tagIncest/TabooPlaying Hooky Ch. 04

Playing Hooky Ch. 04


Julie Warden sighed. The holidays were coming and her mother Sabrina was always so damned hard to buy for. Her father Mark provided well for them, so the leggy blonde continually had a hard time figuring out what to get her Mom as presents. She'd called Almond and Ms. Dorcel, Natalie and Noreen, hoping for ideas -- they all had some, but not quite what she wanted to do for Sabrina.

An evil grin crossed her face. She knew she could always give her mother the present of her freedom for an evening.

Now that Julie had easily seduced her sexy Mommy into being her lezzie-loving, cuntlapping Sex Slave, she found that her petite, dark-eyed Mom loved catering to her every whim, every desire. Sabrina took great care in getting her Mistress off at least once a day. Julie never went to school without having at least one hot, steamy orgasm ... the times she even went to school. Her grades were good enough that she would skip a day here and there and spend lazy days in bed with her Mom-Slave and their other like-minded friends.

Julie loved her Mom as a mother, she was a wonderful parent, but now that they were lovers, the perverse teen had an even deeper bond with her mother. Julie could be cruel and domineering, but her mother ate it up with a spoon. If Julie wanted her to fuck another girl or service one of her teachers in order for help in school, Sabrina did it. Without hesitation. That had happened only once and when Sabrina came home from the experience, glowing and still horny, she related the story to her daughter. Sabrina's experience with Jamie's French teacher, Marie Dorcel, had gotten Julie so hot and bothered; she'd had Sabrina lap her cunt until she couldn't cum anymore. Marie Dorcel had been the object of many of Jamie's lesbian fantasies for quite some time, the pretty teen was actually jealous that her mother had gotten there first and with such ease. Not only that, but Marie-Claire's daughter, a willowy brunette named Almond, had joined them and made it a threesome. She and Almond were now very close, but she was eagerly looking forward to the Valentine's Party Almond and Marie were hosting at their home.

Julie grinned lewdly. She knew many more nasty, perverted adventures lay ahead with her mother and their small circle of perverted friends, but she still wanted to get her mother a special, unique gift for the holidays, one her father could not know about, for obvious reasons. She would buy her mother some nice sweater or somesuch, but privately, she'd get Sabrina some kinky lingerie and something extra that would thrill Sabrina ... but what could that be?

It came to the pretty blonde like a bolt out of the blue. Sabrina walked downstairs at precisely that moment, her face loving and sweet, with just a hint of submission.

"Daddy's gone away on business for another few days, right?"

"Yes, Mistress Julie," Sabrina said meekly, sitting at her daughter's feet.

"All right, so we don't have to be discreet," Julie grinned. She lifted her ass from her chair and slid off her tiny thong. "Eat my cunt bitch and get me off, don't rush, but don't be too slow either. I have to go to school today, there's something I want to do!" Julie grinned. Her mother-slave nodded and used her tongue, like no other tongue in the world, to get Julie off. Julie hoped her Mom would like her gift. The little slut really did deserve it.

The Christmas holiday came and went, Sabrina enjoyed herself, but there was something she didn't understand. Her husband had given her a nice amount of cash and told her to buy whatever she liked -- Mark hated to shop -- and her daughter had given her some lovely clothes, including a pretty, new black sweater. But there had been no hint of a personal gift, nothing from Mistress Julie. Had she displeased her daughter in some way? If so, she vowed to make it up to her beloved baby girl with some of the hottest girl-girl sex she'd ever enjoyed, because keeping Julie happy was all that mattered.

The first chance they had to be alone together, after Christmas dinner, Julie bit her mother's ear gently and whispered "Don't worry, slut. I have special gifts for you, when Daddy goes away tomorrow, there will be another box under the tree. Open it and follow the instructions, I promise you, this will be a Christmas you won't soon forget, you lezzie-slut queer!" Sabrina shuddered, but Julie knew it was with pleasure, the nastier and more lewd Julie was, the more her Mom got off on it.

Mark went off on another business trip early, Sabrina sent him off with a kiss, but she was in an erotic fog. She raced to the tree and opened the package; she was thrilled to see it was from one of the most erotic Lingerie Shops in the area. Opening the box, she found a flowing white peignoir that was absolutely elegant and matching white stilettos. It was almost too classy for a sex slave, but as she put the items on, she found Julie's note.

"In 30 minutes precisely at 9 AM, the doorbell will ring. Answer it, dressed as you are. Make coffee beforehand, I want to be wide awake for all of this."

