tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPlaying the Succubus

Playing the Succubus


Marie would never admit to being a nerd, yet a lot of her friends were, and it was one of these friends who had managed to talk her into going to a LARP. A live action roleplaying game, which in Marie's opinion meant a bunch of spotted teenagers running around the forest chasing each other with foam swords.

In reality, she was having a pretty good time, sitting around a camp-fire chatting while a guy with a beard played a small drum. The people around her seemed like pretty decent folk, even if their acting would have gotten them thrown out of a B-movie and they seemed a bit confused when she spoke in her normal voice and refused to say things like 'If it please my Lady'.

Part of her good mood might be because she was drinking wine, something she rarely did. Both Marie and her friend Lisa were nineteen, which by local law made them old enough to vote, drive and join the army, but not to buy their own alcohol. Not that it was hard to get hold of the stuff anyway, but at parties it was usually beer or cider, and the wine, which seemed to be in good supply here, was hitting her far harder.

She was even a bit miffed when Lisa tapped on her shoulder and pulled her away from a young man telling her war stories from old campaigns. He was sort of cute, if somewhat skinny; a fact that his chainmail did nothing to hide, and even if he hardly looked like someone who could talk of 'old campaigns', he was entertaining enough.

"Come on, let's go annoy the Redhawk sentries."

Marie looked at her friend in confusion.

"Redhawks, aren't they the ones at the other end of the area? Why would we go there?"

"Oh, we don't go as Us." Lisa explained "We dress up as elves or fairies and go make noises in the forest. Standing sentry is kinda boring, and the organizers want them to have something to report. Come on, it's fun!"

Marie wasn't so sure it sounded all that fun, but went along anyway.

They went into their tent, a camping tent covered with sheets to make it look more period or at least less of an eyesore, and changed into tunics lent them by the organizers. Fairies around here apparently had no sense of fashion, Marie concluded, looking down at her tunic. It was green and one-size-fits-no-one.

As they walked towards the Redhawk camp, Lisa told stories of previous raids as a fairy and Marie found herself giggling at some of the escapades. Normally she might not have found a story of her friend luring a boy playing sentry away from his post very funny, but the wine had her giggling at just about anything right then.

After walking for a few kilometres through the forest they came to a meadow. It was late at night, but it was a bright northern summer night, and across the meadow they could make out the red tabard of a sentry. The forest was almost completely silent, and mists were forming over the meadow. It was almost magic, like something out of a fairytale. Marie would later blame the wine, but a strange gleam came into her eyes as she looked out over the meadow.

"We're fairies, right? Fairies dance?"

Lisa was also looking out over the dreamlike meadow and murmured in the affirmative. Then she almost choked as Marie kicked off her shoes and pulled her tunic over her head.

"Wha...what are you doing?!"

"Don't fairies dance, what's the word, skyclad? Besides, you said you wanted the sentry to have something to ease the boredom of the watch."

Neither of them was wearing a bra, the dresses they had worn earlier in the evening had built in support, and they hadn't bothered to find bras before they changed into the tunics. Marie's 36Cs stayed up well enough on their own. Though it was summer, the night was chilly. Goosebumps arose on her exposed skin and her nipples hardened visibly in the cool night air, even in the gloom under the trees.

Marie reached for the hem of her friend's tunic and, ignoring her protests, pulled it off.

"Fine, suit yourself, but I'm sure real fairies don't wear Calvin Klein panties and sandals" she said when Lisa refused to take anything else off. Putting her thumbs inside the waistband of her own panties, she slid them off her ass and onto the ground. Completely naked, she took her friend by the hand and pulled her into the meadow. Lisa looked absolutely terrified, which if anything spurred Marie on to make up for her friend's lack of enthusiasm. She skipped and twirled, flinging her long black hair out behind her as she danced, pulling her friend along. At the other end of the meadow, some fifty meters away, a second figure had joined the sentry. They were too far away and it was too dark under the trees at the far end for Marie to make out anything other than the sentry's tabard and a wide-brimmed hat with large red plumes on the other man, who was taller and seemed to be wearing a breast plate, though it was hard to make out in the gloom. The two men stood stock still as the two women danced, Lisa slowly overcoming some of her terror. She didn't have Marie's grace, but she followed along and turned when Marie spun her and leapt when Marie leapt.

