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Playing Dressup


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As the dressing room door slams shut behind me, I sigh a little breath of relief. Bags settled on the floor and heels kicked off, I stand there, a slutty little black dress in hand, looking at myself in the mirror.

"Who is she?" I question, my mouth agape, blown away by the girl staring back at me.

I barely recognize myself. All day I've spent pampering myself as you instructed I do in the note you left me on your pillow. I snuggled myself against the plush while I read your words over and over, inhaling your musky scent that clung to the pillowcase and reminded me of how hard we'd fucked night before.

'Spoil yourself,' you wrote to me. 'I want you perfect for me. I want you to surprise me. Everything you choose to do today will be done for me... indulge me. Be my perfect little slut. I will be waiting.'

Your words play through my mind, said by your voice although never truly spoken. I've heard them before, however, and I stand there now, reflected in the mirror, a completely transformed woman. A perfect slut.

My auburn hair tangles down my shoulders in voluminous curls, my eyes smoked and primped and lashed and my lips painted your favorite shade of red, the one that you say reminds you of how my lips look all swollen after worshipping your delicious cock. I smirk as I look in the mirror and I whisper, "You look like a fucking whore..." The girl in the reflection smiles, expecting this.

I take my time stripping out of my old clothes. There's barely an hour, not long enough for me to run home before I'm expected to meet you at the bar, but no need for me to rush. My emerald eyes stare at the figure in the mirror, those curves I've grown to love molded tight in my fitted jeans. Unzipping them slowly, I bite my lip as the zipper inches down and the denim peels from my skin revealing my shaven snatch. Long, manicured nails coil through my belt loops and I begin a slow striptease in the privacy of the dressing room, letting my thick thighs spread as I wind my hips, bending forward toward my other self watching as the jeans crumple to the floor.

I lean closer as I step out of them, my palms spread on the glass, my lips hovering so close to the other me, the sexy me, the slutty me. I look at her thighs and the barren mound of flesh between them, how her pussy looks so plump, so soft and warm... craving attention. I reach down and caress a fingertip along the mirror, dragging over the pudge of that moist slit while mine grows wet at the thought. My excited breath hot on the surface of the glass condenses into a wet film as my lips flirt with hers. I stand up and grin, scribbling words onto the damp, dulled surface with the same finger.

"Use Me" I scrawled out, drawing an arrow toward the bitch's dripping cunt. A proud expression beams back at me as she reads what I've written, and her lips part, the words spilling from her mouth without hesitation. "Fuck... yes - use me!" she hisses, and I obey, sliding my hand down between my legs, flaying my fingers over my neglected cunt lips. The girl in the mirror's eyes never leave my body, and her tongue coils out from between her ruby lips running over them as she watches me tease my pussy.

"Feels good, doesn't it, you little whore?" she taunts me. Soft moans fill the empty room as I work my clit between my fingers, rolling the sensitive little nub with my thumb, pressing my hand over my messy slit as she watches with approval. Pussy juice leaks out, covering me, drenching my fingers as I grind onto my palm. It doesn't just feel good... it feels fucking fantastic.

My reflection squirms uncomfortably, leaning back onto the dressing room wall. Her two milky orbs wrapped tight in a mess of satin and lace beg for some attention, and she slides her free hand over both fat globes, yanking her bra down letting her heavy udders bounce free. She tweaks her nipples one after the other until they ache. "That's it, you worthless bitch... you wanna hurt, don't you?" I grin as she nods, and forces a finger into her tight fuckhole. Her pussy swallows it eagerly, then another, and I gasp as she begins to fuck herself.

My fingers pound deep into myself as I watch her drip, and I realize I want to see her cum. I want to watch the goddess that stands before me break down into a puddle of her own depravity. I look down at myself watching my tits jiggle as I bang my eager hole relentlessly, my nipples hard as diamonds. I grab them both with my free hand and yank on them, the sadist in my mind urging "More... MORE!" as the slut in the mirror cries out in pain. I look up at her porcelain face, her cheeks flushed red as sweat beads on her forehead, and I pull harder before letting her slut-udders smack back into place.

I buck my hips, propping one leg against the wall as my fingers explore deeper into my tight little cumhole. I curl them so they hit my favorite spot with every thrust and I feel the pressure building deep inside me, aching for a hard release. I lean forward as I milk my cunt for every drop of sweet juice I can get, my free hand pressed to the mirror, my tits smacking the cold surface as I lose control of myself. The dumb little whore staring back at me through lidded eyes silently begs me to let her free, to let her reach climax. "I fucking need thissss..." she cries, and I give her what she needs, closing my eyes as I fuck myself into ecstasy, my fingers clenched in my fuckhole as my clit spasms under the pressure of my thumb. I stay there, motionless, breathing heavy against the mirror until the waves subside and my knees no longer feel weak.

I open my eyes and pull away, lifting my drenched fingertips to the whore goddess's mouth, smearing my sweet nectar on her perfect face. I lean in and lick it from her lips, my tongue slicking along the glass lapping at each drop, and then, unsated, I lift my hand between our tongues and suck my digits clean with a frustrated sigh. "More?" my temptress reflection teases, her thighs pressing together as shimmering droplets of cunt juice drip down her legs.

'What I wouldn't give to be able to lick her clean,' I think to myself. 'He's so fucking lucky.' My mind flashes back to you and the note, and I remember why I'm here in the first place. I reach for the little black dress and slip into it, plumping my fat fuck-orbs until they brim out the top of it. I smooth the dress on my hips, laughing as I see the slut in the mirror do the same, her thighs still drenched from our little affair. She fluffs her curls, puckers her lips, and leans over to collect her bags, her ass straining against the unforgiving seams. I smile at her as I walk out, knowing we'd both be fucked soon like we so desperately needed.

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