Sabrina knew that anything Mistress Julie said or wrote was to be taken as a command, so she made the coffee and tidied up the kitchen, carefully, so not to soil her new lingerie. She was feeling very horny and a bit scared, she wondered who would be coming to their door and seeing her dressed in such a provocative manner? Perhaps Jamie's twin friends, Natalie and Noreen, who knew their incestuous secret and were lovers themselves? A little foursome might be nice, Sabrina thrilled.

The doorbell rang at precisely 9 AM and Sabrina went to answer it, dressed as she had been commanded. There are the door stood a young brunette, about the same age as Julie, she was very pretty, dressed in a thick fur coat and black, high-heeled winter boots. She smiled at Sabrina and said "Good morning, may I come in?" At that precise moment, Julie came downstairs, dressed in her favorite silver bra and thong set.

"Good morning Celeste, you're very prompt, that's very good. Come in, you're letting the cold in. Mom, would you take our guest's coat, please?" Julie walked into the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee.

Sabrina nodded quietly, wondering what these two sexy bitches had in store for her? There was no doubt in her mind that sex was going to happen this morning, likely she would be made to service Julie and her new friend. That was okay with her, Celeste was very pretty.

She smiled even more when she took Celeste's fur. Underneath, she wore a tiny black teddy, revealing a generous cleavage and tanned, sexy skin. Her eyes were a sparkling emerald green and she just seemed to be sexy without even trying. Sabrina couldn't wait to play with the pretty, chestnut-haired teen.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet your Christmas present. This is your new Sex Slave, Celeste. Celeste, this is my mother, Sabrina. Unless she or I give you permission otherwise, you are to call her Mistress, do you understand?"

Sabrina looked at her Mistress-daughter, her dark eyes wide. "Mistress-Julie, I don't understand. I'm to be her Sex Slave, isn't that right?"

Julie shook her head. "No. There's a hierarchy here. Celeste is a friend of Natalie & Noreen's, she's been wanting to join our circle and make it with me for a while now. I finally decided to give her a shot, but I figured seeing as you're my Number One slave, she could be Number Two, which makes her your slave as well. She'll do anything you want, whenever you want, isn't that right, slut?" Julie said to the pretty brunette, who was sitting quietly on the couch.

"Yes, Mistress," Celeste said quietly, lifting her head and then lowering it again.

"You're giving me my own toy?" Sabrina asked. Julie nodded.

"T-thank you Mistress, she's exquisite, but how would we explain her to your father?" Sabrina wondered.

"She'll come over a few days a week and work as a maid, that way, Daddy won't get suspicious. When I'm busy, she can service you sexually and keep your pussy hot, when I'm here and you're both available, you're both going to act as my sluts. Train her well Mom, because I want her to be able to pleasure us both. Are you looking forward to this, bitch?" Julie indicated Celeste.

"Yes Mistress, very much!" Celeste said, enthusiasm showing in her voice.

"We can't afford a maid, your father will ask how we're paying her," Sabrina said.

"I have a few ideas, we can tell Daddy she's doing it in exchange for tutoring or that I'm paying her out of my work money, don't sweat it. We're wasting valuable sex time, Mother, why don't you let your new Slave pleasure you while I watch? Do you like her, Mom? Is she to your liking?"

"Oh yes Mistress-Julie, she's lovely!" Sabrina enthused, hoping she hadn't offended her Mistress by praising the new beauty. She hadn't; in fact, Julie seemed to be very pleased by that.

"Go kiss her hello, then you may unwrap your present. You don't have to share, she's all yours for the morning," Julie instructed. Her green eyes were dancing, despite their relationship; she was still pleased she'd given her Mom a gift she could enjoy.

Sabrina leaned in and kissed the sexy young woman, running her fingers through the girl's long, wavy chestnut hair, taking in her sweet scent, a vague hint of lilac. Celeste had lovely, light-blue eyes and a sweet lips, she kissed Sabrina sweetly, not making any moves until instructed to do so. Sabrina knew the girl would make a good lezzie slave for both of them.

"Alright dear, give me some of that tongue, put yourself into the kiss!" Sabrina hissed, not quite as fierce as her daughter. Celeste smiled happily, she couldn't believe how lucky she was, getting to party with both gorgeous, leggy Julie and her equally-hot, lesbian Mom. She leaned forward and kissed Sabrina, fondling her tits through the lacy peignoir.

"I didn't give you permission to play with my tits, lezzie slut!" Sabrina snarled, letting herself go a bit. Julie winked at her Mom, she was better than expected. "Don't take liberties, for that, I want you to remove my panties -- slowly -- and kiss my thighs and eat my cunt, until I come all over your face. Got that?"