"Let's go back. I think they're coming!"

They were holding hands and spinning around and around, faster and faster. To Marie it looked like the two men were still frozen solid, but maybe it was time to go back.

Throwing her head back and laughing a high, silvery laugh, she pulled her friend back into the forest.

She was panting hard as they pulled their clothes back on and started back to their own camp.

The sun shone in through the tent and Marie stretched sleepily. She ran a hand along her belly, caressing it through the tunic. The tunic? She sat bolt upright in he sleeping bag.

"Crap! What did we do last night? Did we really..."

"You did, sure enough. I don't know why I let you drag me along." came Lisa's voice from beside her. Marie's head was heavy with yesterday's wine, and she moaned softly as the memories came rushing back of her dancing naked over that meadow with the two sentries watching.

"It was dark, they can't have seen anything. And it was far, and misty." She said it as much to reassure herself as Lisa. It had been dark. They couldn't have seen that much. Right?

"Come on, let's get some breakfast."

The morning progressed uneventfully. Lisa seemed content to just forget about the night before, and Marie was fine with that.

In the afternoon, Lisa disappeared with some friends of hers, leaving Marie alone. Feeling a bit abandoned, she drifted in towards the village. Village might be a slight exaggeration, but there were in fact a couple of houses erected from rough timber. Someone pressed a cup of tea into her hands, and she sat down on a bench beside a small fire. It wasn't until after she sat down that she noticed the handful of men sitting on the two other benches around the fire. All of them were nursing mugs of what was probably not tea, and telling stories in what had to qualify as raucous voices. What caught Marie's attention was one man in particular. He was a few years older than her and looked he had just stepped out of 'the three musketeers'. He was handsome, but that was not what had Marie blushing, but the broad brimmed hat on his head with the long red plumes.

That was the man who had watched her the night before. Maybe the sentry was here as well, one of the other men. But they couldn't have recognized her, could they? She only knew it was him from the hat, and she hadn't been wearing anything to recognize her by. She hadn't been wearing anything at all.

The man, whom others addressed just as 'Captain', spoke up:

"The most remarkable thing happened the other night. I was down checking on my sentries. The lazy oafs have a habit of drinking on their posts... without inviting their beloved captain."

Some sporadic laughter at that.

"So there we were, Toll and I, looking out over the meadow where the mists were forming. Suddenly, out of thin air sprang a pair of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on."

Oh shit! That was her he was talking about. Had he recognized her? Coincidence. It must be.

"I have heard of elves dancing on moonlit meadows, but I thought it only stories. They floated across the grass, their nude figures shimmering in the moonlight. Oh, those bosoms, those legs! If I died today I would die happy."

Marie sat as if riveted to the bench, like a deer in a spotlight. She couldn't help listening, though her face flushed red as a beet. And yet, a small part of her liked hearing those things of herself. Though he was exaggerating quite a bit, he had clearly liked what he had seen.

"Toll and I stood there mesmerized as they danced. You have heard of sailors leaving their ships to run aground when the sirens sing, and just like that we were unable to move. The next thing I knew was the first rays of the sun hitting me, and those creatures fled into the forest. I followed, but they were gone like the mists melting under the sun."

"And how much wine had you drunk the evening before, Captain?" one of the soldiers asked, laughing.

"True every word of it, I swear!"

The spell broke as the men slapped the Captain on the back, applauding his story. Other men took over, telling stories of their own. Marie listened for a while, but none as well told as the Captain's. And none about her dancing naked in the moonlight. Had it really been moonlight?

She drank her tea and then rose, using her empty cup as an excuse to leave.

She went over to one of the houses and refilled her cup from a pot standing on the porch when she heard a voice behind her.

"I apologize if my story offended you, milady. It was perhaps not one for polite company. I do hope you will let me make up for it by inviting you to sup with my Redhawks tonight."

