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Playing Doctor


This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy if you prefer. Some characters are, however, based very loosely on actual acquaintances. The doctor is based on a nurse practitioner who I have become very fond of. I am changing our names for the story to save some embarrassment, should she ever read this.


It was time for my annual physical. I did look forward to these every year. The doctor, Amy Paul was very attractive, though I would never admit to her my attraction. The appointment was made for a Wednesday morning.

I entered the clinic ten minutes before my appointment, in case I needed to fill out some paperwork. "Good morning, Glen," said the receptionist. "I will let Dr. Paul know you are here." I was shocked to think she remembered who I was. I rarely needed to see the doctor. This clinic was in a small town, and probably wasn't going to be busy, so I figured they may have just used a little common sense in guessing my name.

I took my seat in the waiting room, and picked up a magazine to thumb through while I waited. As it turned out, I didn't wait long. Soon a nurse came out from a door leading to the examination rooms and called me. "Glen Higgins," I followed her into hallway adjacent to the rooms. "How are you this morning?" she asked.

"Great. Yourself?"

"Can't complain," she replied. "We need to get your weight and check your height." She lead me into an open area about halfway down the corridor. Once there, she said, "Take your shoes off, if you would please." I slipped them off and stepped onto the scale she was directing me toward. Once she had my weight recorded on her clipboard, she motioned for me to stand against the wall. "Now we need to check your height." She recorded the stats on the clipboard. "Now if you will follow me, we'll get you into the room." I picked up my shoes and followed her to an empty room. "The doctor will be in shortly," she said as she turned to leave the room. "You can have a seat in that chair."

I waited only a couple minutes, when the nurse returned. "I need to take your blood pressure and pulse."

"If you must," I said. She completed her task and recorded them on her clipboard. She then turned on the computer and transferred the information onto the screen.

When finished, she said, "The doctor will see you shortly." She left the room, shutting the door behind her.

A few long minutes later, Dr, Paul entered the room. She was looking as good as I had remembered her. She was easily five feet ten or eleven. Weighing no more than a hundred and twenty pounds. She was rather trim, being that tall. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and bright large blue eyes. They were so bright, I would go as far as to say they were azure in color. Her nose was narrow and slightly pointed at the end. She had thin lips, though I wouldn't hold that against such an attractive woman. She was wearing orange scrubs. The top did little for her smallish breasts. The bottoms, on the other hand made her slight curves really stand out. One thing I noticed that I inwardly called myself a pervert for was that her slacks also outlined her pussy very well.

Dr. Paul sat on one of those wheeled seats that seem to be in every examination room. "How are you this morning?" she asked.

"I am doing well. How are you?"

"I am doing good." She studied my stats on the computer screen briefly. "I see your pressure is elevated a little."

"White coat syndrome," was my excuse.

"We'll see about that. I want to check it again before you leave." I nodded. "Okay. How about your blood sugar? Have you been checking that?"

"Yes," I answered. "It was 122 this morning. It has been between 120 and 140 for the last couple months."

"Could be better.... Could be much worse. Are you following your diet?"

Dammit. I knew she would have to ask that. But, if I lied to her, she would know. "No..."

"Glen, Honey, let me tell you something. You are bordering on morbidly obese." I nodded, ashamedly. I have been fat my whole life. My weight had in fact, gone up in the last year. "If you would lose some weight, we could hopefully get you off some of your meds." I had been taking meds for type two diabetes for several years, along with a cholesterol, and high blood pressure med. "Now, let's get you on the table and check you out. Get rid of the socks."

I pulled my socks off and stuffed them into one of my shoes. I climbed on the table. She did all the normal checks; listened to my heart and lungs, checked sensation in my feet, checked reflexes, looked at my ears, eyes, and nose. "How long ago did you have a colonoscopy?"

"Two years," I answered.

"Should we do a prostate exam today?"

"If you feel it necessary... I guess."

"Yes, I think it is necessary," she chuckled.

"Just like the Army. Bend over. Spread your cheeks. And smile."

She laughed, "Precisely. Now stand at the end of the table and drop your pants." I did this while Dr. Paul put her gloves on and lubed a couple fingers. I was bent over the table when she stepped in behind me. "Now, relax. This will no doubt be the highlight of your day."

