walked around and presented her strap on in front of my face. That silent message combined with Miranda reaching down to remove my ball gag and Sara removing my buttplug told me everything I needed to know. I immediately took Candice's strap on into my mouth knowing this was the only lube I was likely to get.

I was exactly right as Candice proceeded to kneel behind me and pound her strap on straight into my arse. Before I could scream Miranda shoved her glistening wet and perfectly shaved pussy in my face so I had no choice but to let my pain out on her perfect body. The power must have gone to her head because within two minutes Miranda was coming all over my face. Throughout the time I was eating her out and her cumming on my face Candice was fucking my arsehole as hard as she physically could. Once Miranda came down from her orgasm Candice slowed her punishment of my arse and in return I took to eating Miranda out slower until Sara had had enough of her little show.

'Right I want some of that tongue action as it came too quickly last time so I discarded him before he could bring me off.' Immediately Miranda jumped off my face and went for her strap on. She attached it to herself and presented it to me to lube up. Once again I did as expected and sucked on the strap on before it was replaced with Sara's amazing pussy which was jammed down onto my face and I began to attack it like I had Miranda's only to get a smack on the cock and the barked instruction of 'slower slut!' Just as I settled into a pace that her moans told me she was satisfied with Miranda proceeded to fuck my arse slow and almost romantically. This continued for 10 minutes before Sara shuddered and came on my face moaning hard. She lifted herself up and off me and went for her own strap on which was by far the largest of them all. Miranda removed her strap on from my arse and gestured for Candice to take place on top of my head.

Candice shook her head and replied with, 'Sara wants some alone time with the slut so I think me and you should head back to the lounge where you can get down on your knees for once and treat me to what I love.' Miranda and Sara laughed and Candice grabbed Miranda and led her out of the room leaving me alone with my beautiful Mistress. Without a word she climbed onto the bed and slammed her strap on straight into my arse making me howl in pain as my arse was stretched wider than ever. She leant forward and replaced my gag with a smile.

'I just wanted to hear you scream once Slut.' She hissed. She then settled into a slow steady rhythm and before long Candice could be heard moaning outside in the lounge which just turned me on more and more as the arse fucking I was receiving got more and more pleasant. She continued fucking me for what felt like hours but was perhaps only minutes. She smiled again and removed my cockring before whispering; 'cum for me slut. All over that pretty face of yours.' She then began to ravage my arse until I exploded all over my face and then it all went black...

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