Julie really enjoyed how good her mother's sexual instincts were, Sabrina stretched out on the beige leather sofa and her legs were so sexy and smooth, her olive complexion offset nicely by Celeste's paler, smooth skin. Celeste had a lovely touch, it would serve her well and as she kissed her way all over Sabrina's skin, she actually felt Goosebumps rising on her flesh.

"Is she good, Mother?" Julie asked, stroking her pussy through the tiny thong. Despite her dominating Sabrina, she also adored her mother and there were few partners she found as sexually exciting. Watching her Mom and the slender, talented brunette was getting her hot.

"She's very good darling, she's eating me alive," Sabrina sighed, seeing the look of bliss in Julie's green eyes. Even when she seemed to be exceedingly cruel, Sabrina knew her daughter-lover wanted her happiness and sexual fulfillment. Sabrina's body was shaking as her present was now devouring her pussy noisily.

"Slow down bitch, this isn't a race," Martine commanded, having a bit of fun being in the driver's seat for once. She saw a wide grin cross Julie's face; evidently she was making her daughter happy as well.

"God, oh God, what an amazing little slut you are, Celeste," Sabrina moaned, her pussy flooding the young girl's face. "We're going to have good times; you and I ... do you like to dress up in pretty clothes?"

"Yes Mistress, very much Mistress," Celeste said, lifting her face from her new lover's pussy.

"Mistress Julie, can we buy her some sexy outfits and have her model them for us?" Sabrina asked her daughter, never forgetting her place.

"Yes, I think so, but Celeste's family has money, so we needn't spoil her too much. It is her job as a Slave to spoil us, isn't that right slut?" Julie said, walking over to the girl and running her hands underneath the black teddy. Her skin was smooth to the touch, but warm from the sex she was enjoying with Sabrina.

Her head thrown back, Sabrina was still exploding with delight. When she opened her eyes, she saw her daughter's beautiful face staring down at them.

"W-would you like her to service you, Mistress?" Sabrina asked.

Julie sat down on the couch and cradled her mother close to her breasts while Celeste continued eating pussy. "No Mom, today is mostly about you, although if you want to play a bit with my tits and pussy, I wouldn't object too much," Julie said with a giggle. She was going to relax the leash a bit today, because she knew Sabrina wasn't going anywhere. Immediately, her mother's lips found a turgid nipple and began sucking, Julie felt her body respond and soon, she was cumming herself.

Celeste had not yet cum, but that didn't last long. Sabrina went upstairs to her secret drawer and got out the strap-on she had been given by Julie. She fastened it to her body, moving most of her lingerie aside and came back downstairs. Julie gave her the okay sign, so she moved behind Celeste and fucked the girl until she begged for mercy. Only when she agreed to eat Julie and make her cum did Sabrina ease up and when Julie had climaxed under Celeste's tongue, they stopped for a while.

"I guess everyone got what they wanted for Christmas," Julie said. All 3 women laughed at that.

"Do you cook?" Julie asked Sabrina.

"Yes, Mistress Julie, I'm training to be a Sous Chef," Celeste responded eagerly.

"Good. We have a full fridge and freezer, fix us 3 a lovely meal and bring it upstairs when it is ready. There is more pretty lingerie laid out in the Den for you to wear, a Maid's outfit, of course. Put that on when you join us. You will be allowed to feed us, dine with us, then you will bathe both Sabrina and myself and see to our pleasure, is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Julie, totally," Celeste said, almost hopping up and down with excitement.

Sabrina had an inspiration. "Celeste, are you strictly a lesbian?"

"No Mistress, I prefer women, but I do fuck men from time-to-time."

"Do you have a boyfriend? Is he good in bed?"

Celeste nodded.

"Good. From now until Valentine's Day, you are not to fuck him, only jack him off or suck his cock. You will not have sex with him, do you understand? You must prove your devotion to your Mistresses, are we clear on this? If you need fucking ..." Sabrina picked up the Dildo "... You will ask myself or Mistress Julie to fuck you. If you perform your duties well, we will fuck you. Now, do as Mistress Julie commands, there's a good girl."

Julie walked upstairs, arm-in-arm with her mother, totally stunned at Sabrina's ingenuity. "Mom, you wonderful slut, that was truly inspired, masterful thinking! I'll bet she'll be begging for it within 2 weeks, what a great idea."

They entered Mistress Julie's room and Sabrina fell to her knees in front of her daughter's pussy. She began licking and said "Thank you, Mistress Julie. I certainly did learn from the best."

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