Behind her the Captain swept his hat off his head, flourishing it in a bow.

"Captain Rocheliér, at your service, mademoiselle."

Marie stood staring at him, not knowing what to say, then she blurted out:

"How did you know it was me? It was dark and..."

"I didn't really, until I saw your reaction to my story, but there aren't that many black haired chicks with great bodies around here."

Great body?

"I don't usually do things like that... dance naked in front of strange men..." she stammered.

He smiled, and looked around him as if checking that no one was within earshot and leaned towards her:

"You know what?" he whispered theatrically "I'm not really a captain, either."

Marie couldn't help herself and laughed out loud. She was pretty tense, and he just looked so silly, like he was confiding some big secret.

"You did our day, mine and Toll's. Well, he's doesn't see very well without his glasses, but I told him most of what was going on."

"Anyway, how about dining with the finest mercenary company in the world? There's word the cardinal and his wife will be joining us as well, and I'm sure my cook can do better than the runny porridge you get around here."

He flourished his hat again. Marie started making excuses and looking over to where she thought Lisa had gone, but then she thought what the heck. It wasn't like she had anywhere else to be, and though they weren't exactly served porridge, the food here was rather bland. Besides, the Captain was quite handsome, and there was something exciting about knowing that he had watched her naked. So in the end she nodded, accepting the invitation.

"Excellent!" He stuck out an arm to her, and without thinking she grabbed it and arm in arm they started back to where the rest of the Redhawks were waiting.

The evening was one of the best Marie had had in some time. The Redhawks were all a bit older than the people Lisa hung out with, ranging from their twenties to thirties, and as a result they were a bit more relaxed, and in Marie's mind a bit less nerdy.

The wine flowed and the mercenary band got quite rowdy, though Marie couldn't tell how much was alcohol and how much was acting. She sat next to the Captain, who had a sort of roguish charm that seemed to put everyone at their ease.

There was no way of telling time, but it was probably closer to morning than evening when the party started to ebb out. The Captain detailed two of his men to escort Marie back to her own camp. Ostensibly because the forests were not safe for a lone woman, especially this time of night, but the two had stuff that they had forgotten at their cars, and were going the same way anyway.

When Marie got back to her tent, Lisa was already in her sleeping bag, snoring away. Marie got undressed but lay just staring at the ceiling. On the way back, the two Redhawks had joked about almost being sorry to not standing sentry. Everyone had heard of the night before, and even though no one but the Captain know it had been her dancing, Marie felt a small tingle every time she heard someone mentioning it, talking about her naked body.

She shook her head to snap out of her reverie. Her hand had been snaking its way down between her legs, and she pulled it back. For Christ's sake! Lisa was right beside her!

She turned over on her side and closed her eyes, yet it took some time before sleep took her.

"Where were you last night? We were so worried when we couldn't find you anywhere!"

Lisa was already up when Marie awoke late the following morning. The event had ended just an hour or so earlier, and Lisa had started packing her things.

Marie shrugged:

"Partying with the Redhawks. You know they have their own cook?"

Lisa looked at her, blinking in surprise. While they folded the tent, Marie told her friend about the night before. She left out the Captain's stories, though.

Up in the village, people were busy taking down tents and packing bags. Now that it was okay, phones and cameras were being brought out.

Suddenly Marie noticed the Captain standing in front of her. She hadn't recognized him out of his outfit. He had changed into jeans and a t-shirt and was holding a bag of candy out to her.

"Even though this was a short event, there are some things I get to miss quickly. Gelatine with artificial colourings is one of them" he said with a smile. "I'm John, by the way."

Marie introduced herself as well, and the two of them chatted for a while before John seemed to steel himself.

"Uhm, I was wondering... if maybe I could see you again some time. Out of costume. That came out wrong! I don't mean like naked, out of costume, just in civilian clothing... I've already seen... Oh crap! I wish I was as smooth in real life as the Captain. I guess what I'm asking is if I could have your number."

Marie had been trying to keep from laughing while John stammered, and her lips were twitching as she fished out her phone.

John and Marie had been together for a few weeks when he invited her along to her second LARP.

