tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Hooky Ch. 03

Playing Hooky Ch. 03


No matter how hard she tried, Julie Warden had been unable to overcome her crush on Natalie. From the first time she and Natalie had made love, kissed and licked each other to endless orgasms, every time Julie saw the sexy brunette, her heart thumped a bit faster. It didn't matter – Natalie's heart and body belonged to her sister Noreen. Natalie had her first lesbian encounter with Julie. It was Julie's first time too, they'd been drunk on wine coolers. Tumbling around in Natalie's room, they had kissed – then the kisses got hotter. Then, on a dare from Julie, Natalie took off her Booty shorts and showed her gorgeous butt and adorable little pussy.

Natalie dared Julie to kiss her pussy, the blonde teen was drunk enough to do it. She didn't stop – the second her tongue touched down, Julie was hooked on the taste of cunt and really went to town on Natalie's pussy. The groans her best friend was making were encouragement to Julie, she watched as Natalie pulled off her bikini top and bared the most perfect pair of tits Julie had ever seen. She went there next, fondling and playing until Natalie's body almost fell off the bed in climax.

Natalie was a kinky little bitch, so she gave even better than she got. The sensual brunette made love to Julie with intensity, no part of the suntanned blonde went untouched, unloved, unlicked. Julie's heart was thumping by the end of the night, she was stone-cold sober and nuts about her best friend.

The fly in the ointment was Natalie's twin. The next day, when they were in bed, Natalie showed her twin all the tricks and positions she and Julie had indulged in. The sisters found that they worked in perfect harmony, they played together naughtily for an entire day. Natalie's climaxes were even stronger then the ones she'd shared with Julie, Noreen could barely be sated. From that moment on, to Julie's dismay, the girls would not be parted. If you wanted to bed one, you had to bed the other. It wasn't that Julie didn't like Noreen, she was sexy and fun as well, but Julie had it bad for Natalie and sometimes, she just felt like one-on-one loving. It wasn't happening.

Julie's anguish was lightened considerably when she seduced her mother. Once she had a constant and willing bedmate in Sabrina, she felt her spirits lift. She could even see what the twins were talking about – there was nothing hotter than fucking someone to whom you were related. Her mother's tongue beat Natalie's by a mile, it was certainly because of the familial love mingled with lust.

Julie had spent the past year happily having her mother service her sexual needs satiated by her kinky parent. Her love life was enhanced greatly by the addition of her mother sharing her bed almost constantly. Her Dad still went away on a lot of business trips, leaving lots of time for them to share a bed, sex toys and other playmates, like Marie Dorcel and Almond, or the twins. Julie actually noticed a slight bit of jealousy on Natalie's part – now that she wasn't hanging around Natalie all the time, Natalie paid more attention to her. Julie just enjoyed her new role and figured she wasn't about to rock the boat – it was all going nicely, kinkily and Julie was constantly horny and constantly having wild, girl-on-girl sex.

One of the few times she wasn't being "Mistress" Julie, she was cuddling in bed with Sabrina. They'd been having sex since Julie woke up at 5 AM and it was almost noon. They'd only stopped for a cup of coffee and a muffin.

"Mom? Do you think I'm a lesbian?"

Sabrina was nuzzling her daughter's neck – she never got enough of Julie, not ever. "Why Julie, are you worried about it?"

"Tiny bit."

"Are you attracted to boys or men, sexually?"

"No – to be honest, not very much. Most of the men I meet seem brainless, some are wimps – Daddy could use a set, for example. Even the tough guys seem to turn into wussies when there's a chance of pussy."

Sabrina laughed, her daughter always did speak her mind. "Well, then if I had to venture an opinion, then yes, I would say you're a lesbian. Maybe you'll find a man who gets your motor going, but why worry about it? Are you happy?"

"Yeah, I am. You're right mom. I won't sweat it anymore, you know why?"


"Because I am a hot lezzie slut, just like my Mom!" Julie purred and she moved down Sabrina's compact body. She feasted hungrily again and gave her sexuality no further thoughts. She felt good 24-7, did it matter how she achieved it?

Tonight, she was going out with Almond, Natalie and Noreen. The girls hadn't met Almond yet and she knew they'd react favorably to the auburn-haired sweetie with glee. They'd had a foursome once or twice before, but Almond was the sexiest "addition" to their little group they'd ever had.