"Yeah. Every man's dream. To be violated by a gorgeous young woman." She snickered as she carefully slipped her two greased fingers up my asshole. As much as I enjoyed it, hee hee, it was over all too soon.

"Okay, you can pull yourself back together." She pulled off the glove and washed her hands as I pulled my pants back on. "When you are done getting decent, you need to go across the hall to see the phlebotomist. And when you are done there, come back here. I have a couple more things I want to check."

"Okay." Dr. Paul left the room. In a few seconds the phlebotomist came in and led me to the lab. Brenda had been drawing my blood since shortly after my wife and I were married twenty five years prior. We made small talk as she got the needles and vials ready. Brenda had just pulled off the second tube, when I made the silly voiced comment, "She called me Honey."

Brenda dropped the vial, spilling the one or two ounces of blood on the floor. "Oh no." she exclaimed. I am going to need to draw another one, and get this cleaned up, of course."

"Are you alright? You seem a little flustered."

"Amy.... Dr. Paul doesn't call anybody, 'Honey'. She isn't open like that. She says it gives people the wrong impression."

"I have known a few people who call just about anybody, 'Honey', 'Dear', or 'Babe' They do it so much, they probably don't mean anything by it."

"Amy... Dr Paul doesn't talk to people that way. You may have just misunderstood her."

"You're probably right," I conceded.

"Does she want you to go back into the examination room?"

"Yes. She said she has another check she needs to preform."

"Okay, Glen. You can go now. I will need a urine sample from you before you leave."

"Gotcha," I said and returned to the room. Dr. Paul came back in right away. "So what is the next test?" I asked.

"I need to check your stamina and sperm count. Take your clothes off and get back on the table. On your back." I was confused, but did as I was instructed.

Once I was settled on my back, Dr. Paul began feeling around my groin area. Her hands were cold and I jumped when she touched me. Her poking and prodding around my balls caused and unwanted reaction. My fat five incher started to fill with blood. "I am sorry, Doc. I didn't want that to happen," I apologized, pointing at my stiffening prick.

"As it turns out. I need you erect for this check," she said with a reassuring tone. She ran her cold yet very soft hand over the bottom of my shaft. She lightly ran her fingertips from my balls to just under the glans. "Mmm... Respectable size." Her fingers seemed to automatically curl around the shaft as she started slowly stroking my man meat.

Dr. Paul Stepped in close to the edge of the table. My hand was resting on that edge. And when she stepped up, I could feel her heat. She moved her free hand to my chest and began manipulating my nipples. They quickly became hard and sensitive. The heat in her crotch was becoming more noticeable. I took a big chance and moved my hand so one knuckle would bump her steaming lips. She made no attempt to move away. In fact she pressed her needy cunt onto my hand.

Dr. Paul continued to stroke my rock hard cock for several minutes. I was so close to blowing my wad, but couldn't get over the edge. She jacked me with increasing speed. I reciprocated by rubbing my knuckle harder into her wet pussy. She indicated her approval by humping my hand which was now clenched into a fist. "I am going to cum, Amy!" I yelled. "Oh! Ah! I am CUM..."



I lay in bed for a while. I was stunned at the reality of that dream. I hesitantly reached down to my groin to investigate what I was sure had happened. Suspicions confirmed. I had my first wet dream in over thirty years. I slipped out of bed to get a towel to clean myself and the puddle of cum I left on the sheet. My wife was sound asleep, oblivious to anything and everything.

It was about the right time for me to be getting out of bed, so I hit the shower and got my day started. I could not get the dream out of my mind, though. I knew it wasn't anything to get worked up about. I have never heard of a doctor jacking a patient, or even asking them to jack themselves for the doctor. Realizing it was Saturday, and being that I wrote stories for a couple free story sites on the web, I decided to write one based upon the dream.

