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Playing with Friends


Nothing on the telly, so ....

My formative years were fairly dull in sexual terms. There were a few typical childhood games - 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' etc, but nothing more. My home was not the sort where we wandered about naked in the house - not that there was any big deal over it - just that no-one did it!

I suppose then that my interest in playing strip poker is nothing more than a slight twist on most people's fantasies of being naked with a group of people - a fantasy some fulfil and others shy away from as soon as the opportunity arises (or maybe it's the arising that puts some guys off!).

I had played a couple of one on one strip card games with girls, but they were more an aid to seduction than anything. Looking back, it would probably have been just as easy to get them naked with flowers and romantic fumblings - they were willing enough - but I guess the sense of fun in the game inspired me. Most of these games got to the point of us both being naked and just moved directly into sex - a means to an end.

So by the age of 21, I was a fairly open minded student, but with no great record of public exposure. Until that one night in March.

We were all students, and so had no money. We had bought several bottles of very cheap wine, enjoyed a meal and were relaxing with soft rock music in the background, joss sticks smouldering and low lighting sitting in a bedsit which had never been designed for four adults to sit in close proximity.

With me was a girl with whom I had always got on well. We enjoyed each others company and often got together for sex on a fairly casual basis. It was understood that this was not a permanent relationship - we just liked each others company and felt good together. In time, we would find people for more permanent attachments - but this was the 1980s - and we were young. The other couple had been partners for some time. Both were very easy going and though they were close, there was always the feeling that one day, one of them would have to stop being an old hippy and grow up. In fact, she eventually joined the police force - it split them forever.

We sat around chatting, joking, brushing against each other in the confined space and getting slightly high on the wine and the atmosphere. Steph (my companion) had been idly flicking and shuffling the pack of cards I kept on my bedside table - she was one of those irritating people who seems able to manipulate cards as thought they are glued to her hands. As conversation waned, the rest of us became mesmerised by her dexterity. Chris was the first to comment - 'You've done that before - pass them here.'

Steph handed them over, and Chris began to let cards stream across the gap between his hands, shuffled them seamlessly, split the pack and picked two aces off the top. It was impressive - and very cool. Belinda looked up. 'He sits doing that for hours. It's all he can do. If he could do anything else we wouldn't always be so bloody short of money.'

'Not fair', said Chris - 'I'm a bloody great card player. Anyone fancy a few hands? Got some matches over there - I'll prove it.'

My silence throughout this may be noticeable. I have no pretensions of being a great card player, but I will go along with the group. So long as I wasn't going to lose the money which I didn't have - that was fine.

So cards were dealt. Chris gradually proved his point - he was winning easily, and soon had quite a collection of matches in front of him. The girls decided coffee was needed, and while Steph went to the kitchen, Belinda visited the bathroom. Chris looked across at me. 'Well - what do you reckon? We know we can beat them - d'you reckon they might want to play for clothes after losing all the matches?.' My stomach did a small somersault. Both girls were attractive and vivacious - it would be good to see them naked - but there was always the risk of losing. But if I lost - so what - I am told that I have nothing to ashamed of in that department, and Steph had seen it all before anyway. I smiled and Chris got up and left the room. Clearly he needed to agree this with Belinda first - then she would sort it out with Steph. A few minutes later, they all returned with big grins, making it clear that it was 'Game On.'

'Ok - simple rules - we start again with the matches. If anyone wants to withdraw, that's fine - but they have to leave the room till the others finish the game. Once you run out of matches, it's 5 matches for one item of clothing. Shoes and socks count as one item.' Steph seemed to know the script!

'And when someone's naked?' I asked with trepidation.

'Forfeits of course - or they can go withdraw and go downstairs'

I was relieved we could leave at any point. I felt that the girls would probably be willing to go to their underwear, but no further - both were quite shy by nature - Chris and I would probably go naked, but nothing else - and strategic hand placement would cover us up anyway!

The matches were distributed and the cards dealt. We carried on drinking and over the next half hour or so, my pile of matches began to disappear - as did Steph's and Belinda's. Chris was good. We kept drinking and laughing - who would be first to lose something, was it fair that the girls had so much more of interest than the lads? In fairness, they had a good point. Steph had ample breasts, with large, well defined, dark nipples which became prominently erect as she got excited or cold (at that time, I had a quick look - maybe she was cold - but I thought not!). Belinda's breasts were small, but I guessed they were well formed. I had never seen them before.

Looking down, I noticed I was onto my last few matches. Steph likewise had only 3 left, while Belinda had 5. The moment of truth was arriving.

