tagBDSMPlaying For Keeps Ch. 03

Playing For Keeps Ch. 03


"Awkward silence." Aurora pointed out and then realized that pointing it out only made it even more awkward. The fact that she just knelt there clad in feathers didn't help much either. Of course the fact that he was naked as well did some to calm her nerves.

It pissed her off that she cared so much about what he thought of her. For goddess' sake she had only known the man for all of one week and he was already turning her world upside down and now... Well now, he probably thought she was crazy or a freak-

"Calm down, angel." He said softly and just like that the panic that was rising at an alarming rate, disappeared. He sat on the bed and pulled her into his lap. Aurora didn't fail to notice the hard cock that was pressing against her inner thigh.

Diego caressed her hair softly and within moments she melted in his arms. "You don't think I'm crazy?" she finally asked.

"Why would I think that?"

"You know... I just told you-"

"You're nothing like anything I've ever seen so it would make sense you're a demigoddess. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if you were a goddess period."

She smiled at him, warmth filling her. Could this man be any more perfect? She was about to ask him as much when the door opened and the two that had watched them fuck stood there. Hard-ons magically gone.

Aurora felt like she should have blushed or something but really, she was in no way ashamed of being fucked by her mate in front of these men. She felt like it was important to Diego so she had gone along with it. Not to mention the fact that it had turned her on immensely.

"Feeling better?" she teased the bigger one who had gripped her chair so hard that there were cracks on the mahogany armrest.

He just grunted in a way of agreement. She decided not to push since he was about seven foot and looked a lot like the Hulk. Except this dude wasn't green and he was bald, like egg head bald. Pity, she would have loved to see a live model of the Hulk.

"This is Xander. My Pride's Enforcer." Diego introduced the sulking giant.

"Pleasure." She said with a 100Watt smile pasted on her face.

"Oh my God! That is her!" the other bellowed bursting into her bedroom.

Diego's arms tightened around her and a growl escaped him making the other giant stop in his tracks. It was probably too late though. The floor boards were done for.

"It's her what, Camden?" Diego bit out and she actually felt the tight leash he had on his control.

Her hand snaked around his shoulder and softly caressed that spot right under his ear. He was purring and leaning into her touch in two minutes flat.

Man she loved that about him. The way he reacted to her, the way he took pleasure from the simplest things she had to offer. Loved how it wasn't only her that was falling head over heels.

Camden was the surfer dude type. All lean muscle and dirty blond hair, mussed up as if he had just gotten out of bed. His amber eyes reminded her of Diego's but her mate's eyes glowed with power, these ones were cast down submissively as he looked at his Alpha.

"She was one of the two women who crashed the bar... but she didn't have wings then." He complained.

"Pfffft! Me? Crash a bar? I have done no such-" and then she remembered. A couple of weeks ago her BFF, Aisling and her had gotten majorly shitfaced and had decided to steal from a dragon. Of course stealth wasn't really something they had thought about as they had crashed into almost everything in the house. The dragon had caught up to them once they had- by some miracle- managed to run away. The only problem was that they had gone into a tiger shifter owned bar and her friend was a wolf shifter so... things got pretty outta hand...

"Angel...?" Aurora didn't miss the warning tone in her mate's voice.

She winced. "That really wasn't completely my fault..."

"You broke three windows and like a dozen chairs!" Camden protested.

"I don't see what you're complaining about. I left you my number on a napkin so I could pay for the damage." She huffed.

"1800-kiss my ass. That's what the napkin said."

Aurora scrunched up her nose. She didn't remember that.


His mate was after all, slightly unhinged. Not completely deranged but she was on her way there. Yet Diego found that he could barely keep himself from bursting with laughter as Aurora and his Beta went at it. Xander had gotten bored of the squabble and had gone to find something to eat.

"You're boring. This argument is boring. I want to take a shower. Preferably while my mate is fucking me. So out of my bedroom." She growled at Camden who had no choice but to obey and scurry out of the room, eyes downcast.

He had expected Aurora to be dominant but no to this point. It was weird to see that much power coming off such a tiny person. It was also sexy.

Diego couldn't stop staring at her gorgeous behind. Her hips swayed from side to side as she walked to the adjoining bathroom. Her wings trailing on the hardwood floor reminded him of how different and special she was. Of course of he was being honest there really was no need for a reminder, she was The one. That was not something you needed to be reminded of. Plus his dick had been constantly hard for her. That was hard to forget.

"Do you not like showers?" she called from the bathroom.

He frowned. "Why would I not like showers?" he asked walking into the bathroom to find her bending over the bathtub reaching for the shower head. He completely forgot about showers. His attention fixed on her ass.

