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Playing Hooky


My story begins like this, My name is Tere and my ex fiancee's name is Charles, and Charles was one of those Tall, very good looking cowboys with a rugged look. We had been living together as a couple for a few years when this story happened.

Between the two of us we had five kids, two 8 year olds, two 10 year olds and one 14 year old. We never seemed to have any quite time except when we had gone to bed at night. As most of you know that when you have a full house, together time is a must for any relationship. We made sure that we had together time after going to bed every night. We would lay in bed talking and watching tv and just relaxing before bedtime.

We normally made love every night, but we couldn't just break down and let loose and have a ball, and scream out in delight like I wanted to. We did have a good sex life, it just didn't ever last long enough, because of all the obligations of parenthood and work that we faced each day.

Charles normally left for work around 4 in the morning but this day his truck was broken, so he had called in to work, and wasn't going to work that day. He was going to use my car to go get parts for his truck after taking me to work. I never miss work unless I am sick so I hadn't even thought about playing hooky that day, or even being late for work.

The kids had all left for school on the school bus, so we were by ourselves. Charles was laying on the bed, and I was standing in the room, with my panties, bra, & panty hose on and I was starting to put my dress over my head. Charles said you know what you need to do. I said what is that, he said you need to call in to work and go in late, and tell them my truck is broke and you are having to help me with it, but you will be at work later. I did go ahead and call and had a few more hours before I had to be there, so Charles told me, this was the perfect time to have a wild and crazy time, without anybody around. I sure was ready for a wild time with him, I loved Charles so much and wanted him to fuck me like he had never done before.

Charles stood up and took my clothes off, and started talking about how hot he is and how he couldn't wait to have me all to his self.

I helped Charles get his tshirt and briefs off, and he was so hard and ready for our lovemaking. We started licking and sucking on each other, having a great time of feasting on each other. We fulfilled each others dreams that day by having sex in every position and every way we could think of. Doggie style, anal sex, in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, and even in the shower. This was the best sex of our entire time together, although we had a great sex life all the time, it was the greatest because we didn't have to worry about anybody else, and could just let loose and have fun and scream with each orgasm and not have to worry about anybody hearing us, or trying to find out what we were doing. Our kids were of the age they were curious about sex, and wanted to catch Mom and Dad in the act of making a baby.

And normally Charles would always turn me away if I tried to get him in the mood for sex, telling me that good girls don't do that. This day, he never said that, and loved everything that we did together. He told me he knew that as long as we had been together I always tried every night to start sex, that he finally realized I was going to do it anyway, so he might as well enjoy it, and plus his friends had found out and told him he was crazy, because being with a lot of women, they don't want sex when you want it, and to have someone that wants sex all the time, you better enjoy it while you got it. Because if he didn't go ahead and enjoy soon he might not have it any more and he would be wishing he did have someone like me.

I guess he finally realized that having someone that was highly sexual and loved sex so much she begged to be fucked all the time, was a lot better than having a woman you had to fight to have sex with once a month. I love sex anytime, any place, any where, anyway. When I am with a man, he is very lucky because any time I am alone with him, I want him, day, night, afternoon, it really doesn't matter, because I want sex all the time. I am not into plain sex, wham bam thank you mam, if the fun doesn't last a lot longer than it does to take off your clothes, I figure, why bother taking off my clothes.

So if you have read my stories, please take the time to vote and let me know what you think of my stories. All my stories have been true stories. I guess once I run out of true stories, I will go to writing fantasy stories, but I still have more stories to write before that happens.

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