I sat at my computer and wrote what I thought was a pretty good story. It took me nearly the whole day, with times out for bathroom breaks and meals. Around midnight, I had the story finished and proof-read. Once I had it submitted to my two favorite sites, I shut everything down and headed for bed. I slept like a baby, and dreamed my normal array of strange dreams. I had a real appointment with Dr. Paul Monday morning. I was kind of looking forward to it, but also dreading it. What if she caught me staring at her goodies? What if she saw something other than professional distance in my eyes? I had to put that out of my mind. After all, she is a young doctor, and I am an old slob of a man. It didn't take me long to convince myself, I was not what she could ever be looking for and that what I experienced was nothing more than a dream. A dream that will not be realized.

Sunday was a do nothing day, to some extent. I started another story. It was one that I had been working out in my head for quick a while. I was not really in the mood for writing, so the words came hard and didn't make much sense once I had them down. I gave up and went for a walk around my corner of our little town. When I got back, I watched a couple movies with the family. The thought of that dream popped up several times. I tried to distract myself with limited success. Soon enough, it was time for bed. I wanted to go to bed early so I could get up early. My appointment with Dr. Paul was at 8:30, and I wanted a chance to shower.

I woke well before the alarm the next morning. I went through my daily morning routine, then goofed around on my computer until it was time to go for my appointment.

My appointment went pretty much as I had expected. Dr. Paul gave me the textbook speech about how I should be watching my weight more. Somewhere near the middle of the conversation, she did slip up and called me 'Honey.' When I went in to see the phlebotomist, I did not make a wisecrack about Dr. Paul calling me 'Honey'. And of course, she did not jack me off, nor did she offer such.

Two weeks had passed since my appointment with Dr. Paul. I hadn't heard anything concerning my test results, so I came to the conclusion that no news was good news. The Wednesday morning of that week, I got a call from Dr. Paul. I was shocked when it was her on the other end of the line. Any other time I got a call from her office, one of the nurses made the call. "Hello," I said when I picked up the phone.

"Is this Glen?" the voice asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Hi, Glen this is Amy Paul. I need a few minutes to speak with you. Can you come by the office Friday afternoon?"

"I work afternoons. But if you can get me in very early in the afternoon, and if we kept the meeting brief enough..."

"I need you to be here about 4:30. Is there any way you can get the day off work?"

"I can probably get it off, as long as I ask as soon as I get to work. Let me ask why, please."

"I just need to speak with you. Can you be here?"

"I will see what I can do."

"Very good. I will see you Friday then. Goodbye." I wanted to grill her more on why she needed to see me, but she hung up too soon. My mind raced around the reason she might want to see me. Of course, I thought she might want to see me about possibly getting together. But, that idea seemed too far fetched even in my fantasies. I decided it must have something to do with my test results, but why so near closing time for the clinic?

The next two days were the longest I remember. I told my wife of the follow-up appointment, as I called it. She came up with every conceivable scenario as an answer. I was very glad when the time came to visit Dr. Paul again. My curiosity was burning me up. And I had no trouble getting the day off.

I arrived at the clinic at about 4:25. The receptionist looked confused when I walked up to the desk. "Hi, Glen. What can I help you with?"

"Dr. Paul asked me to come in this afternoon. She needs to speak with me."

"She didn't say anything to us about it. Do you mind if I ask her?"

"Go ahead. I hope it wasn't a prank call."

"I'll be right back. Sit down, if you wish." The receptionist went to the back where Dr. Paul's office was located. In a few minutes, she returned. "Amy will see you in a minute or two."

"Thank you," I said. I waited for just a couple minutes when Dr. Paul came out to get me. "What is this about Dr. Paul?" I asked.

"Please call me Amy. We are not that formal here. And you will know in just a couple more minutes." She lead me to her office and closed the door behind us. "Have a seat." I sat in a chair across the desk from Amy. "I have some paperwork to finish, so if you don't mind, I will get it done, while you wait."

"I could have waited out in the lobby. Where I wouldn't be disturbing you."

"The girls are closing up the clinic and I didn't want you sitting out there alone." She worked a few more minutes, gathered the paperwork in front of her and set it into a briefcase. As she was closing the case, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," she said.

One of the nurses, Lindsey was her name, came in. She looked at me with an accusing eye. Then turned back to Amy and asked, "Are you going to be okay? We are leaving now."