Julie was wearing skintight, black leather pants and a plunging top that showed off her tanned skin and braless tits. She met Almond outside, the girl had on a mini that was indecent and a pale lilac top. Almond couldn't look bad if she tried, she and Julie began kissing at once.

"Hey, if we keep that up, we're not going to get there" Almond sighed.

"How's your Mom?" Julie sighed, licking the taste of Almond from her lips.

"Naughty as ever. She told me this weekend, come hell or high water, she's going to have you and Sabrina over for dinner. Oh, and there might be food, too!" Almond giggled.

"New shoes?" Julie said, looking at Almond's spiky heels.

"Yep, Mom told Daddy to buy them for me and he keeps his little girl happy – if he knows what's good for him!" Almond chucked. Julie had not met Almond's father yet, but she knew that the man did whatever Marie and Almond told him he had to do.

"They're sexy – of course you'd have sexy shoes, you're a sexy baby!" Julie said, starting to kiss Almond again.

"Lord baby, you're a horny little slut tonight!" Almond purred. Her nipples were stiff as rocks as Julie kissed her neck. She was glad she wasn't driving yet, she couldn't concentrate.

"And tonight is different how ?" Julie sighed, but she realized that Almond was right. She wanted to introduce the twins to her gorgeous playmate, let Natalie eat her heart out a bit. Julie got in the driver's seat, kissed Almond one final time and they made their way to the twin's apartment. Almond snuggled close as they drove and kept running her finger up and down Julie's arm – a few times Julie was tempted to pull over and have a small play session, but she couldn't wait to see the envious look on Natalie's face when she met Almond.

Instead, it was Natalie who saw a look on Julie's face, a look of disappointment. When Natalie opened the door, Julie saw their foursome was to be a fivesome. Mandy was there.

Julie had wanted to play her trump card and show off Almond, she wanted their foursome to be a wild night of inspired licking, sucking and fucking. It wasn't that she didn't like Mandy – the cute redhead was a nice lay, whenever she could join them – but Julie had counted on this.

"Her husband had to go out of town suddenly. What was I supposed to say?" Natalie said, anticipating Julie's question. "Hi – Julie hasn't introduced us, I'm Natalie!" the girl said, extending her hand to Almond and ushering them in.

Noreen introduced herself to Almond, then Mandy. "Welcome to our naughty little apartment!" Natalie giggled.

"It's very nice. You guys really share a bed?" Almond said. The girls looked at each other and said "We sure do. We love to cuddle, we love sharing a bed, we're total lesbian sluts and we love meeting other lezzie sluts."

"Count me in!" Almond said happily.

"Me too!" Mandy chirped. "I just wish I could get over here more often, but if my husband ever found out, he'd divorce me in a heartbeat."

Almond smiled. "Well, if he's ever that crazy, you could come and live with my Mom and me. I guarantee you, you'd have all the sex you could handle."

Julie caught Almond's words and her mood brightened. Hmm – could it be the addition of Almond to their night might work out after all? If she could bed both women, that'd be a nasty little shot at Natalie. While she wasn't as angry at Natalie or as jealous as she once had been, it still felt good to get the upper hand.

"Your friend is very hot!" Noreen whispered in Julie's ear as they sat down and had some nibbles, with wine. Julie felt a surge of pride as Noreen added "I should be jealous. That's the hottest reaction I've ever seen since she and I hooked up."

Mandy and Almond were talking animatedly and seemed to really be hitting it off. Julie could make out snippets of the conversation.

"So, why are you still married to this guy if he doesn't appreciate how sexy you are? You don't have kids, do you?" Almond wanted to know.

"No – no kids. A stepdaughter, but none with him."


Julie waited for an answer from Mandy, but she just shrugged. Mandy didn't have an answer and for a moment, Julie wondered if anyone had actually ever posed that question to the girl before?

Almond gave Mandy a soft kiss and hugged her. "Listen to me, okay? I really like you. My Mom taught me that men should respect us women and put us on a pedestal. If you and I stay friends, I'm going to give you some lessons. Hubby will toe the line – or else!"

Julie knew what Almond's dad was like and if her lover-friend could make Mandy's husband somewhat more docile, Mandy was going to be a much happier lady. Still, that was for the future and Julie's nipples were hard, her pussy was wet and she needed a tongue or two to satisfy her urges.

"Hey, you nasty dykes, is anyone around here going to eat some pussy or what ?" Julie said, hands on hips. The girls all laughed and said yes, it was time for the festivities to begin.

"I really want to make it with Almond" Mandy said quietly to Julie. "Is that okay?"