I placed my last match in the centre, knowing that a pair of kings may just save me. It didn't. Steph gleefully showed her three 4s and claimed the matches. Belinda and I were in trouble. Even Steph's win offered no security. However, time was on my side - I could lose shoes and socks before revealing any flesh - even a t-shirt was hardly a problem.

I lost. Off came my shoes, but Belinda had almost caught me up - she would be losing her clothes next. Her bra provided an extra layer, but I knew this was not substantial as I had made a careful examination of her firm tits as they wobbled beneath the flimsy t-shirt.

Another hand, another defeat. I removed my socks and Belinda lost her shoes. Chris kept winning - though he was decidedly drunk by now. And Steph would be joining the strippers if she didn't win the next hand.

Steph dealt the cards. I looked at the pair of 6s and knew I was about to lose my shirt. Belinda looked at me with hungry eyes. She and Steph looked at each other, then at me. Both began to giggle - partly with nerves and partly because of drink. Chris noticed nothing I think. The affects of the alcohol seemed to be making themselves felt.

This time Belinda won. Clothes could not be reclaimed, so she had a few more matches to play with. Steph casually slipped off her trainers without undoing the laces and looked at me. 'T-shirt!' she said. Maybe my face was giving me away, as both girls started to laugh. 'Surely you're not frightened to take off a t-shirt' giggled Belinda. Of course I wasn't. But in the circumstances, it felt quite a revealing move. I looked from one to the other, made my decision and pulled the t-shirt up. Sod's law dictates that it had to get stuck on my ears, and I had to contort myself into all sorts of positions to escape as the girls giggled helplessly. Finally, hair askew, I sat in just my jeans and boxers - wishing I had worn a little more - and that what I was wearing had been a little sexier.

'Next hand', said Steph. 'Chris?'

But it was no good. The wine had taken its toll. Chris was fast asleep. Between us, we half carried, half dragged him into the next room and put him on the sofa. End of game. We couldn't carry on now with the odds so stacked.

But my hopes were dashed. 'OK. Let's play. Shall we forget the matches now? Low hand loses.' Steph wanted to get the game over quickly. 'Good idea', said Belinda, 'Let's see what two girls can do with one naked man.'

I had no choice really, and the cards were dealt again. I looked at my feeble pair of 9s and hoped it would be enough. The next 3 cards did nothing to help. Steph laid her hand out to show 2 pairs - 3s and 8s. Belinda smiled: 'Oh dear.' She laid down her hand - a pair of queens. 'Lose the jeans', she grinned. I looked from one to the other. I knew I was starting to get an erection. More just a swelling than a full blown hard on at this stage, but enough to inflate the front of my boxers.

I undid the button, then the zip. I slid my jeans down my legs, crossing my legs again quickly to hide my growing embarrassment. In five minutes, I could be naked with 2 fully dressed girls.

The next hand was dealt. Again, just a pair - Aces this time. Hope was high! I drew three new cards. Another pair - 2s this time. I was safe. Steph laid down her hand, and alump came to my throat. She had three 3s. Belinda started to laugh, and laid down ... a flush. My heart sank,and my stomach fluttered as if butterflies were dancing a tango in it. My boxers were history.

I contorted myself into a position where I could slip them off without showing my very evident excitement, but I know they got quite a good look. I settled again, all decently covered - but still naked.

'OK' said Steph, 'forfeits now - are you ready?.' I nodded as my throat was too dry to say anything - I wasn't going to back out. Luck had to change.

It did. Belinda and Steph started to lose, and soon both were in their underwear. It was quite a sight - Steph's dark hair setting off her ample breasts and pale skin in the candle light, while the blonde Belinda's body was magnificently set off by her black matching underwear.

I felt confident now - this winning streak was going to carry on.

I looked at my next hand. Pair of 4s. It would do. I drew 3 and still had nothing to add. This time I was in trouble. Steph laid down a pair of 9s, while Belinda had a pair of kings. It was forfeit time.

The girls leaned together and whispered, appearing to finally reach a decision. 'OK', said Belinda, 'stand up.' I obliged, my hands still covering my semi-erect member. 'Now', said Belinda, ' you are going to stroke yourself until that thing is rock hard. Then you're going to play the next hand standing there with your cock in your hand.'

I suppose I could have run there and then. But I didn't. I started to stroke myself, getting bigger and harder by the second. Both girls made approving noises as I reached full hardness, and the cards were dealt again.

This time, Belinda lost, and finally I would get to see her tits. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, lifting it away quickly to expose those small mounds which I had so often admired. Her nipples were that beautiful translucent pink which so many blonde haired girls have. They were small and wrinkled, but erect. If possible, I became even harder than I already was.

