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Playing Games


Rich pulled me by the wrist to an empty classroom and quickly had me pinned against the door grinding his hard cock into my heated core.

"Do you feel that? That's what you do to me and I'm going to make you pay for it."

I smiled innocently as I responded, "Why? It's not my fault if you got a certain picture that wasn't meant for you."

Rich grunted and his nostrils flared out in indignation. I couldn't help but think I'd gone to far with my game. Instead of punching me like his angry eyes made me think he would do, he pressed the entire length of his body against mine, bringing us closer than ever. I could feel his breath against my lips as he growled out his warning.

"What do you mean it wasn't meant for me? You know that that pussy is mine, so stop playing games."

My heart pounded under his intense gaze and my body shuddered as his hand drifted down to my ass, gruffly squeezing it, eliciting an unwanted moan from me and a sly smile from him. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as my body strained against the sensations made from his wandering hands. His hands ventured forward and onto my mound, finding my clit, and quickly causing my breath to become shallow. Rather than focus on how good this felt, I instead focused my mind on the mission, and repeated my mantra: This is my show, and it will go my way.

I opened my eyes, smiled sultrily, and roughly cupped his dick, shocking him with my boldness. Then I gingerly stroked his hard-on as I whispered in his ear,

"Why stop playing baby? Because you're losing?" I playfully nipped his earlobe then continued, "You see, it seems you don't understand."

I stopped my hand's motions and he groaned in disappointment only to gasp when I grasped his cock in a firm grip. "This is my dick. I can play whatever game I want to, when I want to, and how I want to and you know like me that you never want the game to end. So I won't stop playing but just a tip for ya, I don't like to play fair..." I licked the side of his face from his chin, up his cheek, and left a kiss against his temple. He moaned and I drew away before whispering, "...I play dirty."

I quickly pushed him aside then and walked out. He called after me and I paid him no mind. I heard a string of expletives leave his lips and it only helped to improve my mood. I was on top of the world. Here I was, little old Ashley playing with the big dogs or rather the biggest dog Richard Wilson, world renowned pussy hound, and was winning. Teasing him, while frustrating for me, was seemingly excruciating for him. I guessed the random naked texts and unexpected dirty talk was taking its toll and he couldn't handle it. I smiled to myself at my triumph but that smile soon faded as I was captured by a strong grip upon my waist. I quickly pushed my elbow into my assailant's ribs but he was too quick and dodged the attack. I did a spin move and came face to face with Ezra.

"What the hell Ashley?! Why so paranoid? It's just me!"

I held my chest as I tried to contain my heart which was trying to beat out of my chest.

"Don't ever do that again!" I panted out.

I playfully punched him in the arm before saying, "And you know I have haters babe! I have to watch out!"

Ezra laughed, "Well you know I couldn't hate you if I tried. You're too sweet." He gripped me by the waist again and held me flush against him. "So how bout you give me some sugar so I know you haven't gotten salty on me."

I placed my arms around his shoulders and stood on tiptoes to give him one of my chocolate kisses. What was supposed to be a simple peck soon became a full blown make out session as my hands tangled in his curly mane and his hands roamed freely over my body. We only remembered where we were when someone whistled loudly at us. Ezra drew away first and chuckled, "Yep, as sweet as chocolate cake with extra icing."

I giggled at his comment and kissed him again this time making it brief. "Alright baby, you have to go to practice and I have to go to class."

He smiled a wicked grin before saying, "Or we could go back to my place, make it the class for Sex 101, then practice the lesson until we pass out."

I couldn't help but smile at his silliness. "I might take you up on that offer but its going to have to be a night class cause I have to go."

I began walking away when he yelled back, "Night, day I don't care just as long as I'm a student."

I laughed out loud and waved good-bye. I couldn't understand how I'd gotten so lucky to have him. God knew I loved that boy! During my next classes my mind alternated between my anticipation for the evening's future activities with Ezra and the next phase of my plan with Rich. I felt bad about my actions with Rich since Ezra was my boo, future husband, and one day father of my children. But Rich had to be handled. He had to learn that he couldn't just play with people's feelings because karma was alive and well and as everyone knows, "is a bitch," and I wanted to be that bitch in his life.

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