tagIncest/TabooPlaying with Fire Ch. 01

Playing with Fire Ch. 01


Here's the first part of my new story.

Your comments, criticism are always welcome!


Even though I found my mom attractive, I never done anything beyond occasional fantasizing, okay maybe I might've raided her panty drawer once or twice. But that was it. I'm 28, I've had serious girlfriends, hookups; being turned on whenever mom bend over never stopped me from being attracted to other women. I always thought the attraction was just something you feel when you are a horny teenager living almost 24/7 next to a sexy woman. But as we both got older, after I moved out, I realized that it wasn't that. I've had a type when it comes to dating or hooking up. My sister even joked about how my then girlfriend reminded her of our mother. Slowly I noticed how many times I've imagining the women I was fucking was my mom.

My mom, Ruth, was petite. She was 5' 4" with slender athletic body. She was a runner. And I all that running and working out certainly made her ass look heavenly. She wasn't conservative with her clothes, so I saw her hotness every day. It was literally hard.

For years, I suppressed that. I know what is going on and I didn't find a 'normal' way to address that. What better than to ignore it? But there were times it was just killing me. Like when my mom turned 50. My sister Katie took upon herself the task of creating the 'kick-ass' party for our mom's big five-o. I helped here and there but knowing nothing about preparing a party, I mostly just sit there the whole time. It was meant to be a surprise for mom but I knew she knew that there gonna be a party. My sister couldn't hide her excitement even if her life depends on it. As we heard mom's car, we all turned off the lights and hid behind couches. And when she opened the door we all yelled 'Surprise!'. Mom was smiling like an idiot.

"Happy birthday mom!" I told after the party, when all the guests were left and finally the living room got quiet.

"Thanks Jim! I wasn't expecting this!"

"Well that's all Jess' doing. You know how crazy she could get."

"I heard THAT!" Jess yelled from the kitchen.

"I know!"

"Well mom... I've got to go. Unlike this lazy ass I have work tomorrow. Happy birthday mom!"

"Thanks honey... for everything."

After my sister left, we kept talking stuff and drinking. Minute by minute we got closer and closer to each other on that small couch. Mom's hand was on my lap, dangerously closer to my cock. Her head was resting on my shoulder and my arm was wrapped around her. The feeling I was having was intoxicating. I could see down her shirt, her hand slowly rubbing my thigh, smell of her shampoo. I couldn't help myself but to get aroused. Part of me was praying for mom to not to notice my arousal. But part of me wanted to show her how much effect she has on me. I guess my prayers wasn't heard, mom touched my cock.

"Oh wow! You certainly are a big boy!" Mom said with a laugh.

"I I uh I'm sorry mom... it's just..."

"Oh, just stop it James... we both are adults and..." She began rubbing my cock through the jeans. "God... how I missed touching a hard cock!"

At that point, I was trying my hardest not to cum in my pants. Mom dropped to her knees in front of me and began unzipping my fly. I knew this is bad and immoral and all that stuff but there's no way in hell that I'm going to stop this. When you are fantasizing about something for whole of your adult life, you never stop it when its coming true.

Mom pulled my pants down and my cock jumped out. I'm almost six-foot-tall and had a little rounder body because my job is to sit on my ass all day. I wasn't fat yet, but I was touching the waters of being fat. So, I was kind of nervous about being naked in front of women than I used to be. I was glad my cock took mom's attention. One of the few things kept my confidence was my cock. It was little over eight inches long and thick.

"Mmm sweetheart... I wish I've known you were hiding this few years ago..." She started licking the head.

"Jesus mom! I'm going to cum." This was getting embarrassing, I couldn't believe how much turned on I was.

"No you are not..." She grabbed my cock by the base tightly and went back to work.

She was awesome. I've never met someone who gave head like mom. I've leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the ride. Every time I was coming closer to cum, she'd pause and kiss me all over while talking dirty. I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed this. Most women I've dated long enough to give me a blow job never seemed this enthusiastic about it. She finally had enough, she was stroking me faster.

"Cum for your slutty mommy baby..." I shot my load on her beautiful smiling face.

I got the control of the situation back quickly. Mom was wiping cum on her face with her fingers and licking them and my cock was still hard. I picked mom up and made her kneel on the couch with her round ass facing me. She was still fully clothed but I didn't have the patience to undress her. I pulled her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side and pushed my cock in her wet hole. Mom was bit surprised but didn't complained. I grabbed her by her hips and sped up as mom moaned in pleasure.

Mom undid her shirt as I fucked her. She put that to a side, revealing her creamy white skin. I undid her black bra and grabbed her full breasts. Her hard nipples, soft large breasts and sexy moans were driving me crazy. Mom wiggled out of my hold and turned herself around. For the first time, I saw her sexy pale tits. They were bouncing around every time I pushed in. Mom's slutty smile made things hundred times better. I pulled her closer by grabbing her by her blonde curly hair and kissed her. I could still taste my cum on her lips.

"You like fucking your mommy don't you Jim?"

I didn't answer that, verbally at least. I just sped up the rhythm. Mom's moans got louder and became orgasmic screams. Her whole body shook as she came. I too came few strokes after that and filled her pussy. It took us a while to calm down our breaths. We just looked at each other as my cock shrink down and slid out of her pussy. Spend to the core, I fell on the couch next to her.