Julie felt she now had the upper hand. "Oh certainly, Mandy dear – but as this is her first time here, I thought she and I should stick together for the first little while – would you like to make it with both of us?"

Mandy nodded and whispered in Julie's ear "More than okay. I'm always telling Natalie I wish you could spend more time with us – I think you're hot." That little comment gave Julie another thrill – she was gaining the upper hand in their friendly little competition.

As for Mandy, the scrumptious redhead was overcome with happiness – she liked the sisters and was always appreciative of whatever they'd done for her, but Julie was a sexual animal and could push all her buttons. To be able to make it with the honey-blonde and the adorable brunette, it was almost too much. Almost – but not quite. She nodded eagerly. Mandy was the first to get naked, out of her tight white jeans, kicking off her white heels and her tiny, gauzy black top. She hadn't bothered with underwear, her sexy, lightly freckled flesh was very appealing to Julie.

Mandy lay naked on the bed, totally at Julie's mercy. Almond was behind Julie, wearing only her tiny thong, already making love to Julie's sweet pussy. Julie buried her head in Mandy's furry red snatch, frantically moving her head up and down, back and forth, while the sisters watched their antics. Julie couldn't have planned it better – Natalie was almost seething that the sassy redhead had chosen her and Almond over her and Noreen for her lesbian playmates for the evening.

Mandy couldn't see all of the action, all she could see was Julie's blonde head between her legs, but she could feel the long, snaky tongue feasting at her cunt. But she sure as hell knew pretty little Almond must be really giving it to Julie, because every time she heard a soft moan from Julie, Julie's tongue stabbed deeper into Mandy's cunt.

Mandy couldn't understand why her husband was so stubborn about sharing her with another women, most men would have jumped at the chance. She had a couple of girlfriends she would've loved to bring home, but her husband just wouldn't hear it. Once every few days, same old, same old sex.

The tongue driving into Mandy's cunt was her escape – a girl's tongue, one that knew just where to touch, where to lick, when she wanted more. Mandy cried out in joy.

"Right there, Julie baby, that's it! Yeah – lick my clit! Oh damn, that's so fucking good!" the petite redhead moaned.

Beside them, the sisters were slowly drifting back into their own private world. Noreen thought her sister could be a bit possessive at times, but from the moment Natalie's tongue licked a nipple or slid deep into her pussy, she didn't give it a second thought. They were soul mates and sex-mates and that was all there was to it.

Julie turned around and saw Almond slide her thong off. Now all 5 women were naked and the wildness had escalated to a fever-pitch. Natalie and Noreen had untangled themselves and were determined to get in on the festivities, Underneath Almond, Natalie was slurping her pussy greedily and Noreen had grabbed a vibe and was fucking the sexy brunette with it. Mandy was already gone into her own little world, she thought Julie and Almond looked sexy together and knowing their attentions were being concentrated on her was a total thrill. In what looked like a blur of bodies. Julie's pussy now lowered to Mandy's face and Almond was now eating her red thatch, Natalie fingering Almond's ass, Noreen eating her pussy.

Everyone was having a blast, everyone was cumming. The girls fell apart, Julie was the first to recuperate.

"So Almond, what do you think of these naughty little sisters?" Julie said, kissing her lover.

"Sisters having sex with each other – how depraved !" Almond giggled. Mandy snuggled up behind her.

"It's all so nasty, it just makes me tingle all over!" the fiery beauty sighed. Julie turned the girl's face to hers and kissed her. She was now happy that her earlier apprehensions about Mandy joining them had vanished – and she wanted to reward the little hottie for being so sexually compliant.

"Does all this bother you Mandy – the perverted sex, the incest?" Julie wanted to know as she pulled Mandy down on top of her. Their breasts pressed together and Mandy's red-furred pussy was rubbing against Julie's, just rubbing together and keeping them aroused. Almond lay nearby, watching with interest. The sisters were already back at each other's pussies and in their own world.

"It was hard to get used to in the beginning" Mandy replied as Julie's body moved slowly against her own. "But they're so sexy and loving together, what does it matter if the twins share a bed? They've certainly opened up my mind to new sexual ideas and I realized, some concepts are outdated!"

Julie actually used her entire body to rub against Mandy's – she ground her pelvis against Mandy's tinier frame and she could hear the redhead's little whimpers of joy as their bodies moved sinuously together. Almond was touching wherever her fingers or tongue could reach, she loved seeing her lover and the fiery vixen in the throes of passion.

