tagIncest/TabooPlaying Hostess Ch. 05

Playing Hostess Ch. 05


Joe didn't know exactly what his mother-in-law, Leah, intended to do when she winked at him right before lunch. It didn't matter, either. He found out very soon after he filled his belly. Mrs. Baum gave him a kiss that made it obvious that she wanted to act as his lover. Despite what Judith had said earlier, the family side of the fucking around had increasingly grown passionate. It was just the other lovers that remained purely physical. Judith simply didn't realize it, though she probably wouldn't have minded, as this was family. There was supposed to be love in a family.

"Don't worry, Joe. There will still be enough of you left to fuck Judith in the ass. I just want you to give my pussy a solid fucking. Have one of Isaac's pills. They'll keep you nice and hard. He said it was okay with him. He's using one himself. I'm sure that he'll want to screw Judith, while Matt does it with your Ruth. You're not afraid to fuck an older woman, are you?" Leah grinned deviously.

"Oh, of course, not, Mrs. Baum. Want me to eat you first?" Joe asked her, not really sure what she liked sexually. She was his mother-in-law, after all (well, his ex-mother-in-law, but he planned to remarry her daughter anyway).

"Honey, that's entirely up to you. I've got quite a bit of dried cum in me, so I wouldn't blame you for not wanting your father-in-law's creampie. I'm already very wet, besides, and I expect that my two lovely daughters will give me oral pleasure rather soon. The time has come for them to service my cunt. Why don't you just fuck me on the lunch table? Matt, you wouldn't mind that, would you? It looks steady enough," Mrs. Baum encouraged him.

"Leah, Joe, go for it! That would be wildest thing to ever happen on that table, I'm sure! Compared to that, skinning fish pales considerably! Good thing we've cleaned everything up first," Matt assured his sweet mother-in-law. He always liked her and her husband better than most in-laws. Hell, they were easier to get along with than his own parents would have been, had they still been alive.

Joe was already eager to enjoy his new arrangement with the Baum/Samuels clan. The invitation from Leah and encouragement from Matt quickly prompted him to do as his lovely mother-in-law suggested. He grabbed her and lay her on the lunch table, lifting her legs toward his shoulders. Leah had nicer legs than most women in their 50s that he had met before.

The first thrusts were still a little awkward for Joe, since he hadn't ever dreamed of screwing Mrs. Baum, let alone in front of her husband and daughters. She was sexy, but always unavailable in the past. He soon began to think of her as simply a gorgeous, mature woman, instead of the mother of his ex-wife.

Leah started responding to his cock by moving her hips upward in his direction, determined to stimulate her newest lover. While Joe was smaller in terms of the size of his dick, he was certainly an eager sex partner, once he gained control of his nerves. For Leah, having this handsome, younger son-in-law inside her pussy was an experience that she already planned to repeat, even before the first time ended. His enthusiasm for sex pleased her and he showed as much passion as either Isaac or Matt, which was rare in the men she had enjoyed in the past (not that they were bad partners, just that they were more casual). While Mrs. Baum didn't mind sex without strings attached, it was always refreshing to see a little emotion in the man fucking her.

Isaac didn't just stand there, however, while his wife let Joe screw her delectable pussy. He grabbed and kissed Judith, figuring that this was a swap, so it was best for each man to continue fucking the other's spouse first. There was always time for one's own mate later. Besides, Judith was his older daughter, and he hadn't enjoyed her yet that morning.

"Dad, thank you! Do you want my pussy or my ass? I don't think that you've had the latter in a while, have you?" Judith offered him, bending over the kitchen sink.

"Are you lubed-up enough? Joe is planning to do your ass soon, too. That won't make you too sore?" he became the concerned father again for a second.

"Dad, I'll be fine! I want both of you to have my ass during this little vacation. However, I don't know if Joe will want to fuck my ass so soon. Even if he does, your cum will be a nice lube for me, since the other lube will have dried up by then. How about some canola oil, Dad? Just put some on my asshole and take my backdoor," Judith urged her father.

Isaac followed his daughter's advice and found her bottom readier than he anticipated, as he stuck his hard cock inside her sphincter. She pressed her ass-cheeks back toward him, happily helping him shove more of his dick into her pucker. He started to strain already, finding his self-control easily weakened by the tightness of Judith's asshole. As he rammed into her bowels, the intensity of the penetration increased the pressure, making his abrupt release inevitable.

"Oh, damn, Judith, I'm cumming already! Sorry, dear, but I can't stop it!" he exclaimed, as his cum spilled into her derriere.

Judith still hadn't cum for a while now, but she didn't resent her old man. He was her father, and despite his vigor, he was a senior citizen. Besides, she cherished the chance to please her dad. The only man who mattered more to her was Matt, her husband. It was a pleasure anyway, since she loved the delightful thrill of committing incest, especially in full view of her family. This was the man who had really taught her about sex, and she didn't mind being unselfish with him at times. It showed gratitude and respect on her part.

"That's fine, Dad. It was still fun. You'll get another chance to make me cum later. Why don't you relax for now, Daddy?" she spoke like a loving daughter, for she actually was one, no matter how unorthodox her relationship was with her father.

Isaac reluctantly admitted to himself that he needed to slow down and take it easy for a while that afternoon. At 63, he began to feel old more often. He was still more virile than some men his age, but even he resorted to ED pills sometimes. He simply watched Judith stand in front of Ruth and accept her sister's tongue in her pussy, as Matt fucked her doggie-style.

Matt Samuels loved sex with Ruth almost as much as he enjoyed it with his wife. Only the fact that Judith was his soul mate, his bride of a decade, and the mother of his children, put her ahead of her sister in his eyes. He loved both women with a great degree of passion, which became increasingly obvious. Naturally, therefore, he delighted in rough sex with his sister-in-law. Her beautiful butt didn't discourage him, either. Nor did the vision of her licking his wife's pussy dissuade him, of course.