"It's just a small gathering, mostly a bunch of Redhawks, over the weekend."

Marie still didn't consider herself the sort of person who went to that sort of thing, in fact, she had told most of her other friends that she and John had met through school. Still, it could be fun, so she agreed.

"I can probably find someone to lend you something to wear. Unless you want to go as a fairy again" he said with a wink.

"I think not. Or maybe just a private show." She kissed him lightly. She knew he still dreamed of that night by the meadow, and knowing made her hot as well.

The Redhawks arrived on location that Friday afternoon and spent most of the evening setting up camp. Marie shared John's, or rather the Captain's, tent as his laundress. John had been a bit apologetic about her role, but it was the easiest to fit in.

"The Captain has a wife at home, but after all the stories I've told of how ugly she is and what a foul temper she has I couldn't have you playing her."

Marie agreed that this was probably for the best. At least until she found out that a laundress in a military company was a glorified prostitute. She wasn't entirely sure if she was upset or turned on by it.

The following morning, the Redhawks had some planning to do, and John suggested that she go 'do some laundry' in the stream over on the other side of the hill. Everything was of course clean, since they had arrived just the night before, so all she needed to do was wet it all down, and then lie back and enjoy the summer sun for a while.

It was a nice warm day, and Marie waded out into the bubbling stream, holding her dress up to keep it from getting wet, and letting the cool water play over her feet.

She looked around. The camp was over on the other side of the hill, and there was no one around except the birds singing in the trees. With another look to make sure she was alone, Marie pulled her dress over her head and folded it on the shore. She wore nothing underneath. After a humorous anecdote involving John and a pair of boxer shorts with teddybears on them, Marie had agreed to go completely 'period', with only historical undergarments, which in this case meant nothing since she had found the petticoat too warm for the weather. Besides, the dress belonged to a girl with a far smaller bosom than Marie, and even with the laces at the front opened as far as they would go, it was a very tight fit, and her breasts were pushed up almost to the point of spilling out even without a bra.

She stepped into the stream and splashed water over her body. The cold water felt good on her skin. She was pretty sure the others were busy making their plans, or geeking around or whatever, and she felt like she had the forest to herself. Still, some part of her almost wished that John would come and find her like this. She ran a hand over her breasts, imagining him watching her, imagining his arms around her.

She was yanked out of her dreams by a crackling of twigs behind her. Coming out of the forest were five of the Redhawks, followed by the Captain. For a long second all seven of them froze, Marie with one hand still on her breast and the water glistening on her body.

Then the moment broke and Marie flung her arms around her body, covering up as best she could, while slightly embarrassed grins spread on the faces of the men.

"Avert your eyes, oafs! This water nymph is not for you!" The Captain swung his fist at one of the men, who felt to the ground. Marie took a step forward, forgetting to keep her arm around her breasts, worried about the fallen man. Then she realized that it was Richard, whose big interest beside roleplaying was martial arts, and even if the Captain hadn't pulled his punch, which he had, Richard probably wouldn't have flinched, much less fallen, unless he wanted to.

The Captain went out to Marie, the water splashing around his boots, and threw his cloak around her. Cloaks were popular garments, but unlike most, the Captain did not wear a large cloak that could double as a blanket on chilly nights, but a short cape that reached to Marie's thighs and did not quite close in front. Still, it was better than nothing. She reached for the laundry basket to cover up the rest, but John snatched it up ahead of her. He was probably only being chivalrous and carrying it for her, but it meant that she was left trying futilely to pinch the cloak shut as they passed the men, who, despite their captain's orders, were definitely not averting their eyes.

Marie was sure she heard someone whisper:

"I want my own water nymph. Why does the Captain always get them all?"

They got back to the tent that doubled as the Captain's sleeping quarters and command tent. John put the laundry basket down and looked at his girlfriend, with a worried look on his face. Was she angry?

"Captain?" Marie broke the silence and John's heart lifted a bit. She couldn't be that angry if she called him Captain, could she?

Marie's face was flushed, but it was not with anger as John feared. Nor was it embarrassment. Well, some of it was, but not all.

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