"Is this what you wanted?" Julie asked as she snaked a finger deep inside Mandy's cunt. Mandy arched her body forward to take the finger deeper and her body bucked as Julie crooked her finger and fucked her with it.

"I'm glad to be making it with you and Almond" Mandy purred as her body wiggled around Julie's fingers. Almond's lips were plucking at her coral pink nipples and nibbling her tummy, Mandy felt sexy-squirmy and enjoyed it. "I like making it with Nat and Noreen, but I sometimes feel like I'm intruding."

Julie didn't answer, but she understood. She could feel Almond behind her, now busily eating her pussy. She buried her face in Mandy's pussy and used her hands to caress Mandy's body. The sexy wife was now losing coherent thought, she was loving the feeling of Julie's tongue running the course of her body, starting from her neck and shoulders, over silky freckled skin, to her tummy, around her pussy, nuzzling her clit and then down her thighs. Mandy looked over and saw the sensual Almond busily engaged in lapping Julie's cunt and the sight was one of the most erotic things she'd ever seen. Mandy felt the lips of her pussy swell up and she just fell back against the pillows on the bed and let Julie do whatever the hell she wanted.

Julie sensed that Mandy lacked genuine affection, so she would stop from time to time and pepper her with little kisses on her lips. Mandy practically melted in Julie's arms as she took in Julie's sweet, gentle tongue. Julie was so tender and caring, sex had never been like this, Mandy felt – but it should be!

Almond knew that Julie was seducing Mandy in a most beguiling way – the blonde could be lovingly devious and her tender adoration of the tiny redhead was winning her over. Her own offer to Mandy had been genuine – she hated to think of this hot redhead going unappreciated by her husband, if Mandy needed refuge, she and her mother would provide a very sensual escape from the world in which she was now confined.

Julie was taking her time with Mandy, but she wasn't being foolish – she could see that Mandy wanted to mix it up a bit, so she pistoned her tongue in and out the splayed lips of the redhead's pussy. She glanced sideways and saw Natalie and Noreen still locked together – and found she really didn't care. The trio she was involved in right now more than met her needs and now that she was getting intimate with Mandy, she felt no desire to swap partners. Mandy was very sexy when she let her hair down and just went with the moment, red curls splayed across the blankets as she was being sucked by Julie. The blonde was feeling Almond's slithery tongue on her own cunt and she knew Almond was getting lots of pussy cream for her feasting tongue. Almond ate her like a hungry animal – Almond's kinky mother had trained the girl well, she was a little cunt-slut – which was fine with Julie!

Marie Dorcel had taught Almond all the techniques she herself possessed, but the pupil had surpassed the teacher. Almond's continual romps with Julie and her mother had kept her in practice, Julie had an inventive mind and and added some tricks of her own to Almond's arsenal. Mandy watched joyously as her newest lovers played and touched and touched her – it was overwhelming and yet, she was far from done.

"Here baby, taste yourself!" Julie said, slipping two fingers from Mandy's cunt and sliding them into Mandy's mouth. She was momentarily repulsed, but that was replaced by sexual curiosity. She tasted her spend on Julie's fingers and it was sweet and Mandy felt a chill go through her body. "Please?" Mandy asked.

"What baby? What do you want?" Julie asked, although she had a good idea.

"I want to make love to you – or Almond – I need to show you how hot you've made me!" Mandy implored. Julie could feel Natalie's eyes boring into her – she'd won her little victory this evening, not that she cared any more.

"Certainly darling, of course!" Julie purred. The trio got off the bed and left it to the sisters, still clutching and wrenching each other in sisterly-sex. The carpet on the floor was plush enough for the continuation of the lesbian games between Julie and her two companions.

Mandy looked at the beautiful blonde and the sexy brunette and realized how full of shit her husband was. How could making love to people as beautiful as these two be wrong. She pulled Julie close and kissed her, then Julie lay prone on the floor while sexy Almond straddled her head. She wasn't worried about getting equal time with Mandy, she knew Julie would make sure she was well taken care of. Besides, Julie was a shark for cunt, there were few women her equal when licking pussy, so she was getting the best of things right now.

Mandy clamped her face down onto Julie's sweet cunt and began to eat her. While not as experienced as the rest of the women in the room, she did know how to please a woman and Julie's hands running through her red curls let her know she was doing a good job. Julie's tongue drove deep into Almond's tight box and she wished she could see everything, but she was satisfied that things were going her way, far beyond her expectations.

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