tagRomancePlaying at Work Pt. 01

Playing at Work Pt. 01


"You ready gorgeous?"

I smiled as a pair of arms slithered around my waist and a pair of bearded lips teased my exposed neck.

I smacked my freshly lacquered red lips together and checked myself out in the mirror one last time. I looked good.

"Sure am," I smiled as I turned around in Tom's arms. As he pulled me close and leant in for a kiss I quickly put a finger to his lips, stopping him. "You'll smudge my makeup."

This didn't seem to discourage him as his arms snaked around my petite waist, his hands quickly giving my plump backside a firm squeeze. "Did you wear what I told you?"

A bubble of a laugh escaped my lips. I was a little nervous. He was always just the right amount of dominating to make our sex life fantastic, but he'd never given me a demand like this before. To go to this boring work function wearing absolutely nothing under my wrap dress. No bra, no panties. Even just being conscious of the thin fabric grazing my nipples was enough to send a small shiver down my spine. I looked down, feeling conscious that it was going to be very obvious if I was even the slightest bit aroused. Tom noticed it straight away. His expression turned from amusement to trouble in less than a moment.

Quickly he leant down, pushed the fabric aside and captured my erect nipple in his mouth. His tongue and teeth made me moan and gasp in the same breath.

"Hey, I thought we were leaving." I said weakly, breathlessly, as the air between us turned electric. I was starting to think that there wasn't, and wouldn't ever be, a time when he would touch me and I wouldn't be ready for him in a second. Without thinking of it, I was leaning my now exposed breasts towards him. My hands were tangled in his hair and as his tongue worked casually at my nipples. I felt moisture between my legs, dampening my upper thighs without any panties to contain it. As if sensing me, or maybe just feeling me open up to him, one of Tom's hands moved expertly to my inner thigh, quickly moving up to feel how much I wanted him. His thumb moved to rub my clit as his forefinger moved lazily over my wet folds. A growl escaped him, low in his throat, as his finger plunged me, slick with my juices. After only a number of precise strokes I felt my orgasm building. I was always only two steps from the edge around him. The heat of our encounter had now pushed me back against the small set of drawers in my entry way. I leaned against them as I reached out, searching and finding the button of his jeans. I needed to feel his cock inside me. I wanted him to feel me cum around him.

But, no. He reached around and stopped my hands where they were working furiously to free his erection.

"Do you trust me?" He asked. I hated how put together he looked when I was sure I was a sight, flushed and panting, breasts exposed, dress hitched up, reaching out for his cock. I looked into his eyes, dancing with mischief, molten starlight.

"Of course," I replied, studying his face, trying to ascertain what was going to happen next. He revealed nothing, a poker player to the last.

Without any warning he dropped to his knees, flicking my dress over his head to land a kiss on my, now hypersensitive, clit. It was nice, and I leaned into it, but I could tell that it didn't mean business. Then, I couldn't help but gasp as a something foreign was inserted inside me. Not huge, but definitely noticeable, as it rested inside my soaking pussy and curved outside to rest on my folds.

"What is that?" I laughed as he smacked my ass and moved away. I looked down to see a purple sex toy nestled tightly inside of me. Tom casually palmed a small remote. He pressed a button and I squealed as a strong pulse emitted from the toy on my clit.

"Hey!" I laughed, lunging for the remote as he dangled it out of my reach. Damn it, he was tall.

Another pulse, this time deep inside me, stopped my wrestling. "What are you up to?"

I asked him, my hand moving consciously to where the toy was sitting snugly inside of me. The vibration was low and whisper quiet, pulsing to an erratic beat that quickly had the fire burning inside of me again.

"Keep this in tonight. Could be fun."

Now I laughed. "Fun for you."

"Fun for you, when I'm talking to your boss and making you cum."

"You little devil," I said, giving him a quick kiss, but grabbing my coat. "Does this dress make me look horny?" I asked, giving a final spin in the door way.

"Yes," Tom replied, as a firm vibration sent a fresh wave of moisture onto my thighs. It was going to be an interesting night.

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