"Yes Lindsey," she smiled. "Have a great weekend."

"You too," Lindsey glared at me one more time and left.

"Okay, now they are gone and the paperwork is done. Now we can talk." She opened a desk drawer and pulled out an iPad. She turned it on and looked over a couple web pages. When she found what she wanted, she turned it to me and asked, "Is this you?"

I looked at the page she had opened. I saw the name I submitted my stories under. "Yes that is me. How did you find this? And how did you know it was me?"

"My girlfriend reads this stuff. She showed me one story. I want to know, is this story about me?"

I looked at the title, and recognized it as the one I had written about my dream. "Uh.... Hmm...." I tried to stall.

Amy was beginning to look a little irritated. "Is this story about me? My friend said it sounded like me. I tend to agree"

Giving in to my imminent demise, I finally said, "The story is fiction. A fantasy?"

"Is it about me?"

"This is not your name."

"But it is about me. Isn't it?"

"Yes, Amy. The character is base on what I knew about you."

"Where did you get the story. It was published the same day of your last appointment."

"I dreamed it. I wrote it all in one day and submitted it the day before our appointment. The dream seemed so real. I just had to write it. I never thought you would read a story like that."

"Normally, I wouldn't. My girlfriend does. She likes smut stories. And as I said, she thought this one sounded so much like me."

"I am guilty as charged," I said as I bowed my head in shame. "I will take it down, if you wish."

"No, Honey. I don't want you to take it down. I just wanted you to admit you wrote this story about me." She paused for a moment. I didn't know what to say. I felt I had crossed a line I shouldn't have. "One good thing... for this minute... The ratings on the story are very high. And it has been read over a hundred thousand times in the two weeks it has been up."

"So..." I asked. "How did you like the story? They don't say who rates them. Did you even rate it?"

"How did you know so much about me? I mean, my not calling people 'Honey', 'Babe', 'Dear', whatever. There were other things that you said in the story that were dead on. How did you know them?"

"I didn't," I answered

"Well, it was very well written. You should be proud of it."

"So you like it."

"Yes," she fell silent for a moment. "Will you excuse me for a minute? I need to use the restroom."


"Stay here." She left the office. I looked out in the hall to see it was dimly lit. Everybody was truly gone for the weekend. I felt a little relief that Amy was not mad at me for the story I had written. In short time, she returned and sat back in her chair. "I am going to tell you something, you didn't probably know. It will give you something to chew on, so to speak. I am not married. I am not in a committed relationship. I do have a girlfriend, as you should have already gathered. And it then goes without saying that I am bisexual."

"I thought you were either bi or gay," I said.

"My girlfriend, Toni, is also bi. So, she knows where I am coming from, when I notice a man who I think is attractive. Another point... I am not attracted to the conventional... good looking... GQ model stud. My tastes are very often questioned."

"So what is or are your tastes?" I questioned.

"Let's leave that alone, for now. I will tell you, Toni and I share that attraction. Along with our attraction for each other."

"Do you date many men?"

"Hardly ever," she said. "It isn't often I find that special one that can hold my attention long enough to get to the first date. And beyond that, is almost unheard of."

"I am obviously not your type, whatever that is. So why am I here? Other than to get me to admit I wrote that story. Are you going to give me a lecture on why it can only be my fantasy?"

"Quite the opposite, Honey. You see... I called you in here to..." she stood and walked around the desk and sat on the edge right in front of my face. I took the opportunity to quickly look her up and down. I didn't want to be obvious, but I focused for a split second on her crotch. Did I detect a hint of the womanly scent of musk? And was it my imagination to see the material of her scrubs was moist? She spread her legs slightly, hooked her heels on the legs of my chair and pulled me closer to herself. Made easier of course as the chair was on rollers. I used this as a sign of invitation. I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them from her knees to near the crease at the junction of her legs and stomach.

"You called me here to...?"

"Honey... That story made me so horny. I have to tell you... Despite that I ask you to lose weight, I find large men, like yourself, very attractive. It goes against all I have learned and am supposed to tell my patients. I have always had an attraction, however irrational most people will call it, for large men. I think you are called a bear?'

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