Her asscheeks were slightly parted and an image of him pounding in and out of her tightest hole hit him hard.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" he asked.

She flipped her hair and almost got up but he pushed her back into a bending position.

"Stay that way." He ordered. "Answer my question."

"No, I've never really had the guts to try it."

He gave her a swat on her ass that had her yelping.

"Sir! She shrieked. I've never been fucked in the ass, Sir!"

"Good girl." He crooned rubbing the spot where he had just spanked her.

Her back arched and she pushed her ass against him. The action eerily echoing that of a cats and damn if he didn't find that sexy.

Diego slipped a finger into his mate's cunt and found that she was wet for him. He let out an approving growl as he crooked his finger rubbed against her g-spot.

Aurora whimpered and rolled her hips to the same rhythm of his fingers. Soon her whimpers turned into moans. He felt her nearing climax and pulled out his fingers and gave her swollen clit a swat.

She growled, frustrated and the sound vibrated all the way into his cock.

"I'm going to get your clit pierced." He said thoughtfully.

"I heal too fast for a piercing, Sir."

"Don't worry about it, angel."

She whimpered in agreement and once again he was touched by the level of trust she unknowingly showed him.

"Now about that ass, would you like me to fuck your tight hole?" he asked, softly caressing between her asscheeks. She trembled under his touch every time he pressed softly against her rosebud.

He pressed more forcefully and she yelped. "Angel, I asked you a question."

"I --I don't know, Sir." She whimpered.

Diego once again plunged his fingers into her tight cunt. However this time he plunged three fingers into her. She moaned and arched her back further, welcoming the intrusion.

"I'll give you a choice, mate. Has this tight cunt ever been fisted?"

"Yes, Sir."

Now she had him curious. "When?"

"A few months ago. I was seeing this witch..."

A very feline smile stretched across his lips. Oh he wanted to hear more about this but he couldn't make her tell him in the position she was. Her knees were trembling; she was shaking from staying bent for so long. She had let her wings fall to the side. Holding them up must be a strain.

He pulled his fingers out from her and sucked her sweet juices off his fingers. Oh but she tasted delicious. The perfect dessert, he thought seeing as how he was planning on having her as the first course.

"Get into the tub, angel. On your back and I want your legs wide open. Hands on your tits... yes, that's it baby, play with those nipples." He encouraged as his mate settled herself in the tub. Her legs opened wide as he had ordered. Her mound was shaven cleaned, not a trace of hair. Not that he would mind even if she kept it native down there, most shifter females preferred it that way so he had gotten used to. However the intricate design of the tattoos that framed her lower abdomen was exquisite. Couple with her naked pussy, it almost drove him to the edge.

His mate was very wet, her juices were flowing down between her asscheeks and for a moment he reconsidered giving her choice and just wanted to slam into her ass and cum inside her.

Diego bit his lips in an effort to control himself and knelt by the tub and ran his fingers all over his mate's body. God she was just perfect.

Aurora looked up at him with silver eyes that were molten with need, need for him. Her pouty lips were parted as she tweaked her tits and panted.

"Here are your choices, angel. Either you get on all fours and fuck your ass until we both cum or you stay right where you are and you tell me how your witch girlfriend fisted you while I pump my fist in and out of you."

He was still surprised by the fact that she was bi. Well at least she used to be. He had meant it when he said he wouldn't share, neither with a male nor a female. If she wanted to be fisted, it was his fist that would stretch that slutty cunt of hers. That being said, it didn't mean that he didn't enjoy hearing her past experiences with women.


Aurora's breath hitched as he gave her her choices. Emily, the witch who had fisted her had a smaller fist than Diego's; in fact Diego's fists were probably twice as big as Emily's. However, the idea of having her cunt stretched made her so fucking wet. She wanted to feel her mate's fist pump in and out of her. She wanted to feel the pain of being stretched so much mixed with the intense pleasure of feeling full. She pinched her nipple hard and humped the air as she imagined what it would be like to be fisted by her mate.

"You better choose fast, little slut, or I'll choose for you." Diego hissed.

She smiled. She loved she could him lose control like this.

"Emily and I would 69 each other until she would get me dripping wet." She paused for effect but her mate was having none of that as emphasized with a sharp spank on her mound. She didn't blame him, his cock was pulsing. "Once I came, she would get off of me and spread my legs wide. She would start by playing with my clit and then she would put two fingers inside my pussy." Her mate fisted his cock and started stroking it, his molten amber eyes never leaving hers. It spurred her on. "She would tell me what slut I was when I started to moan and beg for more. And I fucking loved it when she called me a slut. She would push a third finger inside me and pinch my clit all the while she would tell me that she was going to stretch my cunt, that she was going to make me squirt and I was going to beg for more because I had a greedy cunt. I have a greedy cunt, don't I, Sir? My pussy can't get enough can it? I want you to fist me, Sir; I want you to stretch the fuck out of my slut cunt!"