"Wow... Wow Jim... That is the most intensive fuck I've got since a long time!"

"I... I just couldn't believe that we just done that!" The guilt and the whole taboo sin shit was finally filling my head.

"Jim, I know you like me... I mean more than your mom. I found my missing panties under your mattress more than once mister! And truth to be told, I've fantasized about this too. For a long time! I mean... living with your father... well he wasn't paying any interest in me and then to find you stealing my panties? It was kind of arousing for me. Your father wasn't much of a physical lover so to speak, like ever. So, I thought about you when I you know..."


"Yes... It is fucked up. But it was my release. I didn't want to cheat on your father so that was it. When we finally got divorced, it was too late for me. You have no idea how hard it is to find a decent man when you are closer to 50."

"Well all those men, including my dad are idiots! You look great mom! And I think what just happened speaks for itself."

"Thanks Jim!" She kissed me.

The next morning, I found myself in mom's bed. With a morning wood poking through the sheets. Mom came in to the bed room with coffee. She was wearing my undershirt. She couldn't look any sexier even if she tried.

"Good morning Jim! I see you're excited to see me."

"Morning mom! Can you blame me?"

She handed me the coffee and smiled. It was the slutty smile I saw last night. She then pulled the sheets to a side and exposed my naked body. Somehow this time her mouth felt more heavenly than last night. With her teasing and sucking, I didn't last long. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every last drip if it.

"I could get used to this..." I said, half-jokingly.

"I'd be a moron to let you go after waiting all this time! So, you better get used to this!" She crawled on top of me and kissed me.

It has been six months since that day. Relationship between my mom and I got closer every day. At first, we had our 'dates' maybe once or twice a month. But now, we practically live at each other's places. And I noticed early on that mom is changing. She became more open, more brazen and might I say 'kinky'. I think it must be because all those years of sexual repression or so some shit like that. I sure wasn't complaining. But there were times that I was worried.

Two week ago, my sister invited both of us for dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate her new promotion for which she worked her ass off. The dinner was uneventful, until mom's hand rubbed my crotch under the table. My cock was getting hard while I sat next to my sister and talked about her work. Mom didn't stop the rubbing. Every time I got closer to cum, she'd pause for a moment and began rubbing my cock again.

"Jim? Are you okay?" My sister finally asked.

"Yes! I mean yes... I'm fine. Just a little cramp."

The torture continued until the diner was finally over. I tried my fucking best to hide my cock from everyone in the restaurant as we said good bye to my sister. After she hugged and thanked mom she turned towards me and hugged me. She must've felt my cock. But she didn't show any reaction to it. Once my sister left, I whispered "Men's room, now!" to mom. She quickly turned around and walked toward the men's room.

Fortunately, the men's room was empty. I checked again just to be sure. Mom was leaning on one of the sinks and she had her signature devilish smile. My hands went to her skirt and slowly pulled them up. My fingers tried to pull down her panties but I soon realized that slut wasn't wearing any panties. My fingers met with her slippery wet cunt. I teased mom like she teased me. Got her closer with my fingers but never let her cum. I felt how much she wanted to cum.

"Do you want to cum mom? Do you want me to make you cum?"

"Yes! please... Jim... make your mommy cum!"

I turned her around to face the mirror and bent her down over the sink. I was greeted with her heart shaped ass. I spanked both cheeks hard. She moaned in approval.

"You like getting spanked don't you mom?" Another slap on her cheek. "Do you like when your son spanks your ass?" Another slap.

"Yes Jim... I love getting spanked!"

I undid my fly and pulled out my cock. With a single push, I pushed my cock to the hilt in her pussy. Her ass jiggled every time I pushed all the way in. I don't know what it was but the whole situation was making me crazy horny. My cock felt like it grew extra two inches. As I fucked her I massaged her asshole with my thumb. I wanted to taste it. After pulling out my cock I licked her asshole and pushed my tongue in. Mom was squirmed around as I ate her ass. I then pushed my cock into her pussy again.

"Yes! Fuck mommy's pussy baby... right there!" She pushed up her ass little bit more.

With her encouragement, I've sped up. We both were sweating like pigs. The men's room was filled with her sweat moans and dirty talk. And the view through the mirror was something else. Fucking mom from behind and looking at her face through the mirror was a unique experience. Doing it in public was extra. I never cared for fucking someone in public, or semipublic. But I finally get it now. The thrill of being so close to getting caught mixed with having sex with a gorgeous woman is intoxicating.

"I'm cumming baby I'm cumming... harder baby I'm so close..."

I grabbed her by her hips and slammed in harder and harder until she came on my dick. I was sure there will be some bruises after this. As she tried to catch her breath, I filled her tight little cunt with my cum. After pumping out every drip of cum, I pulled out my cock and zipped my pants up. Mom Pulled down her skirt, fixed her messed up hair and walked out.

"It was fucking hot!" I said as we got in to my car.

"I love when you take control Jim."

"Mom I think Katie felt my cock when she hugged me!"

"I know..."

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For the read.

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For the read.

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You need to slow down and build up more. Mum went straight from cuddling to sex. Life takes time to build up to things, even if both had been thinking about each other in the past. Otherwise was okay.more...

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