"Oh, keeeeeppp fucking me like that, Matt!" Ruth begged him, evidently quite thrilled that her delicious brother-in-law had chosen to screw her so vigorously.

Matt thrust as hard as Ruth wanted now, emboldened by Judith's wink as she let her sister eat her pussy. Ruth apparently devoured her older sister with enthusiasm, sucking her clit and her labia repeatedly and slipping her tongue inside Judith's folds several times. Judith began moaning, while Ruth started her own reaction to Matt's cock inside her willing cunt.

"Thaaaankkkk you, Ruth!" Judith squealed, as her climax occurred at last. The fact that she received it from her own sister, while that same sister let her husband fuck her from behind, was more than an additional factor in her orgasm.

Ruth, freed from the task of eating Judith out, commenced her own release. She grunted and gasped, as Matt's cock drove her to the point of cumming and well beyond it. She clenched her walls down on Matt in the process, forcing her brother-in-law to expel his seed at last. While both of them panicked as they recalled that Ruth was fertile, they then relaxed and accepted that it was too late to use a condom and the chances still favored Joe becoming the father of any kids.

Judith and Ruth then kissed Matt on the mouth and gave him some tongue. They tasted each other's mouths as well, allowing the three of them to share Judith's cum. It was a delightful experience for all of them, only interrupted by the sounds of Leah's climax. Joe had finally made her cum, as he banged his mother-in-law. Both were exhausted, as he filled her with the proof of his own orgasm immediately afterward.

They had all fucked so energetically that, even though they finished lunch not two hours before, they need to rest. Everyone was strapped, or so it appeared to the men. What they didn't realize was that Leah still wanted to make love to her daughters. They watched with some astonishment, while Mrs. Baum completed the incestuous fantasy that had been long established in her mind.

"Mom, you're licking Matt's cum out of me!" Ruth declared, clearly stunned about that.

"Well, you don't want Matt to knock you up before Joe can, dear! Besides, I love Matt's jizz. It's almost as good as your father's," Leah observed, though her grin made it evident that this was an excuse.

She didn't have much more time to talk coherently, though, as Judith started licking her pussy more enthusiastically. Leah never expected her firstborn daughter to be so pleased with the idea of eating her, but Mrs. Samuels didn't act resentful or uncomfortable anymore. Sex with her own mother was a little jolting at first, but this was a woman with a sweet cunt, which Judith reminded herself, so as not to freak out. If she could let her father fuck her ass, she could go down on her mother.

Leah focused on licking Ruth, however, tasting every inch of her younger daughter and even orally exploring her butt-crack. She loved the fact that she was sandwiched between her girls, eating one and getting eaten by the other. When Judith's tongue started penetrating her asshole, however, Leah tensed up and allowed herself an orgasm that her male audience couldn't even pretend to ignore. Ruth's climax came next, giving the men another stimulus.

"Well, Mom, how was I?" Judith asked Leah, before she French-kissed her, and then turned her mouth over to Ruth.

"Dear, you and Ruth were both delicious! Don't forget that you owe me a chance to eat your pussy soon, Judy. I won't play favorites with my girls. Naturally, I want Ruth to eat me while I'm doing it. Mother-daughter sex can be such a great way to wait for the men to recover, wouldn't you say?" Leah encouraged her eldest.

"Absolutely, Mom. Even though we have three men, they only have so much, and we're all horny women. I don't regret doing it, so don't ever worry about that. I just regret not doing it sooner. The same goes for Ruth. We'll have to make sure to stay close, right, sis?" Judith agreed.

"Duh! You're too great in bed to drop as a lover. Both of you are. So, how about the six of us all watch a movie? We have DVDs here, and I don't mean porn. Even us girls need a break for a while," Ruth replied.

That vacation witnessed more "perverse" sex acts within the family, including Joe's first time fucking Judith in the ass and Leah's second threesome with her daughters. By the time it was over, there three possible fathers for Ruth's new baby, whose existence was confirmed the following month. Joe remarried Ruth anyway, since she proved upfront with him and he realized that he wanted her back too. The fact that she hadn't really cheated on him during the last marriage helped as well.

Besides, Judith was fertile a few times in the immediate wake of the orgy, and turnabout was fair play. Matt didn't seem to find the idea of his wife carrying Joe's baby repulsive, any more than Joe did now with the notion of Matt's love child in Ruth. What had initially been a shocking and distasteful idea could have its advantages. As long as someone claimed and provided for the babies, their actual paternity didn't matter. It might even make them closer, knowing that their families were more entangled. Cousins might actually be siblings and uncles might be fathers.

It didn't matter to the proud grandparents, either. They were pleased to get their son-in-law back and happy to watch their grandchild grow in their daughter's womb. If it turned to be Isaac's child, that would be no problem. They would love the child, just as they loved their other grandchildren. The kid didn't need to know the real identity of his father, assuming that it wasn't Joe.

Most of all, it wouldn't change the fact that the family would continue to fuck each other (or was that make love, given their level of passion for each other). Nor would it change the fact that Samantha and Mallory still fucked Matt. The only thing that changed was that they now also fucked Isaac and Joe (though more Joe than Isaac). There was one thing that would not happen, however: neither Matt, nor Joe, nor Isaac would engage in gay sex. They were all straight.

Did Judith regret starting the process of opening up their marriage or renewing incestuous relations? Certainly not, if one asked her. She was proud and happy that she made such a daring move. Everyone was happy with their small circle of lovers. These days, they seldom, if ever, fucked anyone outside of it. There was plenty of sex within the group to satisfy them.

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