The next hand was dealt as I sat down again, somewhat clumsily due to the large protrusion sticking into my stomach. I was lucky again. This time Belinda lost again. Confidently she stood up as Steph and I looked at her. Steph seemed as fascinated as I was as Belinda slipped her fingers into the waist band of her black panties. She slid them down her legs to reveal a thin downy hair, which clearly showed her to be a natural blonde. Her pouting lips were clearly visible, and I suspected I could see glistening moisture on them in the flickering light. 'You like?' she asked, twirling so that we could see her perfectly rounded buttocks as well. She only had to look at me to see my approval, and the moist stain on Steph's panties was more than a hint.

Steph hesitated. 'Tell you what', she said, 'It's half past 2 now. Let's make this last hand. Winners take all. One last big forfeit, decided by those with the best hands.' And so it was agreed.

Cards were dealt. I looked nervously at my hand, seeing nothing but queen high. I had 3 spades, but a flush was asking too much. I kept the queen and drew 4. It was an improvement. Ace high. I might be in luck. I wasn't. The two girls leaned close together, and began to whisper, glancing at me and giggling, their eyes bright as they sensed my discomfort.

'We're going to blindfold you', said Steph, 'then we're going to lie you on the bed and do exactly what we want with your body. And that's just the first part.'

My eyes were covered and I lay back. I felt four hands start to touch me. On my legs, my chest, my neck. Everywhere except my penis, which was close to bursting now. I felt pressure on my chest and a draught across my face as my arms were pinned at the shoulders. I felt the rough, familiar texture of pubic hair on my face, and a voice say 'Lick me.' My tongue darted in and out, finding the most sensitive parts of her feminine area. I smelt the musky sweetness of her secretions, which were flooding from her. Vaguely, from somewhere above, I heard the moaning gasps as she approached orgasm, and felt her eager fingers join my tongue as she rubbed her clitoris.

Suddenly I could breath again. Until my breath was ripped from me by a sharp, stinging sensation on my chest. Ice!! The giggling started again, as four hands rubbed ice over my entire body, making me shiver with desire and cold. They worked down from my chest, onto my stomach and lower, rubbing the length of my rock hard erection and down to my balls, making me draw them up as far as possible into my body. They went lower still. All the time, giggling and making small satisfied noises (I later found they had been stroking each other, and both had enjoyed several orgasms as a result of this bi-curious flirtation). I was about to protest that they were nearing a part of my body which is strictly no entry, when they stopped. But not for long.

I almost shot through the ceiling as I felt the heat and pain which splashed directly onto my shaft. I know I cried out, because they laughed. After this first splash, there were more, each a burning agony and ecstacy until each splash congealed into a cold mass, tightening my skin. Candle wax. As erotic a sensation as can be imagined. To lie back, deprived of one sense, while others are stimulated to sensual peaks is incredible. At that point, they could have done anything with me. I wouldn't have cared if they had invited my family and friends to watch, taken pictures or left me in the public park till morning. I was totally in their hands.

Suddenly, they stopped. 'Stay there', Steph said. I waited, listening to the shuffling sounds around me. 'OK - blindfold off.' I took off the cloth around my eyes and blinked as I got used to the light. Steph and Belinda sat looking at me. Both now fully clothed. I suddenly felt extremely vulnerable. 'Now stand up and jerk off.'

'You're joking', I said.


I looked from one implacable face to the other. Thinking about it, I think if I hadn't, my balls might have exploded with the tension.

I stood and rubbed myself slowly. I speeded up, knowing this would not take long. I rubbed the entire length of my rigid shaft, my hand just touching the sensitive swollen head, which seemed engorged. My foreskin flickered back and forth as I felt the sensation growing and saw liquid begin to appear. I bent my knees slightly preparing to release, as my legs started to shake and my breaths shortened. I looked at the two girls, staring in absorbed fascination as the first spasm consumed me and my warm, creamy liquid ejaculated forwards onto the bed. I stopped pulling as each spasm released a slightly smaller quantity of semen, propelled to a lesser distance each time, leaving a soggy gelatinous mass on the bedsheets, soaking in as my penis twitched lower and lower.

'Wonderful', said Belinda, 'I always wanted to watch you do that. It was worth the wait. Now it's your turn to watch - until you're ready for some real action.'

She turned and kissed Steph full on the lips, lifting her t-shirt to caress her breasts. Slowly the two girls undressed each other, kissing, fondling, groping.

I was in for a long night. Thank goodness youth was on my side. I rose to the occasion several more times that night. Each time after this, however, my sperm was not wasted, as there was an eager mouth or vagina to receive it, only for it to be licked out by an equally eager third party.

It was quite a night. But, as I said to Chris as he staggered back into the room the following morning to see three naked bodies on the bed: 'I'm saying nothing right now. You simply wouldn't believe it.'

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