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Playing Through


It's Saturday night and I don't know where my wife is. I don't even know if she's coming home tonight. This morning, Emily was a meek, religious fuddy-duddy who hated sex and had never been touched by anyone but me. That was before the golf match with my boss today.

My name is Kevin Reynolds and I'm a realtor.

My boss's name is Mark Stevens, and everything about him is larger than life.Mark looks a lot like George Clooney, and Stevens Realty has made him a very wealthy man. Mark has his own plane, boat, and sports car, and from all the eye candy he squires through the office, I'd say he gets plenty of primo pussy.

Yesterday, at the urinal before lunch, Mark looked over at me and announced his big idea.

"Hey, Reynolds. I'm playing golf tomorrow with my best college buddy. You come along too- and bring your wife-Emily?- to play hostess." he said like it was a done deal.

"Uh- my wife doesn't really swing that way." I replied queasily."She's probably going to be at bible study or something."

"Look, Reynolds. I spoke with Emily for quite a while at the Christmas party a few months ago. She's a delight, and I want her playing with us tomorrow." At this,Mark faced me and zipped up, and I couldn't help but blush at the ten inch cock he crammed back in his slacks.

"O.k., then." I replied, but what was behind this strange request of Mark's?

When I told Emily of the golf date when I got home, she became very quiet and had a worried look on her face.

"L-look, Kevin. I wasn't going to ever bring this up, with Mark being your boss and all, but--"

"But what, honey?" I studied her face for a clue, but I wasn't prepared for the answer I got.

"At-at the Christmas party- Mark touched me all over while you were in the next room." she breathed while nervously twisting her fingers into a knot.

"What?!? And you didn't stop him? Or slap him?" I demanded angrily.

"He's your boss." Emily whispered matter-of-factly, but she was a deep crimson and her breathing was becoming labored.

"What did he do?" I demanded to know, but now my cock was lurching toward erection in my pants as I thought of sweet Emily being felt up.

"He-he- pinched my buttocks through my party dress and tried to place his hand inside my neckline to feel my breasts." she replied shamefully, never looking up at me as I gripped her arms.

"And then what?" I coaxed with a little too much eagerness in my voice.

Emily looked up with a puzzled expression, studying my flushed face. "Nothing. Someone came in the room and I broke free. Please don't be mad I didn't tell you." she pleaded.

"Well, alright, but the punishment for not telling is going with us tomorrow." I said cleverly, for now I just had to arrange another encounter between Emily and Mark.

This morning we awoke to a beautiful day. Emily had seemed a little clingy as we slept last night, but I purposefully resisted making love to her so she would be horned up for any eventuality.

Emily was a good golfer in college, and today she dressed the part: all white, polo shirt, pleated skirt, and cute little ankle sox. For a woman of 30, she still looked like a coed, and the only stop sign for anyone looking her over was the cross around her neck.

When we got to the country club, we met up with Mark and his college buddy, Eric. Eric was also a himbo dripping testosterone from every pore of his chiseled frame. They both looked Emily over wolfishly and whispered a little joke between themselves. Emily blushed and pretended not to notice.

The first several holes went by uneventfully, but I did notice that Mark and Eric were belting down hard booze over on their golf cart.The more they drank, the wilder their shots and bawdier their jokes became.

"Hey Emily! Why don't you ride in our cart?" they beseeched my wife as the drinks took hold.

"That-that's o.k. I'll stay with my hubby, guys!" she said in her best goody-goody Donna Reed voice.

"Gee, honey." I whispered innocently."If I wasn't here those two guys would be trying to fuck you now!"

"Don't use that foul language around me!" Emily admonished, but much to my surprise, her pious nipples hardened under her tight white shirt as she corrected me.

"Hey, Emily! Help me find my ball!" my boss said on the next hole. He had hit into some dense woods.

"You'd better help him." I advised. I'll look up further."

Emily looked at me quietly, and then skipped daintily into the undergrowth. College friend Eric and I were alone now.

"He's going to try and fuck her, you know." Eric said with a sneer.

"I know- but she would never give in for that." I said assuredly. Surprisingly, Eric's comment didn't offend me.

After about ten minutes, Emily and Mark emerged from the trees. Mark was whistling casually, and Emily looked flushed and shaken.

"Well,did you find the ball?" I asked as we drove to the next hole.

"Yes-but Kevin--" Emily began haltingly."Mark had to pee in the woods."

"So what?" I studied her closely.

"So-so he made me hold his thing while he tinkled." she stammered hotly.

"Was it bigger than mine?" I said in a voice barely in control.

"Y-yes. It-it was fat. And it got hard while I held it. Mark made me squeeze it to get every drop out." she said with a pained look on her face.

I was now racing to the next hole. What was next in this cat and mouse game?

This time, Eric deliberately hit the ball into the woods."Emily," he said cheerily,"now I need help."

I nodded my head and Emily shuddered and got off the cart. This time I motioned for Mark to get in and drove to a safe vantage point.

Nothing was said between us as we got out of the cart and spied on Eric and Emily in the woods.

"Emily, Mark told me what happened on the last hole. Now I have to pee." Eric said assuredly.

Emily walked over to Eric without looking him in the eye and actually unzipped him herself. Like a meek slave, she pulled out his beefy cock and gripped it sensuously as warm pis flowed into the bushes.

"I told my husband about doing this for Mark." Emily said in a husky quaver I had never heard before. "But that's his boss. Don't tell anyone I'm doing this for you." she asked.

Eric's hands roamed freely under Emily's skirt as she gripped and shook his heavy member. Eric groaned as the booze-fueled pis session went on and on while another man's wife directed his stream.

"I -I won't tell." he gasped. "But-please. Please get naked while you hold my pissing cock."

Emily panted and pulled down her skirt and panties, looking back worriedly for me and Mark.

Little did she know we were both now stroking our inflamed cocks ten feet away from them. The only thing that kept us from joining the party was the heavily forested tree limbs we peeked between.

Emily couldn't see me, but I was about to watch her get fucked right here on the golf course.

"Eric-I-I think you're done." Emily said as she lewdly crouched down to study his cock. She was naked from the waist down except for her ankle sox and golf cleats. "We'd better get going now."

"Suck on it, Emily. Suck the cum out of my cock like you know you want to."

My sweet religious wife didn't even hesitate as she shuddered and began sucking Eric's huge cock.

It was at least twice as big as mine, and even Mark whistled low through his teeth in admiration at the forbidden unfaithful whoring of my Sunday school slut of a wife.

Eric held Emily's head in place as he grunted and began to shoot stranger's cum into Emily's mewling sperm trap. "Uhh-get rid of your husband. Mark and I are going to take you home and fuck you!" Eric hissed as he ground his athletic hips into my wife's compliant gulping throat.

At this invitation, Emily began clawing at her sex and sucked harder on her new master's prick.

Mark and I both shot off into the bushes and walked back to the cart.

"Do you have any objection's to Eric and I fucking Emily for the rest of the day? I didn't think so. Now get lost before she comes to her senses!"

That was 16 hours ago. I called my wife's cell phone once, and what was clearly a black man's voice answered.

"Who the fuck is this?" he demanded. I could here a loud party going on in the background, and the man hollered back into the din."Is this that fucking cum-swallowing whore's husband?" Someone replied through catcalls and cheering,"Tell him to bring a stomach pump.And some stitches for his wife's asshole!"

The phone then went dead, and I haven't heard anything since.

I know my boss won't let anything hurt Emily, but my shriveled little prick has probably fucked her for the last time.

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