Her mate stood and with a yell, he came all over her. She panted like a bitch in heat and humped the air desperate for anything to fuck her greedy pussy that wouldn't stop clenching and releasing. Her cunt juice pooled under her ass.

Aurora looked up as jet after jet of hot cum shot out of her mate's cock and splattered on her face, her tits, her stomach and her pussy.

He was a glorious sight to behold. His muscles were taut under his glowing bronze skin. His features were bunched up in a grimace of pleasure and his head was thrown back. He was like the personification of sex. No offense to Venus.

Aurora wasn't conscious of her fingers scooping up her mate's cum and bringing to her mouth. He looked at her the moment she sucked the cum off her fingers, savoring the salty taste of it. He knelt beside the tub and plunged two fingers into her without ceremony.

"Continue." He growled, his fangs making an appearance. His tiger was very close to the surface.

"She would add a fourth finger and fuck me really hard because she knew I liked it when she made it hurt. She would call me a painslut when my cunt juice would start flowing out of me." Diego proceeded to doing exactly that. He added two more fingers into her and pumped hard. Aurora cried out as the onslaught of pain and pleasure burst into her body, via her pussy. She looked into his eyes but found no mercy. He would be doing what he wanted and when he wanted.

"May I cum?" she squealed in between his furious thrusts.

"No not yet."

She whimpered in frustration but didn't dare do anything else. She continued on. "She would force her thumb into me. She wouldn't stop even when I screamed and told her it hurt. She would push her fist in me telling me to take it like the good painslut I was. And I loved it, Sir."

"What did you love?" he asked and before she had a chance to answer, he made a cone with his fingers and pushed them hard into her cunt. They went halfway through. Her cunt was capable of accommodating his huge fist but that wasn't stopping him. He pushed as she screamed and screamed, both pleasure and pain tearing into her so fast that she couldn't tell which was which. But fuck did she love it!

"Answer me, you little slut! Answer me!" he bellowed.

"I loved it when she raped my cunt with her fist!" Aurora shrieked and his fist pushed all the way into her.

Diego stopped moving as she lay there panting. She knew her mate was allowing her the time to get used to the feel of his fist inside her but she just couldn't wait. She needed to cum badly. So she pushed down on his fist and groaned as she felt the fullness of her cunt.

"Cum!" he ordered and she came undone in his hands, reaching heights she had never before reached during orgasm. Stars burst all around her. By the time she came down from her orgasm induced high, she could barely stay conscious.


His mate gave a small whimper as he slowly pulled out his fist from her pussy. Her silver eyes were glazed over as she looked up at him. From what he sensed through their mating bond she was in a haze of pleasure and fuck if he wasn't proud to have put her there!

Diego scooped up her body against his chest, softly purring as her feathers caressed his biceps. She weighed close to nothing despite the way she ate. This was also another thing he liked about her. Salad girls just didn't do it for him. Nobody but her did it for him.

He slowly got into the tub and managed to get her on her feet although she leaned against him trembling slightly and mumbled something unintelligible.

Once again he found himself doing something he had never before done with a woman. He took tender care of Aurora. He washed every inch of her body and relished the intimacy of the act. Even more delightful was the way she would lean on him for support and the small smiles she gave every time their eyes met.

"I think we should get out of the shower." She said pressed against his chest at some point during the hour they had spent under the hot spray of water.

"Yeah, the water's gonna get cold soon." He said as he leaned over to the knobs.

She gave a small giggle. "The water went cold like twenty minutes ago."

"No... it's still warm..."

Aurora sighed and backed away from him, he let her go and watched wide eyed as flames encased her entire body. The orange and blue flames danced across her skin and she giggled as if they tickled.

"How..." was all he managed to say, fascinated by the beautiful creature that was his mate.

"I'll explain in the car." She said and walked out of the bathroom, shaking her wings as the flames disappeared.

He frowned following her out. "Where are we going?"

She bit her lips and turned around. He wasn't going to like this.

"Angel..." he warned.

Aurora sighed. "We're going to a Barbecue..." okay that didn't sound so bad. "At Aisling's parents house. The O'Callaghan Pack house. You know them?"

How could he not? The O'Callaghan wolf Pack and the Redwood Pride had been each other's foe since...well... as far as anyone can remember. And she wanted him to go to their house.

He was so whipped.

To be continued...

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